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DFP (DE)  
2002|Promiscuous Demon Stories
DGM (IT)  
1997|Change Direction  
2001|Dreamland (Jap +1)
2003|Hidden Places (Jap)  
2007|Different Shapes  
2009|Frame (Jap +1)
2010|Synthesis (The Best Of DGM)
DHG (NO)  
2007|Supervillain Outcast  
Di'Anno (UK)  
Diablerie (FI)  
Diablo (FI)  
Diablo Swing Orchestra (SE)  
2009|Sing Along Songs For The Damned And Delirious    
Diaboli (FI)  
1997|Towards Damnation
2002|Descent Into Hell 7"
2003|Unseen Age Of War  
Diabolic (US-FL)  
1999|City Of The Dead    
1999|Gateway To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer  
1999|Supreme Evil  
2000|A Tribute To Venom-In The Signs Of The Horns  
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2001|Overload 2-A Tribute To Metallica  
2001|Subterraneal Magnitude    
2002|Tyrants From The Abyss-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2002|Vengeance Ascending    
2003|Hell At Last-A Tribute To Slayer  
2004|Seven Gates Of Horror-A Tribute To Possessed  
2008|Chaos In Hell-Possessed By Death  
2010|Excisions Of Exorcisms  
Diabolic Force (BR)  
2002|Prisoner Of Wickedness (Demo)
2003|Old School Attack (2007)
Diabolic Intent (US-FL)  
Diabolic Possession (US-NE)  
2005|Dark Seraphim-Ripped To Pieces
Diabolic Witchcraft (RU)  
2003|Demonic War Necrocarnage (Demo CDR)
Diabolical (SE)  
1998|Voices Of Death Vol 2  
2000|Deserts Of Desolation mCD    
2002|A Thousand Deaths        
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2011|Ars Vitae
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Diabolical Breed (NO)  
2002|Compendium Infernus (Demo)
2004|Compendium Infernus (Rerecorded Demo)      
Diabolical Domination (JP)  
2002|South Was Sorrow
Diabolical Imperium (DE)  
Diabolical Masquerade (SE)  
1995|Ravendusk In My Heart        
1997|The Phantom Lodge      
1998|Nightwork (2006 +1)        
2001|Death's Design          
Diabolical Mesiah (CL)  
2003|Diabolical Attack (Demo)  
Diabolical North Klanum (RU)  
2006|Gryaznaya Plot CDR
2008|The Time For Darkness
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
Diabolical Principles (GR)  
2006|Investigating A New Dawn (Demo)
Diabolical Storm (RU)  
2001|The Innermost Ways To Might (Demo Tape)
Diabolical Sword (RU)  
2003|Misanthropic Vision Promo CDR
Diabolicum (SE)  
1999|The Grandeur Of Hell
2001|The Dark Blood Rising    
Diabolicus (US-OH)  
1990|Live From Cleveland  
Battle Beyond The Gates .AVI  Video
Misc Covers/Songs!
Sandusky Armory Feb 1990 (Angle 1) .AVI    Video
Sandusky Armory Feb 1990 (Angle 2) .AVI  Video
Diabolique (SE)  
1997|Wedding The Grotesque (2005 Remastered)  
1999|Butterflies mCD
1999|The Black Flower (2005 Remastered)  
2000|Necropolis 2000  
Diabolos (US-CA)  
2006|The Three Mothers mCD  
Diabolos Rising (GR)  
1995|Blood Vampirism Sadism  
Satanic Propaganda (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Diabolus Ex Machina (IT)  
2004|Godflesh Tribute (2CD)  
Diabolus Infame (ES)  
Diadem (US-CA)  
2004|Crimson Sunset (Demo)      
Dialectic Soul (BY)  
Diamanthian (UK)  
2003|Ochestrated Violence (Demo)  
2005|The Infinite Descent    
Diamatregon (FR)  
2002|Blasphemy For Satan  
2005|Tribute To Carnivore  
Diamond Eyed Princess (FR)  
2001|Pagan Rite  
Diamond Head (UK)  
1981|Diamond Lights EP
1981|Lightning To The Nations    
1982|4 Cuts EP  
1982|Borrowed Time (2008 +7)  
1986|Behold The Beginning  
1992|Singles (Jap)
1997|To Heaven From Hell (1997 Reissue)  
2000|Diamond Nights  
2000|Live In The Heat Of The Night (2CD)
2004|The Anthology Am I Evil (2CD)
2007|Whats In Your Head    
Borrowed Time (Live On Keep It True 8 DVD)  Video
Diamond Rexx (US-IL)  
1986|Land Of The Damned (2007)  
1990|Rated Rexx (2002)
1991|Golden Gates
2002|The Evil    
Diaper Fetish
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
2005|Anus Tumor & Scumfuck & Diaphragma & 50 Ways To Kill Me Splt
Diapsiquir (FR)  
2003|Lubie Satanique Depravee (2LP)  
2005|Virus S.T.N.  
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Diarrhee Mentale (CA)  
1996|Dahmer & Diarrhee Mentale & Carcass Grinder Split Tape
Diathra (BY)  
2002|Wistful Autumn Dance    
1998|No Holy Additives Part 2  
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Dichotic (CA)  
1998|Collapse Into Despair  
Dickless Tracy (SI)  
2009|Halls Of Sickness
Dicks Ablation (FR)  
2004|Into A Death Circle  
Dictator (RU)  
2012|Stay Brutal Baby
Dictatorial Spears (FR)  
2001|Fleshed Of Misanthropy (Demo)
Die (DK)  
2010|Rise Of The Rotten  
Die (JP)  
2001|Die & Nikudorei Split EP
Die Allergie (DE)  
2000|Virus III
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter (DE)  
1997|Soft And Stronger (2003 Remastered +3 Digipak)    
1998|Dschingis Khan EP
1999|Allegro Barbaro (2003 Remastered +4 Digipak)    
2000|All You Need Is Love      
2003|Armageddon Over Wacken 2003-Live (2CD)  
2003|Have A Nice Trip    
2006|Friede Sei Mit Dir mCD  
2006|Riders On The Storm (Digipak)    
2011|Moral And Wahnsinn
Eruption (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Friede Sei Mit Dir (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Instinct (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Riders On The Storm & Wenn Ich Traume (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Unter Der Asche (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Die Boslinge (AT)  
2004|Tribute To Running Wild-Rough Diamonds  
Die Human Race (BR)  
2003|Feculent Goretomb & Die Human Race & DysmenorrheicH Splt
Die Krupps (DE)  
1990|Metal Machine Music
1992|Tribute To Metallica (Plus Bonus)    
1993|Terror-An Industrial Metal Compilation  
1994|Crossfire (Single)
1994|The Final Remixes  
1995|Isolation (Single)
1996|III Odyssey Of The Mind
Die My Darling (US)  
2002|Darkness Is Thy Kingdom 4 (2CD)  
2002|Pain (Single)
Die Pigeon Die (AU)  
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Die Saat (DE)  
Die Sonne Satans (IT)  
1996|Sigillo (Limited Edition)
Die Toten Kehren Wieder Mit Dem (DE)  
2006|Christhunt Productions Compilation  
2007|Blut (CDR)
Die Vebannten Kinder Evas (AT)  
2000|Samhain-The Mediaeval Gothic Compilation (2CD)  
Die Vieren
2000|We Are Chapter 1  
Die You (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 08 Brutal Death  
Diecast (US-MA)  
2000|Wonderdrug Records-Swallow Whole (2CD)  
2001|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XXX  
2001|Day Of Reckoning/Undo The Wicked (2007 Remastered 2CD)
2001|Now Or Never Summer 2001 Sampler  
2004|Tearing Down Your Blue Skies (2006 +3)  
Rise And Oppose (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
Solace (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Diecold (HU)  
2005|Tribute To The Angel Reaper & Fantom  
Dienecia (FI)  
2006|Four (Demo CDR)
2007|Betrayed By The Light (Single)
Dies Ater (DE)  
1999|Reign Of Tempests
2000|Through Weird Woods
2002|Chanting Evil    
2007|Odium's Spring
Dies Irae (CL)  
2002|Desde El Trono (Demo)
Dies Irae (MX)  
1998|Dies Irae & Agony Lords "Ab Imo Pectore-Unions" Split
2000|Buried Dreams & Shamash & Dies Irae&Disgorge "Oz Live" Split
Dies Irae (PL)  
1994|Fear Of God EP  
2002|The Sin War          
2004|Sculpture Of Stone      
Art Of Endless Creation, The (2009)  
Lion Of Knowledge (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Dies Irae (RO)  
1997|Dies Irae & God "A Perennial Spleen" Split (Demo Tape)
Dies Irae (RO) *  
Warganism (2000) .VCD  Video
Dies Natalis (DE)  
1999|Raunen 10"
2000|Vom Gedanken Und Der Erinnerung
2004|The Bright And The Pure LP
Dies Nefastus (BY)  
2012|Beginning Of A New Legend Vol 1 (Tribute To Burzum) (CDR)  
Diesel Machine (US-CA)  
1998|Overload-A Tribute To Metallica    
1999|A Call To Irons 2-Iron Maiden Tribute    
2000|Southern Death-Tribute To Pantera    
2000|Torture Test  
Diesel Theory
2005|Diesel Theory
Dietrich (US-CA)  
1982|Metal Massacre Vol 2  
Dieversion (ZA)  
2002|Anthems Of Violence
Difamation (CA)  
2002|Corrupted Attitude (Demo)
2005|Morbid Pain & Difamation "A La Croisee Des Chemins" Split
2005|Promo CDR
Difenacum (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 07 Grindcore  
Different Seasons (RU)  
1995|Bleeding Summer (Demo Tape)
Difteria Radical (ID)  
Diftery (SK)  
2006|Corrupting The Evolution
Digested Flesh (US-NJ)  
2005|The Answer To Infection  
2006|Digested Flesh & Inhuman Dissiliency Split
Diggin Up (ID)  
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Digimortal (RU)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #2  Video
Digital Ritual (??)
Digital Ruin (US)  
2000|Dwelling In The Out  
Digitus In Recto
2003|Proti Proudu 2  
Dillinger Escape Plan (US-NJ)  
1997|Dillinger Escape Plan (2001 Reissue +3)
1998|Dillinger Escape Plan & Nora Split EP  
1998|Under The Running Board EP (2008 +10)
1999|Calculating Infinity  
2002|Irony Is A Dead Scene EP  
2002|The Peel Sessions 0917
2003|Cursed Unshaven & Misbehavin LP
2004|Miss Machine (Jap +2)    
2004|Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants (Single)
2013|One Of Us Is The Killer (Best Buy Edition)
43 Percent Burnt (Live Hellfest 2002) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Black Bubblegum (2008) .MKV  Video
Irony Is A Dead Scene CD Extra (2002) .MPG  Video
Milk Lizzard (Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD)  Video
Panasonic Youth (Live Seattle 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Panasonic Youth (On Recollection 3 Relapse Video Comp DVD)  Video
Perfect Design (Live Orlando 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Phone Home (Live Seattle 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Sugar Coated Sour (Live Los Angeles 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Mullet Burden (Live Orlando 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Running Board (Live In Japan 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
When Good Dogs Do Bad Things (Live Los Angeles 2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Diluvian (FR)  
2008|Inhumanity Remains  
Dim Mak (US)  
1999|Enter The Dragon
2002|Intercepting Fist        
2002|Statement & Dim Mak Split (Italian Import Vinyl)
2006|Knives Of Ice  
Dimaeon (NL)  
2013|Collapse Of The Anthropocene
Dimension F3H (NO)  
2003|Hammerheart Sampler 2  
2003|Reaping The World Winds      
2007|Does The Pain Excite You?  
