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My Radio

T.A.R (SE)  
2000|Curse Of The Demon-A Tribute To Mercyful Fate  
T.H.O.R. (DE)  
2005|Absurd-Tribute To The Tyrants Of German Black Metal  
T.O.M.B. (US-PA)  
2003|Black Arts Comp 2 (Tape)  
2008|Macabre Noize Royale
T.O.O.H. (CZ)  
2001|Obscene Extreme  
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
2006|Order And Punishment        
T.O.R.N. (DK)  
1999|Metal From Denmark  
T.R.I.B.E. (SF)  
2007|Ruin & T.R.I.B.E. Split
T.T. Quick (US-NJ)  
1984|Go For The Throat EP
1986|Metal Of Honor    
T666 (AU)  
1999|Troops Of Satan mCD  
Taake (NO)  
1995|Manndaudsvinter (Demo)  
1995|Taake EP
1999|Nattestid Ser Porten Vid      
2002|Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik          
2003|A Night Of Fog (Live)
2004|Helnorsk Svartmetall (Digipak)  
2007|Nekro mCD
2008|Svartekunst 7"  
2011|Swine Of Hades  
2012|A Tribute To Emperor-In Honour Of Icon E  
Taakeferd (NO)  
2002|Forest Of Horror (Demo)
2005|Livsgnist (Demo)  
Taarenes Vaar
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
1987|Metal Massacre Vol 8    
Tad Morose (SE)  
1993|Leaving The Past Behind  
1993|Self Titled Debut Demo Tape
1995|Paradigma EP  
1995|Sender Of Thoughts    
1998|Black Mark Attack Vol 2  
2001|A Tribute To ABBA  
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2002|Matters Of The Dark          
2002|Prepare For Battle  
2003|A Return To Fantasy-Tribute To Uriah Heep  
2003|Modus Vivendi (US +3)      
Taedium Vitae (DE)  
1998|Fleisch Und Blut
Taetre (SE)  
1997|Voices Of Death Vol 1  
1998|Out Of Emotional Disorder  
2002|Divine Misanthropic Madness    
2004|Slaughterous Souls-A Tribute To At The Gates  
Taghut (US-NY)  
2008|Ejaculate Upon The Holy Quran  
Tai Pan (DE)  
1994|Slow Death
Taiho (JP)  
Tailgunners (BR)  
2001|Behind The History
Taine (RO)  
2003|Decade Of Metal
Taint (UK)  
2005|The Ruin Of Nova Roma  
He Got Cop Eyes (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Tainted (NZ)  
2008|Carved And Created
Taipan (AU)  
Taist Of Iron (US-WA)  
Takara (US)  
1995|Taste Of Heaven (2002 Reissue + Bonus)
1998|Blind In Paradise  
2001|Perception Of Reality  
Takashi Ohkawa
2005|Paranoia/Tumour/Pulmonary Fibrosis/Takashi Ohkawa Split CDR
Taketh (SE)  
Takida (SE)  
2009|The Darker Instinct
Talamasca (US-WI)  
2001|Tribute To Queensryche-Warning Minds Of Raging Empire  
Talamyus (CA)  
2006|Profusion Vol 1  
2007|In These Days Of Violence    
Talas (US-NY)  
1982|Sink Your Teeth Into That
1998|If We Only Knew Then What We Know Now
Tales Of Blood (FR)  
2006|Horrors Of The Flesh  
Tales Of Dark (RS)  
2009|Perdition Calls  
Tales Of Darknord (RU)  
1997|Endless Sunfall  
2004|Stalingrad War Episodes  
Live In Taj Mahal (2004) .SVCD  Video
Taliandorogd (FR)  
2004|The Parting
Taliesin (US-CO)  
2006|Sarmak Tribute  
Talion (UK)  
1990|Killing The World  
Talisman (SE)  
1989|Talisman (2003 Remastered 2CD)
1993|Genesis (2000 Remastered 2CD)
1994|Humanimal (2004 Remastered 2CD)
1996|Swedish Hard Rock Heavy Metal Vol I  
2003|Cats And Dogs  
Tamerlan (CL)  
2005|Release mCD
Tampon Crusifix
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD  Video
Tanat (ES)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
2005|Tanat & Briargh "Funeral Howls And A Black Mark Over" Split
Tanathus (CO)  
2012|Alcoholic Thrash Black Metal EP
Tanatron (BR)  
2002|Primitive Behavior (Demo Tape)  
2003|Thrashifice (Tape)  
Tangaroa (UK)  
2000|Ever Fucked A Black Metal Whore (Demo)
Tangorodream (UA)  
2003|Beverina Label Spring Sampler  
Tangorodrim (IL)  
1999|Unholy Metal Way
2002|Those Who Unleashed
2007|Southern Lord-Within The Church Of Thee Overlords  
Tank (UK)  
1982|Filth Hounds Of Hades    
1983|This Means War  
1984|Honor And Blood  
1985|Armour Plated (2 Vinyl)
1998|The Return Of The Filth Hounds (Live)  
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
2002|Still At War  
2006|War Of Attrition-Live 1981
2010|War Machine
2012|War Nation
Turn Your Head Around (198X) .SVCD  Video
Tankard (DE)  
1984|Heavy Metal Vanguard (Demo I)  
1985|Alcoholic Metal (Demo Tape)  
1986|Zombie Attack (2005 Remastered)    
1987|Chemical Invasion (2005 Remastered)    
1988|The Morning After (2005 Remastered)  
1989|Alien mCD (2005 Remastered)  
1989|Hair Of The Dog    
1990|Bathory/Tankard/Rage Sampler
1990|Doomsday News 3-Thrashing East Live    
1990|The Meaning Of Life    
1991|Fat, Ugly And Live  
1992|Stone Cold Sober (2005 Remastered +3)  
1994|Two-Faced (2005 Remastered +5)  
1995|The Tankard  
1998|Disco Destroyer (2007 Remastered +1)    
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
2000|A Tribute To The Scorpions  
2000|Kings Of Beer (2007 Remastered +1)      
2002|20th Anniversary B-Day (2CD)  
2003|A Tribute To The Beast Vol 2 (Iron Maiden)  
2004|Beast Of Bourbon (Digipak)    
2006|Schwarz-Weiss Wie Schnee mCD
2006|The Beauty And The Beer    
2010|Open All Night Reloaded DVDA
2010|Vol(l)ume 14 (+DVDA)      
2012|A Girl Called Cerveza  
2012|The Big Teutonic 4  
A Girl Call Cerveza Bonus DVD  
Die With A Beer In Your Hand (Live On Bang Your Head Fest 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Fat, Ugly And Still (A)live    
Live In East Berlin (1991) (VHS Rip With Menu)  
Live On Keep It True 8 DVD  Video
Minds On The Moon (1995 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Rectifier (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Slipping From Reality (Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD)  Video
Space Beer (1990 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Stay Thirsty (2008) .MKV  Video
Tanze Samra Mit Mir (1996 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Morning After (1988 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Suicide .AVI  Video
Tantara (NO)  
2012|Based On Evil  
Tantric (US-KY)  
2001|Acoustic On Krock NY (1 Song)
2006|Profusion Vol 1  
Tapping The Vein (US)  
1997|Butterfly EP
2002|Broken (Single)
2002|The Damage
Taramis (AU)  
1991|Stretch Of The Imagination  
Taran (PL)  
2004|Storming The House Of God (Demo)
Taranis (BE)  
Taranis (IS)  
2006|Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood-Tribute To Graveland  
Taranis (PL)  
Taranis (US-WA)  
2003|Dionysian Polemic
Tarantula (PT)  
1995|Freedoms Call
1999|Light Beyond The Dark
2010|Spiral Of Fear (2012)
Taraxacum (DE)  
2001|Spirit Of Freedom  
Tard (CA)  
2008|Disgorging Guttural Regurgitations...    
