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De Infernali (SE)  
1997|Symphonia De Infernali    
De Lirium's Order (FI)  
2004|Victim No. 52        
De Magia Veterum (NL)  
2009|Migdal Bavel  
De Profundis (FR)  
2001|Hellfire Black Metal Compilation Vol 4 (Tape)  
De Profundis (HU)  
2011|Fekete Terror Hungarian Black Assault Vol II (CDR)  
De Profundis (UK)  
2007|Beyond Redemption  
2010|A Bleak Reflection  
De Profvndis Clamavi (IT)  
2001|Artes Moriendi
De Shifer (UA)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #1  Video
De Vermis Mysteriis (SE)  
1992|Azhubham Haani & De Vermis Mysteriis Split Demo  
DEA (MX)  
2004|Tribute To Anarchus-Beyond Good And Evil  
Dead (DE)  
1991|Far Beyond Your Imagination (Demo Tape)
1992|Appointment With Fear Vol 1  
1993|Slaves To Abysmal Perversity EP (Demo)
1994|Wanted For Kinky Sessions EP
2002|Saturdaynight Grind Fever 2001 7"
2003|You'll Never Know Pleasure LP  
2004|Les Stars Du Rock Porno
2006|Whorehouse Of The Freaks
2007|Dead & Butcher ABC "Tokyo Axxxtion-Grind Workshop" Split 7"
2008|Haemorrhage & Dead Split (+ Bonus LP Track)
2011|For Lovers Of The New Bizarre LP
2011|Hardnaked But Dead
Evil Babe From Outer Space (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Dead (MX)  
2009|Hanging Illusions (Demo Tape)
Dead And Forgotten (IT)  
2002|Demo Tape
Dead Awaken (SE)  
2002|Death Before Dishonour (Demo)
2004|Tomorrow We Die (Demo)
Dead Baby (US)  
1996|Exploding Corpse Action & Dead Baby Split EP
Dead Beginners, The (FI)  
2000|Sinners Rebellion  
2001|Thyrane & The Dead Beginners "Black Harmony" Split
Dead Beyond Buried (UK)  
2007|Condemned To Misery  
Dead By April
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.2  
Dead By Dawn (GR)  
2003|Black Knights (Promo CDR)
Dead Calm (CA)  
1991|No Way Out (2009 Remastered)
Dead Can Dance (AU)  
1984|Dead Can Dance (2008 Remastered)
1985|Spleen And Ideal  
1990|Aion (2008 Remastered)
1990|Gothic Spleens
1992|Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun  
1994|Mystical Rain
1994|Toward The Within
Dead Christ Cult (UA)  
2009|Your Absurd Life
Dead Congregation (GR)  
2005|Purifying Consecrated Ground (2008)    
2008|Graves Of The Archangels      
Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD  Video
Dead Conspiracy (US-OR)  
2006|Gore Drenched Legacy
Dead Dawn Rising (GR)  
2008|Dead Dawn Rising
Dead Emotions (DE)  
1999|Gates To The Unseen (2001)  
2003|The Genesis Behind
Dead End (JP)  
1987|Ghost Of Romance
Phantom Nation (Live) (On Japanese Heavy Metal 80's DVD)  Video
Dead End (NL)  
1991|Tales (Demo)
Dead Flesh (US-FL)  
2009|Returning From Decay
Dead Flesh Fashion (DE)  
Dead For Days (US-IL)  
2004|Creating Murderous Domain  
2008|Disassociated From Reality
Dead For Ten Weeks (US-MI)  
2007|Bloodline Detriment  
Dead Head (NL)  
1991|The Feast Begins At Dawn  
1993|Dream Deceiver  
1999|Kill Division (2008 Remastered +9)  
2000|Come To Salem
2004|Dog God 10"
2009|Depression Tank    
Dead Head (RU)  
2006|Regressive By Default  
Dead Horse (US-TX)  
1989|Horsecore-An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming  
1991|Peaceful Death And Pretty Flowers (1999)  
1994|Visceral Productions Compilation 1  
1995|Milwaukee Metal Music Mania  
Dead Industry (US-TX)  
1999|Hard Twisted Midnight  
Dead Infection (PL)  
1993|Surgical Disembowelment (2001 Reissue +7)  
1994|Blood & Dead Infection Split EP