Dimension Hate
2000|Vol 4-Verse 1
Dimension Of Doomed (RU)  
2006|Sacramental Oblivion  
Dimension Zero (SE)  
1997|Mercyful Fate Tribute    
1998|Sepultural Feast-A Tribute To Sepultura    
1999|Penetrations From The Lost World EP  
2002|Silent Night Fever (Korean +1)        
2003|This Is Hell      
2007|He Who Shall Not Bleed (2009 +2)    
Killing My Sleep (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Murder-Inn, The (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Dimensional Psychosis (NL)  
2005|Magical Matrix Of Dimensional Continuum  
Dimentianon (US-NY)  
2003|Seven Suicides  
2008|Promo CDR
2010|Collapse The Void  
Dimentum (FI)  
1999|Darkempire & Dimentum "Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi" Split
Dimhymn (SE)  
2005|Djavulens Tid Ar Kommen
2005|Fordarvets Maskineri
Dimidium Mei (PL)  
2010|Flames Of Hatred
Diminished (US-TX)  
2010|Chainsaw Cunt
2010|Rectal Torment
Dimitree (FR)  
2013|Nine Lives
Nine Lives .MP4  Video
Dimmgard (NO)  
2005|Vigour Abruptness & Muspelheim & Norgathaal & Dimmgard Split
Dimmu Borgir (NO)  
1994|Inn I Evighetens Moerke EP  
1995|For All Tid (1997 +2)    
1996|Devil's Path EP      
1997|Enthrone Darkness Triumphant Reloaded (2008 Remastered)      
1998|Godless Savage Garden (Jap +1)    
1998|The Gods Of Darkness (Bootleg)
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|Dimmu Borgir & Old Mans Child "Sons Of Satan" Split    
1999|Live At Rosklide (Bootleg)  
1999|Spiritual Black Dimensions (Russian +3)        
2000|Spiritual Darkness (Alive In Europe)
2000|True Kings Of Norway (Digipak)  
2001|Alive In Torment (Live)    
2001|Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (Jap)        
2002|Live In Cleveland OH 03/01 (Bootleg)
2002|World Misanthropy Bonus CD  
2003|Celtic Frost Tribute-Order Of The Tyrants  
2003|Death Cult Armageddon (+1) (Jap +2)            
2003|San Francisco 11-28-03 (Bootleg)
2003|Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD  
2004|Vredesbyrd (Single)  
2005|Stormblast (Rerecording) 2CD    
2007|In Sorte Diaboli (Euro +1) (+ Bonus DVDA)        
2008|The Invaluable Darkness 2DVDA + The P3 Sessions Bonus CD
2010|Abrahadabra +1  
2010|Gateways (Single)  
2017|Dimmu Borgir
2017|Forces Of The Northern Night (Live 2CD)    
Arcane Lifeforce Mysteria .MPG  Video
Blessing Upon The Throne Of Thyranny (Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD)  Video
Chosen Legacy, The (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Death Cult Armageddon (TV Advertising Trailer) (2003) .SVCD  Video
Dimmu Borgir (1080p Bluray) (2010) .MKV  Video
Emperor/Peccatum/Impaled Nazarene/Dimmu Borgir Live Germany .AVI  Video
Entrance (Live Poland-Rough Ver) (On 20 Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Gateways (1080p Bluray) (2010) .MKV  Video
Grotesquery Conceiled .MPG  Video
Indoctrination (Live Wacken 2001) .MKV  Video
Interview (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Invaluable Darkness [2 DVD] (2008)  
Kings Of The Carnival Creation (Live Wacken 2001) .MKV  Video
Live In Cleveland OH 03/01/02 .VCD  Video
Live In Koeln .MPG (1999)  Video
Live In Poland ('98 German TV)  
Mourning Palace .MPG    Video
On Wacken 2007 Black Metal .AVI  Video
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (2003) .SVCD    Video
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (Uncensored) (2003) .SVCD  Video
Puritania (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Puritania (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Sacrilegious Scorn, The (2007) .AVI    Video
Serpentine Offering, The (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Sorgens Kammer Del II (Censored) (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Sorgens Kammer Del II .MPG  Video
Spellbound (By The Devil) (1997) .MKV  Video
Spellbound (By The Devil) (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Stormblast Bonus DVD (2005)  
Vredesbyrd (2005 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Wacken Open Air (With Orchestra) (2012) .MKV    Video
World Misanthropy [2 DVD]    
Dimness (SE)  
1998|Blood Soaked Fields (Demo)
Dimonsium Chaotic (SK)  
2012|Labyrinthum Nebulae
Din-Addict (HU)  
2000|Obscene Extreme Fest  
2001|Abortion&Agathocles&Din-Addict&Malignant Tumour Split Tape
2003|Music For Opened Minds
2004|Din-Addict & Abysmal Terror Split
2004|Embalming Theatre & Din-Addict Split (Vinyl)
2005|Grindustry & Din-Addict Split
Dio (US)  
1983|Holy Diver (2002 Remastered)    
1983|Holy Diver EP  
1983|Rainbow In The Dark EP  
1984|The Last In Line (2002 Remastered)        
1985|Sacred Heart        
1985|Tokyo Japan Super Rock TV (Bootleg)
1986|Intermission (Live)  
1987|Dream Evil (2013 Remastered 2CD)  
1990|Lock Up The Wolves    
1993|Strange Highways    
1996|Angry Machines (2006 Remastered)  
1998|Inferno Last In Live (2CD)    
2000|Magica (Limited Edition)    
2002|Killing The Dragon (Tour Edition +2)      
2003|Evil Or Divine DVDA
2003|Stand Up And Shout (The Anthology) (2CD)    
2003|The Collection  
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|Master Of The Moon      
2006|Holy Diver Live (2CD)        
Evil Or Divine    
Live At Rock Palace (1983) .SVCD  Video
Sacred Heart (1986)  
The Legend Live 2010 .AVI  Video
We Rock (2005)    
Diocletian (NZ)  
2008|Denouncement Pyre & Diocletian "Chaos Rising" Split 12"
2009|Doom Cult  
2010|War Of All Against All
Dionysus (SE)  
2002|Sign Of Truth (Jap +1)    
2004|Anima Mundi      
Dionysus (US-CA)  
1995|Gates Of Eternity
Diorrhea (IT)  
2006|Fetus Eaters & Diorrhea "Da Vinci Core/I Give You..." Split
Dios Hastio (PE)  
2005|Agathocles & Dios Hastio "Nolme" Split CD
Diphteria (VE)  
2002|El Angel Caido (Demo)
1999|A Tribute To Iron Maiden-Children Of The Damned (2CD)  
Dir En Grey (JP)  
2005|Clever Sleazoid mCD
2007|Agitated Screams Of Maggots EP
A Knot Of (2009)  
Agitated Screams Of Maggots (2006) .MKV  Video
Average Psycho Obscure .AVI  Video
Clever Sleazoid (2005) .MKV  Video
Dead Tree (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Dozing Green (2008) .MKV  Video
Glass Skin (2008) .MKV  Video
Grief (2007) .MKV  Video
Kodoku Ni Shisu Yueni Kodoku (Family Values Tour 2006) .AVI  Video
Live At Wacken (2007) .MKV  Video
Red Soil (2008) .MKV  Video
Reiketsu Nariseba (2009) .MKV  Video
Ryoujoku No Ame (2006) .MKV  Video
The 3d Empire (Family Values Tour 2006) .AVI  Video
The Final (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Vinushka (2009) .MKV  Video
Dir Yassin (IL)  
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
Direwolf (US-NY)  
2007|Beyond The Lands Of Human Existence    
Dirty Deeds (UK)  
1997|Danger Of Infection (Jap +1)  
2003|A Brutal Vomit Compilation  
Disaffected (PT)  
1996|Slatanic Slaughter Vol 2  
1997|Unreleased Remixes CDR
Disaffection (BR)  
2010|Begin The Revolution
Disarmonia Mundi (IT)  
2002|Nebularium (2009 Remastered)      
2004|Fragments Of D-Generation (Jap +1)    
2006|Mind Tricks (Korean +1)    
2009|The Isolation Game  
2009|The Restless Memoirs EP
Disarray (US-TN)  
1995|Metalmania X Promo Disc 1    
1999|Red Star-A Tribute To Rush  
2000|Hell Bent For Metal 2-Tribute To Judas Priest  
2000|Panther-A Tribute To Pantera  
2000|Southern Death-Tribute To Pantera    
2002|In The Face Of The Enemy  
Disaster (FR)  
2005|Da Grind    
2008|The Battle Escalates
Disaster (UK)  
2007|War Cry
Disaster KFW (DE)  
2004|Death Ritual
2006|Collateral Damage
Clash Of The Titans (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Death Ritual (Live On Underground Metal Messe Part 2 DVD (2008))  Video
Kill All Humans (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Disastrous (PH)  
2009|Slavery Of Disgusting Torture
Disastrous Murmur (AT)  
1992|Rhapsodies In Red    
1992|Where The Blood Forever Rains mCD  
2001|And Hungry Are The Lost
2001|Disastrous Murmur & Embedded Split EP (Vinyl)
2005|Daily Toilet Torturing 7"
2006|Marinate Your Meat    
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #1 (2002)  Video
Disavowed (NL)  
2000|Point Of Few  
2001|Live (Bootleg)
2001|Perceptive Deception      
2003|Live In Bamberg 02-28 (Bootleg)  
2007|Stagnated Existence    
Biased Existence. AVI  Video
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #1 (2002)  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Rhizome .VCD    Video
Disbelief (DE)  
2000|A Tribute To The Scorpions  
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2001|Worst Enemy    
2002|A Tribute To The Beast (Iron Maiden)  
2003|Spreading The Rage    
2009|Protected Hell (Digipak + DVDA)      
Ethic Instinct (Death Angel Tour 2003) (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Misery (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Rewind It All (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Sick (2005 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