Tardy Brothers (US)  
Tarihan (CH)  
2005|Absurd-Tribute To The Tyrants Of German Black Metal  
2009|Evola Tribute-The Spirit Of Europe  
Tarja Turunen (FI)  
2008|I Walk Alone
2008|My Winter Storm (Deluxe)    
2008|The Seer EP
2010|What Lies Beneath (2CD Deluxe US +1)  
2012|Act I (2CD)
I Walk Alone (2007) .AVI  Video
Tarkus (BR)  
2002|A Gaze Between The Past And The Future
Tarot (FI)  
1986|The Spell Of Iron (2006 Remastered +7)    
1988|Follow Me Into Madness (2006 Remastered +5)    
1993|To Live Forever (2006 Remastered +1)    
1995|Stigmata (2006 Remastered +3)    
1998|For The Glory Of Nothing (2006 Remastered +3)    
1998|Metalliliitto Compilation 2  
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|Nuclear Blast Soundcheck Series 18  
2003|Metal Hammer-Let The Hammer Fall Vol 22  
2003|Suffer Our Pleasures          
2006|Crows Fly Black (2007 +1)    
2008|Undead Indeed (2CD)
2010|Gravity Of Light  
2011|The Spell Of Iron MMXI  
Ashes To The Stars (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Pyre Of Gods (On Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2)  Video
Undead Indeed-Live At Purla 2007  
Tartaros (NL)  
1997|Darkened Destiny LP
Tartaros (NO)  
1997|The Grand Psychotic Castle EP    
1999|The Red Jewel  
Tartharia (FI)  
2004|Abstract Nation  
Taste Hematic Chains (IT)  
Taste Of Insanity (NL)  
2005|The Great Escape
Tasty Gore (US-WA)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Tatir (GR)  
1996|Fons Acheroni (Tape)
Tattoo (US-IL)  
1988|Blood Red
Taunusheim (DE)  
1995|I'm A Viking From Norway (Demo)
TaVeren (??)
2000|TaVeren (Limited Edition)
Tazumal (US-CA)  
2005|Benighted Entity-Disciples Of The Unlit Path (2CD)  
Tcheljabinsk 65
2003|Beverina Label Spring Sampler  
Tchildres (US-CA)  
2005|Benighted Entity-Disciples Of The Unlit Path (2CD)  
Tchort (CA)  
2000|Slave To The Power (Iron Maiden Tribute) (2CD)  
2001|A Sikk Tribute To Kiss  
Tchort (RU)  
1998|Seben Yuraz (Demo Tape)
Te Deum
Te Deum (UA)  
1999|Bezdna (2004)
2001|Tleyuschij Mir CDR
Te Devm (PT)  
Tea Bag (US-CA)  
2002|Hail To The Stonehenge Godz-Black Sabbath Tribute  
Tearabyte (US-TX)  
1999|Doom Generation
2004|Gloom Factory    
Tears In Vain (FR)  
2004|Into A Death Circle  
Tears Of Anger (SE)  
2004|Still Alive  
Tears Of Christ (IT)  
1996|Within My Forgotten Woods Of Mystery 7"
Tears Of Decay (DE)  
2004|Brodequin & Tears Of Decay Split 7"
2006|Obscene Extreme 2006  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #4  Video
Tears Of Gaia
2003|Tears Of Gaia (Demo)
Tears Of Israfel (IL)  
2002|Holy Shit  
Tears Of Mystigma (DE)  
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Tearstained (US-NY)  
1999|Phantom Lords-A Tribute To Metallica (2CD Digipak)  
2000|Necropolis Records Sampler  
2001|There Is No Hope
2006|Homicidal Tendencies
Tech 9
Nine Needle Injection (2008 @ With Full Force XV .MKV  Video
Technocracy (US-CA)  
2002|Phantom Lords: A Tribute To Metallica  
Tectum (UA)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission DVD #2 (2010)  Video
Ted Nugent (US)  
1984|Metal For Breakfast LP  
1994|Metal Mania Compilation    
1998|Merry Axemas - A Guitar Christmas Volume 2  
2001|Welcome To Psychosonic Vol 26  
2008|Sweden Rocks  
Teen Cthulhu (US-WA)  
2002|Ride The Blade  
Teen Pussy Fucker
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (UK)  
2004|Southern Lord-Let There Be Doom 2  
Teeth Of The Hydra (US-OH)  
Tehace (PL)  
2001|Zymatic Disease Of Human Beliefs (Demo)
2003|Elegy Sampler Vol 26  
Teitanblood (ES)  
2009|Black Putrescence Of Evil (Best Of)  
2009|Seven Chalices      
2012|Woven Black Arteries
Teitanfyre (RU)  
2011|Morbid Deaths Sceptre
Tekken (FR)  
2002|Gorezoo (4 Way Split)  
1998|Roots 2 (The Return) Compilation  
Teloch (FI)  
2009|Morbid Prayer
Temnozor (RU)  
2005|Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights  
2007|Eastern Hammer    
Temperance (SE)  
1993|Appointment With Fear Vol 2  
Temple Of Azoth, The (NL)  
2005|Funeral Dust & Temple Of Azoth "Unholy Alliance" Split CDR
Temple Of Baal (FR)  
2000|Black Unholy Presence (2002 Demo Rerelease +1)  
2000|The Return Of Darkness And Hate  