1995|A Chapter Of Accidents (2002 Reissue +11)  
1997|Human Slaugther Till Remains (2008 Remastered)
1998|Dead Infection & CSSO & "Poppy-Seed Cake/Worst" Split 7"
1998|Malignant Tumour & Dead Infection "RockStars-MoneyWars" Splt
1999|The Greatest Shits
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2001|Dead Singles Collection
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2004|Brain Corrosion
2008|Corpses Of The Universe (+ LP Bonus)
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
2009|Dead Infection & Haemorrhage "Furniture-In Gore We" Split
2009|Dead Infection & Regurgitate Split 7"
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #3  Video
Dead Jesus (CA)  
1998|Into Mourning (Demo Tape)
2000|When Your Soul Is The Sickness  
2004|Let Them Suffer
Dead Kennedys (US-CA)  
Kill The Poor (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Dead Meat (PT)  
2002|Gore Domination Compilation  
2004|I Liberate Your Soul To Condemn Your Flesh EP
2009|Stench Of Rotten Years
Dead Nature (BR)  
2001|Dead Nature
Dead Of Winter (CA)  
2005|At The Helm Of The Abyss    
Dead Orchestra (US-KS)  
1992|Global Lobotomy
1993|Sounds Like Time Tastes
1999|Hard Twisted Midnight  
2000|Dead Orchestra
Dead Poets Society (SK)  
2003|Tales From The Underworld-A Tribute To Blind Guardian  
Dead Pop Stars, The (JP)  
2000|Japanese Heavy Metal Tribute-Tamashii (Spirit)  
Dead Raven Choir (PL)  
2006|Cask Strength Black Metal (2CD)  
2007|My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind  
Dead Remains (DE)  
1998|The Unloved Stepsons Of God (Limited Edition)
2011|Conscious Cremation
Dead Reptile Shrine (FI)  
2002|Isth Narai Ja (Tape) (2008)
2006|Dead Reptile Shrine & Torturium Split LP
2008|Burning Black Infinity (Tape)
Dead Samaritan (FI)  
2004|Bone Hill Revelation (Demo)
Dead Season
1999|Ring N Ears The Compilation  
Dead Shape Figure (FI)  
2011|All For None None For All (A Tribute To Peter Steele)  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #2  Video
Dead Shell Of Universe (RS)  
2008|Tamo Gde Pupoljak Vene Tamo Je Moje Seme mCD  
Dead Silent Slumber (SE)  
1999|Entombed In The Midnight Hour    
Dead Soul Tribe (AT)  
2002|Dead Soul Tribe      
2003|A Murder Of Crows        
2004|The January Tree        
2005|The Dead Word  
2007|A Lullaby For The Devil      
Dead Souls Rising (FR)  
1995|Ars Magica
Dead Spot (US-FL)  
2003|The Natural Occurance Of Disgust
Dead Syndicate (US-VA)  
2007|The Carrion Creed
Dead To Earth (US-MI)  
2002|Dead To Earth & Shroud Of Despondency Split CDR
2004|Dead To Earth & Volkeinblucht & Idvarp 3-Way Split  
2006|To The Triumph Of Evil (Judas Iscariot Tribute)  
Dead To This World (NO)  
2006|Dead To This World & Audiopain Split 7"
2007|First Strike For Spiritual Renewance    
Dead Trooper (NO)  
2004|100% Norwegian Thrash Metal (Demo)
2005|Spiritual Funeral mCD
2010|Sickening EP
Dead Wish (TR)  
2004|From The Land Of Forgotten Graves (Demo)
Dead World (US-CO)  
1993|Traces Of Death Vol 3 Soundtrack  
1994|This Will Hurt Someone EP
1995|Death Is Just The Beginning 3 (2CD)    
1996|Thanatos Descends
Dead Youth, The (US-IL)  
1991|Intense Brutality
1993|Grindcore's Death Row Compilation    
Dead, The
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
Dead, The (AU)  
2006|Armoured Assassin 7"
Dead, The (SE)  
2001|The Dead & Birdflesh Split
Deadalus (BE)  
2014|Remnant Of Oblivion
Deadbird (US-AR)  
2008|Twilight Ritual    
Deadblow Hammer (CA)  