To The Sky (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Discarnated (AU)  
1993|Deus Misereatur
1993|Nuclear Blast 100  
Discharge (UK)  
1981|Why (1998 Digitally Remastered +12)  
1986|Grave New World    
2002|Kerrang Hometaping Vol 2  
2006|Beginning Of The End mCD  
Dischord (CA)  
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Disciples Of Mockery (US-NJ)  
1999|Prelude To Apocalypse (+3)  
Disciples Of Power (CA)  
1990|Power Trap  
Road To Freedom (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Disco Lepers (UK)  
2009|Disco Lepers & G.G. Allin Split 7"
Disconformity (JP)  
2003|Penetration Unseen Supression (Demo)    
2005|Depravation Of Stigma EP    
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Discordance Axis (US-NJ)  
1992|Discordance Axis & Plutocracy Split EP
1994|Def.Master & Discordance Axis Split 7"
1994|Hellchild & Discordance Axis Split  
1997|Necropolitan EP
1999|The Inalienable Dreamless    
2001|Discordance Axis & Corrupted & 324 Split  
2003|Pikadourei DVDA
Discreate (PH)  
2011|Contingent Development Of Inanimate Modifications mCDR
Discrucior (EE)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Disdain (SE)  
2010|Leave This World
Disdained (RS)  
2008|We All Reek  
Disdained (SE)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 1  
Disdained Grace (RU)  
2011|The Crypts Of Martyrs
Diseased Maggotectomy
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Disembarkation (CA)  
2000|Rancorous Observision    
1997|Extremities Compilation #1    
Disembowel (DE)  
2008|Symptoms Of Decline
Disembowel (US-TX)  
2001|Welcome To Brutal, TX (Skin Puppet Recs Comp 1)  
Disemboweled Corpse (US-OK)  
2007|Chronic Disembowelment  
Disembowelment (AU)  
1990|Mourning September (Demo)
1992|Dusk mCD  
1993|Transcendence Into The Peripheral    
2005|Disembowlment (3CD)      
Disencumbrance (US-TX)  
1995|The Betrayal (Demo)
Disengage (US-OH)  
2004|Application For An Afterlife
2003|The Ocean
Disentomb (AU)  
2009|Disentomb (Demo)  
2010|Sunken Chambers Of Nephilim
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Disentomb (MD)  
Live On Petrogrind Fest #1 (19-20.11.04) DVD  Video
Disentrail (UA)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission DVD #1 (2010)  Video
Disfear (SE)  
1992|Disfear EP
1995|Soul Scars
1997|World Domination 2 (Osmose)    
2000|World Domination 3 (Osmose)  
2002|Swedish Assault  
2003|Misanthropic Generation
2004|Powerload 7"
2005|Disfear & Zeke Split
2008|Live The Storm
Desperation (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #1)  Video
Kriget (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #1)  Video
Disfigure (UK)  
Disfigured (US-NY)  
1997|Disfigured & Repudilation "Restrained By Invention" 7"
1999|Prelude To Dementia EP
Disfigured (US-TX)  
2008|Blistering Of The Mouth  
2011|Amputated Gorewhore
Disfigured Corpse (CZ)  
2000|Mega Ultra Intergalactic Core
2003|United Hellland
2005|Mankind Collapse
2010|Human Corrosion
Disfigurement (RU)  
1999|Corporal Sadophilia (Demo Tape)
2011|Privilege Of The Sickest Pleasure
Disfigurement Of Flesh (RU)  
2012|Psychotonic Abnormal Dismemberment
Disflesh (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 07 Grindcore  
Disforterror (BR)  
2003|Troops Of Devastation Vol 2  
2008|Impalement And Holocaust Stench  
Disgod (BY)  
2008|Sanguine Scales  
Disgorge (AU)  
1996|Disgorge & Gore Beyond Necropsy Split 7"
Disgorge (MX)  
1998|Chronic Corpora Infest (2001 +4)  
1998|Squash Bowels & Disgorge Split CD (2003)
2000|Buried Dreams & Shamash & Dies Irae&Disgorge "Oz Live" Split
2000|Forensick (Reissue +5)  
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2001|Cock And Ball Torture & Disgorge Split
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2003|Squash Bowels & Disgorge Split
2004|Tribute To Anarchus-Beyond Good And Evil  
2006|Gore Blessed To The Worms  
2011|Haemorrhage & Disgorge "Morgue Metal" Split
Live In Moscow (Official) 11-23-08  
Disgorge (NL)  
2001|Gorge This  
Disgorge (US-CA)  
1992|Cognitive Lust Of Mutilation (Demo)  
1999|Cranial Impalement EP (1995 & 1996 Demos)  
1999|She Lay Gutted    
2002|Consume The Forsaken      
2005|Parallels Of Infinite Torture      
Consume The Forsaken (Official) .VCD  Video
Consume The Forsaken (Ohio Death Fest 2002) .VCD  Video
Live At The Noise Bar 3-12-06 (Bootleg) .AVI  Video
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #2 (2002)  Video
Lorain, OH USA (04-27-01) .MPG  Video
Seattle, WA USA (08-11-03) .MPG  Video
Womb Full Of Scabs (Feat Matti) (Ohio Deathfest 2002) .VCD    Video
Disgorged (US-NY)  
1993|Thy Hideous Wake
2002|Disgorged & Withered Earth Split
Disgorged Foetus (FR)  
2000|The Gore Party mCD
2002|3 Ways To The Gore  
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2006|Years Of Goremageddon
Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymph(FR)  
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Disgrace (FI)  
1990|Debths Of Gods (Vinyl)  
1991|Grey Misery (2004 +8)    
1994|Vacuum Horror Horror Vacuum mCD
1995|Superhuman Dome
Disgrace And Terror (BR)  
2003|The War (Demo)
Disgraced (DE)  
2003|Aside The Limits (Unmastered CDR)
Disgracelator (BR)  
2003|Death To Pig Nazarene (Demo)
Disgraseed (FR)  
2013|Flesh Market
Disguise (IT)  
2003|Human Primordial Instinct    
Disgust (CA)  
2004|Years Of Torment
2005|Inveigh & Disgust "Bleed The Gemini" Split CD
2006|Slicing And Bleeding Until The Bones Crack
2011|Infinite Obliteration
Disgust (FR)  
1996|Death Is Just The Beginning 4    
1998|Kill Your Idols-A Tribute To Agathocles    
2000|In Aeternum
Disgust (JP)  
2006|Unholy Grave & Disgust Split 7"
Disgust (MX)  
Disgust (SE)  
2002|The Horror Of It All
Disgust (UK)  
1994|Brutality Of War
1995|Thrown Into Oblivion-Live
Disguster (RU)  
2004|Acts Of Mortification
Disgusting (NO)  
1996|Disgusting EP
Disharmonic Fields (BR)  
2001|Beyond The Black Horizon
2005|Killing Hopes
Disharmonic Orchestra (AT)  
1988|Demo (Tape)
1989|Pungent Stench & Disharmonic Orchestra Split LP  
1992|Death Is Just The Beginning 2    
1992|Mind Seduction 7"
1992|Not To Be Undimensional Conscious (2008 Remastered +3)  
2000|Expositions Prophylaxe (Re-release)
Disharmonical Tempest (BR)  
1998|Diatessaron (Demo Tape)
Disharmony (ES)  
2006|Figments Of Imagination
Disharmony (GR)  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Disharmony (PL)  
2002|Soundtrack To Paranoid Minds
Disharmony (SK)  
Dished (PL)  
2006|Reason Of Suffering
Disillusion (DE)  
2001|Three Neuron Kings mCD    
2002|The Porter (Single)    
2004|Back To Times Of Splendor            
Don't Go Any Further (2006) .AVI  Video
Don't Go Any Further (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
Disillusion (FI)  
1999|Mind Hysteria
Disincarnate (US)  
1993|Dreams Of The Carrion Kind (2004 Remastered +3)    
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Disinfect (DE)  
2009|Metal Age Productions Vol 1  
Disinfected (ID)  
2013|Indonesian Brutality  
Disinter (PE)  
2005|Hell Gate
Disinter (US-IL)  
2000|The Beauty Of Suffering mCD
2000|Welcome To Oblivion +1
2001|Demonic Portraiture
2004|As We Burn      
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #2 (2002)  Video
Disinterment (US-MO)  
2005|Graveyard Fornication
Disinterment (US-VA)  
Disinterment (US-WA)  
1997|Disinterment EP
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Disiplin (NO)  
2004|Infernal Gathering-The Second Chapter  
Disjecta (IT)  
2006|Da Marmorea Lapide Ombrati (Digipak)    
Disjonctor (BE)  
2002|Intestinal Disease & Disjonctor Split EP
Disjonktation (CA)  
2007|Nourriture & Disjonktation Split
Diskonto (SE)  
2006|Massgrav & Diskonto "A Blaze In The Northern Sky" Split
Diskord (NO)  
2001|Diskord (Demo)
2004|Scream Compilation  
2005|Hdfh 7"
Diskreet (US-KS)  
2007|Infernal Rise      
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Dislimb (US-OH)  
2001|Bleeding Anxiety (Demo)
2002|Dislimb & Dyscrasia Split
2006|Bleeding Anxiety  
Dislocated Styles (US-AZ)  
2001|Metal Hammer October (Metal Mind Poland)  
Dislocation (FR)  
2003|Death Metal
2004|The French Underground Series  
2005|Inexorable Devastation
Disloyal (PL)  
2002|I Am The Plague EP
2004|The Kingdom Plague
Dismal (FR)  
1999|Bewitched By The Moon mCD (Demo)  
2002|Original VIB
Dismal (IT)  
1998|Fiaba Lacrimevole  
2003|Rubino Liquido-Three Scarlet Drops    
Dismal (SE)  
1996|My Beautiful Empire (Demo)
Dismal Divinity (PR)  
2005|Ad Majorem De Gloriam  
Dismal Euphony (NO)  
1995|Dismal Euphony/Spellbound EP
1996|Soria Moria Slott    
1997|Autumn Leaves: The Rebellion Of Tides    
1999|All Little Devils    
1999|Lady Ablaze EP
2001|Python Zero    
