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My Radio

R'lyeh (MX)  
1999|The Black Island
R.E.T. (CZ)  
1996|Creations From A Morbid Society Part I  
2004|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 9  
R.H.P.P. (MX)  
2005|Cyber Gore Grind (4-Way Split)  
R.U. Dead (DE)  
2000|R.U. Dead & Monolith Split
2001|Completely Dead
R.V.I. (BR)  
2002|Refens Da Violencia Instalada (Demo Single)
Ra (RO)  
Ra's Dawn (DE)  
2004|Unveiling The Grotesque  
Raa Hoor Khuit (DE)  
2000|Beyond Addiction EP
2003|Ablaze Magazine Compilation #42  
Raan (US)  
2002|The Nacrasti
Rabbath Ammon (JO)  
2006|Have A Brutal Night  
Rabe (BE)  
2006|Sarmak Tribute  
Rabennacht (DE)  
2006|Deep In The Spirit Of Underground Black Metal CDR  
Rabenschrei (DE)  
2007|Rabenschrei & Wolfssang Split
Racer X (US)  
1986|Street Lethal  
1987|Second Heat  
1988|Extreme Volume I (Live)  
1992|Extreme Volume II (Live)
2000|Technical Difficulties      
2001|Snowball Of Doom-Live At The Whiskey  
2002|Getting Heavier (Jap)  
2002|Getting Heavier Bonus Disc (2CD)
Racial Purity (DE)  
2006|Last Ways Of Humanity mCD
Radaghast (CL)  
2004|The Deadline
Radakka (US-IL)  
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 1    
1996|Malice & Tranquility  
1998|Requiem For The Innocent  
1999|Majesty Foreshadowed
Rademassaker (DE)  
2004|Satanic Zombie Hordes
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
Radiation Dust (DE)  
1997|Faceless EP
Radigost (RU)  
1999|Nocturne (2002 +2)    
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
Radio Dead Ones (DE)  
Take It On Trust (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Radogost (PL)  
2006|Dwa Hektary Zywego Lasu CDR  
Rage (DE)  
1986|Reign Of Fear    
1987|Execution Guaranteed  
1988|Perfect Man  
1989|Secrets In A Weird World (2002 Remastered +5)  
1990|Bathory/Tankard/Rage Sampler
1990|Reflections Of A Shadow    
1991|Extended Power EP  
1992|Beyond The Wall EP  
1992|Trapped! (2002 Remastered +5)  
1993|The Missing Link (2002 Remastered +5)  
1994|10 Years In Rage, The Anniversary Album    
1994|Refuge EP
1995|Black In Mind    
1996|End Of All Days    
1996|Higher Than The Sky EP
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 1    
1996|Lingua Mortis  
1997|Live From The Vault
1998|From The Cradle To The Grave mCD
1998|In Vain (Single)
2001|Best Of All G.U.N. Years
2001|Metal Meets Classic Live (Feat Lingua Mortis Orch)
2001|Welcome To The Other Side (Jap +1)      
2002|A Tribute To The Beast (Iron Maiden)  
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2002|The Dark Side (2CD)
2002|The Lingua Mortis Trilogy (3CD)
2002|Unity (+1)      
2003|Soundchaser +1    
2003|The Video Link Live DVDA
2003|Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD  
2004|From The Cradle To The Stage (2CD Live)    
2006|Speak Of The Dead (Korean +1 +2)      
2008|Carved In Stone    
2010|Strings To A Web      
2012|21 (2CD)  
????|25 Rare Tracks (199X?)
Carved In Stone (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Don't Fear The Winter (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Down (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Higher Than The Sky (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Interview (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Metal Meets Classic Live (2001)  
On Stage, Interview (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Rage (UK)  
1982|Nice And Dirty LP
1983|Run For The Night LP
Rage Against The Machine (US-CA)  
1992|Rage Against The Machine    
1996|Evil Empire
1997|People Of The Sun EP
2000|The Battle Of Los Angeles (Jap +1)
Rage Nucleaire (CA)  
2012|Unrelenting Fucking Hatred  
Raggradarh (BG)  
2008|Arise Of The Ancient Flame
Raging Fury (JP)  
1987|Wolf Spider
Raging Slab (US-PA)  
1993|Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert
Raging Speedhorn (UK)  
2002|Kerrang 4 The Album (2CD)  
2002|Mega Metal (4CD)  
2002|Nordic Metal Sampler 8  
2005|How The Great Have Fallen        
2005|Absurd-Tribute To The Tyrants Of German Black Metal  
Ragnar (DE)  
2002|Liquidated Error & Ragnar Split
Ragnarok (NO)  
2000|Diabolical Age  
2002|In Nomine Satanas      
2003|Celtic Frost Tribute-Order Of The Tyrants  
2004|Blackdoor Miracle      
2010|Collectors Of The King    
Ragnarok (SE)  
1976|Ragnarok (1995)
Ragnarok (UK)  
1997|Blackened Compilation Vol 3    
1997|To Mend The Oaken Heart  
2011|Of Ages
Ragnor (NO)  
2009|Hat Og Nag mCD
Ragor (RU)  
2006|Bloodstained Sunset By The Sword CDR
Rahowa (CA)  
1995|Cult Of The Holy War  
Rahu (FI)  
2007|Caput Draconis (Demo Tape)
Raiden (UK)  
2000|The Killing Fist mCD
Rain (CH)  
2000|Natural Order    
Rain (DE)  
Rain (ES)  
2005|Pura Sangre
Rain (IT)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
2005|Unleash Your Soul Compilation I  
Headshaker (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Rain Fell Within (US-VA)  
Rain Paint (FI)  
2003|Nihil Nisi Mors      
Rainbow (UK)  
1978|Long Live Rock N Roll (2012 Remastered 2CD)  
2002|Pot Of Gold  
2003|Catch The Rainbow-The Anthology (2CD)  
2009|Anthology 1975-1984 (2CD)
Can't Happen Here (198X) .SVCD  Video
Raincarnation (PL)  
2000|At The Bottomless Lake (Digipak)
Rainspawn (IT)  
2000|Messenger Of Death mCD
Raise Hell (SE)  
1998|Holy Target  
2000|Not Dead Yet (2008 Remastered)  
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2002|Wicked Is My Game (2008 Remastered)    
2003|Armageddon Over Wacken 2003-Live (2CD)  
2006|City Of The Damned      
Raising The Veil (AT)  
2015|Bosonic Quantvm Phenomena  
Raism (GR)  
1996|The Very Best Of Pain EP  
1997|World Domination 2 (Osmose)    
2000|World Domination 3 (Osmose)  
Raison D'etre (SE)  
1994|Enthraled By The Wind Of Lonliness    
1997|Reflections From The Time Of Opening
1998|In Sadness, Silence And Solitude  
2003|Requiem For Abandoned Souls
Rajas (JP)  
1984|Rajas 7"
Rajna (FR)  
2001|Metallian Sampler Vol 20  
2002|The Door Of Serenity (Digipak)
2002|The Holy Bible Vol 4  
2005|Black Tears (Best Of)
Rakitis (SE)  
1997|Last Days Of Humanity & Rakitis Split EP
Rakoth (RU)  
1997|Dark Ages Chronicle (Demo)
1998|Superstatic Equilibrium (Tape)
2000|Planeshift (2002 Reissue)      
Ram (SE)  
2003|Sudden Impact EP
2005|Forced Entry    
2011|Under The Scythe (Single)
Flame Of The Tyrants .MP4  Video
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #2    Video
Shadowman (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Ram-Zet (NO)  
2000|Pure Therapy    
Queen (On Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2)  Video
Ramesses (UK)  
2005|The Tomb (Demo)  
2005|We Will Lead You To Glorious Times  
2007|Misanthropic Alchemy  
2009|Baptism Of The Walking Dead mCD  
2011|Possessed By The Rise Of Magik  
Rammer (CA)  
2003|Suffer mCD
2004|Incinerator (Demo Tape)
Rammstein (DE)  
1995|Du Riechst So Gut (Single)
1997|Engel Fan-Edition  
1997|Sehnsucht (2CD) (2001 Limited Edition/Jap +2)
1997|Sehnsucht (Chinese 2CD)
1998|Das Modell (Single)  
1998|Du Hast (Single)  
1998|Du Riechst So Gut '98  
1998|Engel (Single)  
2000|Platinum Collection
2001|Asche Zu Asche EP
2001|Ich Will mCD
2001|Links 2 3 4 (Single)
2001|Mutter Limited Tour Edition
2001|Mutter Tour Edition Bonus Disc (Limited Edition)