2003|Servants Of The Beast    
2004|Sargeist & Temple Of Baal Split EP
2005|Traitors To Mankind      
2006|Ancestral Fog & Temple Of Baal Split 7"
2009|Lightslaying Rituals    
2011|Temple Of Baal & Ritualization "Vision Of Fading..." Split
Temple Of Blood (US-AL)  
2006|Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind    
Temple Of The Absurd (DE)  
2001|Motormorphosis-A Tribute To Motorhead Part 1  
Temple Of The Dog (US)  
1991|Temple Of The Dog
Temple Of Twilight
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Ten (UK)  
1996|The Name Of The Rose
1999|Fear The Force EP (Jap)
2001|Far Beyond The World  
2004|Return To Evermore (2006)
Ten Masked Men (UK)  
2003|The Phanten Masked Menace  
Tenacious D (US)  
2002|Kerrang 4 The Album (2CD)  
2012|Rize Of The Fenix
2002|Legacy Vol 19  
Tenebra (DE)  
1993|Deathophobia Compilation  
Tenebrae (CA)  
1996|The Mist Soften My Sorrow
Tenebrae (FI)  
Tenebrae In Perpetuum (IT)  
2002|The Black Flames Age 7" (2006)
2004|Blut Und Eisen Vol 2  
2006|Antico Misticismo    
Tenebrarum (CO)  
1995|Blood & Tears
1996|Sol Negro (Reissue + Bonus)
2001|Voices (2006 +1)    
Tenebrarum (MX)  
1994|Alta Magia
Tenebrarvm (PT)  
2005|Under The Shade Of The Moon mCD
Tenebre (SE)  
1997|Cultleader EP
1997|Hellas Salutes The Vikings-Bathory Tribute  
1999|Tombola Voodoo Master 7"
2000|Mark Of The Beast  
2005|Hearts Blood    
Beauty Destroyed (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Tenebrious (US)  
2006|In Cold Shivering Silence
Tenebris (PL)  
1995|The Odious Progress
1997|Sick Syndicate Vol 1-Thrashem All  
Tenebrosus (PL)  
2003|The Fall Of Worthless Morals    
2004|Lost And Forgotten    
Tenebrous (US-FL)  
2005|Conqueror Of The Ibex Moon Vol 1  
Tenebrous Shadow (IR)  
2009|Follow The Signs (Demo)
Tenebrum Infectus (FR)  
2004|Tenebrum Infectus      
Tengereken (HU)  
2005|Veszerzodes (The Blood Oath)
Tenhi (FI)  
Tension (US-MD)  
Tension Prophecy (IR)  
2010|Riot Of Sacrificers
Tentacles (US-NY)  
Tenth Dan (AU)  
2009|Trapped Under Fire
Tepheret (DE)  
2005|For All Hate In Man 8  
Teramobil (CA)  
2013|Multispectral Supercontinuum EP
2016|Magnitude Of Thoughts
Multispectral Supercontinuum (Official) .MP4  Video
Terapia (FI)  
Terasbetoni (FI)  
Teratism (US-MA)  
1999|The Human Animal Preserved
2004|Service For The Damned  
Teratism (US-MN)  
2002|Ex Infernus EP  
2002|Invocatum Furae Diabolis
2004|The Blessing Of Death
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
Bloodythirst And Misanthropy-Live (On Death To Mental Slaves DVD)  Video
Teratogeny (MX)  
2006|Mundo Famelico
Teratoma (ES)  
2000|The Terato-Genus Reborn
Terg (NL)  
2005|We Are Watching Them
Terhen (FI)  
2007|Eyes Unfolded    
Terminal Cheesecake
1989|Pathological Compliation    
Terminal Choice (DE)  
2003|Orkus Compilation 4  
Terminal Descent (US-IA)  
2007|Host Age To The Devil  
Terminal Function (SE)  
2008|Measuring The Abstract  
2015|Clockwork Sky  
Terminal Plan (US-TN)  
1995|Metalmania X Promo Disc 1    
1999|Demonic Plague-A Tribute To Death  
1999|World Of Pain-Tribute To Sepultura  
2000|Southern Death-Tribute To Pantera    
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost(US-MA)  
2005|Slowly Peeling The Flesh...
2006|Inanimately Soundless mCD  
Terpsichore (??)
2001|Deep Strains In Her Brain (Demo)
Terra Firma (SE)  
2001|Harms Way  
Terra Firme
1999|Planet Metal  
Terra Prima (BR)  
2004|Life Carries On
Terra Rosa (JP)  
1987|Metal Warning (2LP)  
Terra Tenebrae (GR)  
Terragon (FR)  
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Terrestrial Exiled
2011|Duodecimal Levorotation (Single)
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
Terror (??)
Terror (FR)  
2003|The Agony Of Wandering Souls (Demo)
Terror (NO)  
1998|Overload-A Tribute To Metallica    
1999|A Call To Irons 2-Iron Maiden Tribute    
Terror (US-CA)  
2004|Life And Death The Demo EP
2006|Always The Hard Way  
Life And Death (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Terror 2000 (SE)  
2000|Slaughterhouse Supremacy    
2002|Faster Disaster          
2003|Slaughter In Japan Live  
2005|Terror For Sale            
Terror Engine (??)