Dismal Kingdom (SE)  
2005|Tyrannize Unto Atrophy (Demo)
Dismal Lapse (US-CA)  
2008|The Nameless Faceless mCD    
2009|Eon Fragmentation    
Dismal, The (ES)  
1994|Absorbed & Dismal & Unnatural "Avowals" Split
1999|The New Bomb EP
Dismantle (US-CA)  
2009|Satanic Force  
Dismember (SE)  
1988|Dismembered (Demo)  
1989|Last Blasphemies (Demo)  
1990|Last Dismembered Blasphemies (All Demos Compilation)  
1990|Reborn In Blasphemy (Demo)  
1991|Like An Everflowing Stream (Digipak +2)      
1992|Pieces EP (2005 +9)    
1993|Indecent & Obscene      
1994|Casket Garden EP
1995|Massive Killing Capacity      
1996|Death Is Just The Beginning 4    
1997|Death Metal        
1997|Misanthropic EP  
1999|Death Is Just The Beginning 5    
2000|Hate Campaign (Jap +2)    
2002|Demos 88-90
2004|Where Ironcrosses Grow      
2005|The Complete Demos
2006|The God That Never Was          
2009|Under Bloodred Skies DVDA
Bleed For Me (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Casket Garden (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Casket Garden .SVCD  Video
Dismembered (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Dreaming In Red (1993) .SVCD  Video
Hate Campain (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
I Saw Them Die (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
In Deaths Sleep (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Let The Napalm Reign (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #1)  Video
Live Blasphemies [2 DVD] (2004)      
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #1  Video
Misanthropic (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Of Fire (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Skin Her Alive (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Skinfather (1993) .AVI  Video
Skinfather (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Soon To Be Dead (Live Blasphemies) (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Soon To Be Dead (Uncut) .MPG  Video
Trail Of The Dead (2006) .SVCD  Video
Under Blood Red Skies [2 DVD] (2009)    
Dismembered Fetus (US-CO)  
1995|I Don't Feel So Fuckin Good (Tape)
1996|Generation Of Hate (2007)  
1997|Mutilated God (2007)
Dismo (FR)  
2004|Into A Death Circle  
2012|Circle Of Insanity
Majesty Of Cowards And Weakens (2011) .MP4  Video
Dismorph (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 01 Death Metal  
Disordead (FI)  
2004|Syntax Terror
Disordered (US-UT)  
1995|Documentaries Of Disgust
Disown (BE)  
2003|Face Your Underground Vol 1  
Disowned (IT)  
2007|Emotionally Involved
Disparaged (CH)  
2006|Blood Source  
2009|The Wrath Of God
Devil's Kiss (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Dispatched (SE)  
1996|Black Shadows mCD
1997|Returned To Your Mind mCD
1998|Promised Land
2012|Metal Hammer-A Storm Of Metal-Issue 235  
Dispersia (RO)  
Dispersive Light (UA)  
2009|Dispersive Light
Disphoria (FR)  
2003|Sleep And Fly Away You'll Be Tortured Forever  
Dispirited (SE)  
2002|Violent Forms Of Hatred (Demo)  
Disrepute (DE)  
2003|Deadly Prophecy (Demo)
2008|Hunting The Scum
Disrupt (US-MA)  
1994|Unrest (2007 Remastered)
Disruption (SE)  
2005|Face The Wall  
2001|Death O Phobia VII CD1  
Dissect (NL)  
1993|Swallow Swouming Mass
Dissect The Coroner (US-TN)  
2007|The Red Handed Victim EP (CDR)  
Dissection (PL)  
1991|Is Everything OK (Demo Tape)
Dissection (SE)  
1990|The Grief Prophecy (Demo)  
1991|Into Infinite Obscurity (Vinyl)  
1993|The Somberlain (2006 2CD)        
1995|Storm Of The Light's Bane (2006 2CD)      
1996|Nights Blood (Bootleg)
1996|Nordic Metal-A Tribute To Euronymous    
1996|Where Dead Angels Lie EP (2002 Remastered)    
1998|The Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief) (2005 +2)  
1999|Frozen In Wacken '99
1999|Straight To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer    
2003|Live Legacy    
2004|Maha Kali (Single)    
2006|Rebirth Of Dissection (Bonus CD)
2006|Reinkaos (Korean +1)        
2006|Starless Aeon (Single)
2009|Live In Stockholm 2004
Live In Koeln .MPG  Video
Rebirth Of Dissection (2006 DVD Rip) .SVCD    Video
Starless Aeon (2006) .AVI  Video
Where Dead Angels Lie (1996 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Where Dead Angels Lie (Live) .MPG  Video
Xeper I Set (Live WOA '05) .AVI  Video
Dissectomy (FR)  
2004|Two Song Sampler
Dissector (RU)  
2007|Cry For Me mCD
Dissektor (CO)  
2008|Supremacy (Demo)
Dissension (US-CA)  
1986|Why Work For Death LP
Dissenter (PL)  
1997|Moral Insanity (Demo Tape)
2000|Bloodlust And Blasphemy
2002|Apocalypse Of The Damned      
2005|Furor Arma Ministrat (2008 Remastered)
Dirge Of The Deceased .AVI  Video
Dissenter (US-CA)  
1988|Metal Massacre Vol 9    
Dissentient (CA)  
2011|Black Hole Machine  
2013|The Archillect EP
Dissidence (CA)  
2001|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest  
Dissimulation (LT)  
2000|Miglose EP
Dissociation (DE)  
1999|Sefira Gebura (Demo)
2001|Bitterkeit (Demo)
2001|Schwarzer Ritus (Demo)
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
Dissolute Paradise (DE)  
1996|Dew Compilation  
Dissolution (CA)  
2014|Natural Selection
Dissolving Of Prodigy (CZ)  
1993|Echoes Of My Sadness (2010 +2)
1995|Lamentations Of Innocents
1997|Time Ruins Also Beauty
1999|A Tribute To Masters Hammer  
2002|Louceni Se Svetem Pozemskym
Dissonance (SK)  
1994|Look To Forget
Dissonance (US)  
2000|3 Song Demo
Dissonance In Design (US-CO)  
Dissonant (IL)  
2005|Consolidated Reality Fragments
2007|Perspective EP
Dissonant (US-MI)  
2004|Suffocating In A Dead Scene
Dissonath (VE)  
2007|Destruction Statement
Distant Thunder (US-TX)  
2004|Welcome The End      
Distillers, The
2002|Kerrang Hometaping Vol 2  
Distorted (BE)  
2006|Demon Inside
Distorted Impalement (AT)  
2007|Gut & Distorted Impalement Split
2009|Straight In Your Face
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Distorted Mind (US-NJ)  
2005|Thin Air And Empty Shadows EP    
Distraught (BR)  
2002|Gore Domination Compilation  
2002|Infinite Abyssal  
2004|Behind The Veil
2009|Unnatural Display Of Art
Distream (DE)  
2006|The Dreadful Moments  
Distress (FR)  
Distress Of Ignore (RU)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2009 DVD #1  Video
2002|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 6  
Disturbance Project (ES)  
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
2006|Obscene Extreme 2006  
2008|Obscene Extreme 2008  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 07 Grindcore  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #3  Video
Disturbed (US)  
2000|Summer Of The Sickness (Ozzfest 2000 Promo)
2000|The Sickness
2002|Believe (Tour Edition 2CD)
2005|Ten Thousand Fists (2007 +2)    
2008|Indestructible (Jap +1)  
2011|The Lost Children
Down With The Sickness .MPG  Video
Inside The Fire (2008) .MKV  Video
Live At Metal Hammer Golden Gods 06/16/08 .AVI  Video
Stricken .MPG  Video
Disturbed (US-MN)  
2000|Root Of All Evil Records 2nd Anniversary Sampler  
Ditchcreeper (UK)  
2009|Rotting Repugnancy  
Diva Destruction (US)  
2003|Exposing The Sickness
Diva Noctua Entropia (GR)  
2005|Be Sinking In Marshland
Divercia (FI)  
2002|Modus Operandi    
2004|Cycle Of Zero    
2010|Tribute To Focus  
Divided Multitude (NO)  
2002|Falling To Pieces
Dividing Horizons (DE)  
Divina Enema (BY)  
1999|To Wight Shalt Never Shine (Demo Tape)
2000|At The Conclave    
2004|Under Phoenix Phenomenon    
Divine Decay (FI)  
2001|Songs Of The Damned  
2003|Maximize The Misery    
Divine Decay (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Silence Of Decades (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Divine Empire (US-FL)  
2000|Doomed To Inherit  
2005|Method Of Execution          
Divine Eve (US-TX)  
1993|As The Angels Weep mCD  
1995|Death Is Just The Beginning 3 (2CD)    
1995|Deterioration Of The Senses Compilation    
1996|In Memory Of Celtic Frost    
Divine Heresy (US)  
2007|Bleed The Fifth    
2009|Bringer Of Plagues      
Facebreaker (2009) .MKV  Video
Failed Creation (2007) .AVI  Video
Divine Lust (PT)  
2002|Divine Lust    
Divine Noise Attack (DE)  
2006|Legacy Vol 42  
2007|Creating The End  
Divine Rapture (US-PA)  
1999|Divine Rapture
2002|Tyrants From The Abyss-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2003|Death Tribute-Together As One  
2003|The Burning Passion      
Divine Regale (US-NH)  
1994|Horizons mCD
1995|Metal Massacre Vol 12  
1997|Taste The Blade-Metal Blade Compilation    
Divine Ruins (US-TX)  
2004|Sign Of The Times  
Divine Silence (US-NY)  
2001|Promise You
Divine Sin (SE)  
1997|A Black Mark Tribute  
1997|Thirteen Souls
1998|A Black Mark Tribute Vol 2  
Divine Souls (SE)  
2000|Perished EP
2002|The Bitter Selfcaged Man    