2001|Sonne (Single)  
2002|Feuer Frei (Single)
2002|Mutter mCD
2003|Lichtspielhaus DVDA
2004|Amerika mCD
2004|Das Spiel Mit Dem Feuer (Bootleg)
2004|Mein Teil mCD
2004|Reise Reise (Chinese 2CD)    
2005|Benzin (Promo Single)
2006|Mann Gegen Mann (Single #2)
2009|Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da  
Amerika (2004) .SVCD  Video
Benzin (2005) .SVCD  Video
Du Hast (1997) .SVCD  Video
Du Hast (Big Day Out) (2001) .MKV  Video
Du Riechst So Gut (1995) .SVCD  Video
Engel (1997) .SVCD  Video
Feuer Frei (2002) .SVCD    Video
Ich Tu Dir Weh (2009) .MKV  Video
Ich Will (2001) .SVCD  Video
Ich Will (Live @ MTV European Music Awards 2001) .MPG    Video
Ich Will (Live From Volkerball DVD) (2006) .AVI  Video
In America (2015)  
Keine Lust (2005) .SVCD  Video
Lichtspielhaus (2003)  
Links 234 (2001) .SVCD  Video
Live At Rock Am Ring (2010) .MKV  Video
Live At The London Arena (2002) (Bootleg)  
Live Aus Berlin (1999)  
Mann Gegen Mann (2006) .SVCD  Video
Mein Teil (2004) .SVCD  Video
Mein Teil (Live In Japan) (2005 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Mutter (2002) .SVCD  Video
Ohne Dich (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Rammstein (1995) .SVCD  Video
Reise Reise (Live In France) (2005 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Rosenrot (2005) .SVCD  Video
Seemann (1996) .SVCD  Video
Sonne (2001) (DVD Rip) .SVCD    Video
Volkerball (2006) (+ Bonus DVD)  
Rampage (US-GA)  
1998|Festering Sore & Rampage Demo Split
1998|This End Up  
1999|Bellum Infinitum  
2001|Monolith To An Abandoned Past  
2001|New World Blasphemy 3-Way Split    
2001|The Next Thousand Years Are Ours-Tribute To Darkthrone  
2002|Beyond The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Tribute)  
Rancor (ES)  
2006|Death Is Everywhere EP  
Rancour (RU)  
2003|Hatred-Chernoye (Demo Tape Reissue)
Randalica (DE)  
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
Random Violence (AU)  
1996|Antichrist & Random Violence Split Demo Tape
2003|Thrashifice (Tape)  
Randy Piper's Animal (US-OH)  
Randy Rhoads (US)  
Six String God (2003)  
Ranger (FI)  
Storm Of Power (2015) .MP4  Video
Rannoch (UK)  
2004|Rorschach mCD
Rape Rack (UK)  
2006|Black Vomit & Rape Rack Split
Raped Ape (US-FL)  
1993|Terminal Reality  
2000|In Ape We Trust
Raped God (MX)  
2003|Thrashifice (Tape)  
2004|Raped God  
2005|Raped God & Incinerator & Antacid "Demon Seed Of Trash" Splt
2005|Tyrant Ressurection mCD
Raphael (JP)  
1999|Mind Soap
Rapid Fire (IT)  
2003|Underground Attack  
Raptor (NL)  
2005|Worship The Goat
Rapture (DE)  
2001|Death O Phobia VII CD1  
Rapture (FI)  
2002|Songs For The Withering        
Rapture (MX)  
2006|Living Inside Of Death
2008|Sinister Creation  
2010|Infernal Manifest  
Rapture Christ
2003|Molesting The Entrails Of The Disemboweled(Indonesian)(Tape)
Rapture Messiah (MX)  
2006|Sodomized In The Cross CDR
2007|Black Arts & Rapture Messiah "Arrival Of Satans Kingdom"Splt
Raptus (PT)  
2005|Fragments (Tape)
Ras Algethi (IT)  
1994|Oblita Divinitas (Demo)
1995|Oneiricon-The White Hypnotic    
Rassenkrieg (??)
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
Raster Density (FI)  
2014|Ov Hands And Bestial Pleasure
Rata Blanca (AR)  
2002|El Camino Del Fuego  
Ratamahatta (FR)  
2002|Ramasse mCD
Raten (ES)  
2010|Leichenstatte & Halla & Calth & Raten "Misanthropic" Split
Rato Raro (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 07 Grindcore  
Ratos De Porao (BR)  
2000|Cogumelo Records Compilation  
2009|Obscene Extreme  
2003|Dong Open Air-Run To The Hill  
Ratt (US-CA)  
1984|Out Of The Cellar    
1985|Invasion Of Your Privacy  
1988|Reach For The Sky  
3 Songs Live (198X) .VCD  Video
Back For More .MPG  Video
Out Of The Cellar Tour 1984 (4 Songs) (Rock Palace 3/18.84)  
Stephen Pearcy - Live In Las Vegas (2004)  
The Video Detonator Videoaction (Bootleg)  
Wanted Man .MPG  Video
Raunchous Brothers, The (US)  
2000|Anal Cunt & The Raunchous Brothers Split EP (Vinyl)
Raunchy (DK)  
2001|Velvet Noise  
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|Metal Hammer-Let The Hammer Fall Vol 23  
2006|Death Pop Romance      
2007|Velvet Noise Extended
Watch Out (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
Rauta (FI)  
Rautavaris (FI)  
2008|Suden Lapset (Demo Tape)
2009|Lightnings Over The Burning Church (A Tribute To Moonblood)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Ravage (DE)  
2004|Infernal Devastation  
2005|Get Fucking Slaughtered  
Ravage (US-IL)  
1986|Wrecking Ball (2010 Remastered +3)
Ravage (US-MA)  
2009|The End Of Tomorrow    
Ravager (MX)  
2001|Storm Of Sin      
2002|World Domination 4 (Osmose) (2CD)  
2004|Tribute To Anarchus-Beyond Good And Evil  
Raven (NO)  
1997|F.M. EP
2006|The Murder Sessions LP
Raven (UK)  
1980|Brute Force (Vinyl)  
1981|Rock Until You Drop    
1982|Wiped Out    
1983|All For One (1999 +3)  
1983|Break The Chain EP (Vinyl)
1984|Metal Hammer LP  
1987|Life's A Bitch  
1988|Nothing Exceeds Like Success (1999 Reissue)
1989|Ultimate Revenge 2 Live  
1991|Architect Of Fear
1991|Deeper Into The Vault  
1992|Heads Up EP
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
1999|One For All
1999|The Eerie Sampler  
2002|All Systems Go-The Neat Anthology
2002|The Neat Singles Collection Vol 2 (2CD)  
2010|Walk Through Fire    
Live At The Inferno (Live On Rock Hard Fest 2010 #1 DVD)  Video
Raven Black Night (AU)  
2005|Choose The Dark    
Raven Dark (RU)  
1997|Berustet Av Kriegsdronnet (Tape)  
1997|Verdandi (Tape)  
2000|In The Last Ray (Ruler's Age)
2000|Katarsis (2009)
2006|Autumn Roar  
2006|Verdandi/Berustet Av Kriegsdronnet (Best Of)
Raven Land (BR)  
2004|An Evil Existence... Tribute To Rotting Christ  
Raven Mad (US-CA)  
2000|A Bit Of Madness
Raven Throne (BY)  
2008|As A Shadow Through The Death
Raven Woods (TR)  
2001|In Silent Agony EP
2006|And Emotions Are Spilled
2011|Enfeebling The Throne  
Raven's Empire (DE)  
2002|Vae Victis (Limited Edition)
Ravenbanner (GR)  
2008|And Ravens Sing Our Glorious Past
Ravenclaw (LT)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
Ravencult (GR)  
2002|Despise The Blindfold (Demo Tape)
2003|Cosmic Chaos (Demo)    
2007|Temples Of Torment  
2011|Morbid Blood  
Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle (BR)  
2007|Sentinelas No Front (Demo Tape)
2010|Sob A Bandeira Do Odio E Da Arrogancia
2011|Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle & Wargoatcult "Bestial" Split
Ravendawn (US-IA)  
2004|Death To Mental Slaves  
Ravendusk (HU)  
2001|Ravendusk (Demo)
Ravendusk (PL)  
1998|The Blackened Rainbow Promo  
2007|Astroblack Advent  
Ravenheart (CH)  
2008|Valley Of The Damned
Ravenhorst (AT)  
2001|Gewitterwind (Demo)
2002|Empyre & Ravenhorst Split
Ravening (FI)  
2003|Forbidden Arts EP
2004|Devilry & Ravening Split 7"
Ravenlord (NO)  
2002|Supremacy Of Time (Demo)
Ravenous (AU)  
1999|Southern Thunder  
Ravenous (US)  
2000|Assembled In Blasphemy  
2003|Blood Delirium (Digipak)      
2003|Three On A Meathook EP  
Ravens Wing (AU)  
1997|Through The Looking Glass
Ravensblood (FR)  
2003|Ravensblood & Memorial Split Tape
2004|From The Tumulus Depths    
Ravenshades (HU)  
2005|Ater Tenebrae & Ravenshades Split
