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My Radio

44 Magnum (JP)  
The Beginning / Actor (1985)  
Aborted (BE)  
Auricular Chronicles, The (2006)  
AC/DC (AU)  
Family Jewels [2 DVD] (2005)  
Live At Donington (2003)  
Live At River Plate (2011)    
Live Sarsstock (2003)  
No Bull Plaza De Toros (1996)  
Rough & Tough (2006)  
Accept (DE)  
Metal Blast From The Past  
Agent Steel (US)  
Live At Dynamo Open Air 2004      
Mad Locust Rising (1987 London Hammersmith Odeon Show)    
Alcatrazz (US)  
Metallic Live (1984)  
Alice In Chains (US)  
Live Facelift/The Nona Tapes (2003)  
Amon Amarth (SE)  
Fate Of Norns Bonus DVD (2004)  
Wrath Of The Norsemen [1/3] (2006)          
Anarchus (MX)  
Still Alive And Still Too Drunk-Live In Tokyo (2008)  
Ancient Rites (BE)  
And The Hordes Stood As One (2003)    
Angra (BR)  
Rebirth World Tour-Live In Sao Paulo    
Temple Of Shadows Bonus DVD (2004)  
Annihilator (CA)  
Live At Masters Of Rock (2009)  
Ten Years In Hell [1/2] (2006)    
Anthem (JP)  
Back Then (2001)  
Live Immortal (2009)  
Live Melt Down-The Show Still Carries On (2003)  
Shinyuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan 1989.03.25 (Bootleg)  
Arch Enemy (SE)  
Live Apocalypse [2 DVD] (2006)          
Tyrants Of The Rising Sun-Live In Japan (2008)  
Arcturus (NO)  
Shipwrecked In Oslo (2006)    
Armored Saint (US)  
A Trip Thru Red Times (2003)    
Lessons Not Well Learned 1991-2001  
Artch (NO)  
Live And Beyond [1/2] (2004)  
Artillery (DK)  
One Foot In The Grave The Other In The Trash (2008)    
Astrofaes (UA)  
Live Hate (2009)  
At The Gates (SE)  
Factory, Eskilstuna, Sweden 4/20/91 (Bootleg)  
Purgatory Unleashed-Live At Wacken 2008  
The Flames Of The End [3 DVD] (2010)    
Atheist (US-FL)  
Live In Studio Martin (6/21/07)  
Avulsed (ES)  
Reanimating Russia 2007  
Ayreon (NL)  
Actual Fantasy Revisited Bonus (2004)  
Baron Rojo (ES)  
Baron En Divino (2001)  
Battlelore (FI)  
The Journey  
Before The Dawn (FI)  
The First Chapter (2005)  
Behemoth (PL)  
Crush Fukk Create [2 DVD] (2004)    
Demigod Bonus DVD (Live Leeuwarden Holland 10/12/2007)  
Evangelia Heretika [2 DVD] (2010)  
Live Eschanton (2002)    
Live Eschaton-The Art Of Rebellion (2009)  
Belphegor (AT)  
Bondage Goat Zombie Bonus DVD (2008)  
Benighted (FR)  
Brutalive The Sick (2015) (Sylak Open Air 2014)  
Identisick Bonus DVD (2008)  
Black Sabbath (UK)  
Irongod Bootleg W/ Rob Halford (2004)  
Six Years Of Paranoia  
Blackmore's Night (UK)  
Beyond The Sunset Bonus DVD (2004)  
Castles & Dreams (2005)  
Castles & Dreams Bonus DVD (2005)  
Blind Guardian (DE)  
Imaginations Through The Looking Glass [1/2] (2004)        
Blood Red Throne (NO)  
Souls Of Damnation Bonus DVD (2009)  
Bloodbath (SE)  
Bloodbath Over Bloodstock (2011)    
The Wacken Carnage (08/05/05)  
Bludgeon (US-IL)  
Crucified Live (2003)    
Bow Wow (JP)  
Live Explosion '99  
Brujeria (US)  
Permiso De Satan (Bootleg) (2004)  
Brutal Truth (US-NY)  
For The Ugly And Unwanted This Is Grindcore (2009)  
Brutality (US-FL)  
Live At Death Fest, Knoxville, Tennessee 11/4/1995 (Demos DVD)  
Live At Ritz, Tampa 03.1992 (Demos DVD)  
Live In Frankfurt, Germany 18/01/1994 (Demos DVD)  
Live In Zwickau, Germany 22/01/1994 (Demos DVD)  
Cage (US-CA)  
Rise To Power [2DVD]  
Candlemass (SE)  
Ashes To Ashes Live (2010)  
Chapter VI Live: Uddevalla Sweden 1993 Bonus DVD  
Curse Of Candlemass, The [2 DVD] (2005)    
Documents Of Doom [2 DVD] (2003)      
Essential Doom Bonus DVD-Live @ Rock Hard Festival (2003)  
Twenty Year Anniversary Party (2007)  
Cannibal Corpse (US)  
Centuries Of Torment [3 DVD] (2009)  
Fifteen Year Killing Spree (2003)  
Global Evisceration (2011)  
Making Of The Wretched Spawn (2004)  
Monolith Of Death Tour '96-'97    