Divinefire (SE)  
2004|Glory Thy Name      
2005|Hero (Jap)    
2006|Into A New Dimension (Jap +2)  
Divining, The (US-PA)  
2005|New England Metal And Hardcore Festival 7  
Divinity (CA)  
2004|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IV  
Divinity (CA) *  
2003|The Infinite Cycle (Demo)
Plasma (2008) .MKV  Video
Divinity Destroyed (US-NJ)  
2003|Eden In Ashes        
Division (US-VA)  
1999|Hell Bent For Metal-Judas Priest Tribute  
1999|Hell Rules-A Tribute To Black Sabbath  
2000|Savatage Tribute-Return Of The Mountain King  
2002|Hail To The Stonehenge Godz-Black Sabbath Tribute  
2002|Phantom Lords: A Tribute To Metallica  
2003|Motormorphosis-A Tribute To Motorhead Part 2  
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
Division Alpha (FR)  
1999|Metal Explosion Vol 15  
2000|Elegy Sampler 12  
2002|The Holy Bible Vol 4  
2003|Holy-er Than You 3  
Division By Zero (PL)  
2007|Tyranny Of Therapy
Division Hagal (DE)  
2003|Demo Tape 1
2004|Embers Of Faith-The Coming Fire  
Divisjon X (NO)  
2007|Cold Core Divisjon CDR
Divizion S-187 (RU)  
2006|Blood And Fire mCD
2008|V Miloserdii Otkazano
2003|Metal Gear  
Divultion (UA)  
2010|The End Of Humanity
Dixie Dregs (US)  
1978|What If
1979|King Biscuit Flower Hour (1997)
1979|Night Of The Living Dregs
1989|Divided We Stand-Best Of
Dizkord (US-CA)  
2005|Benighted Entity-Disciples Of The Unlit Path (2CD)  
Djabah (FR)  
Dobytci Mor (CZ)  
Doctor Butcher (US)  
1994|Doctor Butcher (2005 Remastered 2CD +5)    
1999|The Demos
Doctor, The (US-CA)  
2004|The Doctor Is In  
Dod (SE)  
2005|Funeralistic (Demo CDR) (2007)
Dodfodd (SE)  
2001|Livloes Massa Doedfoedd Sjael (Demo)
2002|Forfall Undergang Och Dod (Demo)  
2003|Besvarjelse For Omvand Rekreation (Demo Tape)  
Dodheimsgard (NO)  
1995|Kronet Til Konge    
1996|Monumental Possession  
1998|Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone-Tribute To Darkthrone  
1998|Satanic Art EP    
1999|666 International (2011 +2)  
2005|Mork Skog EP
2007|Supervillain Outcast (2012 2CD)    
Dodsengel (NO)  
2010|Mirium Occultum  
Dodsferd (GR)  
2006|Desecrating The Spirit Of Life  
2007|Cursing Your Will To Live      
2007|Fucking Your Creation      
2008|Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey    
2009|Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow  
Dofka (US)  
1990|Toxic Wasteland (Remastered)  
2000|Savatage Tribute-Return Of The Mountain King  
2000|Slave To The Power (Iron Maiden Tribute) (2CD)  
2010|Humanity Bleak  
Dog Faced Gods (SE)  
1998|Random Chaos Theory In Action  
Dog Faced Gods (US-CA)  
2005|Stoned Council    
Dog Fashion Disco (US-DC)  
2001|BWBK Knuckle Tracks XXIX  
2001|Kerrang The Devil's Music Volume 3  
2002|Metal Maniacs Presents Deranged  
2003|Committed To A Bright Future    
2008|Beating A Dead Horse To Death Again
Doggo (IT)  
Dogma Inc. (SK)  
2002|Obscene Extreme  
Dogma, The (IT)  
2006|Black Roses    
Dogmat (UA)  
2006|Carpathian Might-Ukrainian Black Metal Comp  
Dokken (US)  
1982|Breaking The Chains  
1984|Tooth And Nail      
1985|Under Lock And Key  
1987|Back For The Attack      
1988|Beast From The East (Jap 2CD)  
1995|One Live Night (Jap)
1997|Shadow Life  
1999|Erase The Slate    
2000|Live From The Sun (Jap +1)  
2001|Yesterday And Today
2003|Japan Live 95  
2004|Change The World
2004|Hell To Pay          
2007|From Conception-Live 1981  
2008|Lightning Strikes Again    
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.2  
In My Dreams (1986) .AVI  Video
Japan Live 1995  
Dol Ammad (GR)  
2004|Star Tales  
Dol Amroth
2003|Shards Of Elder Blades  
Dol Theeta (GR)  
2009|The Universe Expands    
Dolemite Project, The (US-CA)  
Dolentia (PT)  
2007|A Idade Da Morte Liturgia Do Sangue E Da Agonia (Demo Tape)
Dolorian (FI)  
1999|When All The Laughter Has Gone    
Dom Dracul (SE)  
2004|Genocide In The Name Of Satan (Demo Tape)  
2006|Attack On The Crucified
Domain (DE)  
1992|Collection 86-92
2002|The Artefact  
2003|The Sixth Dimension (Digipak)
2004|Give Us Moore-Gary Moore Tribute  
2005|Last Days Of Utopia (2CD)  
2005|The Essence Of Glory (Best Of)
2006|Stardawn-The Essence Of Glory Best Of 1988-2005 (Bonus CD)
2009|The Chronicles Of Love Hate And Sorrow (Digipak)  
Domain (MX)  
2001|Domain & Demonized "Hellbirth" Split
Domain (PL)  
Whispered In The Dark (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Domina Noctis (IT)  
Dominance (IT)  
2009|Echoes Of Human Decay  
Dominance (US-CA)  
1991|Metal Massacre Vol 11    
2005|A Tribute To Pantera (R.I.P. Dimebag)
Domination Black (FI)  
2004|Trendofobia (Demo)
2008|Haunting EP  
Domination Through Impurity (US-NC)  
2005|Essence Of Brutality    
Domine (IT)  
1997|Champion Eternal    
1999|Dragonlord (Tales Of The Noble Steel)      
2001|Stormbringer Ruler  
2003|Emperor Of The Black Runes (Jap)    
2007|Ancient Spirit Rising (Jap +1)  
Domini Inferi (NL)  
2002|In Nomine Domini Inferi (Demo Tape +1)
Dominia (RU)  
2006|The Darkness Of Bright Life EP
2009|Judgement Of Tormented Souls  
Dominici (US-NY)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 3  
1996|Under The Sign Of The Sacred Star  
Dominion (NL)  
2004|Of Hate
Dominion (SE)  
2006|Born God And Aware  
Dominion (SE) *  
2006|Naeblis & Dominion "Death Of Mankind/A Dream" Split
Dominion (UK)  
1998|Roots 2 (The Return) Compilation  
1998|X-Years (Peaceville Records Compilation)  
Dominion (US-IL)  
2000|Dominion (Demo)
Dominion 3 (AT)  
2000|The Hand And The Sword
Dominion Caligula (SE)  
2000|A New Era Rises      
Dominium (ES)  
2003|Mundo Oculto
Dominium (PL)  
1999|Unknown Dimensions  
2002|Psycho Path Fever  
2003|Metalmania Side Stage  
2003|Mohocks' Club
MK Ultra (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Dominus (DK)  
1992|Ambrosias Locus (Demo)
1993|Sidereal Path Of Colours (Single)  
1994|View To The Dim    
1996|The First 9  
1998|Vol. Beat
Dominus Praelii (BR)  
2002|Holding The Flag Of War (2007 +3)  
2006|Bastards And Killers
2010|Keep The Resistance
Dominus Xul (CL)  
2000|The Primigeni Xul
Dommedagssalme (DE)  
Don Caballero (US-PA)  
2006|World Class Listening Problem  
Don Dokken (US)  
1990|Give It Up (Single)
Don't (DE)  
2002|Have Some Fear
Don't Care (US)  
1994|Rotten To The Core  
Don't Down (BR)  
2002|Disorderly (Demo)
Donkelheet (LU)  
2003|Darkenend Nocturn Slaughtercult & Donkelheet Split 7"
Donnergroll (DE)  
2007|Das Donnerduett (A Tribute To Myrkvid)
Donor (NL)  
1992|Triangle Of The Lost  
1995|Antichrist Superstar Compilation (Displeased)    
Doogie White (UK)  
1999|The Maiden Years-Tribute To Iron Maiden  
2001|Only UFO Can Rock Me A UFO Tribute  
Dook (CA)  
2001|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest  
Doom (JP)  
1986|05-16 Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1986|06-12 Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1986|07-22 Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1986|08-17 Eggplant Osaka Japan (Bootleg)
1986|09-20 Osaka Candy Hall Japan (Bootleg)
1986|Explosion Tokyo Japan 1986 (Bootleg)  
1986|Go Mad Yourself 7"
1986|Live Flexi ("Why" & "Last Stand To Hell") (1986?)  
1987|01-11 Nagoya Imaike-Geion-Gekijyou (Bootleg)
1987|02-14 Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1987|04-14 Toshima Koukaido Japan (Bootleg)
1987|04-29 Live @ Rock-May-Kan Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1987|04-29 Live @ Rock-May-Kan Tokyo Japan .SVCD  Video
1987|05-14 Kyoto Vivre-Hall Japan (Bootleg)
1987|07-25 Saitama-Kaikan (Bootleg)
1987|08-22 Eggplant Shibuya Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1987|08-29 Rockin' Okazaki Aichi Japan (Bootleg)
1987|09-26 Candy Hall Osaka Japan (Bootleg)
1987|11-05 Blowdown Hirakata Osaka Japan (Bootleg)
1987|12-07 Sendai Forum Morningmoon Japan (Bootleg)
1987|No More Pain...  
1987|Skull Thrash Zone Volume I    
1988|01-24 Toyoshima Koukaido Japan (Bootleg)
1988|01-?? Live @ The Loft Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1988|01-?? Live @ The Loft Tokyo Japan .SVCD  Video
1988|02-21 Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
1988|07-21 Electric Lady Land Nagoya Japan (Bootleg)
1988|Complicated Mind    
1988|Killing Field  
1989|04-03 Electric Lady Land Nagoya Japan (Bootleg)  
1989|Incompetent (2007 Remastered)  
1991|Human Noise  
1992|Dance 2 Noise Vol 3 "Will Never End"      
1992|Illegal Soul  
1993|Dance 2 Noise Vol 6 "Parasite"    
1993|Doom & Cocobat Split 7" "The Nightmare Runs"
1993|Neu Konservatiw Compilation "The Scraps Screamed"    
1993|Rad Compilation  
1994|Doom & Hedgehog Split 7" "Sure"  
1994|Extreme Hot Candy Compilation "Afraid"  
1995|"The Nightmare Runs" From Bacteria Sour "Taste" Comp    
1995|Freakout 7" ("Cruel World" & "Broken Walls")  
1999|Where Your Life Lies!?  