2005|Tribute To The Angel Reaper & Fantom  
2002|And The Older Horns Shall Sing (Demo)
Ravensthorn (US-IL)  
2005|Hauntings And Possessions
Raventale (UA)  
2011|Bringer Of Heartsore  
Raventhrone (AT)  
1998|Malice In Wonderland  
2002|Endless Conflict Theorem      
Ravishing (DK)  
2001|Bride In Shrouds (Demo)
2003|Corpseeater CDR
Ravn (NO)  
1995|Arisk Makt Og Aere (Demo)
2001|Svartmetall Compilation  
Raw Deal (UK)  
2002|The Neat Singles Collection Vol 1 (2CD)  
Raw Decimating Brutality (PT)  
2005|Sperm To Grind Your Ears EP (Vinyl)
2006|4 Ways Of Vomits And Murders  
Raw Hatred (US-VA)  
2005|Heaven Depleted (Demo)
2008|Sacrifice At The Altar Of Satanic Blood Angel-Tribute To Von  
Rawhead Rexx (DE)  
2003|Diary In Black      
Raza De Odio (IT)  
2004|La Nueva Alarma  
Razor (CA)  
1984|Armed And Dangerous  
1985|Evil Invaders (2004 Remastered)    
1985|Executioner's Song (2004 Remastered)  
1986|Malicious Intent  
1987|Custom Killing LP  
1988|Violent Restitution    
1989|Shotgun Justice  
1991|Open Hostility  
1994|Exhumed (2CD)
American Luck (198X) .SVCD  Video
Razor Fist (US-WI)  
2009|Metal Minds
Razor Of Occam (AU)  
1999|Diabologue 7"
2002|Pillars Of Creation  
Razor Of Occam (UK)  
2009|Homage To Martyrs    
Razor White (US)  
1990|Just What The Doctor Ordered
Razor Wire Shrine (US-PA)  
2004|Going Deaf For A Living
Razorback (DE)  
2005|BWBK Knuckle Tracks 87  
Razormaid (US)  
1987|First Cut (2002)
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Re-Animator (UK)  
1990|Condemned To Eternity    
1990|Deny Reality EP    
Re-Vision (DE)  
2000|Whore Venus
Re:Aktor (PT)  
2003|The Dr. Blast Show-Nuclear Blast Promo Sampler  
Damage Zone (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Reach The Sky
Maybe Next Year (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
React (US-CT)  
1999|Broken & React & Boiling Man 3 Way Split
Reaction (JP)  
2003|Legends Of Japanese Heavy Metal 80s  
2004|Legends Of Japanase Heavy Metal 80s Vol 2  
Insane (Live) (On Legends Of Japanese Heavy Metal 80's DVD)  Video
Reactor (DE)  
1991|Rather Dead Than Dishonoured
Reactor (UA)  
2003|Critical Mass
Ready To Explode (BR)  
2010|Satanic Legions-A Tribute To Vulcano  
Real Reggae (JP)  
1999|Ziko Syuchou  
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
2002|Hellnation & Slight Slappers & Real Reggae Jap Tour Splt
Real Steel (US)  
2004|The First 20 Years-Auburn Records  
Realized (JP)  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2001|Regurgitate & Realized Split EP
2003|Japanese Assault  
Realm (AU)  
1999|A Tribute To Iron Maiden-Children Of The Damned (2CD)  
Realm (US-NY)  
Realm (US-WI)  
1988|Endless War (2006 Remastered +1)    
1990|Suiciety (2006 Remastered +1)    
Realm Of Carnivora (EE)  
1999|Vikati Vari Te Palgel Saabub Aeg Ja Teras Langeb
2002|Vengeance Shall Come (Demo)
2003|Verised Relvad
2004|The Four Fists Of Armageddon  
2005|Noblefilth Enigma
2008|A Decade Of Khaos
2008|Aemon Sathania
Realmbuilder (US-NY)  
2010|Summon The Stone Throwers  
Reanimator (CA)  
2007|Thrashing The Neighborhood    
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
Reaper (DE)  
1990|Beyond All The Time
1992|The Years Within
Reaper (SE)  
1999|Death Is Just The Beginning 5    
Reaping Asmodeia (US-MN)  
2014|Poison Of The Earth
Rebaelliun (BR)  
1999|Burn The Promised Land      
2000|Bringer Of War EP  
2001|Annihilation (Brazilian)    
Rebellion (DE)  
1998|Stardust (Demo)
1999|Atlantis & Rebellion Split (Demo Tape)
2000|We Are Chapter 1  
2002|Shakespeare's Macbeth-A Tragedy In Steel    
2003|Born A Rebel    
2005|Sagas Of Iceland-The History Of The Vikings Vol 1      
Rebels Cross (CA)  
1995|Rebels Cross
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Rebirth Of Nefast (DE)  
2006|Only Death (Demo Tape)  
Reborn (NL)  
1998|The Souls Reborn In Flames (Demo)
Reborn In Flames (DE)  
2005|Life Or Death  
2003|Stab Fuck Kill  
Recapture (DE)  
2004|Till Their Death (Demo)
Mighty Dreams (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Recidivus (BR)  
2003|Troops Of Devastation Vol 2  
Recipients Of Death (US-CA)  
1988|Recipients Of Death  
1990|Final Flight EP  
Reciprocal (US-CA)  
2013|New Order Of The Ages
Hot And Ready (1984) .SVCD  Video
Reckless Manslaughter (DE)  
2011|Storm Of Vengeance
Reckless Tide (DE)  
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
Reckoning, The (BE)  
2006|Deathlike Millennia
Reclusion (SE)  
2001|Shell Of Pain    
Recoil (UK)  
2000|Jezebel (Single)
Recon (US)  
1990|Behind Enemy Lines (2002 +6)  
2004|This May Be The Year I Disappear
Rectal Death (FR)  
2003|Rectal Death
Rectal Sludge (PL)  
2001|Scraps Of Children's Meat (Demo)
Rectal Smegma (NL)  
2008|Obscene Extreme 2008  
2009|Keep On Smiling
2009|Rectal Smegma & Namek Split
2011|Because We Care
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Recueil Morbide (FR)  
2002|Hurt By Human Race    
2004|Into A Death Circle  
2006|Waste Of Senses  
Recursion (US-CA)  
2011|Transcendence In Impermanence
Recycle Bin (EE)  
2004|Estonian Metal Compilation-The Beast Released  
Red Aim (DE)  
2003|Metal Hammer-Let The Hammer Fall Vol 22  
Red Blood Hands (IT)  
2004|In The Space Of Seven Breaths
Red Chord, The (US-MA)  
2006|Clients (Deluxe Edition +11)        
2007|Prey For Eyes      
2009|Fed Through The Teeth Machine      
Antman (2005) .SVCD  Video
Live On Brutal Assault 14 #2 DVD  Video
Live On Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary DVD  Video
Red Death, The (US-NY)  
2005|External Frames Of Reference    
Red Enemy
2012|Metal Hammer-A Storm Of Metal-Issue 235  
Red Giant (US-OH)  
2004|Devil Child Blues
Red Harvest (NO)  
1990|Psychotica (Demo Tape)
1994|There's Beauty In The Purity Of Sadness  
1995|The Maztuer Nation
1998|Newrage World Music
2000|Cold Dark Matter    
2001|New World Rage Music (Reissue +4)  
2002|Sick Transit Gloria Mundi    
2004|Internal Punishment Programs        
2006|Harvest Bloody Harvest DVDA
2007|A Greater Darkness    
2008|The Red Line Archives
God Tech (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Red Hot Chili Peppers (US)  
2006|Stadium Arcadium (2CD)
Red King, The (US)  
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (UK)  
1988|Nothing Wrong
1991|Blasting Off
1995|Songs For A Black Planet  
Red Mourning (FR)  
Rolling Thunder (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Red Sector A (IT)  
Red Sky (US)  
1998|Knife Behind The Smile
Red Warlock (IT)  
2010|Serve Your Master
2012|All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute To Omen  
Red Warszawa (DK)  
1996|Hvi Metal Og Hass    
1997|Julemandens Selvmordsbrev    
1997|Skal Vi Lege Doktor    
2000|Tysk Hudindustri  
2001|Live Aus Kaiser Bierwurst Hall
2004|Return Of The Glidefedt  
Red Wine (ES)  
2002|Metal Earth  
2002|The Keepers Of Jericho-Tribute To Helloween Part 2  
2003|Suenos Y Locura    
Redemption (US)  
2005|The Fullness Of Time      
2007|The Origins Of Ruin      
Redemption Unnamed (UK)  
2008|Silent Shadows
Redreom (DE)  
2008|Waffentrager Luzifers & Redreom & Prosatanos "Pure..." Split
Redrum (RU)  
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
2010|World De Termination
Reek Of Shits (CZ)  
2001|I Can Feel Your Wounds Are Bleeding