1997|Modalities Of Mind Hazards
Terror Inside (RU)  
2009|Sumerki Razuma
Terror Of The Trees (US-NY)  
2002|Devil Worship mCD  
Terror Organ (US)  
2001|Buzzbomb Vergeltungswaffe Mhz 28    
Terror Squad (JP)  
1994|Far East Gate In Inferno  
1999|The Wild Stream Of Eternal Sin  
2001|Sabbat & Terror Squad Split (Vinyl)
2006|Chaosdragon Rising  
Terror Throne (US-IL)  
2008|World On Its Knees  
Terrorama (SE)  
2002|Misanthropic Genius (Demo Tape)
Perversion Extol (Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD)  Video
Terrorcult (BR)  
2007|Profane Force Underground (Demo CDR)
Terrordrome (GR)  
2008|Vehement Convulsion  
2012|The Day Of Sacrilege
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Terrorism (US-CA)  
2003|Embalming Theatre & Terrorism Split 7"
2006|Lividity & Terrorism "Eat Shit & Die-Feasting..." Split 7"
Terrorist (AR)  
Terrorist (US-TX)  
2009|BestialTorture&Terrorist&BestialReviler "Hellthrash" Split
Terrorizer (US)  
1988|Terrorizer & Nausea Split
1989|World Downfall (Brazil +7)    
2003|From The Tomb
2006|Darker Days Ahead      
2012|Hordes Of Zombies (Jap +4)  
2005|Channeling The Quintessence Of Death
2001|Kerrang The Devil's Music Volume 3  
Terry Bozzio (US)  
1998|Drawing The Circle
2005|Prime Cuts
Tesla (US)  
1986|Mechanical Resonance (2009 Remastered Jap)  
1989|The Great Radio Controversy (2009 Remastered Jap)
1990|Five Man Acoustical Jam (2009 Remastered Jap)
1991|Psychotic Supper (2009 Remastered Jap)
1994|Bust A Nut (2009 Remastered Jap)
2001|The Millennium Collection
2004|Into The Now (Jap +1)  
Time Making Changes  
Tessaract (UA)  
2001|A Sudden Outcome (Demo)
2012|Perspective EP
Tesstimony (HU)  
1997|Thorn EP
1998|Flaming (Demo Tape)
2000|Inhale The Sadness
2007|Gospel Of Judas
Test Pattern
1983|Metal Massacre Vol 3  
Test Switch Isolator (UK)  
2005|Lets Dance  
Testament (US-CA)  
1987|The Legacy        
1988|The New Order    
1989|Practice What You Preach      
1990|Souls Of Black        
1992|The Ritual      
1993|Return To The Apocalyptic City EP    
1995|Live At The Fillmore    
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 1    
1996|The Best Of Testament
1997|Signs Of Chaos The Best Of Testament  
1999|The Gathering (Jap)            
2001|First Strike Still Deadly (2008 Remastered)        
2004|Days Of Darkness (2CD)
2007|The Spitfire Collection    
2008|The Formation Of Damnation (2010 2CD Deluxe Tour)          
2012|Dark Roots Of Earth  
2012|Native Blood Single  
2016|Brotherhood Of The Snake  
Alone In The Dark (Live Wacken 2003) .MKV  Video
Burnt Offerings (Live Wacken 2003) .MKV  Video
Dark Roots Of Thrash (2013) 9 DVD  
Eerie Inhabitants Live (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Electric Crown (199X VHS Rip) .SVCD  Video
First Strike Is Still Deadly .MPG  Video
Formation Of Damnation (Live On Brutal Assault 15 Promo DVD)  Video
Greenhouse Effect (198X) .SVCD  Video
Henchman Ride (Live At Metal Hammer Golden Gods 06/16/08) .MKV  Video
Live In London    
Live On Metalmania 2007 DVD  Video
Low (1994) .AVI  Video
Low (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Nobodys Fault (1987) .SVCD  Video
Over The Wall (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Practice What You Preach (1987) .SVCD  Video
Practice What You Preach (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Seen Between The Lines (2005)  
Souls Of Black (1990) .AVI  Video
The Legacy (198X) .SVCD  Video
The New Order (Live At Metal Hammer Golden Gods 06/16/08) .MKV  Video
The Omni Oakland CA 12/30/88-End Of New Order Campaign  
Trial By Fire .MPG  Video
Wacken Open Air 2012 .MKV  Video
Testicular Seizure (US)  
2009|Testicular Seizure
Testify (DE)  
2001|Triviality Beyond Acceptance  
Testimony (CZ)  
1994|Satisfaction Warranted
Tetragon (DE)  
1971|Nature (2009)
Tetsuo (US-PA)  
2004|Explicitly Intense Insanity Sampler 5  
Teurgia (HU)  
2003|Mors Tua Ero mCD
Teuta (IT)  
2003|A Man A Band A Symbol-Underground Italian Tribute To Burzum  
2006|L'ordre Du Temple & Ringwraith & Teuta Split CDR
Teutates (CA)  
2005|Brume D'Automne & Teutates "Unis Par Le Lys" Split Tape
Teutonic (DE)  
2002|Metal Crusade Vol 4  
Texas Funeral
2004|Primitive Scream
Textures (NL)  
2006|Drawing Circles    
Tha-Norr (DE)  
1998|Twilight Of The Gods (2CD)  
Thalarion (SK)  
1998|Tales Of The Woods Thus Was Written  
2000|Four Elements Mysterium
2002|Tunes Of Despondency      
Thales (FI)  
2001|A World Beyond (Demo)  
Thalidomide (FR)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
Thalion (BR)  
2004|Another Sun (Jap +1)  
Thallium (BR)  
2001|A Howling From Thousand Years (Demo Tape)  
2003|The Night And The Fog Part 2  
2006|Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood-Tribute To Graveland  
2006|Evil & S.A.R. & Thallium "Chaos To Unleash A New Age" Split  
Thanateros (DE)  
2002|Legacy Vol 22  
2005|Into The Otherworld
Thanathron (PL)  
2004|Hell Is Here (Demo)  
2005|Hiarra mCD
Thanatopsis (US-CA)  
1993|Sentencing Without Bliss    
1994|The Age Of Silence  
1995|Metalmania X Promo Disc 2      
1995|Within A Consciousness Unborn  
1997|Extremities Compilation #1      
1997|Genocidal Race    
2003|San Francisco 2003 (Bootleg)
2010|The Chaotic Order  
Berkeley Square 01-24-96 .AVI  Video
Initiation (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Initiation (Live 07/2003) .MPG  Video
Redefinition (Bootleg).MPG  Video
Scarred Beneath (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Thanatopsis (US-IN)  