Carcass (UK)  
Wake Up And Smell The... (2001)    
Carpathian Forest (NO)  
We're Going To Hollywood For This-Live Perversions (2004)    
Cataract (CH)  
With Triumph Comes Loss (2004)  
Cathedral (UK)  
Our God Has Landed (2001)  
Cavalera Conspiracy (BR)  
Blunt Force Trauma Bonus DVD  
Celtic Frost (CH)  
Thirteenth Hour '06 (Mean Fiddler 8/16/6) (Bootleg/Pro Shot)  
Children Of Bodom (FI)  
Trashed Lost & Strungout (2004)    
Chimaira (US-OH)  
The Dehumanizing Process (2004)  
Cirith Ungol (US-CA)  
Live At Wolf & Rissmiller's Country Club (Nov 9 1984)    
Concerto Moon (JP)  
Live From Ashes [2 DVD] (2009)  
Confessor (US-NC)  
Live In Norway (2006)  
Coroner (CH)  
Nieuwe Pul, Uden - The Netherlands 1990 (Camrip)  
No More Color Tour 1990 (VHS Rip With Menu)    
Cosmosquad (US)  
Lights Camera Squad (2008)  
Cradle Of Filth (UK)  
Evermore Darkly Bonus DVD  
Heavy Left-Handed And Candid (2001)          
Peace Through Superior Firepower (2005)      
Thornology (2008)  
Crimson Glory (US-FL)  
Live On Keep It True 14 (2001) (Bootleg/Full Set)  
Cro-Mags (US-NY)  
Live In The Age Of Quarrel (1986-2001)  
Crown, The (SE)  
Invades Karlsruhe (2004)  
Cryptopsy (CA)  
Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IV (2004)    
D.A.D. (DK)  
Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust  
Dark Arena (US-OH)  
Live @ Peabody's In Cleveland Ohio (09/24/09)  
Live In Cleveland 03/24/06 (House Video Soundboard)  
Dark Tranquillity (SE)  
Fiction Expanded Live (2008)  
Inside The Void Bonus DVD (2010)  
Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France (Bootleg)  
Live Damage (2002)      
Where Death Is Most Alive [2 DVD] (2009)    
Datura (UA)  
Live In Moscow (On Official Disgorge DVD) 11-23-08  
Death (US-FL)  
Live In Eindhoven (1998)    
Death Angel (US-CA)  
Seemingly Endless Live (2004)  
The Early Years (2005)  
Death SS (IT)  
Night Of The Living Death SS (2006) (Unauthorized)  
Decapitated (PL)  
Human's Dust (2008)    
Organic Hallucinosis Bonus DVD (2006)  
Decrepit Birth (US-CA)  
Live In Cleveland @ Peabody's (2010) (Bootleg)  
Deeds Of Flesh (US-CA)  
Live In Montreal (2004)    
Deep Purple (UK)  
Heavy Metal Pioneers (2003)  
Live In Concert 72-73 (2005)  
Made In Sofia (1998 TV Show)  
Deicide (US-FL)  
Behind The Scars-Under The Skin Of Deicide (2004)  
Doomsday L.A. (2007)      
When London Burns    
Delight (PL)  
The Last Tale Of Eternity  
Denial Fiend (US-FL)  
They Rise Bonus DVD (2007)  
Despised Icon (CA)  
Montreal Assault [2 DVD] (2009)    
The Ills Of Modern Man Bonus DVD  
Destruction (DE)  
A Savage Symphony-The History Of Annihilation (2010)  
Live At Escape Club 5/12/05 (Bootleg)  
Live Discharge (2004)    
Dethklok (US)  
Dethalbum II Bonus DVD  
Devo (US)  
The Complete Truth About De-Evolution  
Devourment (US-TX)  
Official DVD  
Dies Irae (PL)  
Art Of Endless Creation, The (2009)  
Dimmu Borgir (NO)  
Invaluable Darkness [2 DVD] (2008)  
Live In Poland ('98 German TV)  
Stormblast Bonus DVD (2005)  
World Misanthropy [2 DVD]    
Dio (US)  
Evil Or Divine    
Sacred Heart (1986)  
We Rock (2005)    
Dir En Grey (JP)  
A Knot Of (2009)  
Disgorge (MX)  
Live In Moscow (Official) 11-23-08  
Dismember (SE)  
Live Blasphemies [2 DVD] (2004)      
Under Blood Red Skies [2 DVD] (2009)    
Dokken (US)  
Japan Live 1995  
Doom (JP)  
Miss Cookie Featuring Koh "Nishiyogi Watts" (1996)  
Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo Japan 02/21/88 (Cam 2 Songs)  
Doro (DE)  
Classic Diamonds (2004)  
Fur Immer [1/2] (2003)    
Double Dealer (JP)  
Fate And Destiny Tour-Live In Toyko 2005 [2 DVD]  
Dream Evil (SE)  
Book Of Heavy Metal, The (2004)  
Gold Medal In Metal (2008)  
Dream Theater (US)  
Five Years In A Livetime (2004)  
