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H.407 (PL)  
2006|Agathocles & H.407 "For What For Who" Split
H.I.M. (FI)  
1997|Greatest Love Songs Vol 666    
1999|Join Me (Single)
2000|Razorblade Romance (2003 Remastered)    
2001|Live At Rock Am Ring 06-02-01 (Bootleg)
2002|Heartache Every Moment mCD
2002|Mera Luna 2002 (2CD)  
2003|Love Metal (Digipak +1)  
2005|Dark Light  
2010|Screamworks Love In Theory And Practice
H30+ (FR)  
2004|French Steel  
H8 Inc. (US-MI)  
2004|Life Of Pain
Ha Lela (LT)  
1998|No Holy Additives Part 2  
Haarp (US-LA)  
2007|I mCD
2009|II mCD
Haat (NL)  
1999|Promo 1
2001|Factum Luctisonus LP
2002|Recidivus In Obscurum (Tape + Bonus)  
2004|Homage To Ildjarn  
Haatstrijd (NL)  
2002|Demo (Tape)
2002|Nachtgruwel (Demo Tape)
2002|Zwart Bloed (Tape)
2003|Haatstrijd & Verloren & Odium "Suicide Campaign Part I" Demo
2003|Live On Uva 3 (Tape)  
Habeas Corpus (US-CA)  
1998|Overload-A Tribute To Metallica    
1999|Megaded-A Tribute To Megadeth  
2000|Jump In The Pit-A Tribute To Testament  
Habitual (US-IN)  
Hacavitz (MX)  
2008|Hacavitz & Thornspawn "Rituals Of The Night" Split
2010|Meztli Obscura
Hackepeter Finn (DE)  
2003|Untitled (Demo)
Hacksaw Surgery (AU)  
2007|Embalming Theatre & Hacksaw Surgery "D-Composition" Split  
Hacksaw To The Throat (US-CA)  
Hadan (US-CA)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
2005|Northwest Death Fest Vol 2 (2CD)  
Hader (DE)  
2008|Ascheregen (Demo CDR)
2009|Katharsis mCD
Hades (AR)  
2004|Muerte Al Falso Metal-Tributo Argentino A Manowar  
Hades (CN)  
2001|Resurrection Of The Gods  
2004|China Runs Blood +2  
Hades (NO)  
1993|Alone Walkyng mCD  
1994|Again Shall Be (2010 Remastered +3)  
1997|The Dawn Of The Dying Sun (2010 Remastered +3)  
199X|Katatonia & Hades Split Tape
Hades (US-NJ)  
1985|Metal Massacre Vol 6    
1987|Resisting Success (2011 Remastered +5)  
1988|If At First You Don't Succeed (2011 Remastered +6)
1989|Exist To Resist (2010)
1991|Live On Location (2011 Remastered +6)
1999|$avior $elf  
2000|The Downside  
2005|Nothing Succeeds Like Success (2CD)
Hades Almighty (NO)  
1999|Millenium Nocturne    
2001|The Pulse Of Decay (2004 +1)      
Hades Archer (CL)  
2008|Penis Metal mCD  
Hadez (PE)  
2000|Even If You Die A Thousand Times  
2009|Doomsday The Death Rides
Hadiann (FI)  
2006|Reverend Holocaust (Demo CDR)
2003|Tribute To Gut  
Haemophagia (ES)  
2007|From Sickness To Cult
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Haemophagus (IT)  
2008|Haemophagus & Agathocles Split 7"
2009|A Tribute To Repulsion  
2009|Illegal Grinding An International Grindcore Gathering  
2009|Slaves To The Necromancer
2010|Haemophagus & Grind Crusher Split 7"
2011|Bonesaw & Haemophagus Split
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Haemorrhage (ES)  
1994|Haemorrhage & Christ Denied "Obnoxious/Thy Horned God" Splt
1995|Emetic Cult  
1998|Anatomical Inferno  
1998|Groinchurn & Haemorrhage "I Don't/Surgery" Split 7"
2000|4-Way Split Compilation EP  
2000|Scalpel, Scissors And Other Forensic Instruments
2000|Wizards Of Gore-A Tribute To Impetigo  
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2002|Morgue Sweet Home    
2003|Haemorrhage & Impaled "Dementia Rex" Split CD    
2004|Haemorrhage & Denak Split
2005|Nunslaughter & Haemorrhage Split 7"  
2005|Obscene Extreme 2005-Silence Sucks  
2006|Apology For Pathology    
2008|Haemorrhage & Dead Split
2009|A Tribute To Repulsion  
2009|Dead Infection & Haemorrhage "Furniture-In Gore We" Split
2010|Obscene Extreme  
2011|Haemorrhage & Disgorge "Morgue Metal" Split
2011|Hospital Carnage
Deranged For Loathsome (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Deranged For Loathsome (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #1)  Video
Dissect Exhume Devour (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #2)  Video
Furtive Dissection (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #2)  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Mortuary Riot (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #1)  Video
Mortuary Riot .AVI  Video
Visions From The Morgue (2004)  
Haemoth (FR)  
2003|Satanik Rehearsal-Underground Terrorism (Demo Tape)
2003|Satanik Terrorism (+ LP Bonus)  
2004|Haemoth & Nemeton "Of Aversion" Split Tape
2004|Underground Black Metal Bund Vol 2  
2004|Vice Suffering And Destruction (+ Vinyl Bonus)  
2005|Kontamination (Ltd)    
Haeres (CA)  
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Haeresis (FR)  
2002|Haeresis mCD
2004|Altars Of Mad Death Vol 1  
Hagal (DE)  
2000|Karg (2005 Remastered)
2004|Sterbender Traum  
Hagalaz Runedance (NO)  
1998|Presumed Guilty  
1999|Urd-That Which Was mCD    
2000|Sign Of The Hammer (Hammerheart Records Comp) (2CD)  
2002|Friggas Web  
Haggard (DE)  
1994|Progressive mCD  
1997|And Thou Shalt Trust The Seer      
2000|Awaking The Centuries (Digipak +1)      
2001|Awaking The Gods-Live In Mexico      
2008|Tales Of Ithiria      
Haggis (NO)  
2008|The Beginning Of The End
Hagl (RU)  
2005|Sturmbund Der Elite  
Hagridden (DE)  
1999|Hagridden & Apocryphal "Unholy Night" Split (Demo Tape)
1999|Symmetry In Chaos EP
Hail (FI)  
1998|Storm Of Nebula II  
2003|Inheritance Of Evilness (2008 2LP)  
Hail Of Bullets (NL)  
2009|Warsaw Rising EP    
2010|On Divine Winds +1 +DVDA    
Hail The Villain
2010|Population Declining
Hailstorm (DE)  
2006|Death. Defiance. Decadence. mCD
Haimad (SE)  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
Haimorith (UA)  
1997|C.S.S.O. & Haimorith Split (Tape)
Haine Noire (FR)  
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Haizum (UK)  
2007|Orthodox Black Ritual (Demo mCD)
Haken (UK)  
2016|Affinity (2CD)
Hakenkreuz Nocturna (IT)  
2006|Eternal Introspective Winter  
Hakenkreuzzug (FR)  
2005|Tribute To Carnivore  
Hakuja (JP)  
HAL 9000 (BR)  
2003|Wandering In The Infinite Black Garden (Demo CDR)
Half Man (SE)  
2001|Doom Or Be Doomed  
Halford (UK)  
2000|Resurrection (Jap +2)      
2001|Live Insurrection (2CD)  
2002|Crucible (2010 Remastered Deluxe)          
2002|Fourging The Furnace EP (Jap)
2007|Metal God Essentials Vol 1 (2CD)      
2009|Winter Songs  
2010|Halford IV Made Of Metal    
2010|Live In Anaheim (2CD)
Betrayal (2002) .MKV  Video
Forgotten Generation (2007) .AVI  Video
Live At Rock In Rio III [2 DVD] (2008)  
Live At Saitama Super Arena 2011 .AVI  Video
Live In Anaheim (2010) DVD9  
Metal God Essentials Vol 1 Bonus DVD  
Halfway To Gone (US-NJ)  
2000|Alabama Thunderpussy & Halfway To Gone Split
2004|Halfway To Gone
Halgadom (DE)  
2002|Verdunkelung Des Goettlichen
2004|Halgadom & Frostkrieg "Ahnenland" Split EP
2009|Wille Tatkraft Potential
Hall Aflame (US)  
1991|Guaranteed Forever    
Halla (IR)  
2010|Leichenstatte & Halla & Calth & Raten "Misanthropic" Split
Hallowed (IE)  
2003|Forgotten People  