2000|08-11 Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo Japan (Bootleg)
2006|Complicated Mind Live (Bootleg)
2006|Killing Fields Live (Bootleg)
2006|No More Pain Live (Bootleg)
2016|No More Pain Re-recording  
2016|Still Cant The Dead  
20th Century Proud Man - Live At CBGB's (2nd Gen) .MPG    Video
Afraid (1995) (Live From Extreme Hot Candy) .MPG    Video
Afraid (Youtube) .FLV  Video
Body No Body 854 480 .FLV  Video
Clip On Rockin'dex '88 DVD  Video
Death To Wimp! 854 480 .FLV  Video
Fence And Barricade 854 480 .FLV  Video
Human Noise (Partial) (No More Attitude Tour 5.3.15) .MP4  Video
Im Your Junky Doll 854 480 .FLV  Video
Instruction Manual 1988-1991 (2016) .MP4    Video
Kick It Out! 854 480 .FLV  Video
Killing Field (Pyramid Club NY) 10-15-1988 854 480 .FLV  Video
Killing Field (Violent Attitude 10`5) (Youtube) .MP4  Video
Killing Field 854 480 .FLV  Video
Live CBGBs NY 10/19/1988 (Youtube) .MP4    Video
Live Pyramid Club NY 10/14/1988 .MP4    Video
Miss Cookie Featuring Koh "Nishiyogi Watts" (1996) .AVI  Video
Miss Cookie Featuring Koh "Nishiyogi Watts" (1996)  
No More Attitude Tour .MP4  Video
No More Democracy (2016 Official) .MP4  Video
No More Democracy (2016 Official) .ISO  Video
No More Democracy Diskunion Bonus (2016.01.11) .AVI  Video
No More Pain Live 640 360 .FLV  Video
Opening Plus First 3 Songs (No More Attitude 5.3.15) .MP4  Video
Rocking Russian/Complicated Mind (No More Attitude Tour 2015.4.29 .MP4  Video
Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo Japan 02/21/88 (Cam 2 Songs) .AVI  Video
Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo Japan 02/21/88 (Cam 2 Songs)  
Suisou (Violent Attitude 2015) .MP4  Video
Violent Attitude Jan.12.2015 (Youtube) .MP4  Video
Violent Attitude w/ Baki Jan.12.2015 (Alex) .MP4  Video
Why (CBGBs) 10-19-1988 854 480 .FLV  Video
Doom (UK)  
1989|The Peel Sessions  
1991|Emergency Express III-Declare A State Of Emergency  
1995|Total Doom  
1996|Fuck Peaceville  
1996|Hail To Sweden EP
2010|Obscene Extreme  
Doom Blade (CN)  
2003|Resurrection Of The Gods II  
Doom Day (UK)  
2007|Count Your Useless Hours
Doom Snake Cult (US-NV)  
1992|Love Sorrow Doom
Doom Syndicate (US-VA)  
2004|Beyond Salvation  
Doombringer (PL)  
2011|Ancient Abominations
Doomed (US-CA)  
1993|Deaf Metal Sampler  
1996|Spectrum Ale (Relapse Compilation)    
Doominhated (IT)  
2007|Inferno Caput Mundi
Doomraiser (IT)  
2006|Lords Of Mercy
2009|Erasing The Remembrance
Doomsday (PL)  
2007|Kasa Sila Wladza
Doomsday Ceremony (BR)  
2010|The Return Of The Sons Of Cain (A Tribute To Amen Corner)  
Doomsday Cult, The (SE)  
2003|Shroud Of Woe 1-Chariots Arrive Again (2CD)  
2004|A Language For Sad Spirits EP
Doomsday Government (SE)  
2004|A Dark World-Chapter I  
Doomshine (DE)  
2004|Thy Kingdoom Come      
Doomstone (DE)  
Doomstone (US-VA)  
1993|Those Whom Satan Hath Joined
2000|Curse Of The Demon-A Tribute To Mercyful Fate  
2003|Without Prayer (Best Of)
Doomsword (IT)  
2002|Resound The Horn      
2003|Let Battle Commence      
2007|My Name Will Live On  
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #2  Video
Doomthrone (DE)  
2003|Skeleton Veiled In Flesh 12"
Doraid (JP)  
2011|Death Line City LP
Dorgmooth (RU)  
2003|Dead Patience
Dormant Carnivore (RU)  
2010|Kraanium & Epicardiectomy & Dormant Carnivore Split
Dormant Misery (DE)  
2001|The Reawakening
Reawakening, The (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Dormitory (DE)  
2002|Trash Till Death Volume 1  
Dorn (DE)  
2001|Brennende Kaelte
2002|Schatten Der Vergangenheit    
2007|Spiegel Der Unendlichkeit  
Dornenreich (AT)  
1997|Nicht Um Zu Sterben
1999|Bitter Ists Dem Tod Zu Dienen  
2001|Her Von Welken Naechten      
2006|Durch Den Traum +1        
Dornfall (FR)  
Doro (DE)  
1991|Rare Diamonds  
1995|A Whiter Shade Of Pale
1998|Love Me In Black  
1999|Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal (2CD)  
2000|Calling The Wild    
2003|A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night (Kiss)  
2003|Fuer Immer (Single)
2003|Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD  
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|Classic Diamonds (Digipak)  
2005|In Liebe Und Freundschaft-For Love & Friendship EP
2006|Warrior Soul      
2008|Celebrate The Night Of The Warlock mCD
2009|Fear No Evil  
2010|25 Years In Rock And Still Going Strong (Bonus Live CD)
2012|Raise Your Fist
All We Are (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
All We Are (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Burn It Up (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Burning The Witches (Live At 2003 Open Air Festival) .AVI  Video
Classic Diamonds (2004)  
Earthshaker Rock (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
East Meets West (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Fur Immer (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Fur Immer [1/2] (2003)    
Herzblut (2009) .MKV  Video
Interview (On Wacken Metal Overdrive 2003 DVD)  Video
Too Drunk To Fuck With Holy Moses (On Wacken Metal Overdrive DVD)  Video
Wachen Hymne (WeAreTheMetalheads) (Live On Wacken Open Air 2009 DVD)  Video
Warrior Soul (2006) .AVI  Video
White Wedding .MPG  Video
Doroga Vodana (RU)  
2009|Chetyre Storony mCD
Dorotha (FI)  
2000|Carnal Souls Entwine
Dorsal Atlantica (BR)  
1986|Antes Do Fim LP  
1994|Alea Jacta Est LP
2002|Pelagodiscus Atlanticus (2CD)
2002|Ultimatum Outtakes 1982-1985
2005|Antes Do Fim Depois Do Fim
Dot(.) (JP)  
2004|Self Titled LP
Double Dealer (CA)  
2000|Moving Target
Double Dealer (JP)  
2000|Double Dealer
2001|Deride At The Top
2005|Fate & Destiny
2006|Live In Tokyo Fate And Destiny Tour 2005 (2 DVDA)
2007|Desert Of Lost Souls
Draw The Curtain .MPG  Video
Fate And Destiny Tour-Live In Toyko 2005 [2 DVD]  
Double Diamond (BE)  
1998|In Danger
2004|Stand Up And Fight  
Doug Aldrich (US)  
2001|Alter Ego
Down (US-LA)  
1995|Nola (Demo)
2002|Down II    
2007|Over The Under    
2010|Diary Of A Mad Band (2CD + DVDA)
2012|Down IV Part 1-The Purple EP
2014|Down IV Part II EP  
On March The Saints (2008) .AVI  Video
Stone The Crow .MPG  Video
Down By Law
Gruesome Gary (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #2)  Video
Down Factor (US-CA)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Down From The Wound (PH)  
2007|Agony Through Rituals Of Self Purification  
2009|Fermenting In Five-Way Filth Split  
Down In Flames (SE)  
1996|Ultimate Swedish Slash & Burn Vol 2  
2008|Cobras And Matadors
Downer (AU)  
1994|Grater Scrape
Downfall (DE)  
Downfall (FI)  
2005|Ironbar 2CD  
Downfall Of Gaia (DE)  
2012|Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes
Downlord (DK)  
2006|Grind Trials-The Demos mCD    
2007|Random Dictionary Of The Damned  
Downscape (DE)  
2004|Under The Surface
Downset (US-CA)  
1996|Do We Speak A Dead Language?
2000|Check Your People
Downside (US-CA)  
2003|When It's All Burning
Downspiral To Hell, The (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
Downswitch (DK)  
2007|Deprived Human Behaviour CDR
Downthesun (US-KS)  
2002|Down The Sun  
Downthroat (PT)  
1999|I've Got My Mother's Eyes (Demo)
2001|CBT/Filth/Downthroat/NCC 4 Way Split  
Downtrod (US-OH)  
2008|Face Of Demons
Doxomedon (SG)  
1999|Evanesce EP
Dr. Death (DE)  
1998|Preapocalytic Visions  
1999|Somewhere In Nowhere
Dr. Faust (RU)  
2001|Badtime Badplace  
2007|Perverted Obscenity
Dr. Know (US-CA)  
1986|This Island Earth
1988|Wreckage In Flesh  
Dr. Mastermind (US-OR)  
1986|Dr. Mastermind  
2005|Sin Sandwich
Dr. Rock
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
Dr. Rock Inc.
2005|Unleash Your Soul Compilation I  
Dr. Shrinker (US)  
1989|Wedding The Grotesque (Demo)  
2004|Grotesque Wedlock
2008|Nunslaughter & Dr. Shrinker Split 7"
Dr. Sin (BR)  
1996|Silent Scream (Jap)
Dr. Zaius (CL)  
2003|Beercore Style (Demo)
1999|Roots III (A Trilogy)  
Dracena (SE)  
2004|Infernal Damnation (+ Bonus CD)
Drachenbrut (DE)  
2000|We Are Chapter 1  
Drachenfels (FR)  
2008|Bow Down Before Death
Dracma (BR)  
2002|Perfect Creation
Draco Hypnalis (CZ)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #1  Video
Draconian (ES)  
2001|To Outlive The War  
Draconian (SE)  
2000|Frozen Features (CDR)
2002|Dark Oceans We Cry (Demo)  
2003|Where Lovers Mourn      
2005|Arcane Rain Fell      
2006|The Burning Halo      
2008|Turning Season Within    
2011|With Us Or Against Us Vol XIII  
Draconis (US-CA)  
1997|Overlords Of The Greying Dawn
1999|Gateway To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer  
1999|The Highest Of All Dark Powers  
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
Draconis Infernum (SG)  
2008|Death In My Veins  
2011|Rites Of Desecration And Demise  
Draconis Sanguis (DE)  
1998|Cursed By Sorrow And Lust (Demo Tape)
2003|Shards Of Elder Blades  
Dracul (DE)  
2002|Orkus Compilation 2  
2003|Follow Me
Draemoontias (CH)  
2003|Butchery Under Dark Sky
Dragobrath (UA)  
2006|Scripture Of The Woods
2008|And Mountains Openeth Eyes
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
2010|Fra Myrer Taake  
Dragon (PL)  
1991|Scream Of Death (2008 Remastered +5)
Dragon Guardian (JP)  
2008|Harukanaru Chigiri
Dragon Heart (UK)  
2000|Valley Of The Damned (Demo)  
Dragon Lord (ES)  
1998|Dive (2002 Dragon Lord Reissue +2)
2006|Through The Time (Digipak)
Dragon Lord (SE)  
1999|Tales Beyond Reality (Demo)
Dragon Ubyss
2000|Dragonclaws Vol 1  
Dragon's Eye (PL)  
2003|Screaming For Metal  
Dragonauta (AR)  
2000|Natas & Dragonauta Split