Images And Words Live In Tokyo (2004)  
Live At Budokan    
Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York  
When Dream And Day Reunite (2005)  
Dungeon (AU)  
Under The Rising Sun-Live (2004)    
Dying Fetus (US-MD)  
Killing On Adrenaline Bonus DVD  
Earthshaker (JP)  
Aftershock (1987)  
Edenbridge (AT)  
A Livetime In Eden Bonus DVD (2004)  
Edguy (DE)  
Superheroes (2005)  
Emperor (NO)  
Emperial Live Ceremony (2003)      
Ensiferum (FI)  
Tenth Anniversary Live (2006)      
Enslaved (NO)  
Live Retaliation (2003)    
Return To Yggdrasill-Live In Bergen (2005)  
Epica (NL)  
We Will Take You With Us Bonus DVD (2004)    
Evanescence (US-AR)  
After Midnight (2004)  
Anywhere But Home [2 DVD] (2004)  
Exodus (US-CA)  
Brutal Assault-Live In Gothenburg 2005 (Bootleg)  
EZO (JP)  
Jezebel's Club Anaheim, CA (11/15/1989) (3 Camera Edit Bootleg)  
Returns: They Have Come! (1991)  
Fantomas (US)  
The Fantomas & Melvins Big Band Live From London (2006)  
Fates Warning (US)  
Awaken The Guardian Bonus DVD (Long Island 12/28/86)    
Live Dynamo 1998  
Live In Athens  
No Exit Bonus DVD (2007)  
The View From Here [1/2]    
Flatbacker (JP)  
War Is Over And Clips    
Flotsam And Jetsam (US)  
Live In Japan (2006)    
Live In Phoenix [1/2] (2004)    
Once In A Deathtime (2008)  
Force Of Evil (DK)  
Evil Comes Alive (2004)      
Freak Kitchen (SE)  
Organic Bonus DVD (2005)  
Furia (FR)  
Un Live De Larmes Et De Sang  
G.G. Allin (US)  
Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies (1998)  
G.I.S.M. (JP)  
Gasburner Panic  
Getrop .I.S.M.  
Subj And Egos Chopped  
Gallhammer (JP)  
Ruin Of A Church (2008)  
Galloglass (DE)  
Heavenseeker Bonus DVD (2005)  
Galneryus (JP)  
Live For Rebirth  
Live In The Moment Of The Resurrection [2 DVD] (2010)  
Gamma Ray (DE)  
Lust For Live (2003)  
Gathering, The (NL)  
A Noise Severe [2 DVD] (2007)  
A Sound Relief [2 DVD]    
In Motion  
Girlschool (UK)  
Live In London (1984)  
God Dethroned (NL)  
The Lair Of The White Worm Bonus DVD (2004)  
Gorgoroth (NO)  
Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam Bonus DVD (2007)  
Black Mass Krakow (2004)    
Gotthard (CH)  
More Than Live  
Grave Digger (DE)  
25 To Live (2005)      
Masterpieces (2002)  
Great Kat, The (US)  
Extreme Guitar Shred (2005)  
Haemorrhage (ES)  
Visions From The Morgue (2004)  
Halford (UK)  
Live At Rock In Rio III [2 DVD] (2008)  
Live In Anaheim (2010) DVD9  
Metal God Essentials Vol 1 Bonus DVD  
Hammerfall (SE)  
One Crimson Night (2003)    
Rebels With A Cause (2008)  
Hate (PL)  
The Litanies Of Satan (2004)      
Hate Eternal (US)  
The Perilous Fight (2006)    
Hatebreed (US-CT)  
Live Dominance (2008)  
Heaven And Hell (UK)  
Live Radio City Hall (2007)    
Helloween (DE)  
Golden Hit Pops Videos (2003)  
High Live (2002)  
Helstar (US-TX)  
Burning Alive (2005)  
Rising From The Grave (1989)  
Hirax (US)  
Thrash And Destroy (2008)  
Hypocrisy (SE)  
Live & Clips (2003)      
Virus Bonus DVD (2005)  
Iced Earth (US)  
Live In Ancient Kourion (2013) DVD9  
Ihsahn (NO)  
After Bonus DVD (2010)  
Ill Nino (US)  
Live From The Eye Of The Storm (2004)  
Immolation (US-NY)  
Bringing Down The World (2003)  
Hope And Horror (2007)  
Immortal (NO)  
Lorain, OH 03/29/00 (Bootleg)  
Sons Of Northern Darkness Bonus DVD  
The Seventh Date Of Blashyrkh (2010)  
Impaler (US-MN)  
House Band At The Funeral Parlor (2007)  
In Flames (SE)  
Used & Abused-In Live We Trust [2 DVD] (2005)    
Inhumate (FR)  
At War With Inhumate (2007)  
Iron Maiden (UK)  
Castle Donington England (2007)  
Live After Death    
Phantoms Of Ullevil (07-09-2005 Swedish TV)  
Rock In Rio 1985 (Bootleg)  
The History Of-Part 1 The Early Years [2 DVD] (2004)    
Twelve Wasted Years (1989)  