Hallowed (IT)  
1986|Hallowed (2006 Remastered +4)
Halloween (US-MI)  
1984|Don't Metal With Evil  
1984|Live From The Crypt-Live
1986|Victims Of The Night
1991|No One Gets Out (2001)  
1997|1031: A Number Of Things (Bootleg)
2003|Tricks Treats & Other Tales From The Crypt CDR
2006|E.vil P.ieces EP
2006|Horror Fire
Crawl To The Altar (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Halloween (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
If I Die You Die (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Scared To Death (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
The Fire Still Burns (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Welcome (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
What A Nice Place (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Hallows Eve (US-GA)  
1985|Tales Of Terror      
1986|Death And Insanity    
2005|Evil Never Dies      
2006|History Of Terror (3CD)
Live (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Speed Freak (Live On Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary DVD)  Video
Hallstatt (ES)  
2001|Battles For The Uncestral Land mCD  
2002|Einsatzkommando & Hallstatt Split
2003|Barbarian Warlike Supremacy  
Halo (AU)  
2001|Contaminated 4.0  
2004|Contaminated Vol 6 (2CD)  
Halo Manash (FI)  
Halor (HU)  
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Halucynogen (PL)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2009 DVD #1  Video
Hamingia (DE)  
2001|Thuask (Demo)
Hamka (FR)  
2005|Unearth (Jap)  
Hammer (FI)  
2008|Shoax LP
Hammer Bros
2010|Sleep Forever EP
Hammer Of Gore (DE)  
Hammer Of The Gods
1999|Planet Metal  
Hammercult (IL)  
2012|Anthems Of The Damned
Hammerfall (SE)  
1997|Glory To The Brave (Single)    
1997|Glory To The Brave +2    
1998|Heeding The Call (Single)  
1998|Legacy Of Kings    
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|I Want Out EP  
2000|Always Will Be (Single)
2000|Renegade (Single)
2001|Twisted Forever-A Tribute To Twisted Sister  
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2002|Crimson Thunder (+ Euro & US Bonus Tracks)      
2003|A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night (Kiss)  
2003|One Crimson Night (2CD)    
2003|Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD  
2005|Blood Bound (Single)  
2005|Chapter V-Unbend Unbowed Unbroken (Digipak) (Jap +2)        
2006|Threshold (Promo)        
2007|Steel Meets Steel-Ten Years Of Glory (2CD)  
2009|No Sacrifice No Victory        
2011|All Guts No Glory (Bonus DVDA)
2012|Gates Of Dalhalla (2CD)
Always Will Be (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Any Means Necessary (2009) .MKV  Video
Any Means Necessary (P3 Guldgalan 01-17-09) .MKV  Video
Glory To The Brave (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Hammerfall (Live At The Dynamo) .ASF  Video
Hammerfall (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Hammerfall .ASF  Video
Hearts On Fire (2002) .SVCD  Video
Interview (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Interview, Back & On Stage (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Last Man Standing (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Let The Hammer Fall (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Natural High (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
One Crimson Night (2003)    
Rebels With A Cause (2008)  
Renegade (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Hammergun (US)  
Hammerhawk (NL)  
1984|Breaks Loose EP (1999 Remastered + Bonus)
1991|Welcome Home We Expected You
2001|Motormorphosis-A Tribute To Motorhead Part 1  
Hammeron (US-IL)  
1986|Nothin' To Do But Rock (2004 +2)
Hammers Of Misfortune (US-CA)  
2000|The Bastard    
2003|The August Engine        
2006|The Locust Years        
2008|Fields-Church Of Broken Glass (2CD)
2011|17th Street
Hammurabi (BR)  
2006|Submersos mCD
Han Yew Kwang
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Handful Of Hate (IT)  
2005|Scorn And Conquest 7"
2006|Gruesome Splendour    
2009|You Will Bleed
Hands Of Death (CA)  
2004|Hands Of Death mCD
Hands Of Fate (DE)  
2005|Hands Of Fate & Epitaph Opera "Equinox Anthems" Split  
Hang The Bastard (UK)  
2010|Hellfire Reign
Hangar (BR)  
2001|Inside Your Soul
2007|The Reason Of Your Conviction (Jap)
Hangman (IL)  
2003|Sinners Of Sodom (Demo)  
2005|Thrash From The Dead (Demo)
Hangnail (UK)  
1999|Ten Days Before Summer
2001|Clouds In The Head
Hangover (PL)  
2003|Underground Attack  
2005|Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol 1 EP  
Hanker (CA)  
1997|The Dead Ringer
2004|Web Of Faith  
2010|Conspiracy Of Mass Extinction
Hannes Grossmann (DE)  
2014|The Radial Covenant  
2016|The Crypts Of Sleep
1995|Antichrist Superstar Compilation (Displeased)    
Hanoi Rocks (FI)  
1984|Two Steps From The Move (2004 Remastered)
2004|Keep Our Fire Burning (Single)
2005|Another Hostile Takeover (Jap +1)
Tragedy (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Up Around The Bend (1984) .AVI  Video
Up Around The Bend (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Hantaoma (FR)  
Hanzel Und Gretyl (US-IL)  
1997|Transmissions From Uranus  
2004|ScheissmEssiah (Metropolis)
Happy Face (FR)  
2005|Le Tigre
Le Bon Choix (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Happy Grindcore (DE)  
2011|Grindcore Swing 7"
Har Shatan (DE)  
2003|Sounds To The Key Of Death (Demo)
2005|Front Beast & Har Shatan "Laws Of/Pain And" Split 7"
2005|Wolfschrei & Har Shatan Split 7"
2009|His Legacy LP
Harakiri (US-IN)  
2000|Reverence For Madness
2001|Virtuous Symptoms mCD
2004|Goregrind Cafe  
Hardegon (BR)  
2004|Das Profundesas Clama Ti Vol 1 (Tape)  
Hardware (UK)  
1996|Race Religion And Hate  
Harem Scarem (CA)  
1993|Mood Swings  
2002|Weight Of The World  
Hargonath (BR)  
2006|Hargonath & Necrocult "Wrath Of Satan" Split CDR
Hargos (BR)  
2007|Shadows Of Violence
Harkenkreuz (JP)  
1993|Horstwessel (Demo)
Harkonin (US-MO)  
Harm (NO)  
Harmful (DE)  
Harmony (SE)  
1994|The Radiance From A Star (Demo Tape)
Harmony (SE) *  
2008|Chapter II Aftermath  
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.2  
Harmony Dies (DE)  
1993|Krisiun & Harmony Dies Split EP (Vinyl)
1994|The Third Output Of Incompetence (Demo)
1999|Don't Trust  
2000|I'll Be Your Master
2003|Harmony Dies & Fleshart Split
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #1 (2002)  Video
Living Corpses (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Harmony Fault (BR)  
2005|Neoplasm Disseminator&Harmony Fault&Premature Autopsy Split
Harms Way
Harpoon (US-IL)  
2009|Double Gnarly Triple Suicide  
Harpoons, The (CA)  
1997|The Kanada Compilation  
Harridan (ES)  
2004|Tales Of The Unholy (Demo Tape)
Harsgathyr (DE)  
2006|Harsgathyr & Ysorex "Nordland Krieger" Split  
Harsh (??)
