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O (FI)  
2000|O & Flauros Split (Demo Tape)
2004|O (Single)  
2005|O & Black Dawn & Enochian Crescent Split  
O Captain My Captain
2006|The Day We Turned To Dust EP
O3 (EE)  
2001|Without Face (Demo)
Oath Of Cirion (FI)  
Oath To Vanquish (LB)  
2006|Applied Schizophrenic Science    
Oath Witness (MX)  
2004|The Senses mCD  
Oathean (KR)  
2001|Ten Days In Lachrymation (Korean +1)  
2003|The Last Desperate 10 Years As Ever  
2005|Eyes Of Tremendous Sorrow-As A Solitary Tree Against The Sky  
2005|Fading Away Into The Grave Of Nothingness    
2008|Regarding All The Sadness Of The World  
Obeisance (US-TX)  
2002|Lucifer Master  
2006|Unholy Unwholesome & Evil
Oberon (CA)  
2002|Dark Warrior (Demo)
Oberon (NO)  
2005|Facial Humiliation  
Obfuscation (FI)  
1993|Windows Of The World (Demo Tape)
1995|Swansongs EP
Obiat (UK)  
2002|Accidentally Making Enemies
Obispo Fornicado (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
Obitania (ES)  
2002|Pagan Crystal Sphere  
Obituary (US-FL)  
1986|Executioner (Demo)
1989|Slowly We Rot (1997 24K Gold Remastered +2)      
1990|Cause Of Death (Remastered +3)      
1991|Godly Beings (Bootleg)
1992|The End Complete (1998 Remastered +2)      
1994|Don't Care (Single)  
1994|World Demise (1998 Remastered +4)  
1997|Back From The Dead      
1998|Dead (Live)    
1998|Live At Waldrock (Bootleg)
2005|Frozen In Time +2      
2005|Live Dynamo Open Air Festival (Radio)
2006|Frozen Alive DVDA
2007|Xecutioner's Return +1      
2008|Left To Die EP      
2008|The Best Of Obituary
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
2009|Darkest Day      
2014|Inked In Blood +2  
2016|Ten Thousand Ways To Die  
Don't Care (1994 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Drop Dead (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Evil Ways (2008) .MKV  Video
Frozen Alive .AVI        Video
Insane (2005) .SVCD  Video
Live In Lamours Brooklyn NY 08/18/90 (VHS Rip) .VCD  Video
Live Xecution (Live @ Party.San 2008)  
On The Floor (2005) .AVI  Video
Slow Death (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Slowly We Rot (Live Wacken 2005) .MKV  Video
Slowly We Rot 11-26-2014 Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH (Chris) .MP4  Video
Stand Alone (Live Wacken 2005) .MKV  Video
The End Complete (1992) .MKV  Video
Til Death (Live At With Full Force 2005) .SVCD    Video
Obitus (SE)  
2001|Gather Against Humanity 4-Way Split  
2006|Strategema mCD
2008|The March Of The Drones    
Obligatorisk Tortyr (SE)  
2001|Obligatorisk Tortyr
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Oblique (US-IN)  
Obliterate (CA)  
2012|The Filth Of Humanity EP
Obliterate (SK)  
2000|The Feelings    
2003|Tangled Ways  
Obliterate Plague, The (US-UT)  
2005|Sin & The Obliterate Plague "Wejeniws" Split
Obliteration (DE)  
2006|Fleshripper & Obliteration Split    
Obliteration (IT)  
2002|Grinding Is Not A Crime  
Obliteration (NO)  
2005|Total Fucking Obliteration (Vinyl)  
2007|Perpetual Decay  
Obliteration (US-NY)  
2003|Winter (Demo)
Obliveon (CA)  
1987|Whimsical Uproar (1997 Remastered Demo)
1990|From This Day Forward (2007)    
1997|Cybervoid (2007)      
1998|Legend Of A Madman-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
1999|Carnivore Mothermouth  
2002|Greatest Pits  
Oblivion (ES)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
Oblivion (US-CA)  
2013|Called To Rise    
Black Veils Of Justice .MP4  Video
Reclamation .MKV  Video
Oblivion Knight (US-TX)  
2009|Oblivion Knight  
Oblivion Machine (RU)  
2008|Unnatural And Wrong
Obnoxious (SE)  
1992|A Brutal Act (Demo)
Obruthion (FI)  
2002|Landscapse Speak (Demo)
2003|Treeninauha 2.5.
Obscene (SE)  
2005|Bestial Devastation & Obscene Split  
Obscene Eulogy (CA)  
2002|A Portal Into Fire mCD  
2004|Defining Hate-The Truth Undead  
Obscene Gesture (US-CA)  
2008|Have A Brutal Day  
Obscenity (DE)  
1996|Metal Explosion Vol 2  
1997|Pulverizer Records 1997 Compilation  
1998|Morbid Records Mad Lion Records Comp  
2002|Cold Blooded Murder
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2006|Where Sinners Bleed  
Disgrace Over You (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Where Sinners Bleed (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Obscura (DE)  
2006|Retribution (2010 Remastered +3)  
Anticosmic Overload, The (2009) .MKV  Video
Hannes Grossmann Anticosmic Overload Drum Cam 854 480 Stereo44khz .FLV  Video
Infinite Rotation-Live March 7th, 2010 (854 480 Stereo 44khz) .FLV  Video
Septuagint (Live In Rome) .FLV  Video
Obscura Nox Hibernis (IT)  
2003|Hiems Venit-Prise The Triumph Of Heresy
2005|Il Male Primitivo
Obscurant (FI)  
2002|Lifeform Dead  
2005|First Degree Suicide    
Obscuration (FR)  
1996|Under The Pagan Moon Compilation  
Obscuration (NO)  
Obscurcis Romancia (CA)  
2002|Skeletons Of Society Vol 1  
2003|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest III  
2004|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IV  
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
2012|Lys Apocalypse-Compilation Metal Quebecoise (CDR) (2CD)  
2004|Homage To Ildjarn  
Obscure (NO)  
2008|On Formaldehyde  
Obscure (PL)  
2004|Obscure & Pandemic Genocide "Satanic Rebelmageddon" Split
Obscure (TR)  
2007|Shedded Blood
Obscure Anachronism (AT)  