Vision Of The Beast [2 DVD] (2003)      
Jag Panzer (US-CO)  
Era Of Kings And Conflict, The (2002)    
Jeff Scott Soto (US)  
Live At The Gods (2002)  
Jeremy (KR)  
Trivial Live (The DVD) [1/2]  
Jimi Hendrix (UK)  
Live In Stockholm (1969)  
Joe Satriani (US)  
Live In San Francisco [1/2] (2002)  
Judas Priest (UK)  
Angel Of Retribution Bonus DVD (2005)  
Connecticut 2004 (Bootleg)  
Electric Eye (1986)    
Epitaph (04-18-2012 Moscow Bootleg)  
Fuel For Life (1980-1986) (2003)  
Graspop Metal Meeting 2008  
Live In London (2001)  
Live In Osaka 12-04-1991 (Bootleg)  
Live Metalogy (1982)  
Live Vengeance '82  
Metal Works 73-93 (Unauthorized) (2005)  
Painkiller In Detroit (12/5/90) Bootleg (2 Versions)    
Rising In The East (2005)      
Rock In Rio II (1991)  
Kamelot (US-FL)  
One Cold Winter's Night Bonus DVD  
Kataklysm (CA)  
Live In Deutschland-The Devastation Begins    
The End Of Serenity-Live In Strasbourg (2004)  
Keep Of Kalessin (NO)  
Kolossus Bonus DVD (2008)  
Reptilian Bonus DVD (2010)  
Killer (CH)  
Reload [2 DVD] (2002)  
Killer Dwarfs (CA)  
Reunion Of Scribes-Live (2002)  
King Crimson (UK)  
Deja Vroom [1/2] (1999)  
King Diamond (DK)  
A Night With The King (TVrip Comp Bootleg)  
Abigail Bonus DVD + Clips  
Puppet Master, The Bonus DVD (2003)  
Sweden Rock Festival (June 9th, 2012) (Bootleg)  
Kiss (US)  
Cobo Hall, Detroit MI 1/26/76 (Bootleg)  
Cobo Hall, Detroit MI 1/29/77 (Bootleg)  
Live At Budokan (1988)  
Live In Vegas (2002)  
Rock The Nation Live [2 DVD] (2005)  
The Second Coming (1998)  
Koldbrann (NO)  
Live At Ragnarok Festival (2007)  
Kreator (DE)  
At The Pulse Of Kapitulation Bonus DVD    
Enemy Of God Revisited (2006)  
Hordes Of Chaos Bonus DVD  
Live Kreation-Revisioned Glory (2003)      
Krisiun (BR)  
Live Armageddon (2006)      
Laaz Rockit (US-CA)  
Live Untold (2006)    
Taste Of Rebellion Live (1992) (Bootleg)  
Lair Of The Minotaur (US-IL)  
War Metal Battle Master (2009)    
Lamb Of God (US-VA)  
Walk With Me In Hell [2 DVD] (2008)    
Lee Aaron (CA)  
Live In London (1985)  
Life Of Agony (US)  
The River Runs Red Again (2003)  
Lizzy Borden (US-CA)  
Master Of Disguise Bonus DVD (2007)  
Murderous Metal Roadshow, The (1986)  
Loudness (JP)  
20th Anniversary Pandemonium Tour (2002)  
25th Anniversary Live @ International Forum 11-25-06  
Best Of Reunion (2005)  
Black Widow-Once And For All (1992)  
Buddha Rock 1997-1999  
Classic Loudness Live 2009 Japan Tour (2009) [2 DVD]  
Eurobounds (Remastered) (1984)  
Hiroshima Peace Concert (1988)  
Legend Of Loudness-Live Complete Best [4 DVD] (2008)  
Lightning Strikes-Live In Tokyo (1986)  
Limited Edit At Germany In 2005  
Live Biosphere (2002)  
Live In Cleveland 03/24/06 (House Video Soundboard)  
Live Loudest At The Budokan (1991)  
Live Shocks World Circuit 2006 Chapter 1 (05/26/06 BB Kings)  
Live Terror 2004  
Live-Loud-Alive (1983)  
Loudness World Circuit 2010 [2 DVD]  
Munetaka Higuchi: Forever Our Hero (2009)  
Nine Promo Videos (Dragon/Ghetto Machine) + Once And For All  
Rock Shocking The Nation (2005)  
Samsara Flight (2015)  
Super Concert In Tokyo Dome (4 Songs/25 Min) (Vescera) 12/31/89  
The Soldier's Just Came Back (2001)  
Video Loudest (2006)  
Welcome To The Slaughterhouse (1992)  
Lynch Mob (US)  
Revolution - Live (2005)  
M3 [Original Whitesnake Members]
Rough An' Ready (2005)  
Magnum (UK)  
Livin' The Dream (2005)  
Manowar (US-NY)  
Hell On Earth Part 1 (2001)      
Hell On Earth Part 3 [2 DVD] (2003)      
Mantenrou Opera (JP)  
Dawn Of Anomie In Akasaka Blitz 2009  
Marduk (SE)  
Funeral Marches And Warsongs (2004)      
Martyr (CA)  
Havoc In Quebec City (DVD9)  
Mayhem (NO)  
European Legions-Live In Marseille 2000  
Pure Fucking (2008)  
Mentors (US-CA)  