2003|Bloody Obstetric Technology
2005|Deface Mind
Reencarnacion (CO)  
2006|Reencarnacion & Letargo Split mCD
Reexamine (JP)  
2008|Parricide & Incarnated & Reexamine "3 Ways Brutality" Split
Reflexion (FI)  
2001|Destiny's Star mCD
Reform Control (US)  
2001|Murderous Grind Attack  
2002|The Bloodbath Is Coming (Double EP)  
Refugium Pecatorum (BR)  
2000|Ancient Days (Demo)
2002|Kerrang Hometaping Vol 2  
Regency (FR)  
Regeneracion (MX)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Regent (GR)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
Regicide (CN)  
2003|Resurrection Of The Gods II  
2004|China Runs Blood +2  
Regicide (DE)  
2006|Break The Silence
Regin (NO)  
2006|Her Hvor Intet Lys Finnes (Demo)
Regnant And Thrall (FR)  
2004|Explicitly Intense Insanity Sampler 5  
Regnum (DE)  
2002|Ye Now Are Sorrowful (Demo)
2003|Schwertes Kaelte (Demo)  
2003|Totenweihe (Demo Tape)
2006|Sarmak Tribute  
2007|Svarthal & Regnum Split Tape
Regnum Umbra Ignis (BR)  
2007|Raw And Profane (Best Of)
Regorge (BR)  
2003|The Cannibal Instinct (Demo)
Regorge (SF)  
2002|Kingdoms Of Derision    
Regurgitate (SE)  
1992|Regurgitate & Vaginal Massaker Split
1993|Regurgitate & Psychotic Noise Split 7"
1994|Grudge & Regurgitate Split EP  
1999|Effortless Regurgitation
2000|Carnivorous Erection  
2000|Regurgitate & Filth Split EP
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2001|Gore Beyond Necropsy & Regurgitate Split EP (Vinyl)
2001|Regurgitate & Realized Split EP
2002|Easy Swallowin Bloody Gore E-Piece CDR
2002|Hatefilled Vengeance
2005|Obscene Extreme 2005-Silence Sucks  
2005|Suppository & Regurgitate Split
2006|Sickening Bliss      
2008|Obscene Extreme 2008  
2009|Dead Infection & Regurgitate Split 7"
Regurgitated Corpse (US)  
????|Squash Bowels & Regurgitated Corpse Split 7"
Regurgitation (US-OH)  
1999|Tales Of Necrophilia  
Rehtaf Ruo (US)  
2001|Boiled In Goat Blood  
2002|Beyond The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Tribute)  
2002|The Best Of-Tribute To Maniac Butcher (2004 2CD Remastered)
Reign (UK)  
1995|Exit Clause  
Reign Of Decay (DE)  
2005|Perceptions Of Reality  
Reign Of Erebus (UK)  
1999|Of Blackest Magick mCD
2004|Inversion Principle  
Reign Of Terror (AU)  
2005|The Book Of The Dead (Ten Years Of Terror) mCD
Reign Of Terror (US-TX)  
2002|Threnody Of The Impaled      
Reign Of Terror, The (US)  
2001|Sacred Ground    
2003|Blackmores Castle-Deep Purple & Rainbow Tribute  
Reign Of Vengeance (US-AZ)  
2008|Revenge By Bloodshed
Reign Supreme
2009|Testing The Limits Of Infinite
Reignstorm (US-MD)  
2009|Tomorrow's Past (Best Of)
Reincarnation (ES)  
1995|Seed Of Hate EP
1996|Blood To Come Vol 1  
Reincremation (RU)  
2000|Sodomia (Demo Tape)
Reinfection (PL)  
1998|Peace Through Killing (2006 + Bonus)  
1999|They Die For Nothing
2006|Reinfection & Screaming Afterbirth "Grind Live" Split 7"
Reinless (PL)  
1999|Novum Vox Mortis 666I/I  
Rejuvenate (IL)  
2001|Redefine This World
Rektum (DE)  
Release (US-CA)  
1995|End Of The Light
Released Anger (GR)  
2008|Faces Of Fate
Relentless (SE)  
1999|Pestilence Of The Undead (Demo)
2000|Necropolis & Pit Sampler 7  
2005|Tempest Of Torment
Relevant Few (SE)  
2002|Who Are Those Of Leadership  
2003|The Art Of Today  
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #1 (2002)  Video
Relic (US-CA)  
Rellik (US-IL)  
2003|Blessed By The Gods With Fire
Remains (NL)  
2007|Approaching The Gates (Demo CDR)
Remnants Of A Deity (CA)  
2008|Obsession With Lacerations mCD
Remnants Of Flesh (GR)  
2010|Degenerated Human Cells
Renacer (AR)  
Renaissance (BE)  
1994|The Death Of Art
Renascent (FI)  
2004|Demon's Quest EP
Renegade (JP)  
2001|Murderous Grind Attack  
Rep Seki (US)  
2001|Rep Seki & Usurp Synapse Split 7"
Repent (DE)  
2000|Escape From Reality  
2002|Trash Till Death Volume 1  
Live (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Repent (NO)  
2005|Paradise Of Pain (Demo CDR)
Repercussion (CA)  
Reprisal (IT)  
1998|Where Heavy Gloom Dominate
Reprobation (US-IL)  
2001|The Colour Of Gore (2004 +3)
2002|Undoing Creation      
Reptilian (SE)  
2000|Thunderblaze (Jap +2)  
2001|Adipocere Distribution Sampler Vol 1  
2004|Demon Wings mCD
1993|Snaketime mCD
Repudilation (US-NY)  
1996|Purging Of Impurity (Demo)
1997|Disfigured & Repudilation "Restrained By Invention" 7"
Repugnance (ES)  
1999|Maximum Perversion
2000|Wizards Of Gore-A Tribute To Impetigo  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
Repugnance (SE)  
1990|Covetous Divinity (Demo)
Repugnant (SE)  
1999|Hecatomb EP
2004|Premature Burial 7"
2006|Epitome Of Darkness  
Repuked (SE)  
2013|Up From The Sewers
Repulsao Explicita (BR)  
2010|Satanic Legions-A Tribute To Vulcano  
Repulsion (US-MI)  
1989|Horrified (2003 2CD Reissue)    
Repulsione (IT)  
2008|Agathocles & Repulsione Split 7"
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Repulsive Dissection (UA)  
2009|Cut Open The Aberration  
2009|Murder-Suicide mCD
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Requiem (CH)  
2002|Formed At Birth
2007|Premier Killing League
2009|Infiltrate Obliterate Dominate
2011|Within Darkened Disorder
Requiem (DE)  
2001|Beyond The Graves mCD
Requiem (FI)  
1999|Gods Of War EP (Demo)
2000|Into The Night (Demo)
2002|The Arrival  
2005|Requiem Forever  
Requiem (PL)  
2005|Gods Of Guts-A Tribute To Carcass  
Requiem (US)  
2005|Northwest Death Fest Vol 2 (2CD)  
Requiem (US-FL)  
1997|Our Only Hope Is Death (2006)  
Requiem Aeternam (UA)  
2007|Requiem Aeternam (Demo CDR)
Requiem Aeternam (UY)  
2005|Unleash Your Soul Compilation I  
Requiem For Dawn
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Requiem In White (US)  
1994|Of The Want Infinite
Requiem Of The Damned (AU)  
2009|Type I
Resection (DE)  
Residual Effect (IE)  
2005|Promo EP
Resistance (US-CA)  
2002|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XLIII  
Resistencia 88 (BR)  
1997|A Nova Ordem (Demo)
Resnullius (UA)  
Live On Extremal Blast Fest I (2008) DVD  Video
Ressurecturis (IT)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
Rest In Gore (JP)  
2006|Rest In Gore & Maggottholamia "Leaving People/Measures"Split
2011|Culinary Buffet Of Hacked Innards
Rest In Pain (DE)  
1993|Vaginal Massaker & Rest In Pain Split EP
Rest In Pain (RU)  
2004|Higher Geometry  
Rest In Peace (FR)  
Restless (DE)  
1986|Force Of The Blade (Vinyl)  
We Rock The Nation (Live On Loreley Metal Hammer Fest 1985 DVD)  Video
Restless (US)  
1998|Alone In The Dark
Restless Dead (FI)  
1991|The Fifth Sacrament (Demo Tape)
Resurrected (DE)  
1998|Raping Whores
1999|Faireless To The Flesh
2001|Butchered In Excrement  
2003|Blood Spilled
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2012|Morbus mCD
Dripping With Blood (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Resurrection (US-FL)  
1993|Embalmed Existence    
Resurrection Sorrow, The (US-NY)  
2009|Hour Of The Wolf
Resurrecturis (IT)  
2003|The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell  
2007|Extreme Metal Inside  
2004|Dead In The Eyes Of Salvation
Retaliation (DE)  
2008|Enticing mCD
Retaliation (FI)  
2004|Pro Patria
Retaliation (SE)  
1999|The Execution