2007|Transcending Mundane Obstacles    
2009|Demo Tape
Obscure Devotion (IT)  
1999|Son Of A Dayless Night
2006|Of Darkness Death And Faith  
Obscure Mortuary
2010|Obscene Extreme  
Obscure Oath (DE)  
2009|Obscure Oath & Slaughter Of The Innocents Split  
Obscured (SE)  
Obscured Secretions (US-CA)  
2002|Demise (Demo)
Obscurity (DE)  
2001|Christhunt Production Compilation  
2007|Schlachten Und Legenden
2008|Pagan Battle Tunes Vol 2  
Obscurity (SE)  
1998|Damnation Pride-Best Of  
Obscurity (TR)  
1994|Child's Play (Demo)
Obscurity Tears (BR)  
2000|Songs For A Black Winter mCD
Obscuro (SE)  
2005|Foerintelsen Aer Naera (Demo CDR)
2008|Where Obscurity Dwells
Obscvrvs Advocam (FR)  
2004|Fervour & Devotion (Demo Tape)
2007|Verbia Daemonicus  
Obsecration (GR)  
1996|The Inheritors Of Pain
2000|Oceanum Oblivione
2002|Obsecration & Korrodead Split
2002|Sins Of The Flesh
2006|Seeds Of A Pervert God
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Obsessed, The (US)  
1985|Promo Demo (Tape)
1990|The Obsessed (2000 Remastered)  
1991|Lunar Womb (2006 Remastered)  
1994|The Church Within  
1999|Incarnate (2004 Reissue +5)    
Obsession (FI)  
1999|Eye Of Drama mCD
Obsession (US-CT)  
1984|Marshall Law EP  
1986|Scarred For Life (2000)  
1987|Methods Of Madness  
2006|Carnival Of Lies (2007 +1)  
2008|Obsession (Jap)
2012|Order Of Chaos
For The Love Of Money .ASF  Video
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #1  Video
2002|Daemmerung Vol 4  
Obsidian Aspect (AU)  
2006|Obsidian Aspect  
Obsidian Gate (DE)  
1999|The Nightspectral Voyage  
2001|Colossal Christhunt  
2002|The Vehemence (Single)  
Obsidian Kingdom (ES)  
2007|Matter mCD  
Obsidieth (AU)  
2009|In Loss Of All
Obskene Sonare (AT)  
2006|Wildes Blut (Demo Tape)
2007|Todnachten mCD
Obskur (DE)  
Obskure (BR)  
2000|Overcasting-10 Years Special Edition
Obskure Torture (DK)  
2005|Necro Rituals
2006|Worship The Beast mCD
2010|Spilling The Blood Of The World
Obsolete (FR)  
2002|Land Of Hope (Demo)
Obstacle Corpse (US-OH)  
2002|The White Shroud Fades To Red (Demo)
Obstinacy (DE)  
Obtained Enslavement (NO)  
1994|Centuries Of Sorrow (2011)  
1998|Soulblight (2010 Remastered +6)  
2000|The Shepherd And The Hounds Of Hell  
Obtenebris (CA)  
2006|Profusion Vol 1  
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
Obtest (LT)  
2001|Prisiek EP
2003|Dvylika Juodvarniu 7"  
2005|Is Kartos I Karta      
2008|Gyvybes Medis    
Karo Dvasia (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Obtruncation (NL)  
2014|Abode Of The Departed Souls
Obtuse (NL)  
Occidens (CL)  
2007|Glorification Of The Antichrist  
Occisas (VE)  
2005|Fuck Disease (Or A Demonstration Of Necro-Defloration)
Occision (US-AZ)  
2004|Killing Is Instinct The Pleasure Lies In Murder
Occult (NL)  
1993|Demo (Tape)
1994|Prepare To Meet Thy Doom (2005 + Bonus)
1996|The Enemy Within  
1999|Of Flesh And Blood    
2001|Rage To Revenge    
2004|Elegy For The Weak        
Feel The Blade (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Occult Corpse (ES)  
2005|Presentia Violentae Est Cui Reverentia Facitur (Demo CDR)
Occultus (CO)  
1997|Cosmos (2002 +2)    
Ocean (US-ME)  
2005|Here Where Nothing Grows  
Ocean Chief (SE)  
2007|Ocean Chief & Runemagick "The Northern Lights" Split
Ocean Machine (CA)  
Ocean Of Sorrow (RU)  
2005|Mistery Of Winter
Ocean, The (DE)  
2013|Pelagial (2CD)  
Oceans Of Sadness (BE)  
2001|For We Are    
2002|Belgian Metal Revolution 1  
2007|Mirror Palace  
Octagon (NL)  
1998|The Eve Of The Battle (Demo)
Octagon (US-MS)  
2005|Artisans Of Cruelty      
2007|Death Fetish
Octavia (NO)  
2005|Winter Enclosure      
Octavia Sperati (NO)  
2007|Grace Submerged  
Moonlit (2007) .MKV  Video
Octinomos (SE)  
1995|On The Demiurge
2000|Welcome To My Planet      
2001|Fuckhole Armageddon  
October 31 (US-VA)  
1997|The Fire Awaits You
1999|A Call To Irons 2-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1999|Land Of The Wizard-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
1999|Visions Of The End +5  
2001|Tribute To Saxon-A Metal Crusade  
2005|No Survivors  
October Falls (FI)  
2008|The Womb Of Primordial Nature  
2010|A Collapse Of Faith  
2012|Servants Of Chaos (Mag)  
October File (UK)  
2007|Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God    
October Tide (SE)  
1997|Rain Without End (2008 Remastered)  
1999|Grey Dawn    
Ocultan (BR)  
1999|Bellicus Profanus
2002|Lembrancas Do Mal A Crucificacao
2002|Lords Of Evil
2003|Infernal Live
2003|Lucifer Rising Magazine Vol 1  
2003|The Coffin  
2007|Regnum Infernalis
2010|Atombe Unkuluntu
Ocultus Sathanas (BR)  
2011|Unholy Hordes Of The Black Abyss Split (CDR)  
Odal (DE)  
2001|Traitor 7"  
2002|Fimbul Winter EP
2002|Sturmes Brut (2009 Remastered)  
2003|Curse Of Mankind  
2005|For All Hate In Man 8  
2005|Wilde Kraft CDR (+ LP Bonus)  
2007|On Old Paths
2008|Zornes Heimat  
2009|Odal & Sojaruun Split 7"
Odelegger (DE)  
2004|The End Of Tides
2005|Holocaustus & Odelegger Split
2006|Vordr & Odelegger Split 7"
Odem Arcarum (DE)  
2004|Bloody Traces In The Virgin Snow
Odes Of Ecstasy (GR)  
1998|Embossed Dream In Four Acts  
1998|Odes Of Ecstasy & Nocturnal Howling Split 7"
2000|Deceitful Melody
2001|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XXIX  
Odhinn (SE)  
1995|From A Splendourus Battle EP  
1998|The North Brigade  