2002|Deadblow Hammer
Deadbodieseverywhere (US)  
Deadborn (DE)  
2004|Decades Of Decapitation mCD    
2007|Stigma Eternal
2012|Mayhem Maniac Machine  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Deaden (US-IL)  
1996|Feast On The Flesh Of The Dead (Demo) (2004 +5)  
1997|Hymns Of The Sick  
1999|One Hell Of A Compilation  
Deadfall (UK)  
2008|Thrashing Like A Maniac  
Deadfriend (US-MA)  
2001|Deadfriend (Demo)
Deadguy (US-NJ)  
1995|Fixation On A Coworker  
Deadicated (DK)  
Deadlock (AT)  
Deadlock (DE)  
2008|Manifesto (Digipak +1)    
2009|Reunation-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Deadly Blessing (US-NJ)  
1988|Ascend From The Cauldron  
2005|An Eye To The Past
Deadly Blessing (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Deliver Us From Evil (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Demise Of Faust (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Escape The Wrath (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Queen Of Sin (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Silent Madness (On Keep It True 4 2006 DVD)  Video
Deadly Carrion (BY)  
2009|Kak Prekrasen Etot Mir
Deadly Dark (MX)  
2004|The Ultimate Mexican Death Compilation  
Deadly Dislocated (FR)  
1992|Demo Tape
Deadly Fate (BR)  
2000|Shine Again
Deadly Pale (DE)  
2003|Dream Of A World Without Vol 2  
Deadly Remains (US-CA)  
2008|Moral Crusade (Demo CDR)  
Deadly Revenge
2012|Lys Apocalypse-Compilation Metal Quebecoise (CDR) (2CD)  
Deadly Sins (CN)  
2003|Resurrection Of The Gods II  
2004|China Runs Blood +2  
Deadly Sins (DK)  
1999|Among Confused (Demo)
Deadly Spawn (JP)  
2008|From Beyond The Dark
Deadly Tide (IT)  
2003|Deadly Tide  
Deadlystrain (IT)  
2008|Extinction EP
2010|The Moltitued Of Beings
Deadman's Tale (GR)  
2002|Deadmans Tale (Demo)
Deadmarsh (BY)  
2008|To The Sky
Deadmask (ES)  
2008|Under Luciferian Wings mCD  
Deadmoon (US-KY)  
2003|Gravelord (Demo)
Deadpool (AU)  
Deadpool (US-TX)  
1999|Off The Deep End
2001|Welcome To Brutal, TX (Skin Puppet Recs Comp 1)  
Deadseraphim (US-CA)  
Deadspawn (AU)  
1999|Emissions Of Reality
Deadspawn (DE)  
2003|Slaughter Cattle (Demo)
Deadspeak (US-WY)  
2002|My Blood Is The Seed Of The Beast (Demo)
Deadstar Assembly (US-FL)  
2006|Deadstar Assembly
Deadsy (US)  
Deadweight (UK)  
2008|Origins Of Darkness  
Deadwood Murder (SE)  
2004|Blodulv & Deadwood Murder "The Havok We Seek" Split
Deaf And Dumb (CZ)  
1999|Deaf And Dumb & Imperial Foeticide Split
Deaf Dealer (CA)  
1986|Keeper Of The Flame  
Deafening Silence (FR)  
2003|Edge Of Life  
Deafness (CA)  
1996|Oppressing The Silence
Deafness (US-NY)  
2004|Louder Than All
DeAllen (US-CA)  
2002|Deceptions Of Reality
Deamon (CA)  
2000|End Of Ages EP  
2003|Synopsis Of Sin
2006|Descend Dethrone  
Dearly Beheaded (UK)  
1995|In A Darkened Room EP
1997|Chamber Of One  
Death (US-FL)  
1984|Reign Of Terror (Demo)    
1985|Back From The Dead (Demo)    
1987|Scream Bloody Gore (2008 Remastered +1) (1999 +2)        
1988|Leprosy (2008 Remastered +5)    
1989|Ultimate Revenge 2 Live  
1990|Spiritual Healing (2008 Remastered)      
1991|Human (2011 2CD Deluxe)    
1992|Fate: The Best Of Death (1999 Remastered)  
1993|At Death's Door 2    
1993|Individual Thought Patterns (2008 Remastered)    
1995|Symbolic (2008 Remastered +5)        
1998|The Sound Of Perseverance (2011 Deluxe 2CD)        
199X|Baptized In Blood (Bootleg)