2002|Harsh (Demo)
Harsh (FI)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Harsh (UK)  
Harum Scarum (US)  
1991|Metal Massacre Vol 11    
Haruspex (US-WI)  
1996|Extremist Recs Compilation Vol 1    
Harvest (DE)  
2006|Hate Is Not For Granted EP
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
Harvist (US-WV)  
2000|A Gleam In The Night    
2005|Lighting Storm In The Veins  
Hashdum (JP)  
1998|Carcass Grinder & Hashdum Split
Haste (US-AL)  
2001|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XXX  
2001|Identify 7 Deadly Sins  
2003|The Mercury Lift      
Haste The Day
When Everything Falls (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
Hat (NO)  
2008|Livet Ebber Ut CDR
2009|The Demise Of Mankind
Hatchet (US-CA)  
2008|Awaiting Evil    
Hatchet Dawn (AU)  
2009|Faith In Chaos mCD
Hate (??)
Hate (BO)  
2003|Republica De Odio  
Hate (CA)  
Hate (PL)  
1992|Abhorrence (Demo Tape)
2001|Gateway To Hell 2-A Tribute To Slayer  
2001|Holy Dead Trinity  
2002|Cain's Way      
2003|Awakening Of The Liar      
2005|Anaclasis-A Haunting Gospel Of Malice And Hatred          
2013|Solarflesh (Digipak)
Hex (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #1)  Video
Live Clip On Thrash'em All Festival 2001 .MPG  Video
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #2  Video
The Litanies Of Satan (2004)      
Hate Beyond (JP)  
2003|Perpetual Pain
2013|Cage Of The Sorrow
Hate Corporate
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Hate Eternal (US)  
1996|Conquering The Throne  
1997|Alas & Hate Eternal "Engulfed In Grief" (Demo)
2002|King Of All Kings      
2005|I, Monarch      
2008|Fury And Flames        
2011|Phoenix Amongst The Ashes  
Bringer Of Storms (2008) .MKV  Video
I Monarch (2005) .SVCD  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Powers That Be (2002 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Perilous Fight (2006)    
Hate Factor (DE)  
2003|Mind-Forged Killings EP
Hate Forest (UA)  
1999|Scythia (2002 +1)  
2000|The Curse (The Most Ancient Ones Rehearsal)  
2001|Blood And Fire Ritual mCD    
2002|The Most Ancient Ones  
2002|Those Who Came Before Us (Tape)
2003|The Gates  
2003|To Twilight Thickets
2003|Tormenting Legends Part 1 LP  
2004|Resistance 7"  
2007|Temple Forest (Demo Tape)
2009|Dead But Dreaming
Hate Furnace (US-OK)  
1999|Entity Of Nothingness
Hate In Extrema (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 01 Death Metal  
Hate Profile (IT)  
2006|Opus I The Khaos Hatefile    
Hate Squad (DE)  
1995|I.Q. Zero (Ltd Ed)
2004|H8 For The Masses
2008|Degueello Wartunes
Hate Supremacy (FR)  
2002|Under The Reign Of Armageddon    
Hate Theory (US-OH)  
1998|Your Dead Reflection
1999|Hell Rules-A Tribute To Black Sabbath  
1999|Red Star-A Tribute To Rush  
1999|World Of Pain-Tribute To Sepultura  
2001|A Sikk Tribute To Kiss  
Hate Unit (FI)  
Hatebeak (US-MD)  
2007|Birdflesh & Hatebeak Split 7"  
Hatebox (IT)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Hatebreed (US-CT)  
1997|Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
1999|Under The Knife EP
2003|The Rise Of Brutality  
2006|Supremacy (Jap +1)  
2008|Live Dominance DVDA
2009|For The Lions (+ Bonus)
Defeatist (2006) .AVI  Video
I will Be Heard (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Live Dominance (2008)  
Live For This (2003) .SVCD  Video
Perseverance (2003) .VCD  Video
Hatecraft (RU)  
2004|Finally Free
2005|Lost Consolation  
Hated Principles (US)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
Hatedrive (DE)  
2005|Population 0 (Demo)  
Hatefist (US)  
2005|Self Titled
Hateform (FI)  
Hateful (IT)  
2010|Coils Of A Consumed Paradise  
2013|Epilogue Of Masquerade
Hateful (PL)  
2002|Hateful & Szron Split CD
Hateful Abandon (UK)  
2008|Famine (Or Into The Bellies Of Worms)
Hateful Agony (DE)  
2000|Existence Is Punishment
Hatenation (ES)  
Hateplow (US)  
1998|Everybody Dies  
2000|The Only Law Is Survival    
2004|Mosh Pit Murder (Live)
Hatepulse (NO)  
2003|In Extenso Letalis  
Haters, The (US)  
1997|Drunk On Decay
Haterush (SE)  
2004|Mark Of The Warrior    
2007|Baptised In Fire
Hatesower (IT)  
Pain Of Screaming .MP4  Video
Hatespawn (DE)  
2005|Signum Diabolis & Hatespawn Split 7"  
Hatesphere (DK)  
2002|Bloodred Hatred      
2003|Something Old Something New Something Borrowed... mCD  
2004|Ballet Of The Brute (US +2)        
2005|The Killing EP  
2005|The Sickness Within        
2007|Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes        
2009|To The Nines +3    
2011|The Great Bludgeoning
Bloodsoil (Live @ Full Force 07/03/04) .SVCD  Video
Floating (2007) .MKV  Video
Forever War (2007) .MKV  Video
Hate (Live WOA '05) .AVI  Video
Only The Strongest (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Reaper Of Life (2005) .MKV  Video
The Sickness Within (2005) .SVCD  Video
The Sickness Within (Live WOA '05) .AVI  Video
Vermin (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #2)  Video
Hatestorm (RU)  
2003|The Days When Only Hate Has Blossomed
2006|Cursed Rituals
2009|Filth Purity
Hatestroke (ID)  
2009|The Schematic Diagram Of Hate Distribution
1998|Death To The World Vol 1  
1999|Suomi Finland Perkele Compilation Vol 2  
Hatework (IT)  
2000|Face Downwards
2000|Thrashers Attack (Demo Tape)
2002|Madbent For Disaster  
2003|Vexed & Hatework Split EP
2004|Thrash N Roll  
2007|The Actual Worst Has Come (Best Of)
Hatework (US-AZ)  
2002|Broken Silence    
Hateworks (BR)  
2005|Belief mCD
2005|Hateworks (Demo)
Hathor (DE)  
2000|Broad Brook Symptome EP
Hathor (RO)  
Hati (DE)  
2004|Trauer Krieg Verzweiflung Und Hass
Hatred (DE)  
2002|Fractured (Demo)
2010|Destruction Manual
Hatred (NL)  
2000|Hatred (Demo)
2002|Chaos In The Flesh
2008|Blasphemous Deliverance    
Hatred (US-MN)  
2001|Kill It EP
Hatred (US-VA)  
1996|Suffer EP (Demo)
1997|Extremities Compilation #1    
1997|Out Of The Box Volume 1  
1999|The Offering  
Hatred Arouser (TR)  
1994|Key Of Subconscious (Demo Tape)
Hatred Divine (DE)  
2003|Of Light And The Absence Of Light (Demo)  
Hatred Scratch (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
Hatred Slave (AU)  
2009|Kill All Humans
Hatred Unleashed (US-FL)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Hatriot (US-CA)  
2013|Heroes Of Origin  
2014|Dawn Of The New Centurion    
Hatrix (US-OH)  
1993|Hatrix (1999)
Hauk (US-CA)  
2008|To Hear The Trumpets Call mCD
Haunted By Angels (US)  
2004|Season Of Death  
Haunted By Zero (??)