Retalliation (US)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Retarded Noise Squad (DE)  
2005|Plastic Surgery And World Domination
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Retch (US-CA)  
2001|Reinsertion Of Aborted Remnants EP  
2002|Ben-Wa Baby Heads  
Reth (UK)  
2005|Industrial Land Rape (Demo)
2008|Precursors To Extinction
Retra (PL)  
Retribution (PL)  
2006|Made In Hell    
Retribution (SE)  
2003|Carnage Of Autumn (Demo)
Return To Innocence (CZ)  
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
Reutoff (RU)  
2001|Reutraum III (Limited Edition)
Rev 16:8 (SE)  
2009|Grand Tidal Rave  
Rev. Kriss Hades (AU)  
2002|The Wind Of Orion    
Reveal (NL)  
1997|Dissection Of Thought
Revel Decay (BR)  
2002|The Christs Rotten Flesh To Hell (Demo)
2007|Eternal Decay
Revel In Flesh (DE)  
2016|Emissary Of All Plagues    
Revelation (BY)  
2004|The Forms Of Suffering Flesh
Revelation (US-MD)  
Revelation Of Doom (PL)  
2005|Unholy Goatfuck
2007|Throneum & Revelation Of Doom Split  
Revenant (DE)  
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
Revenant (IT)  
2002|Chaos Paradox EP
Revenant (IT) *  
2007|Evil Mind mCD
Revenant (US-NJ)  
1991|Prophecies Of A Dying World  
2005|The Burning Ground  
Revenge (CA)  
2001|Attack Blood Revenge mCD  
2003|Arkhon Infaustus & Revenge Split 7"
2003|Triumph Genocide Antichrist          
2007|Superion Command Destroy mCD
2008|Infiltration Downfall Death  
Blood Of My Blood (Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD)  Video
Traitor Crucifixion (Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD)  Video
Revenge (CO)  
2005|Metal Warriors
2007|Rage And Revenge
2009|Death Sentence  
2011|Metal Is Addiction And Obsession
Revenge (FR)  
Revenge (PL)  
2004|Ultras (Tape)
Revenge Of Insanity (DE)  
1998|Eternity (Demo)
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
Revenge Of The Living Dead
2009|The Beautiful Embrace Of Misconception
Revengia (SE)  
2004|A Decade In The Dark    
Reverence (FR)  
2001|Winds Of North (Demo Tape)
2004|Blut Aus Nord & Reverence "Decorporation" Split 10"
2004|Reverence & Wolok & Sons Of Fenris "Anti Life Terror" Split
2005|Industrial Mental Concept
2007|Chamber Of Divine Elaboration  
2009|Inactive Theocracy    
Reverend (US)  
1989|Reverend EP
1990|World Won't Miss You  
1991|Play God (+ Bonus)  
1992|Live EP
2002|Metal Crusade Vol 3  
Reverend Bizarre (FI)  
2001|Doom Or Be Doomed  
2002|In The Rectory Of Bizarre Reverend      
2004|Harbinger Of Metal      
2004|Return To Rectory EP    
2004|Reverend Bizarre & Orodruin Split LP
2004|Slice Of Doom 1999-2002  
2005|II Crush The Insects      
2006|Reverend Bizarre & Mannhai "Under The Sign Of The Wolf" 7"
2006|Thulsa Doom 7"  
2007|III So Long Suckers (2CD)    
2007|Teutonic Witch (Single)
2008|Reverend Bizarre & Kuolema Split 7"  
2009|Death Is Glory Now (2CD Best Of)  
Doom Over The World (On Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2)  Video
Reverend Kill (CA)  
2008|His Blood Our Victory (2009)
Reverend Poky Bunge (US)  
2000|Root Of All Evil Records 2nd Anniversary Sampler  
Reverie (US-MT)  
Reverzed (NO)  
2002|Reverzed mCD
Revile (IE)  
2003|High Tide
Revile (US)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Revile (US-MI)  
1998|Within The Garden
2011|All For None None For All (A Tribute To Peter Steele)  
Revilement (TW)  
2011|Pillars Of Balance  
Reviolence (BR)  
2003|In Pieces EP    
2010|Modern Beast
Reviver (NL)  
2002|Metal Crusade Vol 3  
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
2005|The Revivalry-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Revocation (US-MA)  
2008|Empire Of The Obscene  
2013|Revocation +1  
Revokation (UK)  
2011|The End Ablated mCD
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
Revolt (JP)  
2007|Gate Of Holocaust LP
Revolting (SE)  
2009|Dreadful Pleasures  
2011|In Grisly Rapture    
2012|Hymns Of Ghastly Horror  
Revolution Renaissance (FI)  
2008|New Era (Promo)    
Revolver (TR)  
2002|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 2  
Revulsed (AU)  
2015|Infernal Atrocity
Rex Devs (ES)  
Rex Infernus (GR)  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Rex Mundi (US)  
2012|Servants Of Chaos (Mag)  
Rex Satanachia (DK)  
2008|First Legion Of Hell
Rhadamantys (NL)  
1994|Labyrinth Of Thoughts
Rhapsody (IT)  
1997|Legendary Tales      
1998|Emerald Sword (Single)      
1998|Symphony Of Enchanted Lands      
2000|Dawn Of Victory      
2000|Dawn Of Victory Bonus CD
2000|Holy Thunderforce EP  
2000|The Keepers Of Jericho-A Tribute To Helloween    
2001|Old Battle Songs (Demo Tape)
2001|Rain Of A Thousand Flames      
2002|Power Of The Dragonflame            
2004|Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II-The Dark Secret    
2004|Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga  
2004|The Dark Secret mCD  
2005|The Magic Of The Wizards Dream (Single)
2005|The Magic Of The Wizards Dream EP      
2006|Live In Canada 2005-The Dark Secret          
Dark Fate Of Atlantis .MP4  Video
Emerald Sword .MOV  Video
Holy Thunderforce .MOV  Video
Live In Canada 2005-The Dark Secret  
Power Of The Dragonflame (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Rain Of A Thousand Flames (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Signing Session (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II Bonus DVD (2004)  
Unholy Warcry (Epic Version) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Wisdom Of The Kings .MOV  Video
Rhapsody Of Fire (IT)  
2006|Triumph Or Agony (French +3)
2006|Triumph Or Agony (Italian +3 Bonus Tracks Only)      
2010|The Cold Embrace Of Fear mCD
2010|The Frozen Tears Of Angels  
2011|From Chaos To Eternity  
Sea Of Fate (2010) .MKV  Video
Rhapsody Sweden (SE)  
Strange Vibrations (2005)
Rheinkraft (DE)  
2002|Eiserner Rhein (Demo)
Rhett Forrester (US)  
2001|Gone With The Wind  
Rhevange (BR)  
2004|The Way To Follow (Demo)
Rhino Bucket (US-CA)  
1990|Rhino Bucket
2009|The Hardest Town
2009|Lightnings Over The Burning Church (A Tribute To Moonblood)  
Rhune (US-FL)  
2005|Bellum & Rhune "Vinland Rising" Split
Rhymes Of Destruction (BE)  
1996|Requiem-In Remembrance Of Your Gods
Ribspreader (SE)  
2004|Bolted To The Cross        
2005|Congregating The Sick  
2006|Rotten Rhythms And Rancid Rants  
2009|Opus Ribcage  
2011|The Van Murders  
Richard Andersson (SE)  
2005|The Ultimate Andersson Collection (Korean)  
Richard Anderssons Space Odyssey(SE)  
2003|Embrace The Galaxy (Jap)  
2005|The Astral Episode (Jap +1)  
2006|Tears Of The Sun (Jap +1)
Richie Kotzen (US)  
1991|Electric Joy  
1992|Guitars That Rule The World - Volume 1    
1994|Mother Head's Family Reunion
1995|The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience
1999|Bi-Polar Blues
2004|Get Up
2006|Into The Black
2006|Soldiers Of Sorrow Aisenshi Zxr
2007|Return Of The Mother Heads Family Reunion  
Rick Renstrom (US)  
1999|Future Intense
2003|Until The Bitter End  
The Fire Within (Youtube) .AVI  Video
Riddle Of Meander (GR)  
2007|Riddle Of Meander & Skaur "Walking Sinister Path" Split Tape
Ride For Revenge (FI)  
2007|Ride For Revenge & Torturium Split 7"  
2007|The King Of Snakes LP  
2008|Goatmoon & Ride For Revenge "In The Spirit Of Ultimate..."