2001|Live In Eindhoven '98  
2001|Live In L.A. Death And Raw    
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2012|Vivus (Deluxe 2CD)  
Lack Of Comprehension .MPG  Video
Live In Eindhoven (1998)    
Scavenger Of Human Sorrow (Live On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Spirit Crusher Live (1998 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Philosopher (1993) .SVCD  Video
Death And Glory (DE)  
2007|Den Ahnen Zum Grusse
Death Angel (US-CA)  
1987|The Ultra-Violence      
1988|Frolic Through The Park    
1990|Act III        
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|The Art Of Dying      
2005|Archives And Artifacts (3CD)  
2008|Killing Season        
2009|Sonic German Beatdown Live In Germany
2010|Relentless Retribution    
2013|The Dream Calls For Blood
Dethroned (2008) .MKV  Video
Five Steps To Freedom-Live (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Seemingly Endless Live (2004)  
Seemingly Endless Time (198X) .SVCD  Video
The Early Years (2005)  
Thicker Than Blood (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Thrown To The Wolves (Live Wacken 2004) .MKV  Video
Voracious Souls .ASF  Video
Death Anos (BE)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
Death Aura (GR)  
2008|Winds Of Mortal Hope (Demo Tape)  
Death Beast (US-GA)  
2005|The Wakening    
Death Before Disco (BE)  
2004|Party Bullet  
Death Before Dishonor (US-MA)  
2005|New England Metal And Hardcore Festival 7  
Remember (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #1)  Video
Six Six Six Friends Family Forever (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Death Benefit (US-CA)  
Death Blow (US-TX)  
2009|First World Wasteland
Death Breath (SE)  
2006|Stinking Up The Night        
2007|Let It Stink  
Death By Dawn (DE)  
2006|One Hand One Food And A Lot Of Teeth  
Death By Design (FR)  
Death By Stereo (US-CA)  
2003|Keeper Magazines Metal Comp 2  
I Sing For You (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Death Courier (GR)  
2007|Hellas-The Black Death Anthology 1989-2006 (2CD)  
Death Dealer (CA)  
1983|Metal Massacre Vol 4  
Live On Keep It True 14 DVD #2 (2011)  Video
Death Dealer (US)  
2013|War Master (Jap +2)  
Death Dies (IT)  
2002|The Sound Of Demons
2003|Product Of Hate
Thorazine (On Death To Mental Slaves DVD)  Video
Death Do Us Part (US-CO)  
2004|Hope Arisen From Fallen Dreams
Death Du Jour (FI)  
2003|Gamashinoch (Demo)  
2004|Fragments Of Perdition    
Death Dust Extractor (JP)  
2003|1st Demo
Death Heaven (IT)  
2005|Techno Decomposition World      
2007|Viral Apocalypse
Death In June (UK)  
Death Instincts (RU)  
2010|From Russia With Hate (CDR)  
Death Kids (US-NY)  
1997|Bleeding And Praying
1997|Michigan International Metalfest 1997    
Death Kult (CO)  
2011|Beyond The Flesh
Death Machine (US-CA)  
2003|Death Machine  
Seperate (2003) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Death Mask (US-MD)  
Death Mask (US-NY)  
1986|Split The Atom (2009 +5)  
Death Mechanism (IT)  
2008|Human Error Global Terror    
2010|Mass Slavery
Death Metal Summit
1996|Guitars That Rule The World - Volume 2    
Death Of A Demon (DE)  
2010|Doomsday Euphoria
Death Of Millions (US-TX)  
2003|Statistics And Tragedy  
Death Or Glory (IT)  
2002|In The Middle Of The Storm  
Death Over Threat (ES)  
Death Perception
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Death Power (FR)  
1990|The Bogeyman  