2000|The Darkening EP
Haunted Gorge (DE)  
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
Haunted, The (SE)  
1997|Demo #1
1998|The Haunted      
2000|Earache Immortalised (3CD)  
2000|The Haunted Made Me Do It        
2002|Caught On Tape (2CD DVDA)  
2003|One Kill Wonder (+3)          
2006|The Dead Eye +2              
2008|Versus (+ Bonus EP)        
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
2009|Warning Shots (2CD)
2010|Road Kill (+ DVDA)
2011|Unseen (Digipak)    
Blinded By Fear (At The Gates Cover) (Live On Party San 2001 DVD)  Video
Bury Your Dead (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Drowning, The (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
In Vein & Interview (On New England 2003 DVD)  Video
Making Of The Dead Eye (2006) .AVI  Video
Moronic Colossus (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Moronic Colussus (Live Promo) (On Manifesto Of Metal ForTheMasses DVD)  Video
No Compromise (2005) .SVCD  Video
Tokyo 2000 (2CD) .SVCD  Video
Trespass (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Undead (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Havana Black (FI)  
1995|Headin For The North-Motorhead Tribute  
Havayoth (SE)  
2000|His Creation Reversed (Jap +1)    
Have Mercy (US-MD)  
1986|Metal Massacre Vol 7    
Haven (US-PA)  
1991|Age Of Darkness (2005 Remastered +7)  
Haven Denied (PT)  
2011|Illusions (Between Truth And Lie)
Havoc (BR)  
2012|Destroy The Planet
Havoc (PL)  
2000|Haphazard (Demo)
Havoc (US)  
1992|Father Jones
Havoc (US-CA)  
2004|The First 20 Years-Auburn Records  
Havoc Mass (US-FL)  
1991|Metal Massacre Vol 11    
1993|Killing The Future
Havoc Vulture (DE)  
2001|As Fiendish Cancer Unfolds (Demo Tape)
2002|Daemmerung Vol 4  
2005|Ignis Uranium & Havoc Vulture "Speech Of The Mushroomcloud"
Havochate (US-NY)  
2005|Cycle Of Pain      
Havohej (US-NY)  
1991|Dethrone The Son Of God (2004)  
1993|Unholy Darkness And Impurity 7" (1996)
1994|Black Perversion mLP  
1994|The Black Mist 7"
1995|Blackened Compilation Vol 1    
2000|Man And Jinn mCD  
2009|Kembatinan Premaster  
Havok (DE)  
2006|Havok mCD
2008|Rebuilding Sodom
Havok (SE)  
2009|Being And Nothingness  
Havok (US-CO)  
Hawaii (US-HI)  
1985|The Natives Are Restless
Hawkmoon (FR)  
2000|Tome I A Laube Des Puissances (Demo Tape)
Hawkwind (UK)  
1970|Hawkwind (1996 Remastered +4)
1971|In Search Of Space (1996 Remastered +3)
1972|Doremi Fasol Latido (1996 Remastered +4)
1973|Space Ritual (2CD)
1974|Hall Of The Mountain Grill (2001 Remastered)
1984|British Steel LP  
1988|Axe Attack  
1989|Masters Of The Universe (Compilation)
1990|Acid Daze The History Of Hawkwind (2CD)
1992|Psychedelic Warlords
1993|Electric Teepee
1993|Live 79
1995|Metal Box Compilation (3CD)    
1995|Undisclosed Files Addendum
2002|Mega Metal (4CD)  
2004|Spaced Out In London
Hayras (FR)  
2006|Sombre Destin
Hayseed Dixie (US)  
2001|A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC  
2002|A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love  
2003|Kiss My Grass-A Hillbilly Tribute To Kiss
2004|Let There Be Rockgrass
2009|A Golden Shower Of Hits (The Best Of)
Hazael (PL)  
Hazzard (DE)  
1983|Hazzard (1994)
HDK (NL)  
2009|System Overload
He Is Legend
The Seduction (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
He Who Corrupts (US-IL)  
2001|Murderous Grind Attack  
Head Control System (PT)  
2006|Murder Nature  
Head Hits Concrete (CA)  
2002|The Bloodbath Is Coming (Double EP)  
Headbangers (BO)  
2010|Thrashing And Smashing Shits
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Headcrash (NL)  
2002|Skeletons Of Society Vol 1  
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2005|Hog Caller & Headcrash Split
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Headgirl (UK)  
1995|Metal Box Compilation (3CD)    
Headhaunter (NL)  
2004|Visions Of Paranoia
Headhunter (DE)  
1990|Parody Of Life (2007 Remastered)
1992|A Bizarre Gardening Accident (2007 Remastered)
1994|Rebirth (2007 Remastered)
2008|Parasite Of Society      
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Born In The Woods (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Silverskull (2008) .MKV  Video
Headhunter D.C. (BR)  
1991|Born Suffer Die (2002 Reissue)  
2000|And The Sky Turns To Black (The Dark Age Has Come)  
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2007|Gods Spreading Cancer      
Headless (PL)  
2002|Selftitled (Demo)
Headline (FR)  
1999|Hard Rock Mag 12/Hard Rock-Metal Prog Ltd. Ed.  