2009|Wisdom Of The Few
Ride The Sky (DE)  
2007|New Protection +2      
New Protection (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
2005|Unleash Your Soul Compilation I  
Riff Master General (IE)  
2002|A Trust Betrayed      
Riger (DE)  
1998|Der Wanderer  
2002|Des Blutes Stimme    
Angriff (2004) .VCD  Video
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Righteous Pigs (US-NV)  
1989|Turmoil EP
1990|Stress Related  
Rigor Mortis (AT)  
2010|Depressions (Demo Tape)
Rigor Mortis (IT)  
2008|Affascinante Carne Morta
Rigor Mortis (JP)  
2011|Grave New World EP
Rigor Mortis (RU)  
2005|Spermswamp & Rigor Mortis "Bizarre Joy Toys-Salvation" Split
2007|Vaginal Gutting
2010|From Russia With Hate (CDR)  
Rigor Mortis (US-TX)  
1988|Rigor Mortis (2004 +3)      
1989|Freaks EP  
1991|Rigor Mortis Vs. The Earth (2008 Remastered)  
2014|Slaves To The Grave  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #2  Video
Rigor Mortis, The (RU)  
2010|Vaporization Of Blood
Rigor Sardonicous (US-NY)  
1999|Apocalypsis Damnare (2005)    
1999|Gore Is Your Master  
2004|Principia Sardonica  
2007|Entering The Levitation-A Tribute To Skepticism (2CD)  
Rigorism (RU)  
2004|Human Fear  
2010|The Source Of Suffering
Live On Metal Heads' Mission DVD #1 (2010)  Video
Rik Emmett (CA)  
1996|The Spiral Notebook
Rikets (US-OH)  
2010|All American Death Cult  
Rikets Crust
2009|Atal Front (CDR)
Rimfrost (SE)  
2010|Veraldar Nagli    
Rimmersgard (DE)  
2003|Curse Of Mankind  
Ring Of Fire (US)  
2001|The Oracle    
Burning Live In Tokyo (2002)  
Ring, The (SE)  
2004|Tales From Midgard    
Ringnevond (NO)  
Rings Of Saturn (US-CA)  
2010|Embryonic Anomaly  
2014|Lugal Ki En    
Abducted11-07-2014 Cleveland Agora .MP4  Video
Faces Imploding 11-07-2014 Cleveland Agora .MP4  Video
Immaculate Order/Corpses Thrown Across The Sky 11-07-2014 Agora .MP4  Video
Seized And Devoured 2.0 Official (Single)  
Ringworm (US-OH)  
1993|The Promise (2003 Remastered +4)
2001|Birth Is Pain
2007|The Venomous Grand Design
Ringwraith (IT)  
2005|Tales From Middle Earth (Demo)
2006|L'ordre Du Temple & Ringwraith & Teuta Split CDR
Riot (US-NY)  
1979|Narita (2005 Remastered)  
1981|Fire Down Under (1997 +5)  
1982|Restless Breed (1999 +6)  
1990|The Privilege Of Power  
1992|Riot In Japan-Live 2 (Jap)
1994|Nightbreaker (Jap +1)  
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
1999|Sons Of Society (Jap +1)  
2002|Metal Blade 20th Anniversary (9CD Boxset)  
2002|Through The Storm      
2011|Immortal Soul    
Bloodstreets (198X) .SVCD  Video
Restless Breed (198X) .SVCD  Video
Riotor (CA)  
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Ripped 2 Shreds (DE)  
2005|Rebirth The Metal 2  
Ripper (US-TX)  
1986|And The Dead Shall Rise (2004 Remastered)
1987|Metal Massacre Vol 8    
Ripping Corpse (US-NJ)  
1991|Dreaming With The Dead      
Ripsnorter (US)  
2005|Wiping Out The Human Race
Rise (US-CA)  
1995|Life Into Ever Black
1996|Shadow Of Ruins  
1999|Hell Rules-A Tribute To Black Sabbath  
1999|World Of Pain-Tribute To Sepultura  
2000|Slaves Of Illusion  
2001|Divine Aeternum
Rise Above (JP)  
1999|Rise Above & Machetazo Split EP
2001|Murderous Grind Attack  
Rise And Fall
2005|Into Oblivion
Rise To Fall (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
Rise, The
The Fallacy Of Retrospective Determinism (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Rising (PL)  
2002|We Live For Beauty (Demo)
Rising Dust (FR)  
2004|A Dark World-Chapter I  
2005|Rising Dust  
Rising Faith (SE)  
2004|Louder Than The Dragon (2CD)  
Rising Flame (CH)  
2004|Swiss Carnage  
Rising Moon (IT)  
1998|Hate From Heaven  
2000|Area 51
2001|European Aliens mCD  
2002|Brutallica Magazine 7 CD Vol 4  
Rising Nation (BE)  
1993|Appointment With Fear Vol 2  
Risk (DE)  
1994|Ich Zahl Nicht Mehr Vol 3  
Rite Of Darkness, The (BY)  
2009|The Rite Of Darkness (Demo CDR)
Rites Of Cleansing (DE)  
2004|Nemesis (Promo Tape)
Rites Of Thy Degringolade (CA)  
2003|Totalitys Kommand EP  
2004|Portal & Rites Of Thy Degringolade Split
2005|An Ode To Sin  
Rites Of Undeath (CZ)  
2004|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 9  
2006|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 11  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Ritual (CA)  
Ritual (UK)  
1893|Widow (2008 Remastered)
1982|Mind Disease 7"
1993|Valley Of The Kings (2008 Remastered +2)
Ritual (US-CA)  
1995|The Summoning  
1997|Demonic Winter Metal
2001|Chapter 666 (1993-1994)
Ritual (US-OH)  
1993|Trials Of Torment
Ritual Carnage (JP)  
1998|The Highest Law  
2000|A Tribute To Venom-In The Signs Of The Horns  
2000|Every Nerve Alive  
2002|The Birth Of Tragedy (Digipak +2)        
2005|I, Infidel    
Ritual Day (CN)  
2002|Sky Lake    
2004|Ritual Day & Frostmoon Eclipse Split
2004|Unforgotten Past-In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner  
Ritual Killer (US-LA)  
2005|Upon The Threshold Of Hell
Ritual Orchestra (ID)  
1999|Ritual Orchestra & Mistik "Perjanjian Ilmu Hitam" Split
2000|Blodsrit & Ritual Orchestra "Storm Of Immolation" Split
Ritual Sombrio (BR)  
2004|Das Profundesas Clama Ti Vol 1 (Tape)  
Ritual Steel (DE)  
2001|Orchid Queen 7"
2003|Metal Inquisitor & Ritual Steel Split 7"
2004|Blitz Invasion    
2007|Invincible Warriors
Blitz Invasion (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Ritual Suicide (UA)  
2011|Temple Of Blood
Ritualization (FR)  
2011|Temple Of Baal & Ritualization "Vision Of Fading..." Split  
Ritualmord (AT)  
2008|Demonic Stool Massacre (Tape)
Ritus (DE)  
2007|Von Nachtlichen Gedanken (Demo Tape) (2009)  
Rival (US-IL)  
2000|Modern World  
Rivalry, The (AU)  
2005|Misanthropy EP
Rivendel Lords (ES)  
2006|Laberinto De Suenos
Rivendell (AT)  
2000|The Ancient Glory    
2003|Elven Tears  
2005|Farewell-The Last Dawn  
Riverge (JP)  
2009|Rebirth Of Skull
Rivers Of Nihil (US-PA)  
2010|Heirarchy EP
2011|Temporality Unbound EP
2013|The Conscious Seed Of Light    
Riverside (PL)  
2003|Out Of Myself      
2005|Voices In My Head EP    
Roadkill Sodomizer (US-GA)  
2006|Killing Machine (Demo)  
Roadsaw (SE)  
2001|Wonderdrug Records Sampler 3  
Rob Halford (UK)  
1992|Light Comes Out Of Black (Single)  
Rob Rock (US)  
2000|Randy Rhoads Tribute  
2004|Live In Japan
2005|Flying Aces Special Event Tour  
2005|Holy Hell (Korean +4)      
Rob Van Der Loo (NL)  
2004|Six Arms
Rob Zombie (US)  
1998|Hellbilly Delux  
2001|The Sinister Urge    
2003|Greatest Hits Past Present & Future (Explicit)
2006|Educated Horses    
Robed In Exile (US-CA)  
2003|The Rape Of Purity (Best Of)
Robin Trower (UK)  
Turn The Volume Up (198X) .SVCD  Video
Rock City Morgue
2005|Dead Mans Song
Rockbitch (UK)  
Bitchcraft .AVI  Video
Live In Amsterdam (1997) .VCD  Video
Rocking Dildos (FR)  
1997|Horny Hit Parade
1997|World Domination 2 (Osmose)    
Rods, The (US-NY)  
1981|US Metal Volume 1 (Vinyl)  
1986|Heavier Than Thou (2007)  
1986|Hollywood (2007)
Rogue Male (UK)  
1985|All Over You (Single)
1985|First Visit LP  
1986|Animal Man (2007 Remastered)
Rok (AU)  
2001|Burning Metal
2001|Under A Southern Sky 7"
Rollins Band (US)  
1994|Demon Knight-Soundtrack    
2002|Kerrang Hometaping Vol 2  
Rombolo (HU)  
2011|Fekete Terror Hungarian Black Assault Vol II (CDR)  
Rompeprop (NL)  
2002|Menstrual Stomphulk
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2004|Goregrind Cafe  
2004|Obscene Extreme  
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2006|Gut & Rompeprop "Girls On Acid" Split
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
2010|Gargle Cummics
As She Licks My Only Ball (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Rompestromper (NL)  
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Ron Jarzombek (US)  
2002|Solitarily Speaking Of Theoretical Confinement  
Rondellus (EE)  
2002|Now That's What I Call Terror 18  
2003|Metal Gear  
Ronnie Montrose (US)  
Root (CZ)  
1990|Zjeveni (2009 +5)  
1991|Hell Symphony (2008 +5)  
1992|The Temple In The Underworld (2009 +5)    
1996|10 Years After-A Tribute To Cliff Burton  
1999|The Book (2008 +4)    
1999|The Revelation  