El Duce Vita  
Merciless (SE)  
Live Obsession [2 DVD] (2004)    
Mercury Rain (UK)  
Building Dark Empires (St. Matthieu Bonus DVD)  
Mercyful Fate (DK)  
Alive At Eindhoven (1983) (Bootleg)  
Live At Dynamo 1983  
Meshuggah (SE)  
Alive (2010)      
Metal Church (US-WA)  
Dynamo Classic Concerts 1991 (2007)    
Northest Metalfest (The Moore Theater Seattle) 05-12-1984  
TV Collection 89-91 (2007) (Bootleg)  
Metalium (DE)  
Metalium Attack Live  
Metallica (US)  
Cliff 'Em All  
Kill 'Em All To St. Anger (2005)  
Rock In Rio-Lisbon 2004  
Video Collection 1988-2004    
Michael Schenker Group (DE)  
Thirtieth Anniversary Concert-Live In Tokyo (2010)  
Mike Portnoy (US)  
Drumavarium (2005)  
Morbid Angel (US)  
Altars Of Madness 2006 (Live 11/14/89)    
Blessed Are The Sick Bonus DVD (2009)  
Mortification (AU)  
Conquer The World (2008)  
Motley Crue (US-CA)  
Classic (2005)  
In The Beginning (2002)  
Motorhead (UK)  
The Birthday Party (1985)  
Mushroomhead (US-OH)  
Vol. 2 (2008)  
Live In Moscow (On Official Disgorge DVD) 11-23-08  
My Dying Bride (UK)  
An Ode To Woe Bonus DVD (2008)  
Mystic Prophecy (DE)  
Savage Souls (2006)  
Naglfar (SE)  
Harvest Bonus DVD (2007)  
Napalm Death (UK)  
The DVD (2001)  
Nargaroth (DE)  
Dead-Ication [2 DVD] (2008)  
Steel Warrior Fest, Portugal 5/23/05 (Bootleg)  
Narnia (SE)  
At Short Notice-Live In Germany (2004)  
Nasty Savage (US-FL)  
Copenhagen, Denmark 01/29/88 (Bootleg)  
Necrophagia (US-OH)  
Nightmare Scenarios (2004)  
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Uncut (2002)  
Necrophagist (DE)  
Loerrach, Germany, Metal Forces Festival 11/26/05 (Bootleg)  
Nevermore (US-WA)  
Enemies Of Reality Bonus DVD  
The Year Of The Voyager [2 DVD] (2008)  
Nightwish (FI)  
Cleveland, 2004 (Bootleg)  
End Of An Era (2006)    
End Of Innocence      
From Wishes To Eternity-Live        
Nemo DVD Single (2004)  
Wish I Had An Angel DVD Single (2004)    
Nocturnal Rites (SE)  
Grand Illusion Bonus DVD (2005)  
Nocturno Culto (NO)  
The Misanthrope  
Nocturnus (US-FL)  
A Farewell To Planet Earth (2004)  
Norther (FI)  
Spreading Death (2003)    
Novembers Doom (US-IL)  
The Novella Vosselaar-Live In Belgium (2008)    
Nuclear Assault (US)  
Radiation Sickness (2007)  
Nunslaughter (US-OH)  
Damned In Japan  
Metal Assault On Australia  
Obituary (US-FL)  
Live Xecution (Live @ Party.San 2008)  
Opeth (SE)  
Ghost Reveries Bonus DVD  
In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall [2 DVD] (2010)  
Lamentations (2003)            
Roundhouse Tapes, The (2008)    
Sonisphere Festival (Knebworth UK July 10th 2011)  
Watershed Collector's Edition Bonus DVD (2008)  
Oppressor (US-IL)  
Solstice Of Agony And Corrosion, The (Bonus DVD)  
Overkill (US-NY)  
Live At Wacken Open Air 2007    
Ozric Tentacles (UK)  
Live At The Pongmasters Ball    
Ozzy Osbourne (UK)  
The Ultimate Sin Tour (1986)  
Wicked Videos Unauthorized 1988  
Pagan's Mind (NO)  
Live @ Peabody's In Cleveland Ohio (09/24/09)  
Live Equation [2 DVD] (2009)    
Pain Of Salvation (SE)  
Pain Of Salvation (2005)  
Pantera (US)  
Dimevision Vol 1  
Killing In Korea In Memory Of Dimebag (2001)  
Reinventing Hell-Best Of Pantera Bonus DVD (2003)  
Screaming Black Messiahs (2008)  
Paradise Lost (UK)  
Draconian Times MMXI [1/2] (2011)  
Over The Madness [1/2]  
Pentagram (CL)  
Under The Spell Of The Pentagram Bonus (2008)  
Pretty Boy Floyd (US)  
The Early Cock Rock Shock Pop Years (2004)  
Primal Fear (DE)  
The History Of Fear (2003)      
Prostitute Disfigurement (NL)  
Descendants Of Depravity Bonus DVD (2008)  
Quiet Riot (US)  
Live In The 21st Century (2003)  
Rage (DE)  
Metal Meets Classic Live (2001)  
Rammstein (DE)  
In America (2015)  
Lichtspielhaus (2003)  