Death Reality (DE)  
2001|Blasphemous Bleeding
2001|Scurvy & Death Reality Split EP (Vinyl)
2002|Flesh Still Feeds  
Death Ritual (TR)  
2008|Fractal Revenge mCD
Death Sentence (AU)  
2007|Until The End Of The Sentence
Death Sentence (CZ)  
1997|The World Despaires
1999|Awaiting The Cinnamon Dawn
Death Silence (ES)  
2005|Frangments Of Pain (Demo)
Death Slave (BR)  
2002|The Shadow Of Death (Promo Single)
Death Squad (IT)  
2011|Bestial Domination EP
Death Squad (NL)  
1994|Into The Crypt
Death Squadron (ES)  
2003|Black Guard Of War
2004|Goatpenis & Deathsquadron Split 7"
2005|Tribute To Carnivore  
Death SS (IT)  
1989|Black Mass (1997 Remastered +5)  
1991|Heavy Demons (1997 Remastered +4)  
1996|Horror Music-The Best Of Death SS
1996|In Death Of Steve Sylvester  
1997|Do What Thou Wilt    
2001|Let The Sabbath Begin (2CD)
2002|Lords Of Chaos-Die Geschichte Der Okkulten Musik (2CD)  
2003|The Story Of Death SS (1977-1984)  
2004|The Horned God Of The Witches
2006|The 7th Seal  
Night Of The Living Death SS (2006) (Unauthorized)  
Death Thrashers Kuopio (FI)  
2006|Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg Vol 2 7"  
Death Threat
Dead At Birth (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Death Vomit (ID)  
2008|A Tribute To Slayer 25 Years  
2013|Indonesian Brutality  
Death Vomit (RU)  
1993|Death Vomit (2006)  
Death Warrant (MX)  
1986|Time Of Dying (2008)  
Death Yell (CL)  
2007|Morbid Rites
Death's Boundaries (AU)  
2002|Divide And Conquer mCD
Deathbound (FI)  
2000|Elaborate The Torture (Demo)
2003|To Cure The Sane With Insanity    
2005|Doomsday Comfort  
2007|We Deserve Much Worse  
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Deathbringer (BY)  
2007|Homo Divisus
Deathcamp Project (PL)  
2003|Away From You (Single)
2004|Laxa(c)tive Demo EP
Deathchain (FI)  
2002|Poltergeist (Demo)
2005|Deathrash Assault      
2007|Cult Of Death (2009 +1)  
2008|Death Eternal
Deathchurch (JP)  
2003|Crushing The Dreams Of Benevolence (Demo Tape)
Deathcode Of The Abyss (FR)  
2001|Wrath & Revenge (Demo)  
Deathcrimination (RU)  
2010|World Evillution
Live On Metal Heads' Mission DVD #1 (2010)  Video
Deathcrush (MX)  
2005|Mutilating The Christian Faith
Deathcult (NO)  
2007|Cult Of The Dragon    
Deathcycle (US-NY)  
2004|Self Titled EP
Deathevokation (US-CA)  
2007|The Chalice Of Ages  
Deathfare (NO)  
2004|Deathfare (Demo)
Deathfrost (RU)  
2002|Deathfrost mCD
2004|One Plus Two Plus Three Equals 666
2005|Past Imperfect
Deathfuckingcunt (AU)  
2009|Cuntscrape & Deathfuckingcunt "Split Roast" Split
Deathgate Arkanum (DE)  
1999|Germanic Fields Of Hate (Demo)
2004|Branstock/Cultus/Odal/Deathgate Arkanum Split 7"
2005|Deathgate Arkanum & Todesstoss Split 7"  
2005|Sturmbund Der Elite  
2007|Gott In Uns Split LP  
Deathgaze (JP)  
2006|Genocide And Mass Murder
Deathguy (TH)  
2002|The Legend Of Romancer  
2004|Concentrate The Annihilation
2004|Siamese Brutalism Assault Split  
Deathhammer (NO)  
2005|Barbaric Onslaught (Demo CDR)  
2008|Forever Ripping Fast
2010|Phantom Knights
Deathlehem (CA)  
2012|Lys Apocalypse-Compilation Metal Quebecoise (CDR) (2CD)  
Deathless (DE)  
2002|Call Of Damnation
Deathless (ES)  
2000|The Time To Be Immortal    
Deathless (UK)  
1993|Nondeathless mCD
Deathless Anguish (SA)  
2007|Demise Inception  
Deathlike Silence (FI)  
2009|Saturday Night Evil
Deathmoon (RU)  
2006|Daemoonhermeticum (Demo Tape)  
Deathmoor (RU)  