1999|The Temple In The Underworld ('92)/Zjeveni ('91) (2CD)    
2001|Black Seal    
2001|Hell Symphony & Kargeras (2CD +5)  
2003|Dema (2CD)  
2003|Madness Of The Graves    
2004|Torr & Root "Hell Tour" Split DVDA
2007|Daemon Viam Invenient (+ Bonus DVDA)  
2008|Capturing Sweden-Live In Falkenberg
2011|Heritage Of Satan  
Live At Lucerna Music Hall 2004 .AVI  Video
Root (UK)  
2003|Resolution (2CD)
Roots Of Rot (MX)  
2004|Hated Flesh
Rosa Crux (FR)  
1998|Noctes Insomnes
Rosae Crucis (IT)  
2002|Revenge-In The Triumph Of Manowar  
2003|Worms Of The Earth  
2006|One Foot In Fire-A Tribute To Cirith Ungol  
2008|Il Re Del Mondo
Rose Funeral (US-OH)  
2007|Crucify Kill Rot  
2009|The Resting Sonata      
2011|Gates Of Punishment  
Rose Rose (JP)  
1987|Skull Thrash Zone Volume I  
1993|Degenerate Generation
Rose Tattoo (AU)  
1984|I Wish 7"
1997|Never To Loud (2CD)
1998|Nice Boys Don't Play Rock N Roll
2002|Rock Hard French Issue 12  
2003|Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD  
2006|Black-Eyed Bruiser (Single)
2007|Blood Brothers  
Bad Boy For Love (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Branded (198X) .SVCD  Video
Eighteen Fifty Four (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Interview (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Nice Boys & Rock N Roll Is King (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #1 & #2)  Video
Outta This Place (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Rosenfeld (JP)  
1991|Pigs Of The Empire
1992|The Gods Truth-Emergency Express III  
1994|In The Garden
Rosicrucian (SE)  
1994|No Cause For Celebration
Ross The Boss (US)  
2008|New Metal Leader (Digipak +1)    
Live On Keep It True 6 DVD  Video
Live On Keep It True 7 DVD  Video
Rossomahaar (RU)  
1999|Hellfire Black Metal Compilation Vol 1 (Tape)  
1999|Imperium Tenebrarum    
2000|Moskwallica-A Russian Tribute To Metallica  
2002|Quaerite Lux In Tenebris        
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
2004|Manowar-Russian Tribute  
2006|Moscow-The Sanguine Reign Of Terror EP
2010|The Reign Of Terror
Rostok Vampires (DE)  
1997|10 Years Nuclear Blast Compilation (3CD)    
Roswell Six (US-CA)  
2009|Terra Incognita Beyond The Horizon (Jap)    
1990|Metal Massacre Vol 10    
Rot (BR)  
1996|Rot & Intestinal Disease "Uncertain/Denying Wisdom" Split LP
1998|Kill Your Idols-A Tribute To Agathocles    
1998|Sociopathic Behaviour
1999|Depression & Rot Split 10" (Und Keiner Weint Uns Nach)
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
1999|Rot & Mesrine Split 7"
1999|Rot & Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition Split
2000|2 Minutos De Odio & Rot Split 7"
2002|Old Dirty Grindcores
2003|A Long Cold Stare
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
2005|Catheter & Rot Split EP (Vinyl)
2008|Slimewave Goregrind Series  
Rot (GR)  
Rot In Hell
2011|As Pearls Before Swine
Rot In Pieces (CA)  
2003|Rot In Pieces & Hypoptalasias Split
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
Rott (US-CA)  
2005|Expectations Of Idiots EP
Rott (US-CA) *  
2012|Entrails Fed To The Maggots    
Rotted, The (UK)  
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
A Return To Insolence (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
2006|One Foot In Fire-A Tribute To Cirith Ungol  
Rotten (FI)  
2005|Fall Of Mankind
Rotten Anal Enema
2003|Always Respond Promptly To The Urge To Defecate
2003|Techno Porn Death
Rotten Cold (AT)  
2001|Terrorstorm (Demo)
2004|Rotten Cold & Human Mastication Split
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Rotten Corpse (ID)  
2013|Indonesian Brutality  
Rotten Flesh (ES)  
1992|Holy Tears (Ego Fun Papa) (Demo Tape)  
Rotten Sound (FI)  
1993|Sick Bastard EP (Vinyl)
2000|Still Psycho
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2002|Murderworks (+ Videos)          
2002|Rotten Sound & Mastic Scum Split EP
2003|From Crust Til Grind
2006|Consume To Contaminate EP  
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
2010|Napalm mCD (+ Bonus DVDA)
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Burden (On Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2)  Video
Murderlive (2004)  
Praise The Lord (2008) .AVI  Video
Slay (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Strongman .MPG  Video
Targets (2002) .SVCD  Video
Targets (Live On Spinefarm Metal DVD Vol 2)  Video
Rottend Stuk Vrouwenlees
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Rottenness (MX)  
1999|Blasphemous Gore Enjoyment  
2001|Inhuman Ways Of Depravity
2009|Sickening Chronologies
Rottenomicon (ID)  
2013|Indonesian Brutality  
Rotting (CA)  
2003|The Forgotten
Rotting Christ (GR)  
1989|Satanas Tedeum (2006 Remastered Demo 12")  
1991|Dawn Of The Iconoclast 7"  
1991|Passage To Arcturo (2005 Remastered)    
1991|Rotting Christ & Monumentum Split 7"  
1992|Ades Winds (Demo)  
1993|Apokathilosis (Vinyl)  
1993|Thy Mighty Contract      
1994|Non Serviam      
1996|Triarchy Of Lost Lovers      
1997|A Dead Poem      
1997|Darkness We Feel Vol 1  
1998|Firestarter - Century Media Compilation    
1999|Der Perfecte Traum EP  
1999|Sleep Of The Angels (Ltd +1)    
2000|Khronos (Brazilian +1)      
2003|In Domine Sathana (Live DVDA)
2003|Vienna 2003 Soundboard Bootleg
2004|Sanctus Diavolos    
2007|Thanatiphoro Anthologio (2CD)
2009|Non Serviam A Year Apocryphal Story (2CD)
2013|Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy
????|The Mystical Meeting (200X?)  
After Dark I Feel .MPG  Video
Athanatoi Este (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Athanatoi Este (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Enuma Elish (2007) .MKV  Video
In Domine Sathana  
King Of A Stellar War (Live) .MPG  Video
Transform All Suffering Into Plagues .AVI  Video
Rotting Corpse (US-TX)  
2009|The Demos
Rotting Flesh (BR)  
1996|Submandible Limphatic Muscles
Rotting Flesh (GR)  
2003|Dreaming The Underworld  
Rotting Head (PL)  
Rottrevore (US-PA)  
1993|Iniquitous (2009 Remastered +3)    
2005|Disembodied (Best Of)
2012|Blind Sided Attack EP
Rottweiller (US-WA)  
1984|Northwest Metalfest (Vinyl)  
Live (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Rough Cutt
Black Widow Live At Superrock Tokyo (1985) .SVCD  Video
Dreamin Again Live At Superrock Tokyo (1985) .SVCD  Video
Take Her Live At Superrock Tokyo (1985) .SVCD  Video
Rough Silk (DE)  
2000|A Tribute To The Scorpions  
2001|A Tribute To ABBA  
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2001|Symphony Of Life
2003|End Of Infinity
2009|A New Beginning
200X|The Metal Merchant Cheap Hard And Heavy Vol 7 (2CD)  
From Here To Eternity (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Mephisto (Live) (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
Never Lose Again (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Rovina (IT)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Rox (UK)  
1984|British Steel LP  
1988|Axe Attack  
Roxx Gang (US-FL)  
1988|Things You've Never Done Before
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #1  Video
Royal Anguish (US-FL)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
2006|A Journey Through The Shadows  
Royal Hunt (DK)  
1992|Land Of Broken Hearts (2008 Remastered +5)    
1994|The Maxi-Single EP
1995|Clown In The Mirror (2008 Remastered +2)  
1995|Moving Target (2008 Remastered +4)    
1996|Live 1996 (2008 Remastered 2CD)  
1997|Paradox (2008 Remastered +3)    
1998|Closing The Chapter (2008 Remastered)
1998|The Best
1998|The Best-Live
1999|Fear (2008 Remastered +2)  
2001|The Mission (2008 Remastered +2)    
2002|The Watchers  
2003|Eye Witness (2008 Remastered +2)
2005|Paper Blood (2008 Remastered +2)  
2008|Collision Course
2011|Show Me How To Live
Paradox-Closing The Chapter (2005)  
Rozz Williams (US)  
2003|Accept The Gift Of Sin
2002|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XLIV  
Rubikon (US-CT)  
2004|Rubikon (Promo)
Rubufaso Mukufo (CZ)  
2008|Obscene Extreme 2008  
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Rudess Morgenstein Project, The (US)  
1999|Hard Rock Mag 12/Hard Rock-Metal Prog Ltd. Ed.  