1990|A View Of Death (Demo)
Thanatos (NL)  
1990|Emerging From The Netherworlds (1999 Remastered)    
1992|Realm Of Ecstacy (2000 + Bonus)  
1992|This Endless Night Inside
1995|An Embassy To Gaius
2000|Angelic Encounters  
2002|Beyond Terror EP
2004|Undead Unholy Divine    
2009|Justified Genocide      
Tharaphita (EE)  
2001|Tumedate Tunnete Kutkeis
2004|Estonian Metal Compilation-The Beast Released  
2005|Wood Brothers  
Tharsis (BR)  
2000|Portrait Of My Soul
That Old Black Magic (FR)  
2004|Altars Of Mad Death Vol 1  
Thaurorod (FI)  
2010|Upon Haunted Battlefields (Digipak)  
The Day Everything BecameNothing(AU)  
2006|Invention Destruction    
Theatre Of Hate (UK)  
1998|Ten Years After
Theatre Of Pain
Cazavilleshow 07/15/05 .MPG  Video
Theatre Of The Macabre (US)  
2000|A Paradise In Flesh And Blood  
2001|Theatre Of The Macabre & Somnus Split "7 (Live)
Theatre Of Tragedy (NO)  
1995|Theatre Of Tragedy      
1996|Velvet Darkness They Fear (Reissue +2)    
1997|A Rose For The Dead mCD    
1998|Aegis (Jap +2)      
1998|Cassandra (Single)  
1998|Twilight Of The Gods (2CD)  
1999|Virago mCD
2000|Image EP (French Version)
2000|Image EP (Ltd. Edition)
2000|Inperspective EP
2000|Musique (2009 Remastered +3)      
2001|Closure (Live)
2002|Assembly (2009 +2)        
2002|Envision (Single)
2002|Let You Down (Single)
2002|Superdrive (Single)
2009|Forever Is The World (Digipak)  
2010|Addenda EP
Lorely (Live On Eindhoven 1998 DVD)  Video
Siren (Live On Eindhoven 1998 DVD)  Video
Siren (Live) (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
Theatres Des Vampires (IT)  
1996|Vampyrisme Necrophile Necrosadisme Necrophagie    
1999|The Vampire Chronicles  
2001|Bloody Lunatic Asylum  
2001|Jubilaeum Anno Dracula 2001
2002|Legacy Vol 21  
2004|Nightbreed Of Macabria  
2004|The Blackend Collection (4CD)
2005|Pleasure And Pain    
2007|Desire Of Damnation (2CD)  
2008|Anima Noir    
2011|Moonlight Waltz
Thedead (PL)  
2005|Gods Of Guts-A Tribute To Carcass  
Thee Maldoror Kollective (IT)  
1998|Ars Magika
2000|In Saturn Mystique
2002|New Era Viral Order      
2007|Pilot (Man With The Meat Machine)  
2007|Themes For Proxima mCD
Thee Orakle (PT)  
2013|The Final Resistance-A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity  
Thee Plague Of Gentlemen (BE)  
2005|Primula Pestis  
Thee Ultra Bimboom
2003|Stockholm Records Sampler  
2003|Terrorized Vol 21  
Thelema (BY)  
2008|Fearful Symmetry  
Themgoroth (PL)  
1998|Highway Into The Unknown
Theocracy (??)
2000|Second Death
Theocracy (US-GA)  
2004|Blastbeats Extreme Music Sampler Vol 6  
2013|The Power Of Prog 2  
Theoktony (UK)  
Theory In Practice (SE)  
1997|Third Eye Function (2006 Remastered +3)      
1998|The Armageddon Theories      
2002|Colonizing The Sun          
2017|Crescendo Dezign  
Theory Of A Dead Man
2006|WWE-Wreckless Intent  
Theory Of Negativity
2003|A Dead Area
Therapy? (IE)  
2001|Gimme Back My Brain EP
2004|Never Apologise Never Explain
2010|Were Here To The End (2CD)
Thergothon (FI)  
1991|Fhtagn-Nag Yog-Sothoth (Demo) (1999 Rerelease)    
1994|Stream From The Heavens  
2006|Fhtagn-Nagh Yog-Sothoth LP
Therianor (AR)  
2004|Muerte Al Falso Metal-Tributo Argentino A Manowar  
Theriomorphic (PT)  
2008|The Beast Brigade  
Therion (SE)  
1989|Paroxysmal Holocaust (Demo Tape)
1990|Time Shall Tell (Demo) (Vinyl)  
1991|Of Darkness (2000 Remastered +4)    
1992|Beyond Sanctorum (2000 Remastered +4)  
1993|Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas    
1995|Lepaca Kliffoth (Digipak)      
1995|The Beauty In Black mCD  
1996|Siren Of The Woods (Single)  
1996|Theli (2003 +2)      
1997|A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming      
1997|Made In Tribute-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1998|Vovin (2004 +3)    
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|Crowning Of Atlantis      
2000|A Tribute To The Scorpions  
2001|A Tribute To ABBA  
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2001|Secret Of The Runes      
2001|To Mega Wacken (With Choir) (Bootleg)
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2002|Live In Midgard (2CD)    
2003|A Tribute To The Beast Vol 2 (Iron Maiden)  
2003|Emerald A Tribute To The Wild One (Thin Lizzy)  
2004|Sirius B          
2005|Atlantis Lucid Dreaming  
2006|Celebrators Of Becoming (2CD)    
2007|Gothic Kabbalah (2CD)      
2008|Live Gothic (2CD)    
2009|The Miskolc Experience (2CD + DVDA)    
2010|Sitra Ahra  
2012|Les Fleurs Du Mal    
Celebrators Of Becoming [1/4] & [3/4] (2006)  
Live Gothic (2008)    
Son Of The Slaves Of Time (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Summernight City (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
The Beauty In Black (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
To Mega Therion (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Therm.Eye.Flame (RU)  
2002|Solar Nebula  
2005|To Evolution  
Thermik (CA)  
2003|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest III  
Thesyre (CA)  
2002|Beyond The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Tribute)  
2004|Corpus Christii & Thesyre "F.O.A.D." Split
2005|Akitsa & Thesyre Split 7"
Thetragon (PL)  
2001|The Everlasting Glance Of Eternity
Theudho (BE)  
2006|The Volsunga Saga  
2008|Cult Of Wuotan    
2012|Beginning Of A New Legend Vol 1 (Tribute To Burzum) (CDR)  
They Found Her In Pieces (US-VA)  
They Live (US-NY)  
2001|They Live & Ruination Split 7"
They Were Us