Odin (US-CA)  
1987|The Gods Must Be Crazy
1988|Fight For Your Life
2001|By The Gods (3 On 1)
2008|Human Animal EP
2009|Best Of
2007|Mirror Of Vibrations  
Odious Mortem (US-CA)  
2004|Devouring The Prophecy  
2007|Cryptic Implosion      
Gestation Of Worms (Live At MDF V) .FLV  Video
Odious Sanction (US-OH)  
1994|Visceral Productions Compilation 1  
2000|Psychotically Enraged  
2006|No Motivation To Live  
2003|Black Arts Comp 2 (Tape)  
Odium (NO)  
1998|The Sad Realm Of The Stars      
Odium (SE)  
1998|Voices Of Death Vol 2  
Odium (UK)  
2002|Blood (Demo Tape)
2002|Hatred (Demo)  
2003|Haatstrijd & Verloren & Odium "Suicide Campaign Part I" Demo
Odium Immortalis (DE)  
2002|Odyssee Ins Verderben
2003|Axt & Crudus & Kettenhund & Odium Immortalis Split  
2003|Odium Immortalis & Basarab Split CD
2004|Die Schoenheit Der Einsamkeit
2005|Odium Immortalis & Feindbild Mensch Split 7"  
Odor Mortis (RU)  
2005|Spasi I Otsosi
Odroerir (DE)  
2002|Lasst Euch Sagen Aus Alten Tagen  
Menosgada (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Odyssey/Dan Swano (SE)  
1999|Odyssey EP  
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
Oerjgrinder (BE)  
2008|Grind My Bitch Up
Of Beatdown (US-FL)  
2002|Orlando Metal Awards Compilation  
Of Celestial (UA)  
2009|The Strange Infinity
Of Darkness (ES)  
2004|Death Promo CDR
Of Legends
Of Modern Architecture
2013|Solis Ocassus
Of The Fallen (US-TX)  
1996|Ancient Gods Of Battles Past (Demo)  
1998|Of The Fallen
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
Of The Wand And The Moon (DK)  
1999|Nighttime Nightrhymes  
2001|Emptiness Emptiness Emptiness  
Ofermod (SE)  
Pralayic Withdrawl (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Offal (BR)  
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
2008|Bowel Fetus & Offal Split
2010|Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages
Offalmincer (RU)  
2007|Cerebral Effusion & Offalmincer Split
2008|Filicide At Feretory
Offense (ES)  
Officium Triste (NL)  
1996|Mountains Of Depressiveness EP  
1997|Ne Vivam (2005 Remastered +1)  
1998|Officium Triste & Cold Mourning Split
2001|The Pathway (2007 Remastered +5)    
2003|Disturbing Summer 2003 Sampler  
2007|Giving Yourself Away  
Ofring (DK)  
1999|Promo CD 99 (Demo)
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Ogmias (CZ)  
1998|Despai (Demo)
2001|Keltsky Hneb  
2007|3 (Best Of)
2003|Anthrax & The History Of Thrash Metal (2CD)  
2003|Sora EP
Ohm (US)  
2003|Guitarevolution 09-11 San Francisco (Bootleg)
2004|Live On KPFK 90.7 FM  
Ohtar (PL)  
1997|The Empire Of White Power (Demo)  
1999|Moontower & Ohtar Split EP
2002|Antisemitex & Ohtar Split
2003|Blackmetaldvds.Com-Emerging From The Flames  
2003|When I Cut The Throat  
2006|Petrified Breath Of Hope  
2007|Human Fuel Of Death
2001|Be Quick Or Be Dead  
Oil (US-CA)  
2004|Blastbeats Extreme Music Sampler Vol 6  
Ojciec Dyktator (PL)  
2009|Heresy Is Fun
1993|Against All Gods Compilation (Displeased)    
Okkultum Magnificentia (IT)  
2001|Aeon (Demo Tape)
2002|Satanik Astral Osmosis 7"
Oktor (PL)  
2004|Untitled EP
2007|Entering The Levitation-A Tribute To Skepticism (2CD)  
Okulus Diaboli (BY)  
2003|Behold (The Devils Eye) EP (Tape)
Olc Sinnsir (FR)  
2005|Adipocere And Oaken Shield Compilation  
Old (DE)  
2005|Nocturnal Ritual EP  
2006|Down With The Nails      
Old Bones (SE)  
2010|Old Bones & Ars Goetia "Ancient Sorceries&Old Relics" Split
Old Corpse Road (UK)  
2009|The Echoes Of Tales Once Told (Demo CDR)  
2010|Old Corpse Road & The Meads Of Asphodel Split
Old Dead Tree, The (FR)  
2003|The Nameless Disease    
2005|The Perpetual Motion  
2007|The Water Fields    
Old Forest (UK)  
1999|Into The Old Forest  
2008|Tales Of The Sussex Weald Part 1 mCD
2008|Tales Of The Sussex Weald Part 2 mCD
Old Funeral (NO)  
1991|Devoured Carcass 7"
1999|Join The Funeral Procession (12" Vinyl)  
1999|The Older Ones  
2002|Grim Reaping Norway (2005)  
Old Grandad (US-CA)  
1996|Vol. 666  
Old Man Gloom (US)  
2001|Terrorized Vol 11  
2003|Christmas Eve I And II + 6
2007|Seminar II (Vinyl)
2012|NO (Digipak)
Old Man's Child (NO)  
1994|In The Shades Of Life EP    
1996|Born Of The Flickering        
1997|The Pagan Prosperity      
1998|Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion      
1999|Dimmu Borgir & Old Mans Child "Sons Of Satan" Split  
2000|Revelation 666: The Curse Of Damnation  
2003|In Defiance Of Existence        
2009|Slaves Of The World      
Old Pagan (DE)  
1997|Machosias (Demo Tape)
1998|Menschenverachtung (Demo)
2000|Old Pagan & Grausamkeit Split Demo
2002|Thrash Black Metal Holokaust (Demo)
Old Wainds (RU)  
1998|Bdes Nikosda Nje Dchodjam Dnjesd (Demo)  
2001|Through The Chaos To Eternal Winter EP
2002|Religion Of Spiritual Violence  
2003|Where The Snows Are Never Gone  
2004|Old Wainds & Nav "We Are The North" Split  
2005|Scalding Coldness  
2006|Withers Of The Wainds  
2008|Death Nord Kult
Old Winds
2004|We Worship Vol 1 (2CD)  
OLD/Old Lady Drivers (US)  
1989|Grind Crusher Compilation  
1990|Assuck & Old Lady Drivers Split 7"  
1993|The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak  
1994|Eternal Masters-Tribute To Black Sabbath  
1997|Masters Of Misery-Black Sabbath Tribute    
Olemus (AT)  
Oligarquia (BR)  
Oliver Magnum (US-OK)  
1989|Oliver Magnum  
Olympos Mons (FI)  
Omega A.D.