Live At The London Arena (2002) (Bootleg)  
Live Aus Berlin (1999)  
Volkerball (2006) (+ Bonus DVD)  
Randy Rhoads (US)  
Six String God (2003)  
Brotha Lynch Hung - The Ripgut Collection Bonus DVD (2007)  
Ratt (US-CA)  
Out Of The Cellar Tour 1984 (4 Songs) (Rock Palace 3/18.84)  
Stephen Pearcy - Live In Las Vegas (2004)  
The Video Detonator Videoaction (Bootleg)  
Rhapsody (IT)  
Live In Canada 2005-The Dark Secret  
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II Bonus DVD (2004)  
Ring Of Fire (US)  
Burning Live In Tokyo (2002)  
Rotten Sound (FI)  
Murderlive (2004)  
Rotting Christ (GR)  
In Domine Sathana  
Royal Hunt (DK)  
Paradox-Closing The Chapter (2005)  
Running Wild (DE)  
Death Or Glory Tour  
Final Jolly Roger, The (2011)  
Live (2002)  
Live In Bochum (1985) (Pro Bootleg)  
Rush (CA)  
Live In Rio [2 DVD]    
Live Sarsstock (2003)  
Sabbat (JP)  
Sabbatical Visionslaught (2011)  
Sabbat (UK)  
Live In Vooseler, Belgium 7/9/89 (Bootleg)  
Saber Tiger (JP)  
Live 2002 Nostalgia (2004)  
Satan's Host (US-CO)  
Assault Of Evil 666  
Satyricon (NO)  
Live At The Opera (2015) (DVD9)  
Roadkill Extravaganza (2001)  
Savatage (US)  
Kill The Unicorn (Bootleg)  
Live In Japan (1994/1997)  
Saxon (UK)  
Live In Nottingham UK 1983  
Live Innocence-The Power And The Glory  
To Hell And Back (2007) [2 DVD]    
Scorpions (DE)  
A Savage Crazy World Live  
Rock Legends (2004)  
Sear Bliss (HU)  
Decade Of Perdition (2005)    
Sepultura (BR)  
Chaos DVD    
Sinister (NL)  
Prophecies Denied (2006)    
Six Feet Under (US)  
Bringer Of Blood (2003)  
Live With Full Force (2004)  
Skinless (US-NY)  
Skinflick (2004)  
Skull Smash (JP)  
Live 2007-11-10  
Live 2008-05-25  
Live 2010-04-25    
Live 2011-08-07  
Live On Skull Smash 21st Century Behind Yoke System Vol 14 (2006)  
Slade (UK)  
East German TV '77 + Granada Studios '72 + Rare Videos  
Slayer (US)  
French Connection (2009)  
Soundtrack To The Apocalypse  
Still Reigning (2004)      
Slipknot (US-IA)  
Disasterpieces [1/2] (2002)    
Live In Moscow 11/05/08 (Bootleg)  
Up To Our Necks (2004)  
Sodom (DE)  
History Of Depravity Pt. 1 [2 DVD] (2005)        
Solitude Aeturnus (US)  
Hour Of Despair (2007)      
Sonata Arctica (FI)  
For The Sake Of Revenge (2006)      
Soulfly (BR)  
The Song Remains Insane (2005)  
Status Quo (UK)  
Boogie Then And Now (2005)  
Steel Panther (US-CA)  
Loud Park Festival 2009 (Tokyo, Japan)  
Steve Wilson
Get All You Deserve (2012) DVD9  
Strapping Young Lad (CA)  
For Those Aboot To Rock (2004)        
Stratovarius (FI)  
Infinite Visions (2000)  
Stuck Mojo (US-GA)  
Live At Teatro Showcase (5/14/96) (Bootleg)  
Superjoint Ritual (US)  
Live In Dallas TX (2002)    
Surgeont (RU)  
Live In Moscow (On Official Disgorge DVD) 11-23-08  
Symphorce (DE)  
Godspeed Bonus DVD (2005)  
Tankard (DE)  
A Girl Call Cerveza Bonus DVD  
Fat, Ugly And Still (A)live    
Live In East Berlin (1991) (VHS Rip With Menu)  
Tarot (FI)  
Undead Indeed-Live At Purla 2007  
Tesla (US)  
Time Making Changes  
Testament (US-CA)  
Dark Roots Of Thrash (2013) 9 DVD  
Live In London    
Seen Between The Lines (2005)  
The Omni Oakland CA 12/30/88-End Of New Order Campaign  
Therion (SE)  
Celebrators Of Becoming [1/4] & [3/4] (2006)  
Live Gothic (2008)    
Thin Lizzy (IE)  
At Rockpalast  
Live Sydney Harbour 1978 (2005)  
The Boys Are Back In Town (1978)  
Thor (CA)  
An.Thor.logy (1976-1985)  
Threshold (UK)  
Critical Energy      
Throne Of Katarsis (NO)  
Dead At Baroeg (2008)  
Thy Disease (PL)  
Extreme Obsession Live (2004)  
Tiamat (SE)  
The Church Of Tiamat    
Tokyo Blade (UK)  
Live From London (1985)  
Tourniquet (US-CA)  
Ocular Digital Live (2003)  
Toxik (US-NY)  
Dynamo Open Air 1988    
Trans-Siberian Orchestra (US)  