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Thiasos Dionysos (DE)  
Thin Lizzy (IE)  
1971|Thin Lizzy (1990 Remastered)
1973|Vagabonds Of The Western World
1976|Jailbreak (1996 Remastered)    
1978|Live And Dangerous (1996 Remastered)  
1979|Black Rose (1996 Remastered)  
1994|The Peel Sessions
1996|Wild One (Greatest Hits)
2000|The Boys Are Back In Town (Ltd) (2CD)
2002|The Herd And The Madman
2004|Greatest Hits (2CD)
2010|The Boys Are Back In Town (Danish 2CD)
At Rockpalast  
Live At The National Stadium 1975 (2012) .AVI  Video
Live Sydney Harbour 1978 (2005)  
The Boys Are Back In Town (1978)  
Thine (UK)  
1998|X-Years (Peaceville Records Compilation)  
2001|The Big Bang-Peaceville Compilation  
Thine Eyes Bleed (CA)  
2005|In The Wake Of Separation (2006 +1)    
2008|Thine Eyes Bleed    
Cold Victim (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
On Unholy Alliance-Chapter II Preaching To The Perverted (2007) .AVI  Video
Third Degree (PL)  
2004|Antigama & Third Degree & Herman Rarebell Split
Third Eye Blind (US-CA)  
1997|Third Eye Blind  
Third Sovereign (IN)  
2007|Destined To Suffer  
Thirdmoon (AT)  
1997|Grotesque Autumnal Weepings  
1998|Aquis Submersus  
2004|Sworn Enemy Heaven (Digipak +2)  
2007|Dimorphic Cynosure    
Thirst (PL)  
2004|Per Aspera Ad Astra
2005|Arkona & Besatt & Thirst Split
2006|Ritual For Blood
Thirst Of Revenge (ES)  
2010|The Beginning Of The End
2011|Annihilation Of Races
This Empty Flow (FI)  
1999|Three Empty Boys  
This Horrible Machine (US-LA)  
2010|Dead Air EP
This Illusion (IT)  
2003|Of Promises Decayed    
This Is Hell
This Or The Apocalypse
2012|Dead Years
This Side Of Paradise (FR)  
2000|Beyond The Shadows
This Specific Dream (US-WI)  
2004|This Specific Dream
This Tangled Web (AU)  
2002|I Stab At Thee
2006|Shock Rock Hellions-A Tribute To Wasp  
This Vale Of Tears (BE)  
Thokk (US)  
1998|Of Rape And Vampirism
Tholus (US-CA)  
2001|The Next Thousand Years Are Ours-Tribute To Darkthrone  
Thor (CA)  
1983|Unchained EP (2009 +5)  
1984|Let The Blood Runs Red 7"
1985|Only The Strong (+2)    
1997|Ride The Chariots (An-THOR-Logy)
1998|Thunderstruck-Tales From The Equinox
2001|Dogz II
2004|Beastwomen From The Center Of The Earth
2005|Thor Against The World  
2006|Devastation Of Musculation  
2008|Into The Noise
An.Thor.logy (1976-1985)  
Warhammer .MPG  Video
Thor (ES)  
Thor's Hammer (PL)  
1997|Fidelity Shall Triumph (2006 Remastered)
1997|Nothing But Hate (Demo)
2000|May The Hammer Smash The Cross (2008 Remastered)  
2002|The Fate Worse Than Death (2010)  
2003|Three Weeds From The Same Root  
Thora (DE)  
2000|Cross Nailed  
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
Thorazine (CA)  
1999|Seed The Black Sky
2004|The Day The Ash Blacked Out The Sun    
Thorgen (FR)  
2004|French Steel  
Thorium (DK)  
1999|Ocean Of Blasphemy  
2002|Unleashing The Demons    
2008|Feral Creation      
Crest For War (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Hateful Vengeance (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Thormenthor (PT)  
1994|Abstract Divinity (Demo)
Thorn (DE)  
1996|Apogee mCD
1996|Blood To Come Vol 1  
Thorn Within (CA)  
2001|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest  
Thornafire (CL)  
2004|Sin And Flesh Devotion
2005|Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation    
Thornclad (SE)  
1999|Coronation Of The Wicked  
Thornesbreed (DE)  
2003|The Splendour Of The Repellent      
Thorngoth (DE)  
2006|Thelema Of Destruction  
Live On Under The Black Sun Open Air XII 2009 (35:14 Part 1) .AVI  Video
Thornium (SE)  
1994|Dominions Of The Eclipse (2011 +5)
2009|Mushroom Clouds And Dusk  
2010|Fides Luciferius  
Thorns & Flower (FR)  
Thorns (NO)  
1996|Nordic Metal-A Tribute To Euronymous    
1998|Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone-Tribute To Darkthrone  
1998|Thorns Vs. Emperor  
Thorns (PL)  
2000|From The Inside (Demo)
Thorns Of Evil (BR)  
2003|The Pagan Fire Domination (Demo Tape)
2004|Pagan Black Metal (Demo)
2010|Old Souls Of Destruction
Thorns Of God (MX)  
2006|Under The Eyes Of Evil
Thorns Of Hate (MY)  
2011|Heretical Dawn Of Apocalypse 7"
Thorns Of The Carrion (US-OH)  
1993|The Gardens Of Dead Winter (Demo)
1997|The Scarlet Tapestry    
2000|Church Of The Devil (A Tribute To King Diamond)  
2000|Eve Songs mCD  
2001|Sudsy Malones (Demo)
Thorns, The
2003|The Thorns
Thornspawn (US-TX)  
1997|Consecration Of Evil Flesh (Demo Tape)
1999|Infernal Legions 7"
2000|Blood Of The Holy Taint Thy Steel  
2001|Empress From The Realms Of Blasphemy EP
2002|Wrath Of War      
2003|Altars Of The Perversed Flesh (Demo Tape)
2007|Sanctified By Satan's Blood
2008|Hacavitz & Thornspawn "Rituals Of The Night" Split
Thorny Woods (BR)  
2010|Impetus Malignum & Thorny Woods "United Blasphemies" Split
2010|The Return Of The Sons Of Cain (A Tribute To Amen Corner)  
Thoron (SE)  
2006|Return To Dust
Thorondir (DE)  
Thorr's Hammer (US/NO)  
1996|Dommedagsnatt mCD (Remastered)    
Those Who Bring The Torture (SE)  
2007|Those Who Bring The Torture
2008|Tank Gasmask Ammo    
Those Who Endure
2009|Arise Oh Sleeper EP
Thoten (BR)  
2001|Beyond The Tomorrow      
Thoth (PL)  
Thou (US-LA)  
Thou Art Lord (GR)  
1992|Ancient Rites & Thou Art Lord Split 7"  
1993|Diabolou Archaes Legeones 7"
1993|The Cult Of The Horned One (Demo)  
1995|Unisound Records-Into The Catachthonium Vol 2  
1996|Apollyon (Digipak)  
2005|Orgia Daemonicum  
Thou Shall Fall (VE)  
2006|The Path Of Memories mCD