2005|Abdullah & Dragonauta Split  
Dragonfly (AR)  
Dragonfly (NL)  
2005|Falling Down
Dragonforce (UK)  
2003|Valley Of The Damned (2010 +1)        
2004|Sonic Firestorm (2010)        
2005|Inhuman Rampage (Jap +1)          
2008|Ultra Beatdown +2 (Jap +1)            
2010|Twilight Dementia (2CD Live)
2012|The Power Within  
Cry Thunder .MP4  Video
Heroes Of Our Time (2008) .MKV  Video
Last Journey Home, The (2009) .MKV  Video
Operation Ground And Pound (2006) .AVI  Video
Through The Fire And Flames (2005) .AVI  Video
Dragongrass (CA)  
2006|Beyond The Valley Of Hinnom    
Dragonhammer (IT)  
2001|Blood Of The Dragon      
2004|Time For Expiation      
Dragonheart (BR)  
2002|Throne Of The Alliance  
2005|Vengeance In Black
Dragonland (SE)  
2001|The Battle Of The Ivory Plains    
2002|Holy War (Jap +2)      
2002|The Keepers Of Jericho-Tribute To Helloween Part 2  
2007|Astronomy (Jap +2)    
2011|Under The Grey Banner
Dragonlord (US-CA)  
2005|Black Wings Of Destiny +1          
Dragonne (US-CA)  
1988|On Dragon's Wings EP (2004 CD)  
Dragons Realm (PL)  
2001|Windy Witches LP
Dragonsfire (DE)  
2008|Visions Of Fire
2010|Metal Service
Dragonthrone (SE)  
2002|Burn Them All (Demo)
Dragonwyck (US-OH)  
2008|Born Into Madness
Dragony (AT)  
Drain Life (NL)  
2005|A Plague Called Society mCD
Drain Of Impurity (TR)  
2001|Sordid Acts Of Torture
2002|Brutalmageddon-3 Way Split  
Drain S.T.H. (SE)  
1995|Horror Wrestling
1996|Crack The Liar's Smile (Single)
1996|I Don't Mind (Remix Single)
1998|Crack The Liar's Smile mCD
1999|Freaks Of Nature
Live In Cambridge MA 09-24-97 (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Drakkar (IT)  
1999|Quest For Glory  
2002|Razorblade God  
Drama (RU)  
2005|Winds Choir Opera  
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
Drastic (IT)  
1998|Thieves Of Kisses
Drastic Gunsmith (JP)  
1989|Far East Thrash Army    
Drastique (IT)  
Drastus (FR)  
2005|C.Y.T & Hostis & Drastus "From The Womb Of Ferocious" Split
2005|Roars From The Old Serpents Paradise  
2006|Taphos mCD  
2009|Serpents Chalice-Materia Prima mCD
Draugar (US-CA)  
2004|Weathering The Curse    
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
Draugluin (GR)  
2005|Wyrm Of Utumno (Tape) (2007)
Draugnim (FI)  
2008|Northwinds Ire  
Draugr (IT)  
2006|Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy
Draugurz (BR)  
2003|Rehearsal Demo
2005|Draugurz & Marblebog Split  
Draupnir (DE)  
2008|In Culpa Versari
Drautran (DE)  
2000|Unter Dem Banner Der Nordwinde  
2007|Throne Of The Depths  
Drawn (NO)  
1999|A New World (Digipak)
Drawn And Quartered (US-WA)  
1999|To Kill Is Human
2002|Crusaders Of Blasphemy
2003|Extermination Revelry      
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
2004|Return Of The Black Death  
2006|Hail Infernal Darkness      
2007|Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer      
Orgiastic Feast (2005) .SVCD  Video
Dread From Craving (SE)  
2002|Holy Shit  
Dread Zeppelin (US)  
1996|The Fun Sessions
Dreadful Shadows (DE)  
1995|Homeless EP
1996|Death Is Just The Beginning 4    
1997|Traces Of Death Vol 4 Soundtrack  
1998|Beyond The Maze  
Dreadful Truth
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Dreadlink (DE)  
2014|Deconstruct EP
Dreadnaught (AU)  
2000|Down To Zero
2001|One Piece Missing EP
2005|A New Design
Dream Child (FR)  
1996|Torn Between Two Worlds  
1999|1999 Millennium Metal Sampler (Metal Blade)    
2000|Crossroads Compilation  
Dream Death (US-PA)  
1987|Journey Into Mystery (Tape)      
2004|Back From The Dead
2009|Pittsburgh Sludge Metal
2013|Somnium Excessum
Dream Devoid (GR)  
2001|Aeons Of Forgetfulness
Dream Disciples (UK)  
1996|A Cure For Pain
Dream Evil (SE)  
2002|Dragonslayer (Jap)  
2003|Evilized (Jap +2)          
2004|The Book Of Heavy Metal (Jap +2/US +1)            
2004|The First Chapter (Single)  
2006|United (Jap +2) (+ Bonus CD)        
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2008|Gold Medal In Metal-Alive And Archive (2CD)
2010|In The Night (Digipak +2)            
2017|Six (Jap +4)  
Ballad , The (854 480 Stereo 44khz) .FLV  Video
Bang Your Head (854 480 Stereo 44khz) .FLV  Video
Blind Evil (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Book Of Heavy Metal, The (2004)  
Book Of Heavy Metal, The (2004) .MKV  Video
Book Of Heavy Metal, The (Live) (On Manifesto OfMetalForTheMasses DVD)  Video
Children Of The Night (640 480 Stereo 22khz) .FLV  Video
Fire! Battle! In Metal! .AVI  Video
Gold Medal In Metal (2008)  
Dream Into Dust (US-NY)  
1998|Presumed Guilty  
2002|The Cold The Silent  
Dream Of An Opium Eater (UK)  
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Audition (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Dream Quest (CA)  
2004|The Release  
Dream Theater (US)  
1986|Instrumental III-No Sleep Since Brooklyn
1989|When Dream And Day Unite (2002 Remastered)      
1992|Another Day (Single)  
1992|Images And Words            
1993|Dance Of Eternity (Bootleg)  
1993|Lie (Single)
1993|Live At The Marquee  
1993|Lords Of Sound 06-29-93 (Bootleg)  
1993|Majestic Harmonies (Bootleg)  
1993|March Of The Tyrant (Majesty Demos)  
1993|Tragedy (Part I) (Live In New York/Bootleg)  
1994|A Kick Into A Dream (Bootleg)  
1994|The Silent Man (Single)  
1995|A Change Of Seasons      
1995|Acoustic Dreams (Bootleg)  
1995|Mind Control (Bootleg)  
1995|Rockin Japan (Bootleg)
1996|Antiquities (Bootleg Featuring John Arch)
1996|International Fan Club Christmas CD 1996
1997|Falling Into Infinity    
1997|International Fan Club Christmas CD 1997  
1997|Metal Sampler
1998|Hollow Years (Single)  
1998|International Fan Club Christmas CD 1998  
1998|Live At The Waldrock Festival Germany 06-27-98  
1998|Once In A Livetime (2CD)  
1999|Hollow Years mCD
1999|International Fan Club Christmas CD 1999  
1999|Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory      
2000|International Fan Club Christmas CD 2000
2000|Through Her Eyes mCD
2001|Live Scenes From New York (3CD)    
2002|Master Of Puppets In Chicago 03-16-02 (3CD) (Bootleg)
2002|Master Of Puppets Live In Barcelona (2-19-02) (Bootleg)
2002|Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence (2CD)        
2002|Taste The Memories Fan Club CD
2002|The ATCO Demos (Limited Edition)
2002|The Dream Of The Beast (Paris 10-24-02) (Bootleg)
2003|International Fanclub Album
2003|The Making Of SFAM (2CD Bootleg)
2003|Train Of Thought        
2004|Live At Budokan (3CD)  
2004|Live In Tokyo (CD Official Bootleg)
2004|Where Are You Now (Single)
2005|The Number Of The Beast (Official Bootleg)  
2008|Chaos In Motion DVDA
2008|Greatest Hit (And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs) (2CD)  
2009|Black Clouds And Silver Linings (3CD)  
2009|Images And Words 15th Anniversary Performance-Fanclub Live
2009|Progressive Nation 2008-Fanclub Live
2009|Wither (Single)
2011|A Dramatic Turn Of Events
2013|Dream Theater (Jap +1)  
2016|The Astonishing (2CD)  
Constant Motion (2007) .AVI  Video
Five Years In A Livetime (2004)  
Images And Words Live In Tokyo (2004)  
Live At Budokan    
Live On Gigantour '05 DVD  Video
Metropolis 2000: Scenes From New York  
When Dream And Day Reunite (2005)  
Wither (2009) .MKV  Video
Dream Weaver (GR)  
2003|Words Carved Within  
Dreamaker (ES)  
2004|Human Device      
2005|Enclosed (Jap +1)        
Dreamers Seal (GR)  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Dreaming Dead (US-CA)  
2009|Within One    
Dreamland (SE)  
2009|Exit 49  
Dreamlore (SV)  
2009|Black Plague Possessed
Dreammaster (AR)  
Dreams Of Damnation (US)  
2000|Let The Violence Begin  
2006|Epic Tales Of Vengeance        
Dreams Of Dying Stars (BE)  
Dreams Of Sanity (AT)  
2000|Elegy Sampler 12  
2001|Darkness Is Thy Kingdom 3 (2CD)  
2001|Zillo Mystic Sounds 10  
Dreamscape (DE)  
2004|End Of Silence  
2007|5th Season (Digipak)
Dreamscape (NL)  
1996|Crom Resurrection Of True Metal  
Dreamscapes Of The Perverse (US-NC)  
2002|The Rise Of Self
Dreamsfear (IE)  
1998|Prelude To Destiny EP    
Dreamshade (CH)  
2008|To The Edge Of Reality EP
Dreamside, The (NL)  
2002|Blood Sweat And Tears (Type O Negative Tribute)  
Dreamtale (FI)  
2002|Beyond Reality  
2003|Oceans Heart (Jap)    
2005|Wellon (Single)  
2008|Phoenix (Jap)  
Dreamtide (DE)  
2003|Dreams For The Daring
Dreamtone (TR)  
2002|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 2  
Dreamzfate (US-FL)  
Drearylands (BR)  
2000|Some Dreary Songs  
Drecksau (DE)  
1999|Death Is Just The Beginning 5    
2001|Winter (Promo)
Dred (AU)  
2006|A Path To Extinction mCD  
Dregs Of Humanity (AU)  
2000|Dregs Of Humanity & Nihilist Split 12"
Drengskapur (DE)  
Live On Under The Black Sun Open Air XII 2009 (22:34 Part 1) .AVI  Video
Drephjard (NO)  
Dried Semen
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Drift Of Genes (UA)  
2012|Excruciating Severe Laceration
Drifter (CH)  
Highlander (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Driftingmines (IT)  
2002|Revenge-In The Triumph Of Manowar  
Driller Killer (SE)  
1996|Ultimate Swedish Slash & Burn Vol 2  
1997|World Domination 2 (Osmose)  
2000|And The Winner Is
2000|Impaled Nazarene Vs Driller Killer Split 7"
2002|Cold Cheap And Disconnected    
2002|World Domination 4 (Osmose) (2CD)  
2006|The 4Q Mangrenade  
2007|Extreme Noise Terror & Driller Killer Split
From Out Of Nowhere (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #2 (2002)  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #1  Video
Dripping (US-NJ)  
2002|Disintegration Of Thought Patterns...  