The Ghosts Of Christmas Eve  
Tristania (NO)  
Windows Tour (2005)  
Triumph (CA)  
Live 1983 US Festival    
Trouble (US-IL)  
Live In Stockholm (2006)    
Tsjuder (NO)  
Norwegian Apocalypse Oslo Vs. Sandnes (2006)      
Type O Negative (US-NY)  
After Dark (1999)    
Dead Again Bonus DVD (2008)  
U.D.O. (DE)  
Live In Sofia (2011 DVD9)  
Mastercutor Alive [2 DVD] (2008)  
Thundervision (2004)  
U.F.O. (UK)  
The Misdemeanour Tour (2002)  
Unearth (US-MA)  
Unearth (2004)  
Unleashed (SE)  
San Antonio, TX 10/23/91 (Bootleg)  
Heavy Metal Parking Lot (1986)  
Video Psychotherapy-Asylum For Shut-Ins  
Evil Unleashed: The Mummy  
IMAX: Alien Adventure 3D (1999)  
IMAX: Encounter In The Third Dimension  
IMAX: Nascar (2004)  
Journey To The Center Of The Earth (2008)  
VA-DVD [Anime]
Biohunter (1995)  
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie  
Ghost In The Shell 2-Innocence (2004)  
Grappler Baki-The Ultimate Warrior (1998)  
VA-DVD [Comedy]
Andrew Dice Clay - No Apologies (1993)  
Chris Rock - Never Scared (2004)  
Half Baked (1998)  
Southpark - The Passion Of The Jew (2004)  
Stewie Griffin-The Untold Story-The Family Guy Movie (2005)  
Team America: World Police + EXTRAS  
Three Stooges, The "Brideless Groom" & "Sing A Song Of Six Pants"  
VA-DVD [Horror]
Best Of Banned And Death Faces Vol 1 (2001)  
Cabin Fever  
Cannibal Holocaust (1980)  
Dawn Of The Dead (Unrated)  
Evil Dead 2  
Exorcist 3 (1990)  
Freddy Vs. Jason  
Hellraiser 4: Bloodline (1996)  
House By The Cemetery (Uncut) (1981)  
Sodoma's Ghost  
The Relic (1997)  
VA-DVD [Martial Arts]
A Chinese Ghost Story (1993)  
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  
Death Dual Of The Mantis (1978)  
Enter The Dragon (1973)  
Fong Sai Yuk 2/The Legend 2 (Jet Li) (1993)  
Hero (Jet Li)  
House Of Flying Daggers (2004)  
Legend Of Drunken Master (Jackie Chan) (2000)  
Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior  
Strongest Karate (1975)    
Super Cop (Jackie Chan) (1992)  
The Legend Of Zu (2001)  
Wu Tang Clan (1980)  
Zatoichi 2003  
VA-DVD [Metalfest]
Armageddon Over Wacken [2 DVD] (2003)  
Bang Your Head Festival 2005 [2 DVD]  
Bang Your Head Festival 2007 [2 DVD]  
Brutal Assault 14 (2009) [2 DVD]  
Brutal Assault 15 Promo  
Coyote Brutal Fest #3 (02/28/09, Moscow)  
Coyote Brutal Fest #4  
Earthshaker Fest 2003  
Extremal Blast Fest I (2008)  
Fekal Party 9 (2011)  
For Those About To Rock Monsters In Moscow (1991)  
Fuck The Commerce 5 [2 DVD] (2002)  
Gigantour 2 (2008)  
Gigantour [1/2] (2005)  
Hellfest 2002 [2 DVD]  
Hellfest 2010  
Hellfest Open Air Edition 2008  
Hellfest Summer Open Air 2006  
Keep It True - Metal Fest Collection (Live In Germany 06-08)  
Keep It True 02 2004  
Keep It True 03 2005  
Keep It True 04 2006  
Keep It True 06 (2006)  
Keep It True 07 (2006)  
Keep It True 08 (2007)  
Keep It True 09 (2007)  
Keep It True 10 [2 DVD] (2008)  
Keep It True 11 (2008)  
Keep It True 12 [3 DVD] (2009)  
Keep It True 13 [2 DVD] (2010)  
Keep It True 14 [2 DVD] (2011)  
Kilkim Zaibu Festival (8th) (2007)  
Loreley Metal Hammer Fest (1985)  
Loud Out Fest 2016  
Manowar Magic Circle Festival Vol 1 [2 DVD] (2007)  
Massacre Hits Wacken & Eindhoven Open Air 1998  
Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary - Live 2007  
Metal Hammer Road Show 1986  
Metal Heads' Mission [2 DVD] (2008)  
Metal Heads' Mission [2 DVD] (2009)  
Metal Heads' Mission [2 DVD] (2010)  
Metal Warriors: Wacken 1999 10th Anniversary (1999)  
Metalmania 2003  
Metalmania 2004  
Metalmania 2007  
Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) (2008)  
Mountains Of Death 2009  
Mountains Of Death 2010  
Mountains Of Death 2011  
Mystic Festival (2001)  
New England Metal & Hardcore Festival 2003  