2003|Blackmores Castle-Deep Purple & Rainbow Tribute  
Headmeat (BE)  
2004|Destructive Entitlement EP
Headshot (DE)  
2008|As Above So Below    
Headstone (DE)  
Headstone Epitaph (DE)  
1998|Wings Of Eternity
1999|Power Games
Heaps Of Dead (CA)  
2009|Deceased Dismembered And Left To Decay  
Hearse (SE)  
2001|Demo #1
2001|Demo #2
2002|Dominion Reptilian    
2004|Armageddon Mon Amour      
2005|The Last Ordeal  
2006|In These Veins      
2009|Single Ticket To Paradise  
Heart Of Cygnus (US-CA)  
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #2  Video
Heartless (CN)  
2006|Ululate & Heartless & Martyrdom "348? Black Metal" Split
Heartless (NO)  
1995|A Gathering Of 8 Norwegian Prog Metal Bands (2CD)  
Heartless (US)  
2002|Demo 02 (Reissue)
Heartscarved (US-NC)  
2002|Tribunal Records Sampler V2.0  
Heatenic Noiz Architect (PL)  
2005|Gods Of Guts-A Tribute To Carcass  
Heathen (US-CA)  
1986|The Demo Tapes "Pray For Death"
1987|Breaking The Silence    
1987|Breaking The Silence (Demo Tracks "Pray For Death")
1989|Victims Of Deception (2007 +1)      
2009|The Evolution Of Chaos (Jap)      
Set Me Free (Sweet Cover) .MPG  Video
Heathen Dawn (FR)  
2002|Wasted Land mCD  
Heathen Deity (UK)  
2002|For The Glory Of Satan mCD  
Heathen's Rage (US-NJ)  
2007|The Years Of Rage (Best Of)
Heaven Ablaze (CA)  
2005|Enlightened By Darkness  
Heaven And Earth (US)  
2001|Windows To The World (Jap +1)  
Heaven And Hell (UK)  
2007|Live Radio City Music Hall (2CD)    
2009|Bible Black Neon Lights EP  
2009|The Devil You Know            
2010|Neon Nights-Live At Wacken
Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Heaven & Hell (Live On Bang Your Head Fest 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Live Radio City Hall (2007)    
Heaven Forbid
1999|One Hell Of A Compilation  
Heaven Shall Burn (DE)  
1998|In Battle There Is No Law
2000|Caliban Vs. Heaven Shall Burn-The Split Program  
2001|Lifeforce Records Sampler  
2002|Whatever It May Take (2007 Rerecorded)
2004|Antigone (Korean +1)      
2005|Caliban & Heaven Shall Burn "The Split Program II"  
2006|Deaf To Our Prayers    
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2010|Invictus (Iconoclast III)  
2013|Veto (2CD)
Black Tears (2009) .MKV  Video
Bleeding To Death (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #2)  Video
Combat/Black Tears (EOS Cover) (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #2)  Video
Endzeit (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Endzeit (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
The Weapon They Fear (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Voice Of The Voiceless (Live) (On Manifesto Of Metal For TheMassesDVD)  Video
Heaven's Guardian (BR)  
Heavenfalls (BR)  
2003|Ethereal Dreams
Heavenly (FR)  
2000|Coming From The Sky    
2001|Sign Of The Winner    
2004|Dust To Dust (Jap Bonus Track Only)    
2006|Virus (Jap)      
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Live On Manowar Magic Circle Festival Vol 1 Disc 1 DVD  Video
Heavens Cry (CA)  
1996|Food For Thought Substitute (Jap +3)  
2003|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XLVIII  
Heavens Gate (DE)  
1989|In Control
1990|Open The Gate And Watch EP
1991|Livin' In Hysteria    
1992|Hell For Sale!
1992|More Hysteria EP
1993|Live For Sale
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 2    
1996|Planet E.    
1998|In The Mood EP
2000|The Keepers Of Jericho-A Tribute To Helloween    
Heavenwood (PT)  
2011|Abyss Masterpiece  
Heartquake (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Swallow Me (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Heavils, The (US-IL)  
2003|Metal Blade Presents Uncorrupted Steel 2  
Heaving Earth (CZ)  
2010|Diabolic Prophecies  
Heavy Depth Perception
2003|Deny Your Conscience
Heavy Guitars (FR)  
2002|Structural Damage
Heavy Load (SE)  
1978|Full Speed At High Level  
1981|Metal Conquest EP (2006)  
1982|Death Or Glory (2006)
1982|Swedish Live Conquest FM (2CD)
1983|Stronger Than Evil (2006)  
1985|Monsters Of The Night (Single) (2006)
1991|Metal Angels In Leather
Heavy Lord (NL)  
2004|The Holy Grail (2009 +1)    
2006|From Cosmos To Chaos EP      
2007|Chained To The World  
2011|Balls To All
Heavy Metal Maniacs
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
Heavy Pettin' (UK)  
1989|Big Bang
2001|Heart Attack Live
2006|Pettology (3CD)
Throw A Party (Live On Loreley Metal Hammer Fest 1985 DVD)  Video
Heavys, The
2008|Mega Metal Marathon (2CD)
Hebosagil (FI)  
2008|Hebosagil & Viisikko Split mCD
Hecate (BR)  
1998|Sob O Signo Da Magia (Demo)
2001|Southern Warriors Cult Vol 2  
2003|Odes Ao Oculto
Hecate (SK)  
2004|Oppressed By Sorrow
Hecate (US)  
2002|Hate Cats EP (Vinyl)
2002|The Magick Of Female Ejaculation
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
Hecate Enthroned (UK)  
1996|Upon Promeathean Shores (Reissue +2)  
1997|The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty    
1998|Dark Requiems    
1999|Kings Of Chaos    
1999|Straight To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer    
2013|Virulent Rapture  
Hecatomb (BR)  
2000|Empire Of No Emperor
Hecatomb (TR)  
2003|Decomposed In Hecatomb
2011|Mighty Chaos
Hecatombe (BR)  
2001|Nightmares (Demo)
Hecatombic (FR)  
2004|Delights Of The Despicable
Hectic Patterns (FR)  
2005|The Grand Hare Order (Demo)  
Hed P.E. (US-CA)  
1997|Ground Single
2000|Bartender (Single)
2000|Nativity In Black 2-A Tribute To Black Sabbath    
2001|Killing Time (Single)
2003|Blackout (Australian)
2009|New World Orphans
Hedfirst (PL)  
Hedon Cries (GR)  
2003|Hate Into Grief
2007|Afflictions Fiction (Digipak)
Heed (SE)  
2005|The Call (Jap)      
Heervader (NL)  
2008|Herjannsmal (Demo Tape)
2009|Heimdalls Wacht & Winterlieke & Heervader Split
Hefeystos (PL)  
1996|Blood To Come Vol 2  
1997|Vilce Sjen mCD  
1998|Psycho Cafe
Hegemon (FR)  
1997|Rape The Banner Of Light (Demo Tape)
2000|Chaos Supreme
2002|By This I Conquer
2008|Contempus Mundi
Hegemoon (PL)  
2003|Hegemoon & Runes Of Dianceht Split