Drist (US-CA)  
1998|EP Pre Production
Drive (US)  
1988|Characters In Time  
Drogheda (US-OH)  
1998|Celebrating Five Years Of Violence
1999|Agents Of Primordial Creation
1999|Drogheda & Intense Hammer Rage Split
2000|Brutal Insanity & Drogheda Split CD
2000|Drogheda & Dysmorfic Split CD
Drohm (US)  
2001|Everlasting Departure EP
Drone (DE)  
Stampmark (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Welcome To The Pit (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Drone 24-7
2005|Nocturnal Empire  
1997|10 Years Nuclear Blast Compilation (3CD)    
Drottnar (NO)  
1998|Spiritual Battle
2000|In The Shadow Of Death  
Drown In Blood (DE)  
2005|Blood Red Path LP
Drown Mary (US-WA)  
Drown Retarded Children (US)  
2006|Demented Continuum
Drowned (BR)  
2001|Tribute To Sarcofago  
2002|Back From Hell
2003|Butchery Age  
Drowned (DE)  
1995|Conquering The Azure (Demo)
2007|Viscera Terrae EP
Drowned In Blood (MX)  
2005|The Warfare Continues    
2009|Drowned In Blood & Warcrusher "Impalement Of..." Split
Drowning (FR)  
2000|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 5 (2CD)  
2002|Age Old Nemesis
2002|Created To Kill    
2005|Apocalypse Unsealed
Like A Coiled Serpent (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Drowning In Phemaldehyde (US-SC)  
2009|Blistering Corpse Abortion  
Drowning Negativism (BR)  
2011|Lost In A Cold And Dark Dimension mCD
Drowning Pool (US)  
2002|Bodies (Single)
2002|Kerrang 4 The Album (2CD)  
2009|Loudest Common Denominator (Live)
Drowning The Light (AU)  
2007|Flames Of Sacrifice (Demo Tape)  
2007|Of Celtic Blood And Satanic Pride    
2007|Satanic Warmaster & Mutiilation & Drowning The Light Split  
2007|To The End Of Time (2009)  
2008|A World Long Dead (Tape Reissue Bonus Tracks)  
2008|The Weeping Moon (Demo Tape)  
2008|Through The Noose Of Existance  
2009|The Blood Of The Ancients  
2009|The Fading Rays Of The Sun mCD
2010|Catacombs Of Blood  
2011|Circle Of Ouroborus & Drowning The Light "Moonflares" Split
2011|Land Of The Dead Sun EP
2012|Drowning The Light & Vampyric Blood Split
Drudgery (CA)  
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Drudkh (UA)  
2003|Forgotten Legends  
2005|The Swan Road    
2006|Blood In Our Wells    
2006|Songs Of Grief And Solitude  
2007|Anti-Urban mCD (2009)  
2010|Handful Of Stars  
Drugs Of Faith (US-VA)  
2003|Terrorized Vol 25  
Drunk Junkees (FI)  
2000|Grind War Finland  
Drunkard (GR)  
2003|Alcoholic Thrash Attack (Demo Tape)
2004|Hellish Metal Dominate    
Drunken Bastards (HU)  
2008|Barbatos & Drunken Bastards "BarbatosHungarianLegions" Split
2008|Have A Brutal Day  
2010|Horns Of The Wasted  
Drunken Orgy Of Destruction
1996|Tam Tams Revenge 7" (1999)
2002|Drunken Orgy Of Destruction & S.A.A.E.I. Split 7"
Druzhina (RU)  
Dry Heeves, The
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Dry Kill Logic (US-NY)  
2001|Rot (Promo Single)
2001|Terrorized Vol 13  
2004|The Dead And Dreaming  
2006|The Magellan Complex EP
Live On Gigantour '05 DVD  Video
Paper Tiger (2004) .SVCD  Video
Dryados (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
2004|L'Amour Nenleve Pas Vraiment La Depression  
2003|Dream Of A World Without Vol 2  
2003|6-Way Scatological Splat  
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Duality (IT)  
2000|Dragonclaws Vol 1  
Dub Buk (UA)  
2002|Idu Na Wy  
2003|Mesjac Pomsty  
2003|Rus Ponad Vse  
2003|Scream Of The Eastern Lands  
2010|Mertvy Soromu Ne Imut
2012|Under The Solar Sign mCD
Dub War (UK)  
1995|Pain (Limited Edition)
2000|Earache Immortalised (3CD)  
Dublin Death Patrol (US-CA)  
2007|DDP 4 Life      
Dudman (JP)  
1998|Bathtub Shitter & Dudman Split 7"
1999|Japan In Decline  
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
2002|The Bloodbath Is Coming (Double EP)  
Duel (JP)  
2002|Kabbala Sampler 7  
Duff McKagan's Loaded
No More (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Dulcamara (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 01 Death Metal  
Dum Dum Bullet (FR)  
2006|Black Sun & Dum Dum Bullet "Imperial Journey/Dum Dum" Split
Dumper (SE)  
2002|X-Teen Revolution (Single)
Duncan Wilder Johnson (US)  
2000|Wonderdrug Records-Swallow Whole (2CD)  
Dundar The Barbarian
2014|The Future Is Fiction
Dungeon (AU)  
1996|Demolition (Jap)  
1999|Under The Southern Cross (2CD)  
2000|Same mCD (Limited Edition)
2002|A Rise To Power    
2003|Rising Power-Commemorative Japanese Tour CD
2004|One Step Beyond      
2004|Under The Rising Sun-Live
2005|Resurrection (New Version)  
2006|The Final Chapter  
Under The Rising Sun-Live (2004)    
Dungortheb (FR)  
2003|Intended To      
2004|Unforgotten Past-In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner  
2008|Waiting For Silence
Dunkel (DK)  
1999|Evighed (Demo Tape)
Dunkel (GR)  
2002|Mikrokosmos (2004 Remastered Demo)
Dunkelgrafen (DE)  
1999|Baphomet's Aeon      
2001|Triumph Des Fleisches  
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
Dunkelheit (HU)  
2008|Eternal Curse Upon Life (Demo Tape)
2010|Frozen In Eternity
Dunkelheit (PL)  
1997|Promo (Demo)
Duodildo Vibrator (RU)  
2008|Coyote Brutal Fest 2 DVDA  
2009|Light My Fire
Dusk (HU)  
2004|The Shadowsoul    
2005|Carpathian Darkness  
2005|The Darksoul's Scream
2005|Tribute To The Angel Reaper & Fantom  
2007|Pray For Death    
2009|Orok Halalban  
Dusk (PK)  
1999|My Infinite Nature Alone  
2006|Rise Of The Eastern Blood  
Dusk (US-WI)  
1994|Dusk EP  
1995|Majestic Thou In Ruin    
1997|Visionaries Of The Macabre Vol 1  
2005|Aphotic & Dusk "To Find New Darkness-The Slumber" Split    
Dusken (DE)  
2008|Finnish German Alliance LP  
Duskfall, The (SE)  
2007|The Dying Wonders Of The World  
Light, The (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #2)  Video
Shoot It In (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Duskmachine (DE)  
2005|The Final Fall  
Dust (RU)  
1997|Prah Prahu (Demo Tape)
Dust (SE)  
2001|The Endless Fall 7"
Dust From Misery (BR)  
1997|Dust From Misery
Dust Is Everywhere (US-PA)  
2007|Attics And Catacombs  
Dusted Angel (US-CA)  
2010|Earth Sick Mind
Duster (US-FL)  
2002|Orlando Metal Awards Compilation  
Dustsucker (DE)  
2004|Rock N Roll Sniper
Dutch Oven (CA)  
2003|Now Serving EP
Dweorgesblod (DE)  
2000|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 4  
Dwole (US)  
1999|Roots III (A Trilogy)  
Dxpxa (IL)  
2002|Straight Out Of The Basement
Dyecrest (FI)  
2004|The Way Of Pain    
2005|This Is My World  
Dying (CL)  
2010|Bizarre And Bloody Tales (Directors Cut)
Dying (ES)  
2003|The Truth Is Inside
Dying Awkward Angel (IT)  
2005|Ghost At The Spine
Dying Breed (US-CA)  
1994|Repressed But Not Extinct
1996|Hatefuck mCD
Dying Breed (US-IN)  
1998|First Light
Dying Day
2000|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 4  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Dying Embrace (BR)  
2006|Chronic Delusion
Dying Embrace (IN)  
2002|Misanthrope EP
Dying Fetus (US-MD)  
1995|Infatuation With Malevolence (2011 Remastered)    
1996|Purification Through Violence (2011 Remastered +2)    
1998|Killing On Adrenaline (2008 Remastered)          
1998|Live In Montreal Canada 08/02 (Bootleg)
2000|Destroy The Opposition (2002 +2)        
2000|Grotesque Impalement EP (2011 +3)  
2002|Dying Fetus & Deepred Split EP
2003|Live In Montreal Quebec 08-23 (Bootleg)
2003|Live In Winston-Salem NC 03-26 (Bootleg)
2003|Stop At Nothing        
2007|War Of Attrition (Jap +1)      
2008|Killing An Adrenaline Bonus DVDA
2009|Descend Into Depravity (Jap +2)    
2011|History Repeats
2012|Reign Supreme  
2012|Subjected To A Beating (Single)
Euclid Tavern 11-18-00 (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Killing On Adrenaline Bonus DVD  
Live At Hellfest (2015) .MP4  Video
Live In Pittsburgh PA 08/03/01 (VHS Rip Bootleg) .VCD  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
One Shot One Kill (2003) .AVI  Video
One Shot One Kill (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Second Skin .MKV  Video
Shepherds Commandment (2009) .MKV  Video
Dying Humanity (DE)  
2007|Fallen Paradise
2009|Fragments Of An Incomplete Puzzle
Dying Light, The (US-NY)  
2005|The Killing Plan  
Dying Messiah (US-CA)  
2007|The Church Of The Selfish CDR  
Dying Passion (CZ)  
1999|No Time (Demo)
2002|Voyage (2005 +1)
2003|Doom Records  
2004|Sweet Disillusions  
Dying Tears (FR)  
2000|Lovely Nightmares (Demo)
Dying Wish (HU)  
1997|The Night Embraces Me (Demo)
1998|On Twilight Of Eternity
2001|Never-Ending Road
Dynabyte (IT)  
2005|Extreme Mental Piercing      
Dyrathor (DE)  
2010|Sacred Walcraft Of Hel
Dysanchely (SK)  
2003|Secrets Of The Sun
Dyscarnate (UK)  
Grinding Down The Gears .MP4  Video
Dyscord (AU)  
Dyscrasia (US-WI)  
2002|Dislimb & Dyscrasia Split
2003|Septical Stomach-Pumped Remnants  
Dysentery (US-MA)  
2004|2 Song CD Sampler
2004|Gutrot & Dysentery "Excrutiatingly Euphoric Torment" Split
2008|From Past Suffering Comes New Flesh
Dyslesia (FR)  
2002|Years Of Secret
Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage (US)  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2003|Feculent Goretomb & Die Human Race & DysmenorrheicH Splt
Dysmorfic (IT)  
2000|Drogheda & Dysmorfic Split CD
2001|Born To Be Fucked EP
2001|Ulcerrhoea & Dysmorfic Split 7"  
2004|Suffer And Die
Dysmorphic (FR)  
2013|A Notion of Causality  
Dysphoria (UK)  
1998|Listen To The Smoke (Web) (2009)
Dysphoria (US-IL)  
1993|Day Of Atonement (Demo)  
Dysphoria (US-PA)  
1997|Hope Without Reason
Dyspraxia (ES)  
2002|Restablishing The Equilibrium mCD
2008|Spain Kills Vol 08 Brutal Death  
Dysrhythmia (US-PA)  
2001|No Interference (Demo)  
2006|Barriers And Passages    
2009|Psychic Maps
My Relationship (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Dysthymia (IS)  
2008|The Shivering Opus  
Dysthymia (IT)  
2003|Mind Will Action
Dystopia (HU)  
2007|Incompetence Drive  
Dystopia (US-CA)  
1997|Backstabber EP
1999|The Aftermath  
Dysuria (BE)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)