Nuclear War Now! Live Ritual Vol I (2009)  
Obscene Extreme 2003 [2 DVD]  
Obscene Extreme 2004 [2 DVD]  
Obscene Extreme 2006 [4 DVD]  
Party San Open Air 2001    
Party San Open Air 2003  
Party San Open Air 2004 [2 DVD]  
Party San Open Air 2005 [2 DVD]  
Party San Open Air 2006 [2 DVD]  
Party San Open Air 2007 [2 DVD]  
Party San Open Air 2010 [2 DVD]  
Petrogrind Fest #1 (19-20.11.04)  
Relapse Contamination Festival 2003 [Disc 1 of 2 Only]  
Rock Hard Festival 2010 (Satrip Disc 1)  
Rock Pop In Dortmund 1983 [3 DVD]  
Skull Smash 21st Century Behind Yoke System Vol 14 (2006)  
Sonisphere "Big 4" Festival [2 DVD] (2010)  
Summer Slaughter Tour 2007  
Underground Metal Messe Part II (2008)  
Wacken 2007 True Metal  
Wacken 2008 [2 DVD]  
Wacken Metal Overdrive (2003)  
Wacken Open Air 2006 [2 DVD]  
Wacken Open Air 2009 (SATRIP)  
With Full Force Open Air XVII [2 DVD] (2010)  
VA-DVD [Metal]
Chainsaw E-Zine Comp #1 - South American Devastation  
Death Metal: A Documentary (Bill Zebub) (2003)  
Death To Mental Slaves (Compilation) (2004)  
Get Thrashed (Documentary) (2008)    
Hard N Heavy-Grindcore Special (1992)  
Heroes Of Glam Rock Vol 1  
Kerrang The DVD (2003)  
Legends Of Japanese Heavy Metal 80's (2003)  
Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses (2009)  
Metal Head Video Magazine (1990)  
Metal On Metal: Launch One Unauthorized (2004)  
Metal=Life (2005)  
Metals Dark Side Vol 1-Hard And The Furious (2006)  
Monsters Of Metal Vol 1 [2 DVD]  
Monsters Of Metal Vol 2 [2 DVD]  
Monsters Of Metal Vol 3 [2 DVD]  
Monsters Of Metal Vol 5 [1/2]  
Nihon No Rock Meikan Vol 1 (2004)  
Once Upon A Time In Norway (2008)  
Osmose Productions Noisymotion (2004)  
Recollection 3 (Relapse Video Collection)  
Road To Wacken  
Roadrunner United: The Concert [2/2] (2005)  
Rockin'dex '88 (VHS Rip)  
Spinefarm Hardcovers Bonus DVD (2004)  
Spinefarm Metal (2002)  
Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2  
Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast (2007) [2 DVD]  
Ultimate Revenge (Polish Death/Black Metal Compilation) (2002)  
Wizard's Convention (Japanese Heavy Rock Showcase)  
Zen Of Screaming 2  
VA-DVD [Other Music]
Average White Band - Live In Concert  
Bjork - Later (2003)  
Earth Wind & Fire - In Concert (1981)  
Journey - Greatest Hits 1978-1997  
Kitaro (JP) - The Best Of (2001)  
Sade - Live (1994)  
Seal - Videos 1991-2004  
Tangerine Dream - Live In America (1992)  
Dazz Band, The - The Best Of Funk  
Rick James The Definitive  
Sly & The Family Stone Comp  
VA-Tuvan Throat Singing
Huun-Huur-Tu - Munchen 2002  
Vader (PL)  
And Blood Was Shed In Warsaw (2007)      
Night Of The Apocalypse (2004)    
The Beast Bonus DVD (2004)  
Victor Wooten (US)  
Live At Bass Day '98  
Vital Remains (US-RI)  
Evil-Death-Live (2007)    
Voivod (CA)  
DVOD1 (2005)  
Tatsumaki: Voivod In Japan 2008 (2009)  
Vomitory (SE)  
Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize Bonus (2007)  
Von (US-CA)  
Satanic Blood Ritual (2010)  
Vow Wow (JP)  
Live In The UK 1989 (Bootleg)  
W.A.S.P. (US)  
First Blood Last Visions (Bootleg) (2007)  
Live At The Lyceum 1984  
The Sting Live (2000)  
Warlock (DE)  
Live In London (1985)  
Warlord (US-CA)  
Book 1 Live-The Cannons Of Destruction  
Within Temptation (NL)  
Silent Force Tour [2 DVD]      
Stand My Ground DVD Plus (2004)  
Wolfmother (AU)  
Please Experience Wolfmother Live (2007)  
Wretch (US-OH)  
Live @ Auburn Recs 20th Anniversary (Bootleg) 06/03/04  
X-Japan (JP)  
Aoi Yoru (1994 Tokyo Dome) [2 DVD]  
Yattering (PL)  
Creative Chaos (2002)  
Yellow Matter Custard (US)  
One Night In New York City  
Yngwie Malmsteen (SE)  
Live At Budokan (2001)  
Zyklon (NO)  
Storm Detonation Live (2006)