2001|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XXXIV  
Omegalord (US-PA)  
2005|Hammer Down  
Omen (HU)  
2006|A Hetedik Nap
Omen (US)  
1984|Battle Cry (2017 Remastered +2)  
1985|Warning Of Danger & Nightmares EP          
1985|Warning Of Danger (2017 Remastered +1)      
1986|The Curse    
1988|Escape To Nowhere  
1989|The Best Of Omen (Teeth Of The Hydra)
1997|Reopening Of The Gates  
2003|20th Anniversary Box (Remastered + Bonus Disc) (3CD)
2003|Eternal Black Dawn  
Die By The Blade (Live On Keep It True - Metal Fest Collection DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #1  Video
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #1  Video
Omendark (ES)  
2004|Antzinako Herriaren Birjaiotza (Demo Tape)
2005|Xerion & Omendark & Nakkiga Split
Ominous (ES)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
Ominous (SE)  
2000|The Spectral Manifest
2002|The Holy Bible Vol 4  
2002|Void Of Infinity
Ominous (US-NJ)  
Ominous Eclipse (CA)  
2014|Beyond The Apocalypse
Ominous Grief (TR)  
2003|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 3  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #1  Video
Omitir (PT)  
2007|Old Temple Of Depression
Omnia Orta Cadunt (RU)  
2004|Rotting Genitals Of Pazuzu CDR  
Omnihility (US-OR)  
2014|Deathscapes Of The Subconscious  
Omnioid (AU)  
2017|Hex Dimensional Paralysis  
Omnispawn (SE)  
2009|Darkness Within
Omnium Gatherum (AU)  
2001|Rectifying Human Rejection
Omnium Gatherum (FI)  
1999|Gardens Temples The Hell (Demo)
2002|Steal The Light mCD
2003|Spirits And August Light    
2004|Years In Waste (Jap +2)    
2007|Stuck Here On Snakes Way      
2008|The Redshift    
2011|New World Shadows    
2016|Grey Heavens  
Into Sea (2007) .AVI  Video
It's A Long Night (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Nail (2008) .MKV    Video
Nolans Fati, The .AVI  Video
Soul Journeys (854 480 Stereo 44khz) .FLV    Video
Writhen (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Omniumentum (NO)  
2001|Demo 1
Omophagia (CH)  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
On (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
On Broken Wings (US-MA)  
2002|Number One Beautiful (Demo)
I Do My Crosswords In Pen (2003 Metal Fest DVD RIP) .SVCD  Video
On Horns Impaled (DE)  
2009|Total World Domination
On Paths Of Torment (US-CT)  
2006|The Arsonist Plague EP
On The Rise (??)
2003|On The Rise
On Thorns I Lay (GR)  
1995|Sounds Of Beautiful Experience  
1996|Holy Bible Compilation    
1998|As We Die For Paradise Lost (Tribute)  
1999|Crystal Tears      
2000|Future Narcotic (2005 Remastered +7)
Onanizer (CZ)  
1997|Ansikte Mot Ansikte (Tape)
1998|Cause For Effect & Onanizer Split EP (Vinyl)
2005|Too Good To Be True  
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Once And Future King
2003|Part I
2003|Part II
Ond Aand (FR)  
2005|Devilish Era & Ond Aand "Gathering Infernal Onslaught" Split
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Ondskapt (SE)  
2001|Slave Under His Immortal Will LP
2010|Arisen From The Ashes  
One Dead Three Wounded (US-PA)  
One Fine Day
Damn Right (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
One Man Army & Undead Quartet (SE)  
2006|Christmas For The Lobotomizer mCD
2006|Legacy Vol 40  
2007|Error In Evolution    
2008|Grim Tales (2008 +1)      
2011|The Dark Epic
So Grim So True So Real (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
One Step Closer (US-GA)  
One Tail One Head (NO)  
2008|Demo II (Tape)
One, The (GR)  
2004|Split Of Darkness (Tape)  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Live On Under The Black Sun Open Air XII 2009 (22:41 Part 1) .AVI  Video
2002|Mega Metal (4CD)  
Onheil (NL)  
1999|Sterf (Demo)
From Above (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Oni (AU)  
2001|Jesus Anal Penetration & Oni Split
2003|Barbaric Onslaught-Australian Metal Attack LP  
2003|Hell At Last-A Tribute To Slayer  
Oni (RU)  
2006|Torzhestvo Hama mCD
Onicectomy (IT)  
2011|Drowning For Salvation  
Onirica (IT)  
2009|Evola Tribute-The Spirit Of Europe  
Onirik (IT)  
2008|Da Vinci Death Code  
Onirik (PT)  
2004|Walking As A Shadow
2005|Morte Incandescente & Onirik "Our Funeral Yet To Come" Split
2005|Songs For The Apocalipse
Onkel Tom Angelripper (DE)  
1995|Delirium EP
1995|Ein Schoner Tag (2005 Remastered)  
1998|Ein Tropfchen Voller Gluck
1999|Ein Strauss Bunter Melodien
2000|Ich Glaub Nicht An Den Weihnachtsmann  
2004|Bon Scott Hab Ich Noch Live Gesehen EP
Bon Scott (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Only Darkness (FR)  
1999|Fear Us We Are Black Metal (Demo Tape)
Only Living Witness (US-MA)  
1993|Prone Mortal Form  
1995|Identity 1 (Century Media)    
1996|Identity 2 (Century Media)    
Only To Remain (US)  
2003|You Look Good Enough To Bury (Demo)
Onmyo-Za (JP)  
2005|Koga Ninpocho (Single)
2009|Kongo Kyubi  
Ono Turmna (CH)  
1998|In Stiller Trauer  
Onomasy (ES)  
2016|Ashes And Dust
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
Onslaught (UK)  
1985|Power From Hell (2002 Remastered)  
1986|The Force    
1988|Let There Be Rock EP
1989|In Search Of Sanity      