Rudra (SG)  
1998|Rudra (2005 +4)    
2001|The Aryan Crusade    
2003|Death Tribute-Together As One  
2005|Brahmavidya Primordial I            
2009|Brahmavidya Trascendental I    
Aham Brahmasmi (Youtube) .AVI  Video
Hymns From The Blazing Chariot .MP4  Video
Ruffians (US-CA)  
1985|Ruffians EP    
Rugged, The
2005|The Revivalry-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Ruido (US)  
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
2000|Fuck On The Beach & Ruido Split EP
Ruido De Odio (EC)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Ruido Genital
2000|Extreme Noise Volumen 1  
Ruin (UK)  
2007|Ruin & T.R.I.B.E. Split
Ruin (US-FL)  
2005|Aggressive Magnetism
Ruination (LT)  
Ruination (US)  
2001|They Live & Ruination Split 7"
2001|Year One
2006|Bloodred Bacteria & Ruined Split 7"
Ruins (AU)  
2005|Spun Forth As Dark Nets    
2009|Front The Final Foes  
Ruins (DE)  
2008|Baptized In Hell
2008|Satanic Bitchpenetration
2010|Front Beast & Ruins Split 7"
Ruins (JP)  
1997|Refusal Fossil
Vrresto (2004 Remastered)
Ruins Of Beverast, The (DE)  
2004|Unlock The Shrine (+ Bonus Vinyl Track)    
2006|Rain Upon The Impure      
2007|Gott In Uns Split LP  
Ruins, The
2002|The Haunted House  
Rujo (FI)  
2009|Full Drop To Concrete
Rumble Militia (DE)  
1987|Fuck Off Commercial LP  
1990|They Give You The Blessing
1991|Destroy Fascism
1991|Stop Violence And Madness  
Rumors Of Gehenna (IT)  
2008|Ten Hatred Degrees
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder (US-PA)  
2005|Buried In The Front Yard    
2009|Living For Death Destroying The Rest    
Run Devil Run (US-OH)  
1998|The Killing Civilization
2000|Sinking Deeper
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
Rune (US-OH)  
2001|Self Titled EP
2003|Kalibas & Rune Split CD  
2003|The End Of Nothing  
Runemagick (SE)  
1998|The Supreme Force Of Eternity  
1999|Enter The Realm Of Death    
2000|In The Eyes Of Death 2  
2000|Resurrection In Blood    
2001|Dark Live Magick LP
2002|Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse
2002|Requiem Of The Apocalypse (Polish +1)      
2002|Soulreaper & Runemagick "Worshippers Of Death" Split 7"
2003|Darkness Death Doom (2CD)  
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
2005|Envenom 2LP  
2006|Black Magick Sorceress mLP
2006|Invocation Of Magick +2  
2007|Dawn Of The End    
2007|Ocean Chief & Runemagick "The Northern Lights" Split
2008|Dark Dead Earth (2CD)
Dark Dead Earth (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Runenblut (DE)  
2005|Christhunt Prod-No Colours Rec Gemeinschaftstontraeger  
2006|Christhunt Productions Compilation  
Runes Of Dianceht (UA)  
2003|Hegemoon & Runes Of Dianceht Split
2007|Runes Of Dianceht
Runesword (DE)  
2001|Arson Is No Crime (Demo)
Runic (ES)  
2001|Awaiting The Sound Of The Unavoidable (Demo)    
2006|Liar Flags  
Running Guts (FR)  
2000|Cocks And Cunts-The Underground Extreme Metal Comp  
Running Wild (DE)  
1983|Teichinger Germany 03/26 (Bootleg)
1984|Gates To Purgatory (2012 Remastered)        
1985|Branded And Exiled      
1987|Under Jolly Roger        
1988|Port Royal    
1988|Ready For Boarding  
1989|Bad To The Bone EP (5" Picture CD)
1989|Death Or Glory (1995 +2)      
1990|Neunkirchen 07-14-1990 (Bootleg)
1990|Wild Animal EP  
1991|Blazon Stone (Remastered +2)    
1991|First Years Of Piracy (Compilation)    
1991|Little Big Horn EP
1992|Lead Or Gold EP
1992|Pile Of Skulls (1999 Remastered)      
1992|Sinister Eyes (Single)  
1994|Black Hand Inn (1997 Remastered +2)      
1994|The Privateer EP  
1995|Masquerade (1999 Remastered +2)  
1998|The Rivalry  
1998|The Story Of Jolly Roger
2000|Singles Collection 2000
2002|Langen, Germany 03/26/2002 (Bootleg)
2002|Live (2CD)  
2002|The Brotherhood (German +2)      
2002|The Legendary Tales (3CD)
2003|20 Years Of History (2CD)    
2003|Emerald A Tribute To The Wild One (Thin Lizzy)  
2005|Rogues En Vogue +2      
2006|Best Of Adrian
2010|Black Demons On Stage (Bootleg)
2011|The Final Jolly Roger (2CD)
2016|Rapid Foray  
2016|Riding The Storm-Very Best Noise Years 1983-1995 (2CD)
Bad To The Bone .SVCD  Video
Branded And Exiled (Live On Loreley Metal Hammer Fest 1985 DVD)  Video
Death Or Glory Tour  
Final Jolly Roger, The (2011)  
Live (2002)  
Live In Bochum (1985) (Pro Bootleg) .AVI  Video
Live In Bochum (1985) (Pro Bootleg)  
Live Musikzirkus, Dortmund, Germany (Bootleg) (06/20/94) ,DVD  Video
Live Wacken 2015 .TS  Video
Soulless (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Welcome To Hell (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Ruoska (FI)  
Rupture Christ (US-IN)  
2002|Molesting The Entrails Of The Disemboweled (2008)    
Rush (CA)  
1975|Fly By Night  
1976|All The Worlds A Stage (1997 Remastered)  
1977|A Farewell To Kings    
1980|Permanent Waves (2007 Remastered)  
1981|Moving Pictures (1997 Remastered)    
1989|Show Don't Tell (Single)
1998|Different Stages Sampler
2002|Vapor Trails  
2003|Rush In Rio (3CD)  
2003|The Spirit Of Radio-Greatest Hits 1974-1987 (2CD Jap)
2006|Gold (2CD Remastered)
2011|Time Machine 2011 Live In Cleveland (2CD)
Fly By Night Album Promo Videos (1975) .SVCD  Video
Live In Rio [2 DVD]    
Live Sarsstock (2003)  
Russian Winter (RU)  
2006|The First Frosts (Remastered)
Rust (GR)  
1989|Shoot Them Higher (2005 Remastered)
Rutah (US-WA)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Ruthless (DE)  
1999|Untergang 6661 (Demo)
Ruthless (US-CA)  
1984|Metal Without Mercy EP (2009 +2)
1985|Discipline Of Steel  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #1  Video
Ruthless Art (DE)  
2000|Alone EP
Ruthless Order (RU)  
2008|Genes Of Isolaton  
2010|Awakened Witnesses Of Nascence  
2013|Hensynslos Rekkefolge-Talking Clay (+ wav)  
Blind King Of The World .FLV  Video
Live 09.10.10 .FLV    Video
Live Slava Rossii 2008-08-30 .AVI  Video
Rutthna (SE)  
Ruttokosmos (FI)  
2006|Ja Minae Naein Kuoleman CDR
2007|Karsimys (Demo CDR)
Rychus Syn (US-NY)  
Ryker's (DE)  
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|Suburban Open Air '99  
Slowly (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Rzeznia (PL)  
2003|Mathematic Grind
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003