Heia (BR)  
2004|Das Profundesas Clama Ti Vol 1 (Tape)  
2010|The Return Of The Sons Of Cain (A Tribute To Amen Corner)  
Heiden (CZ)  
Heidenblut (DE)  
Heidenlaerm (DE)  
2002|Blutge Erde
Heidenreich (AT)  
1997|A Death Gate Cycle mCD
1999|Trance Of An Unholy Union  
Heidenwelt (FR)  
2005|Vordr & Heidenwelt "Hateblood" Split EP
Heidevolk (NL)  
2009|Tyr & Alestorm & Heidevolk "Black Sails Over Europe" Split
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Heimdall (IT)  
1998|Lord Of The Sky    
1999|The Temple Of Theil  
2002|The Almighty    
2004|Hard As Iron (Jap +1)    
Heimdalls Horn (AU)  
2007|Funeral Howl & Heimdalls Horn "Nihilistic Dawn" Split CDR
Heimdalls Wacht (DE)  
2005|Westfaelischer Schlachtenlaerm (2LP) (2008)
2007|Der Untergang Der Alten Welt (Tape)  
2008|Ut De Graute Olle Tied-Deel I
2009|Heimdalls Wacht & Winterlieke & Heervader Split
2010|Nichtorte-Oder Die Geistreise Des Runenschamanen
Heinous Killings (US-OH)  
2006|Hung With Barbwire      
2009|Fermenting In Five-Way Filth Split  
Heinous Sodomy
2006|Bizarre Morgue Party-5 Way Gore Grind Split CDR  
Heir (US-FL)  
Heir Apparent (US-WA)  
1984|Inception Day (Demo) (2009)
1989|One Small Voice (2000 Remastered +2)
1994|Out Of The Darkness Live (2CD)  
Live On Keep It True 7 DVD  Video
Hekate (DE)  
2000|Sign Of The Hammer (Hammerheart Records Comp) (2CD)  
Hekatomb (PT)  
2004|Fim Do Existir (Demo)  
Hel (DE)  
1999|Orloeg (2006 Remastered +2)  
2004|Pagan Midgard Art LP
2005|Falland Vorandi    
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Hel (SE)  
2002|Bortglomda Tid
Hel's Crusade (DE)  
2005|Depths Of Mind
Helcaraxe (CA)  
1999|Grond Cold Northern Epochs (Demo)
Helcaraxe (US-NJ)  
2006|No God To Save You mCD
2007|Triumph And Revenge  
Heldentum (DE)  
1996|Absurd & Heldentum Split 7"
1999|A Tribute To Absurd  
Helel (FR)  
2009|A Sigil Burnt Deep Into The Flesh
Helevorn (ES)  
2010|Forthcoming Displeasures  
Helfahrt (DE)  
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Helgor (NL)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Helgrid (BR)  
2004|Wisdom Midgard (Demo Tape)
Helgrind (UK)  
2001|Terrorized Vol 14  
2007|Fallen Prophet mCD    
Helgrindr (FR)  
1999|Cold Might Of Winter War
2002|French Integrist Black Metal  
2003|Von Den Vorfahren Herstammend Landen mCD
Helheim (NO)  
1994|Nidr Ok Nordr Liggr Helvegr (Demo)  
1997|Av Norron Aett    
2003|Yersinia Pestis  
2006|The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death (2CD)    
2012|A Tribute To Emperor-In Honour Of Icon E  
Hnigin Er Helgrind (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Helheim (NO) *  
Helician (TR)  
2003|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 3  
Helix (CA)  
1979|Breaking Loose
1983|No Rest For The Wicked  
1986|Walking The Razors Edge  
1991|Back For Another Taste (Jap)
1993|It's A Business Doing Pleasure
1998|Half Alive  
1999|Best Of Helix-Deep Cuts
2004|Rockin In My Outer Space
Helizer (AR)  
1998|Tales From A Damaged Mind (Jap) (2003)
1996|Blood To Come Vol 1  
Hell (UK)  
2011|Human Remains  
Hell Bell (MX)  
2005|Devilish Metal (Tape)
Hell Militia (FR)  
2005|Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit  
2010|Last Station On The Road To Death
Hell N Back
2005|Demon Supremacy (Jap)
Hell On Earth (US)  
2001|Hell On Earth & Hill Of The Dead Split
Hell Theater (IT)  
2012|Reincarnation Of Evil
Hell Torment (PE)  
2008|Opening The Gates Of Hell
Hell Vomit (US)  
2002|Hell Vomit & Enbilulugugal "Memento Mori" Split
2002|Jesus Can Fuck Off  
Hell Within (US-MA)  
2007|Shadows Of Vanity      
Hell-Born (PL)  
1996|Hell-Born mCD
2002|The Call Of Megiddo  
2004|Legacy Of The Nephilim    
2006|Cursed Infernal Steel (US +2)    
The Call Of Megiddo-Live (On Death To Mental Slaves DVD)  Video
Hellacaust (CA)  
2000|Hellacaust & Toxic Holocaust Split CD
2002|Dark Age Descending  
2006|Inevitable Dementia  
Hellacopters, The (SE)  
1995|Headin For The North-Motorhead Tribute  
1996|Supershitty To The Max
1997|Payin' The Dues
2000|High Visibility  
2002|By The Grace Of God  
2002|Cream Of The Crap  
2004|At Your Service EP
2004|Cream Of The Crap Vol 2
Hellanbach (UK)  
1984|The Big H LP
2002|The Big H Hellanbach Anthology (2CD)
Hellavator (SE)  
2002|Hellavator (Demo)
2003|Unleash The Beast
Hellbastard (UK)  
1998|Heading For More Darkness
2009|Eco War EP    
2009|The Need To Kill    
Hellbeyond (ID)  
2010|The Strongest Stand Last
Hellblazer (DE)  
2002|Promo mCD
Hellborg, Buckethead & Shrieve
Octave Of The Holy Innocents
Hellbound (AT)  
2002|Hellbound & Amestigon "FatalIllumination/Nebelung" Split
Hellbound (CA)  
2002|Scorned & Hellbound Split EP (Vinyl)
Hellbox (FI)  
2004|Hornahead (Demo)
2005|Christmas Suicide mCD
2002|Beyond The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Tribute)  
Hellchild (JP)  
1990|Rehearsal (Demo)
1991|In A Sense Of Sin (Demo)  
1992|To The Eden EP
1993|Where The Conflict Reaches (129K)
1994|Gleam In The Gloom EP
1994|Hellchild & Discordance Axis Split  
1995|Hellchild & Multiplex Split  
1995|In Words For Words EP
1997|Circulating Contradiction
1998|Hellchild & Bongzilla Split  
1998|Kilara & Hellchild "Righteousness Is Immortal" Split
1999|Hellchild & Gomorrha Split (Vinyl)
2000|Crawling From The Wreckage (Howlingbull America)  
2000|Hellchild & Word Salad Split 10"
2000|Hellchild/Looking At My Own Figure/Tribute Medley 10"  
2000|Necropolis Records Sampler  
2001|Hellchild & Converge Split "Deeper The Wound"
Hellcult (PL)  
2005|Wiszacy Las-Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni CDR
Hellebaard (NL)  
1996|Guitars That Rule The World - Volume 2    
Hellewacht (BE)  
2009|Euvele Daeden
Hellfire (PL)  
2005|Requiem For My Bride    
Hellfire (SE)  
1998|Into Fire  
Hellfucked (DE)  
2000|Desecration-1st Offensive (Demo)  
2002|Absurd-Die Legende Lebt EP  
2002|Hellfucked & Vornat Split 7"
2003|Gods Of Negativity  
2005|Absurd-Tribute To The Tyrants Of German Black Metal  
Hellfueled (SE)  
2005|Born II Rock      
2007|Memories In Black  
Hellgoat (US-GA)  