1989|Welcome To Dying (Maxi Single)
2007|Killing Peace        
2009|Live Damnation    
2009|Thrash Til Death (2CD)  
2011|Sounds Of Violence    
Let There Be Rock (198X) .SVCD  Video
Live Polish Assault (2007) .AVI    Video
Ontario Blue (UK)  
1999|Smells Like Team Spirit Vol 3  
Ontos On (CA)  
2000|Sombre Chaotic Entrance EP
Onward (US)  
2002|Prepare For Battle  
2003|A Return To Fantasy-Tribute To Uriah Heep  
Oomph (DE)  
1995|Definitely Noise  
2001|Zillo Festival Sampler 2001  
2002|Advanced Electronics (2CD)  
2004|Augen Auf mCD
Super Nova (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Opaque (US-MN)  
2000|Root Of All Evil Records 2nd Anniversary Sampler  
Open Festering Wounds (AU)  
Open Fire (US-WA)  
1984|Northwest Metalfest (Vinyl)  
Open Grave (US-NJ)  
2001|The Heavens Cry Black Tears (Demo)
2003|Krieg & Open Grave "Resistance Is Futile" Split EP
2012|Fear (Digipak)
Open Hand
626 (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Open Wound (AU)  
1999|Captain Cleanoff & Open Wound Split EP
Open Your Mind (BR)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Opera Diabolicus (SE)  
Opera IX (IT)  
1993|The Triumph Of The Death 7"
1995|The Call Of The Wood  
1998|A Call To Irons-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1998|Sacro Culto    
2000|Ablaze Magazine Compilation #32  
2000|The Black Opera      
2001|Unholy Cross Vol X  
2008|90-92-93 The Early Chapters  
Operatika (US-NJ)  
2005|Dreamworld (Demo)  
2008|The Calling    
Operating Table (CN)  
2003|Resurrection Of The Gods II  
2004|China Runs Blood +2  
Operation Racewar (US)  
2005|Operation Racewar & Wewelsburg "No More Cold War" Split
Operation Winter Mist (CA)  
2002|Winter Warfare EP  
2004|Winter Warfare II    
2005|Imperial Grand Strategy    
Opeth (SE)  
1993|Apostle In Triumph (Demo)
1995|Orchid (2000)      
1996|In Memory Of Celtic Frost    
1996|Morningrise (2000 +1)          
1998|A Call To Irons-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1998|My Arms, Your Hearse (2000 +2)      
1999|Still Life (2008 Remastered)        
2001|Blackwater Park (2CD)            
2001|Music Of The Night (Bootleg)
2002|Deliverance (2006)              
2003|Damnation (2006)            
2003|Limited Edition 2 Song 7"
2005|Ghost Reveries (2006 +1 +DVDA)              
2005|Sounds Of The Underground Tour-Live 07/31/05
2006|Live At Rock Am Ring (06/03/2006)
2007|The Roundhouse Tapes (2CD)      
2008|Gigantour Vol 2  
2008|Still Life (5.1 Mix DVDA)
2008|The Candlelight Years (3CD)
2008|The Roundhouse Tapes DVDA
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
2008|Watershed (+ DVDA)        
2010|In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall (3CD)
2010|In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall 2DVDA
2011|Heritage (Special Edition + Bonus DVDA)          
2011|The Devils Orchard & Live At Rock Hard Festival (Mag)
2014|Pale Communion (Jap +2)    
2016|Sorceress (2CD)  
Burden .VOB  Video
Deliverance (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
Demon Of The Fall (Live) .MPG  Video
Drapery Falls, The (On New England 2003 DVD)  Video
Ghost Reveries Bonus DVD  
Grand Conjuration, The (2005) .SVCD  Video
Heir Apparent (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall [2 DVD] (2010)  
Lamentations (2003)            
Leper Affinity, The (Live On Gigantour 2 2008 DVD)  Video
Live Wacken 2015 .MKV  Video
Porcelain Heart (2008) .MKV  Video
Roundhouse Tapes, The (2008)    
Sonisphere Festival (Knebworth UK July 10th 2011)  
Sweden TV4 Show 2009-02-09 .AVI  Video
Watershed Collector's Edition Bonus DVD (2008)  
Windowpane (2003) .SVCD  Video
Opfer Rassenhass (CA)  
2006|Fierte Ancestrale
Oph (US)  
1999|Thinnly Spaced Air
Ophelia's Nightmare (DE)  
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Ophiolatry (BR)  
2002|Anti-Evangelistic Process      
2004|Ophiolatry & Infernal Dominion Split
2006|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 11  
Ophis (DE)  
2003|The Reaper Comes 3  
2005|Nostrae Mortis Signaculum EP
Ophthalamia (SE)  
1992|A Long Journey
1994|A Journey In Darkness        
1995|Via Dolorosa    
1996|Nordic Metal-A Tribute To Euronymous    
1997|To Elishia  
1998|Dominion (2011 Remastered +4)
1998|In Conspiracy With Satan-A Tribute To Bathory    
Opiate For The Masses (US-AZ)  
2005|The Spore
Opium (ID)  
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Opium Warlords (FI)  
2009|Live At Colonia Dignidad
Opposite Earth (US-FL)  
2000|Savatage Tribute-Return Of The Mountain King  
Opposition Party (SG)  
Oppression (SE)  
2003|Violence Will Dominate (Demo)  
2006|State Of War mCD  
Oppressor (PL)  
1995|Blasphemous Thoughts (Tape)
Oppressor (US-IL)  
1994|Solstice Of Oppression    
1995|European Oppression Live  
1998|Elements Of Corrosion  
1998|Legend Of A Madman-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
Solstice Of Agony And Corrosion, The (Bonus DVD)  
Opprobrium (US-LA)  
1988|Serpent Temptation (2008 Remastered)
1990|Beyond The Unknown (2008 Remastered)  
2000|Death Is Just The Beginning 6 (2CD)  
2000|Discerning Forces (2008 Remastered)  
2008|Mandatory Evac  
Opstand (??)