Thou Shalt Suffer (NO)  
1991|Open The Mysteries Of Your Creation 7"  
1997|Into The Woods Of Belial  
Thought Chamber (US-CA)  
2007|Angular Perceptions        
Thought Industry, The (US-MI)  
1989|Signing Demo  
1992|Songs For Insects    
1993|Mods Carve The Pig-Assassins, Toads And Gods  
1996|Outer Space Is Just A Martini Away
1997|Black Umbrella  
1998|Recruited To Do Good Deeds For The Devil
2001|Short Wave On A Cold Day
Thought Sphere (DE)  
Thousand Points Of Hate (UK)  
2004|Scar To Mark The Day  
Thragedium (PT)  
2001|Theatrum XXIII
Thralldom (US-NY)  
2002|Murderous Magus (2 Song CDR)
2003|Beast Eye Opened To The Sky  
2004|Godflesh Tribute (2CD)  
2005|Black Sun Resistance
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
2005|The Seven Heads Of The Lion Serpent 7"
Thram (BR)  
2004|Lost Mind
2006|Pictures Of Reality
Thrasher (US)  
1985|Burning At The Speed Of Light (2007 Remastered)  
Thrashgrinder (FI)  
2010|Seeds Of Revolution
Threat Signal (CA)  
Rational Eyes (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Three 6 Mafia
2006|WWE-Wreckless Intent  
Three Sixes (US-CA)  
2002|Salvationless EP
Three Within
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Threnody (NL)  
1993|As The Heavens Fall
Dare Restrain (Live) (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
Threshold (UK)  
1993|Wounded Land (2001 +2)  
1997|Extinct Instinct (2004 Remastered +3)    
2001|Hypothetical (Jap)    
2002|Concert In Paris-Live
2002|Critical Mass      
2004|Critical Energy (2CD)
2004|Subsurface (UK +1)      
2007|Dead Reckoning (Bonus Track Only)    
2007|The Ravages Of Time (2CD)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 3  
Critical Energy      
On Stage (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Thrill, The
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
Thrive (CA)  
Throat Plunger
2008|Slimewave Goregrind Series  
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Throb Of Offal (JP)  
2005|Moss Funeral  
Throcult (US-CO)  
2002|Hunted (Promo)  
2003|Metallian Sampler Vol 29  
2004|Stormbringer Conjuration Of The Nighthorde
Throe (US-MA)  
2000|Uproot (Demo)
Throes Of Dawn (FI)  
1998|Dreams Of The Black Earth  
2000|Binding Of The Spirit  
2004|Quicksilver Clouds    
2010|The Great Fleet Of Echoes  
Throes Of Sorrow
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Thromdarr (FI)  
1999|Northstorm Arrives
Thron (RU)  
1996|Here Lies Paganism (Demo Tape)
1998|Seductions Of The Unbaptized Darkness  
2000|Subject To Damage
2002|Thron & Grenouer Split Tape
Thronar (NL)  
2003|Arnhem Trolleymetaal  
2005|For Death And Glory    
2008|Unleash The Fire  
2005|Burzum-A Tribute LP  
Throne (US-CT)  
2000|Overthrown EP
Throne Of Ahaz (SE)  
1995|On Twilight Enthroned  
Throne Of Chaos (FI)  
2000|Menace And Prayer (Finland +2)      
2002|Truth And Tragedy (Single)
2003|Loss Angeles  
Throne Of Decadence (IT)  
2005|Obscure Current Vol 1  
Throne Of Hate (US-RI)  
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
Throne Of Katarsis (NO)  
2004|Unholy Holocaustwinds (2006 Remastered Demo)    
2007|An Eternal Dark Horizon          
2008|Dead At Baroeg DVDA
2009|Helvete Det Iskalde Morket  
2011|Ved Graven
Dead At Baroeg (2008)  
Throne Of Molok (IT)  
2007|Chtonian Aeon 1010011010
Throne Of Nails (UK)  
2002|Acts Of War  
Throne Of Naya (MX)  
2004|Cause Of Death (Demo CDR)
2005|Sacrifices (Demo CDR)
Throne Of Serpents (US-IL)  
2007|Baptized In Blood  
Throneaeon (SE)  
2001|Neither Of Gods  
2002|Tyrants From The Abyss-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
Throned (IT)  
2004|There Where The Moon Rises EP
Thrones (US-OR)  
2006|Southern Lord-Darkness Hath No Boundaries  
Throneum (PL)  
2002|Anima Damnata & Throneum "Gods Of Abhorrence" Split
2002|Streams Of Aggression EP
2002|The Light Of The Dark & Throneum "Brotherhood..." Split
2003|A Brutal Vomit Compilation  
2003|Bestial Antihuman Evil (+1 mLP Bonus)
2004|Martire & Throneum "United In Hell" Split  
2004|The Underground Storms Eternally (Best Of)
2005|Cemetery Sons Of Hell-3 Way Split  
2005|Nunslaughter & Throneum Split 7"
2005|Pestilent Death  
2006|Decade Of Cecrostuprumical Madness  
2007|Deathmass Of The Gravedancer
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
2007|The Unholy Ones
2007|Throneum & Revelation Of Doom Split    
2009|Deathcult Conspiracy
2011|Death Throne Entities
Thronum Vrondor (BE)  
2007|Vrondor I: Epitaph Of Mass-Destruction  
Through Ashes (US-IL)  
1999|Until The Day Comes (Demo)  
Through Blunt Castration (US-CA)  
2008|The Boy Who Cried Bitch EP
Through The Eyes Of The Dead (US-SC)  
2004|The Scars Of Ages EP  
Throwdown (US-CA)  
Raise Your Fist (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Thrown To Belial (UK)  
2007|Voices Of The Underworld EP
Thrudvangar (DE)  
2004|Ahnenthron (2006 Remastered)    
2007|Zwischen Asgard Und Midgard    
2008|Thrudvangar & Nomans Land Split 7"
Thrust (US)  
2002|Parade Of Idiots
Thrust (US-IL)  
1984|Fist Held High    
Thrustor (US)  
1999|Night Of Fire (2008)
Thugnor (PT)  
2007|Decayed & Thugnor "Satanic Blast/At The Gates" Split
Thulcandra (DE)  
2011|With Us Or Against Us Vol XIII  
Thule (IS)  
Thule (NO)  
1993|Der Vinterstormene Raste (Demo Tape)  
1994|Omfavnet Av Svarte Vinger EP (Vinyl) (Demo)
Thule (NO) *  
1990|Natt (2004 +1)
Thunder (UK)  
1992|Laughing On Judgement Day  
1995|Live Circuit-Japan Only
1997|Live DVDA
1999|The Rare The Raw And The Rest