2004|Death To Mental Slaves  
2005|Blasphemy From Serpent Tongues
2005|Hellgoat & Legions Of Astaroth Split mCD  
Hellhammer (CH)  
1983|Death Fiend (Demo 1)
1983|Satanic Rites (Bootleg)  
1983|Triumph Of Death (Demo 2)  
1984|Apocalyptic Raids 1990 A.D. EP    
2005|Hellhammer (2CD Bootleg)
2008|Demon Entrails      
Hellhound (IT)  
2005|Tribute To Carnivore  
Hellhound (JP)  
2006|Tokyo Flying V Massacre    
2008|Metal Fire From Hell    
Live On Keep It True 11 DVD  Video
Hellhound (US-CA)  
Live On Keep It True 14 DVD #1 (2011)  Video
Hellias (PL)  
2004|Closed In The Fate Coffin
A.D. Darkness (Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD)  Video
Hellion (US)  
1983|Hellion EP (Vinyl)  
1984|Live And Well In Hell
1987|Screams In The Night LP  
2003|Will Not Go Quietly
Hellish (BR)  
2006|Demon (Demo CDR)
Hellish (PL)  
2005|Hellish & Bloodthirst Split
2007|Bestial Wrath mCD
2008|Bestial Raids & Hellish "Heretical Rites" Split 7"  
Hellish Crossfire (DE)  
2006|Slavery Of The Burning Pentagram LP  
2010|Bloodrust Scythe  
Hellish Orkestra (NO)  
2003|Murder (Demo)
Hellish Outcast (NO)  
2012|Your God Will Bleed
2014|Stay Of Execution
Hellish War (BR)  
2001|Defender Of Metal    
2008|Heroes Of Tomorrow
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Hellixxir (FR)  
2007|War Within
Hellkommander (BR)  
2007|Death To My Enemies  
Hellkult (FI)  
2000|Of Pure Heathen Blood (Demo)
2004|The Collection    
Helllight (BR)  
2008|Funeral Doom
Hellmaggot (AU)  
2001|Decapitate Impale Exterminate
Hellmasker (SE)  
Hellmotel (FR)  
Hang Us Young (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Hellnation (US-KY)  
1996|A Sound Like Shit
1997|At War With Emo 5"
1998|Your Chaos Days Are Numbered  
1999|Cheerleaders For Imperialism
1999|Fucked Up Mess
2002|Dynamite Up Your Ass
2002|Hellnation & Slight Slappers & Real Reggae Jap Tour Splt
2002|Thrash Wave
Hellnight (NO)  
2006|Piracy And Horror (Demo CDR)  
2007|Murder Entertainment (Demo CDR)  
Helloise (NL)  
1985|Cosmogony (1998)  
1998|A Time And A Place For Everything
2001|Fata Morgana  
Helloween (DE)  
1985|Helloween EP (Jap) (+Vinyl Bonus)    
1986|Judas EP (Jap) (1991)    
1986|Walls Of Jericho (2006 2CD Remastered)      
1987|Future World EP (Vinyl)  
1987|Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I (2006 Remastered +4)      
1988|Dr. Stein (Single)  
1988|I Want Out (Single)  
1988|Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II (2006 2CD Remastered +5)      
1989|Live In The U.K. (I Want Out - Live)    
1991|Kids Of The Century EP  
1991|Pink Bubbles Go Ape (2006 Remastered +4)    
1991|The Best, The Rest, The Rare    
1992|Number One (Single)  
1993|Chameleon (2006 Remastered 2CD)    
1993|I Don't Wanna Cry No More (Single)
1994|Master Of The Rings (2006 Remastered 2CD)      
1994|Mr. Ego (Take Me Down) EP
1994|Perfect Gentleman EP
1996|High Live (2CD)  
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 1    
1996|Power EP
1996|The Time Of The Oath (2006 Remastered 2CD)      
1998|Better Than Raw (2006 Remastered +4)        
1998|Hey Lord (Single)
1998|I Can (Single)  
1999|Karaoke Volume 1 (Remix)  
1999|Lay All Your Love On Me EP  
1999|Metal Jukebox    
2000|A Tribute To The Scorpions  
2000|I Want Out (Reissue Live)
2000|If I Could Fly (Single)  
2000|Karaoke Volume 2 (Remix)
2000|The Dark Ride    
2002|Treasure Chest (3CD)    
2003|A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night (Kiss)  
2003|Just A Little Sign (Single)
2003|Rabbit Don't Come Easy (Digipak +1/Jap +1)      
2005|Keeper Of The Seven Keys-The Legacy (2CD)        
2005|Mrs. God (Euro Single)  
2005|Mrs. God (Jap Single)
2006|Light The Universe (Single)  
2006|The Singles Box 1985-1992 (7CD)  
2007|Gambling With The Devil (Digipak + Bonus CD)      
2010|7 Sinners    
2010|Unarmed-Best Of 25th Anniversary (Digipak)  
2011|7 Sinners  
2012|Burning Sun EP
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.1  
2013|Straight Out Of Hell +2
Golden Hit Pops Videos (2003)  
High Live (2002)  
If I Could Fly (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Just A Little Sign (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
1999|The Eastern Tribute To Helloween  
Hellraised (US-VA)  
2004|Black Mass & Hellraised "Alliance Of Evil" Split
Hellraiser (RU)  
1990|Well Bury You (2007 Remastered)  
1994|No Brain No Pain (2007 Remastered)
Hellraper (FR)  
2003|Feed Bitches With Satans Seed (Demo Tape)  
Hellrazor (US-NC)  
2006|Coming Straight For You (Demo)
Hells Veins (CL)  
2011|Eternal Warrior
Hellsaw (AT)  
2003|Sins Of Might
2005|Spiritual Twilight
Hellscourge (BR)  
2011|Hells Wrath Battalion  
Hellsermon (DK)  
2000|Caressed By Hellfire (Demo Tape)
2001|Brimstone Sulphur And Blood EP
Hellshock (US-IL)  
1997|Symbol Of Aggression
Hellshock (US-OR)  
2004|Hellshock & Effigy "USA Meets Japan" 10" Split    
Hellsign (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 08 Brutal Death  
Hellspawn (AU)  
2003|Rotten Records Sampler  
Hellspawn (PL)  
2005|Demo Tape
Hellspell (SE)  
1999|Devil's Might
Hellspirit (FI)  
2005|Demo 1 CDR  
Hellstorm (NO)  
1998|Murder 7"
1999|Fucking Bleed
1999|Slutcutter 7"
Hellthrone (ES)  
2007|Akerbeltz & Avangh Dhuer & Morbid Yell & Hellthrone Split LP
Helltrain (SE)  
2012|Death Is Coming
Hellvetic Frost (GR)  
2003|Cold Grim Evil (Tape) (2007)
2004|Vergeltungsschlag (Tape) (2007)
2006|Panzerfaust & Hellvetic Frost "Triumphzug" Split LP
2007|Misanthropic Devotion
2011|Towards A Distant World
Hellveto (PL)  
2001|Hergorn & Hellveto Split
2002|My Eternal Hegemony
2005|Hellveto & Phorcys & Forestdome 3 Way Split  
2005|Shadow Of The Blue-My Eternal Hegemony (Remastered)  
2006|In The Glory Of Heroes        
2007|Crusade/Autumnal Night (Best Of)  
2007|Galeon And Hellveto  
2009|Od Poludnia Na Polnoc  
2010|Wiara Nadzieja Potepienie (2CD)  
Od Poludnia Na Polnoc (2009) .MKV  Video
Hellwar (SE)  
2003|Hellfuck (Demo Tape)
Hellwitch (US-FL)  
1984|Nosferatu 7"  
1990|Syzygial Miscreancy (Vinyl)  
2003|Final Approach