????|No More Police Brutality  
Opterasis (US-MA)  
2000|Opterasis (Demo)
Opus Atlantica (SE)  
2002|Opus Atlantica (Jap)    
Opus Draconis (PT)  
2004|The Blasphemy Is My Throne
2005|Satanic Truth About False Union (Digipack)  
Opus Forgotten (NO)  
2000|Demon Of Destruction 7"    
2004|Cult Of Catharsis & Opus Forgotten Split (Digipak)  
Opus Nocturne (PL)  
2005|Solnorth & Opus Nocturne "Forgotten Lust" Split
Oracle (2005)
Oracle (US-FL)  
1993|As Darkness Reigns  
Oracle Of The Void (AU)  
2008|Further Steps To A Perfect World  
Oraculum (IT)  
2003|A Man A Band A Symbol-Underground Italian Tribute To Burzum  
Orakle (FR)  
2002|Lineffable Emoi De Ce Qui Existe mCD
2005|Uni Aux Cimes
Oral Fistfuck (CH)  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Oral Mutilation
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Orange Goblin (UK)  
1997|Electric Wizard & Orange Goblin Chrononaut/Nuclear Split
1997|Frequencies From Planet Ten +2  
2000|The Big Black  
2002|Terrorized Vol 16  
2004|Thieving From The House Of God  
2007|Healing Through Fire  
Oranssi Pazuzu (FI)  
2009|Muukalainen Puhuu  
Orategod (CL)  
2002|From The Dark Immortals EP (Demo)
2004|Fall Slowly Until The Hell Abyss
Oratorio (FI)  
2004|The Reality Of Existence  
Oratory (PT)  
2001|Illusion Dimensions    
2002|Beyond Earth (Jap +2)    
Orb Of Torture (BE)  
2004|Face Your Underground Vol 2-Belgian Deathmetal Sampler  
Orbit Culture (SE)  
2013|Strange Transmissions From The Neuralnomicon
Orchards Of Odenwrath (SE)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Orchestral Pit's Cannibals (RU)  
1997|Exalted Oestrum (Demo Tape)
Orchid (US)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Orchidectomy (CA)  
2008|A Prelates Attrition
Orchrist (BE)  
2003|Face Your Underground Vol 1  
Orcivus (SE)  
2010|Est Deus In Nobis
Orcrist (IT)  
2002|Primitive Damnation mCD
2002|The Third Imperium (Demo)
2004|Blut Und Eisen Vol 2  
2004|Homage To Ildjarn  
2004|Orcrist & Isvind Split 7"  
2005|From The Forgotten Forest
2006|Black Blood Raised  
2007|Black Destroyer CDR
2009|We Come In War
Orcustus (NO)  
2004|Southern Lord-Let There Be Doom 2  
2005|Wrathrash 7"
2006|Southern Lord-Darkness Hath No Boundaries  
Ordalion (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
Ordeal (BE)  
Orden Ogan (DE)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Order From Chaos (US)  
1990|Will To Power 7"
1993|Stillbirth Machine  
1994|Dawn Bringer (2003 + Bonus)  
1994|Jericho Trumpet 7"
1994|Live Into Distant Fears 7"
1994|Plateau Of Invincibility EP    
1995|An Ending In Fire  
1996|And I Saw Eternity mCD
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
2005|Imperium The Apocalyptic Visions  
Order Of Ennead (US-FL)  
2010|An Examination Of Being  
Order Of Nine (US-PA)  
2002|Of Once And Future Kings  
2004|Season Of Reign
Order Of The Ebon Hand (GR)  
1997|Hellas Salutes The Vikings-Bathory Tribute  
1997|The Mystic Path To The Netherworld  
2003|Celtic Frost Tribute-Order Of The Tyrants  
2004|Apocalypse Livre 66 Chapitre Premier (2CD)  
2005|XV The Devil  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Ordinance (FI)  
2007|Ordinance (Demo Tape) (2008)
2011|Internal Monologues
Ordinul Negru (RO)  
2005|Banatian Darkness  
2006|Over The Frozen Battlegrounds
Ordo Catharis Templi (DE)  
1995|Templum Comparatio II
Ordo Draconis (NL)  
1997|When The Cycle Ends EP (Demo Tape)
1999|In Speculis Noctis mCD (Demo)
2001|The Wing & The Burden    
Ordo Equilibrio (SE)  
1997|Necropolis Distribution Sampler Volume I  
1998|Conquest, Love And Self-perseverance  
1998|Reaping The Fallen First Harvest  
Ordo Equitum Solis (FR)  
Ordo Funebris (ES)  
2003|Cantar A La Morte Fabula Triste
Ordo Templi Orientis (BY)  
2009|Dysphory (Part One)
Ordo Tyrannis (US-IN)  
2006|Vasa Iniquitatis  
Ordog (FI)  
2007|Crow And The Storm
2008|Life Is Too Short For Learning To Live
Ordog (UK)  
1997|Position One LP  
Ordoxe (CA)  
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Oremus (PL)  
Oren Ambarchi (AU)  
2006|Southern Lord-Darkness Hath No Boundaries  
2007|Southern Lord-Within The Church Of Thee Overlords  
Orenda (BG)  
2006|Back In The Grave
2008|No Colours Records-15 Years Jubileum Metal Attack Vol 1  
Orestes (ID)  
2011|Equivocal Paragraph
Organ Grinder (UK)  
2010|Pain Penitentiary & Organ Grinder "Suffer/Dismembered" Split
Organ Harvest (FR)  
2001|Bowels Waltz (Demo)  
Organ Harvest (US-NY)  
2006|Organ Harvest
Organic Infest (PR)  
2003|The Way To Temptation
Organisation Toth (FR)  
2000|The Voice Of T.err.o.r 10"
Organization, The (US-CA)  
1993|The Organization
1995|Savor The Flavor  
Orgasmic Tears (FR)  
2002|Skeletons Of Society Vol 1  
Orgone (MX)  
2002|Taco Hell
2005|Straight To Hell
Orgy Of Flies (BR)  
2010|Satanic Legions-A Tribute To Vulcano  
Orgy Of Pigs (AU)  
1992|Where Feelings Die
2006|Have A Brutal Night  
Origin (US-KS)  
2000|Origin (Jap +1)    
2002|Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas (Jap +1)      
2005|Echoes Of Decimation      
Euclid Tavern 11-18-00 (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Finite (2008) .MKV  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Portal (On Recollection 3 Relapse Video Comp DVD)  Video
Origin Blood (SE)  
2004|Mr. Jakker Daw  
Original Sin (CN)  
2008|Black Depression
Original Sin (US-NY)  
1986|Sin Will Find You Out (2005 Remastered)  