2003|Shooting At The Sun
2005|The Magnificent Seventh  
Live On Bang Your Head Fest 2007 DVD #1  Video
Thunder Rider (CA)  
2003|Tales Of Darkness And Light-Chapter II  
For Christ's Sake (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Satan's Wrath (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Thy Kingdom Come (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Thunder Torture
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Thunderblast (CO)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
2011|Invaders From Another World
Thunderbolt (NO)  
2002|Metal Crusade Vol 4  
2006|Love And Destruction  
Thunderbolt (PL)  
1996|Beyond Christianity (Demo)
1999|Black Clouds Over Dark Majesty 7" (2005)  
2000|Thunderbolt & Kataxu "Dark Clouds/Roots Thunder" Split  
2003|The Burning Deed Of Deceit
2004|Inhuman Ritual Massmurder  
2007|Apocalyptic Doom  
Thundercraaft (DE)  
1984|Fighting For Survival LP
Thunderfire (BE)  
1984|Metal Hammer LP  
Thunderhead (DE)  
1991|Crime Pays
1993|Killing With Style
1994|Classic Killers Live
1999|The Whole Decade
Thunderkraft (UA)  
2005|The Banner Of Victory
Thunderstone (FI)  
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2003|Thunderstone (Korean +2)      
2004|The Burning (Digipak +6)    
2005|Tool Of The Devil (Single)
2005|Tools Of Destruction (Digipak +2)      
2007|10000 Ways (Single)
2007|Evolution 4.0  
2009|Dirt Metal
Face In The Mirror (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Until We Touch The Burning Sun (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Virus (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Thunderstorm (IT)  
2000|Sad Symphony    
2002|Witchunter Tales    
2004|Faithless Soul  
2007|As We Die Alone  
Thunderstorm (RO)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Thunderstorm (RU)  
1999|Kingdom Of Storms CDR
2000|Sorrows Of Winter CDR
2005|Hatred Burning Northern Sky
Thundra (NO)  
2006|Worshipped By Chaos  
2009|Ignored By Fear  
Thurisaz (BE)  
2007|Circadian Rhythm      
Thurisaz (DE)  
2002|Die Sage Einer Vollmondnacht EP
2004|Wolfszorn & Thurisaz Split 7"
Thus Defiled (UK)  
1995|Through The Impure Veil Of Dawn  
1997|Wings Of The Nightstorm
2000|Contains No Holy Additives Part IV  
2003|Weeping Holocaust Tears
Thy Antichrist (CO)  
2002|Thy Antichrist & Utuk-Xul Split
2005|Wicked Testimonies  
Thy Art Is Murder (AU)  
2008|Infinite Death EP
Thy Ashes (DE)  
2009|Front Beast & Thy Ashes Split 7"
Thy Black Blood (PT)  
2004|A Last Scream Of Human Flesh (Demo Tape)
2006|Black Throne Of Disease  
Thy Bleeding Skies (DE)  
2008|Chapters Of Downfall  
Thy Catafalque (HU)  
1999|Cor Cordium (Demo)
2009|Roka Hasa Radio  
Paths Untrodden (2004) .VCD  Video
Thy Disease (PL)  
2004|Neurotic World Of Guilt
2006|Rat Age Sworn Kinds Final Verses      
Extreme Obsession Live (2004)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #2  Video
Perfect Form (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Thy Endless Wrath (CO)  
2004|Next To The Throne Of Chaos  
Thy Final Pain (DE)  
2009|Of Life And Death
Thy Flesh Consumed (CA)  
2003|End Of Blind Obedience
2006|Pacified By Oceans Of Blood
Thy Grief (NO)  
1997|The Frozen Tomb Of Mankind  
Thy Infernal (US-OR)  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
1999|Satan's Wrath
2001|Gateway To Hell 2-A Tribute To Slayer  
2001|Warlords Of Hell    
Thy Kingdom Come (UK)  
2005|Through Bleeding Eyes  
Thy Majestie (IT)  
1999|Perpetual Glory (Demo)
2002|Hastings 1066    
2003|Echoes Of War mCD  
2005|Jeanne D'Arc      
Thy Majesty (DE)  
1999|German Black Metal Art
Thy Mesmerized (IL)  
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Thy Nemesis (AT)  
2003|Forgotten Dreadful Legends
2005|Christcrushing Anthems
Thy Pain (US)  
2001|More Than Suffering
Thy Primordial (SE)  
1995|Under Iskall Troll Mane
1997|Where Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of Time
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
1998|Sounds Of Death 12-Pulverised Records  
2000|The Heresy Of An Age Of Reason  
2002|The Crowning Carnage    
2004|Pestilence Upon Mankind
Thy Prophecy
Thy Repentance (RU)  
2004|We Worship Vol 1 (2CD)  
Thy Rites (BR)  
2008|Thy Infernal Coronation  
Thy Serpent (FI)  
1994|Frozen Memory (Demo)
1995|Into Everlasting Fire (Demo)
1996|Forests Of Witchery (2007)  
1997|Lords Of Twilight mCD (2007)
2000|Death EP    
Thy Symphony (BR)  
2004|Darkness End mCD (Demo)
Thy Wicked (DE)  
2005|Wenn Heimdalls Horn Erklingt
Thy Winter Kingdom (IT)  
2002|The Best Of-Tribute To Maniac Butcher (2004 2CD Remastered)
2004|Opus II-Innerspectrum  
Thy Withering Orchard (NL)  
1999|Soft Glow Of Perishing Cold
Thy Worshiper (PL)  
1995|Tym Z Krainy Cieni (Demo Tape)
1996|Blood To Come Vol 1  
1996|Popiol (Introibo Ad Altare Dei)
Thyabhorrent (NO)  
1991|Death Rides At Dawn EP (Vinyl)  
Thyestean Feast (FI)  
2001|The Fall Of Astraea (Demo)
2002|Darkness Is Thy Kingdom 4 (2CD)  
Thyldorn (BR)  
2005|Human's Faults (Demo)
Thylord (FR)  
2001|Gather Against Humanity 4-Way Split  
Thyrane (FI)  
1997|Black Harmony  
1999|Symphonies Of Infernality    
2000|The Spirit Of Rebellion  
2001|Thyrane & The Dead Beginners "Black Harmony" Split
2005|Travesty Of Heavenly Essence      
Thyrfing (SE)  
1999|Ablaze Magazine Compilation #28  
1999|Valdr Galga    
2008|Hels Vite      
Digerdoden (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Thyrgrim (DE)  
Thyruz (NO)  
2003|Develish Devine (Demo)
2007|Northern Blasphemy