2009|Omnipotent Convocation    
Hellyeah (US)  
2012|Band Of Brothers  
Helmet (US)  
1990|Strap It On    
2004|Size Matters      
2004|Unsung-The Best Of Helmet (1991-1997)
2010|Seeing Eye Dog (2CD)
Unsung (1992) .SVCD  Video
Helmskey (SG)  
2006|Rise Of The Eastern Blood  
Helmsplitter (US-IL)  
2014|Enraptured By Suffering
1998|Storm Of Nebula II  
Helritt (DE)  
2005|Walder (Demo)
Helrunar (DE)  
2003|Gratr (2009 2CD)
2007|Baldr Ok Iss (+ DVDA)    
Dreifach Dorn (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #1)  Video
Helsefyr (SE)  
2004|Deadly Black I Am (Demo Tape)
2004|The Land Of No Return (Demo Tape)
Helstar (US-TX)  
1984|Burning Star    
1986|Remnants Of War    
1988|A Distant Thunder    
1995|Multiples Of Black  
2000|Twas The Night Of A Helish X-Mas
2001|The James Rivera Legacy    
2008|The King Of Hell (2009 +3)      
2010|Glory Of Chaos  
2014|The Wicked Nest  
Burning Alive (2005)  
Live (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #1  Video
Remnants Of War (Live On Keep It True - Metal Fest Collection DVD)  Video
Rising From The Grave (1989)  
Helvete (IT)  
2008|Alcohol Drugs And Fucking Hell
Helvete (US)  
2000|A Darker Shade Of Grace
Helvetets Port (SE)  
2009|Exodus To Hell  
Helvette (SG)  
2009|Triumvirate-Coalition Of The Despised CDR  
Helvintr (US-TX)  
2000|Demo CDR 1-Limited Edition Demo
Helvis (UK)  
2002|Reverence The Sacrifice    
Helwetti (FI)  
1998|Demo 1
Helwulf (FI)  
2005|Wolves Of War And Blood (Demo)
Hemafrost (FR)  
2004|The French Underground Series  
Hemdale (US-OH)  
1994|Hemdale (Demo)
1995|Exit-13 & Hemdale Split CD  
1995|Hemdale/Exhumed "In The Name Of Gore" Split
1998|Solid (Relapse Compilation)    
2002|Rad Jackson  
Hemlock (US-NV)  
1999|Shut Down
2004|Bleed The Dream (2007)
2008|No Time For Sorrow
Hemlock (US-NY)  
1996|Crush The Race Of God  
1997|Black Army Jacket & Hemlock Split CD  
1998|Funeral Mask  
2000|Tribute To Kreator (2005 +1)  
2001|Lust For Fire
Hemnur (NO)  
2005|Satanic Hellride  
Hemorrhoidal Anal Suffering
2005|Romantic Grindcore
Heol Telwen (IE)  
2005|An Deiz Ruz    
Her Enchantment (NL)  
Her Name Is Death (US-GA)  
2001|Loathsome Christ (Demo)  
Herald (EE)  
2005|Heavy Metal Wakes The Beast  
Heraldry (IT)  
2002|Shadows Of Ancient Skies  
Here Comes The Kraken (MX)  
2009|Here Comes The Kraken (2013)
2009|Here Comes The Kraken
2010|The Omen EP
2011|Hate, Greed & Death
Hereditary Taint (PL)  
2009|Maleficia & Hereditary Taint & Necator Split Tape
Herege (BR)  
2004|Metal World (Demo)
Heresi (SE)  
2005|Psalm I  
2006|Psalm II-Infusco Ignis      
Heresiarch (NZ)  
2011|Hammer Of Intransigence EP  
Heresiarh (LV)  
2000|Mythical Beasts And Mediaeval Warfare    
1989|Grind Crusher Compilation  
Heresy (FR)  
2002|Trepan' Dead & Heresy Split
2005|Psychotic Carnage (Demo)
Heresy (UK)  
1991|Grind Crusher Compilation 2-Ultimate Earache  
2007|20 Reasons To End It All (Remastered)
2009|Grind Madness At The BBC (The Earache Peel Sessions) (3CD)  
Heretic (??)
2000|Winds Of Horror
Heretic (NL)  
1999|A Tribute To Absurd  
1999|Black Metal Holocaust  
2002|Jesus Wept  
2003|Devilworshipper LP  
2008|Heretic & Bestial Summoning "SplittingSkullsForSatan" Split
2008|Heretic & Capitis Damnare "Black Metal Overlords" Split 7"
2009|Gods Over Humans Slaves Under Satan LP  
Heretic (TR)  
2004|The Eternal Suicide (Single)
Heretic (UK)  
1984|Burnt At The Stake EP (Vinyl)
Heretic (US-CA)  
1986|Metal Massacre Vol 7    
1987|Best Of Metal Blade Vol 2  
1988|Breaking Point    
Heretic Soul (TR)  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Heretic, The (ES)  
1997|The Book Of Fate EP
1999|Fallen From Heaven
2004|Extreem Mutilation Vol 1  
2005|Gospel Songs In E Minor      
Heretics (CL)  
2003|The Dark Side Secrets (Demo)
Heretoir (DE)  
Herfst (BE)  
2004|Face Your Underground Vol 2-Belgian Deathmetal Sampler  
Hergorn (PL)  
2001|Hergorn & Hellveto Split
Hericane Alice (US)  
1990|Tear The House Down
Heritiers De La Haine (FR)  
2004|The French Underground Series  
2005|Rejoin Us Or Die
Herman Rarebell (PL)  
2004|Antigama & Third Degree & Herman Rarebell Split
Hermaphrodit (CZ)  
1998|Fekal Party
2005|Obscene Productions 10th Year Of Obscene Existence  
Hermh (PL)  
1995|Oremus Peccatum Refaim (Demo)
1995|Taran (2006 +1)
2006|Eden's Fire  
2008|After The Fire-Ashes    
2008|Cold Blood Messiah  
Dreamdeath Lover (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Hunger .AVI  Video
Hermit Age (BR)  
2000|Songs For The Eternal Awakening (Demo)
Herod (US-NY)  
2002|Execution Protocol
Herot (US)  
2005|Herot mCD
Herpes De Crachat De Fillette (FR)  
Live On Fekal Party 9 DVD (2011)  Video
Herrenvolk (US)  
2002|Visions-Tribute To Burzum (2CD)  
Herriot (MY)  
2000|Celestial Obelisk
Herrscher (DE)  
Hertz And Silence (FR)  
Herzog (IL)  
2002|Holy Shit  
Herzstuhl (DE)  
Hesperia (IT)  
2009|In Honorem Herois-Aeneidos Metalli Apotheosis Part II
Hesperia (US-CA)  
2015|Frantic Animosity
Hesperus Dimension (PL)  
2008|The Cyclothymic Panopticon  
Hetaeria (DE)  
Sadistic Sins Of Flesh (Live On Underground Metal Messe Pt 2 DVD)  Video
Hetroertzen (CL)  
2002|Flying Across The Misty Gardens
2003|A Crimson Terrible Vision
Hetsheads (SE)  
1991|Remonstrating The Preserver (Demo Tape)
1994|We Hail The Possessed
Heulend Horn (AR)  
2003|The Saga Of The Draugr  
Hevein (FI)  
2004|Break Out The Hammers (Demo)
Hexecution (UK)  
1997|Beyond All Evil EP
Hexemeeschter (LU)  
2009|Hexemeeschter (Demo CDR)
Hexenhammer (DE)  
2003|Hexenhammer (Single)
2005|Divine New Horrors
Hexenhaus (SE)  
1990|The Edge Of Eternity
1997|A Black Mark Tribute  
1998|A Black Mark Tribute Vol 2  
Hexenkreis (FR)  
2003|L'Effondrement (Demo Tape)
2004|La Paix Se Meurt La Paix Est Mort
Hexentanz (US)  
2002|The Sabbat Comes Softly (Vinyl)
Hexenwood (HU)  
2009|Hexenwood & Marblebog Split 7"
Hexus (??)
2000|Dark Enough Without Me (Single)
Hexx (US-CA)  
1984|No Escape (Demo)
1986|Under The Spell    
1991|Morbid Reality  
Hexxed (IE)  
2001|In Unison (2CD)  
2005|Hexxed 7"
Hezzakya (CA)  
2005|Drug Metal