2005|The Sound And The Fury EP
Orion Riders (IT)  
2004|A New Dawn  
2004|Give Us Moore-Gary Moore Tribute  
Ork (BG)  
1998|Et A Novo Magico (Demo)
1999|Frostmoon & Ork Split "Ancient Vardohus/Rebellion"
2001|Legacy Vol 1  
Ork Bastards (RU)  
2009|Final Price (Tape)
Orkrist (SK)  
Orkus (DE)  
1999|The Gate mCD
2001|Live Killings
2002|Worms Of Tomorrow  
Orlac (ES)  
1997|Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust
Orlog (DE)  
2006|Reinigende Feuer  
Ormgaard (SE)  
2003|Ohelgat Blot (Tape)
Ornaments Of Sin (FR)  
2003|Inhale Zyklon B
2005|Ad Hominem & Ornaments Of Sin Split EP
2005|Sombre Chemin & Ornaments Of Sin "Durch Ruinen" Split
2006|Inhale Zyklon-B LP
Ornias (SE)  
2007|Death Bringer
Orodruin (NL)  
2002|Orodruin & Vinterriket Split  
Orodruin (US-NY)  
2003|Shroud Of Woe 1-Chariots Arrive Again (2CD)  
2004|Reverend Bizarre & Orodruin Split LP
Orosius (US-CA)  
1999|Xasthur & Orosius Split
Orphalis (DE)  
2012|Human Individual Metamorphosis
Orphan Hate (DE)  
2008|Blinded By Illusions  
Orphanage (NL)  
1993|Morph (Demo Tape)
1996|By Time Alone    
1997|At The Mountains Of Madness mCD
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|The Sign EP
At The Mountains Of Madness (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Orphaned Land (IL)  
1994|Believe In The Holy Rules  
1994|Sahara (2002 Digipak +3)    
1996|El Norra Alila      
1996|Holy Bible Compilation    
1998|As We Die For Paradise Lost (Tribute)  
2000|The Beloved's Cry  
2004|Mabool The Calm Before The Flood (Acoustic Bonus CD)
2010|The Never Ending Way Of Orwarrior (+ DVDA Bonus)    
Mabool (2004) .VCD  Video
Ocean Land (2004) .MKV  Video
Orphans In Coma (CA)  
2005|Born Feet First CDR
Orpheus (AU)  
2009|So It Begins mCD    
2011|Bleed The Way
Orror (BR)  
2012|Monstro Brasilis
Ortank (PL)  
2000|Ortank (2 Song Promo)
Orth (DE)  
1994|Leichenschmaus EP
1995|Ano Kato
2000|Feed The Flames
Orthanc (FR)  
2004|Orthanc & Nordum Split Tape
2005|Aux Enfants De Thulee
Orthaugr (RU)  
2002|Visions-Tribute To Burzum (2CD)  
Orthodox (ES)  
2008|Four Burials Split  
Orthodox (IT)  
1995|Deterioration Of The Senses Compilation    
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
2007|Southern Lord-Within The Church Of Thee Overlords  
Orthodox (UA)  
2011|Forever Not Yet
Orthrelm (US-DC)  
2006|Orthrelm & Behold The Arctopus Split mCD  
2004|All It Makes
Oscularum Infame (DE)  
2005|For All Hate In Man 8  
Osculum Infame (FR)  
1995|I'a Aem'nh S'ha-t'n (Demo)
1996|Osculum Infame & Funeral Split (Demo)
1998|Dor Nu Fauglith  
2000|The Black Theology mCD
2010|Manifesto From The Dark Age
2012|Consuming The Metatron
Osculum Obscenum (BR)  
2005|Conqueror Of The Ibex Moon Vol 1  
Osh (DE)  
2002|Legacy Vol 21  
OSI (US)  
2003|Office Of Strategic Influence (2CD)      
2006|Free (+ Bonus CD)      
2012|Fire Make Thunder
Osirion (FR)  
2003|Evil Made History (Demo)  
2003|Osirion & Zarach Baal Tharagh Split
2004|An Opus For Lucifer (Remastered)
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Oskal (RU)  
2006|Stahlkrieg (Demo Tape)
Ossadogva (UA)  
2010|The Word Of Abominations
Ossastorium (LT)  
2004|Per Aspera (CDR)
Ossian (HU)  
2005|A Szabadsag Fantomja
Ossuary (UY)  
2004|Silence Means Gold
Ossuary Insane (US-MN)  
1996|Fallen To The Pits (Demo)  
Ostara (DE)  
2000|Secret Homeland
Ostracized (FR)  
2004|Altars Of Mad Death Vol 1  
Ostrogoth (BE)  
1983|Full Moon Eyes EP  
1984|Ecstasy And Danger
Osyris (DE)  
2003|Dong Open Air-Run To The Hill  
Otargos (FR)  
2009|Fuck God-Disease Process    
Havocalypse .AVI  Video
Unaltered Negative God (Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD)  Video
Otep (US-CA)  
2004|Abominations DVDA
2004|House Of Secrets
2007|The Ascension  
2009|Smash The Control Machine
Otesanek (US-PA)  
2008|Four Burials Split  
Othendara (US-IL)  
2003|Blasphemous Revelations Arise The Ancient Evil (Demo)  
Other Dimension, The (DE)  
1999|The Other Dimension
Othyrworld (CA)  
2005|Beyond Into The Night Of Day  
Otto Von Schirach
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Otyg (SE)  
1996|I Trollskogens Drmmande Mrker (Demo)
1998|Alvefard (2008)      
1999|Sagovindars Boning (2008)    
Oubliette (UK)  
2006|Sarmak Tribute  
Ouija (ES)  
1997|Riding Into The Funeral Paths  
Our Darkest Day (US-MA)  
2007|The Reign Will Come
Our Own Justice
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
Our Time
1999|One Hell Of A Compilation  
Ouroboros (CA)  
2003|Horna & Ouroboros Split EP
Sanctuary .MP4  Video
Outbreak (SE)  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
Outburst (FR)  
2003|Pure Thrash (Demo)
Outburst (NL)  
Outburst, The (FR)  
Hangover (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
2003|Nightmare Records Sampler  
Outlaw Elite (CA)  
2006|Northern Black Metal  
Outlaw Order (US-LA)  
2004|Southern Lord-Let There Be Doom 2  
Outlying (CA)  
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Outrage (AT)  
2013|Brutal Human Bastard
Outrage (JP)  
1988|Black Clouds (2007)  
1989|Blind To Reality  
1990|The Great Blue
1991|The Final Day
1995|Days Of Rage-Best Of (CDR)
1995|Life Until Deaf
1997|Who We Are
2000|Japanese Heavy Metal Tribute-Tamashii (Spirit)  
2004|Cause For Pause
2004|Legends Of Japanase Heavy Metal 80s Vol 2  
2007|Live And Rare Vol 2
2008|The Years Of Rage-Live
2008|The Years Of Rage-Live DVDA
2015|Genesis 1
My Final Day (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Step On It (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
You Suck (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Outshine (LT)  
1998|Engine Of Soul (Tape)
Ov Hell (NO)  
2010|The Underworld Regime    
Over Your Threshold (DE)  
Overcast (US-MA)  
1994|Expectational Dilution  
2008|Reborn To Kill Again  
Overdose (BR)  
1985|Seculo XX
1989|You're Really Big
1992|Circus Of Death
1993|Progress Of Decadence
Overdrive (SE)  
1982|Reflexions (2003 Remastered +14)
1983|Metal Attack (2003 Remastered +4)
1984|Swords And Axes (2003 Remastered +5)
2001|Mission Of Destruction-Live
Overdrive (UK)  
2005|On Wizard Ridge
Overflash (SE)  
1993|Threshold To Reality
1996|Silent Universe
Overkill (US-CA)  
1982|Heavy Metal Heroes Vol 2  
1982|Metal Massacre Vol 2  
1985|Triumph Of The Will (1992)  
Overkill (US-NY)  
1983|Power In Black (Demo)  
1985|Feel The Fire          
1986|Rotten To The Core  
1987|Taking Over        
1988|Under The Influence      
1989|The Years Of Decay      
1993|I Hear Black      
1995|Wrecking Your Neck (Live)    
1996|Fuck You And Then Some      
1996|The Killing Kind    
1997|From The Underground And Below      
2001|Twisted Forever-A Tribute To Twisted Sister  
2002|Extended Versions
2002|Hello From The Gutter-The Best (2CD)  
2002|Mega Metal (4CD)  
2002|Then And Now
2002|Wrecking Everything Live (2009 Remastered)  
2003|Killbox 13 (2009 Remastered)    
2005|Relix IV (2009 Remastered)              
2007|Immortalis (2010 Deluxe +3) (+ Bonus DVDA)            
2008|Gigantour Vol 2  
2010|Ironbound (Digipak)      
2012|The Electric Age    
2014|White Devil Armory  
Electric Rattlesnake .MP4  Video
In Union We Stand (Live WOA '05) .AVI  Video
Live At Wacken Open Air 2007    
Live On Gigantour 2 2008 DVD  Video
Live On Metal Hammer Road Show 1986 DVD  Video
Skull And Bones (2008) .MKV  Video
Thanx For Nothin (1991) .MKV  Video
Wrecking Everything Live .AVI      Video
Overlife (ES)  
2000|A Tribute To Dream Theater (2CD)  
2003|Straight Ahead
2005|Never Again
Overload (SE)  
1993|Difference Of Opinion
Overlord (PL)  
1994|Is Everywhere (Demo Tape)
1995|Overland (Demo Tape)
Overlord (SE)  
2003|Bloodstained (Demo)
Overlord (US-WA)  
1984|Northwest Metalfest (Vinyl)  
Overlord's Perpetual (GR)  
2005|Overlord's Perpetual  
Overlorde (US-NJ)  
1986|Overlorde EP  
1987|Medieval Metal EP (Vinyl)
2004|Return Of The Snow Giant    
Colossus (Island Of The Cyclops) (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Overlorde (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Snow Giant (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Starcastle (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Overoth (IE)  
2007|Death Personified mCD    
Overstep (FR)  
2004|French Steel  
Overtures (IT)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Ovid's Withering (US-FL)  
2012|The Cloud Gatherer EP
2013|Scryers Of The Ibis
Grothis, The Insatiable  
Omen Of Lycaon (Guitar Playthrough) .MP4  Video
The Legend Of Ovdi (Legend of Zelda Medley) (Official)
Ovif (CA)  
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
OVO (IT)  
2002|Vae Victis
2004|KK Null & OVO Split mCD
Ovskum (IT)  
2005|Necrolust & Ovskum Split Demo
2005|Obscure Current Vol 1  
2006|Ovskum & Slowmantra Split 7"
2006|Ovskum (Demo Tape)
Ox Project, The (US-FL)  
2002|Orlando Metal Awards Compilation  
Oxbow (US-CA)  
2002|An Evil Heat
Oxidised Razor (MX)  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2001|La Realidad Es Sangrienta
2003|Carne Sangre  
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2004|Oxidised Razor & Autophagia Split CD
2004|Oxidised Razor & C.A.R.N.E. Split
2004|Tribute To Anarchus-Beyond Good And Evil  
2006|Los Vendedores De La Muerte
2007|Oxidised Razor & Meatknife "Guts Grind And Gore" Split
2010|Rise Of The Worms
Oxido (PE)  
1990|Breaking Down The Walls
Oxiplegatz (SE)  
1996|Worlds And Worlds
1998|Sidereal Journey  
Oxnkiller (DE)  
2002|Return Of The Splatterhead
Oysterhead (US)  
2000|From The Barn
Oz (FI)  
1982|Hey You (2007)
1982|Oz (Heavy Metal Heroes)  
1983|Fire In The Brain (2007)  
1984|III Warning (2007)
1986|Decibel Storm (2007)
1991|Roll The Dice  
2011|Burning Leather
Dominator .MP4  Video
Ozric Tentacles (UK)  
1989|Become The Other
1989|Pungent Effulgent
1991|Strangeitude (1998 Remastered +1)  
1992|Afterswish 1984-1991 (Remastered 2CD)
1993|Vitamin Enhanced (6CD)
1999|Waterfall Cities
2000|Swirly Termination
2000|The Bits Between The Bits-Sliding Gliding Worlds (2CD)
2000|The Hidden Step
2001|Pyramidion mCD
2002|Live At The Pongmasters Ball (2CD)
2004|Spirals In Hyperspace
Live At The Pongmasters Ball    
Ozzy Osbourne (UK)  
1980|Blizzard Of Ozz (2011 Remastered Deluxe +3)    
1981|Diary Of A Madman (2011 Remastered Legacy)      
1982|Speak Of The Devil    
1983|Bark At The Moon (2002 +2)    
1986|The Ultimate Sin      
1987|Randy Rhoads Tribute        
1988|No Rest For The Wicked        
1991|No More Tears (2002 Remastered +2)    
1993|Live And Loud    
1997|The Ozzman Cometh    
2001|Down To Earth      
2005|Under Cover  
2007|Black Rain      
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.1  
Flying High Again Live 1982 (640 480 Stereo 22khz) .FLV  Video
Live On Rock Pop In Dortmund 1983 DVD #2  Video
The Ultimate Sin Tour (1986)  
Wicked Videos Unauthorized 1988