2008|Mors Ultima Ratio
Deathonator (RU)  
1997|Desecration (Demo Tape)
2001|And Death Will Be My Savior (Tape)
2005|The Endsville
Deathrow (DE)  
1986|Satan's Gift (Riders Of Doom) (2008 +3)    
1987|Raging Steel (2008 +5)      
1988|Deception Ignored    
1992|Life Beyond
Deathrow (IT)  
2006|The Cold Engine Of Darkness (Demo Tape)
2008|Gateways To Oblivion
2011|Desolating Cosmic Intuition
Deaths Head (AU)  
1999|Southern Thunder  
2004|Deaths Head & Purification Split
2005|Hatreds Disciples
Deathsaint (BY)  
2010|Shlyaham Vaukalaka EP
Deathsaw (US-OR)  
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
Deathspawned Destroyer (FI)  
2005|Bloodhammer & Deathspawned Destroyer Split 7"
Deathspell Omega (FR)  
1999|Disciples Of The Ultimate Void (Demo)
1999|Infernal Battles  
2001|Black Metal Blitzkrieg LP  
2001|Deathspell Omega & Clandestine Blaze Split  
2001|Moonblood & Deathspell Omega Split LP  
2002|Inquisitors Of Satan  
2002|Mutiilation & Deathspell Omega Split EP  
2004|Si Monumentum Requires Circumspice    
2005|Crushing The Holy Trinity (3CD)  
2005|Malicious Secrets & Deathspell Omega Split 12"  
2007|Fas-Ite Maledicti In Ignem Aeternum    
2008|Manifestations 2000-2001
2008|Manifestations 2002  
2008|Veritas Diaboli Manet In Aeternum Chaining The Katechon mCD    
2012|Drought mCD  
Deathstars (SE)  
2002|Synthetic Generation    
2006|Termination Bliss +2  
2009|Night Electric Night  
Blitzkrieg (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Cyanide (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Syndrome (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Synthetic Generation (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Virtue To Vice (2007) .AVI  Video
Virtue To Vice (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Deathwish (UK)  
1987|At The Edge Of Damnation (2005 Remastered)  
1989|Demon Preacher    
Deathwitch (SE)  
1996|Triumphant Devastation
1997|Dawn Of Armageddon
1998|Sepultural Feast-A Tribute To Sepultura    
1998|The Ultimate Death    
1999|Monumental Mutilations  
2002|Deathfuck Rituals  
2004|Violence Blasphemy Sodomy  
Deathwork (IT)  
2006|Evolve To Extinguish  
Debase (SE)  
Debauchery (??)
1999|Hell Rules-A Tribute To Black Sabbath  
2000|Hell Bent For Metal 2-Tribute To Judas Priest  
2001|A Sikk Tribute To Kiss  
Debauchery (DE)  
2003|Kill Maim Burn (2010 +3)    
2004|Rage Of The Bloodbeast (2008 Remastered +3)  
2005|Torture Pit (2008 Remastered +2)  
2007|Back In Blood (2CD)    
2008|Continue To Kill
2009|Rockers And War (Digipak)
2011|Germany's Next Death Metal  
Kill Maim Burn .WMV  Video
Lords Of Battle (2007) .AVI  Video
Debauchery (US)  
2003|Dead Scream Symphony  
Debodified (US-NC)  
2003|Utopia In The Eyes Of A Beast    
Debris Inc. (US-IL)  
2005|Debris Inc.      
Decadence (SE)  
2008|Thrashing Like A Maniac  
Decades Of Despair (FR)  
2009|Throes Of The Wretched EP
Decameron (SE)  
1996|Metal Explosion Vol 1  
1997|Made In Tribute-Iron Maiden Tribute    
Decapitado (MX)  
2008|Si Quieren Paz Acaben Con Ellos
Decapitado (US-WI)  
Decapitated (PL)  
2000|Winds Of Creation    
2001|The First Damned (Demos)    
2002|Live In Milwaukee, WI 07/26/02 (Bootleg)
2004|Live Nottingham 12/20 (Organic Hallucinosis Bonus CD)
2004|The Negation      
2006|Organic Hallucinosis (Dual Disc DVDA)
2006|Organic Hallucinosis          
2008|Humans Dust DVDA
2014|Blood Mantra  
Day 69 (2006) .AVI  Video
Homo Sum .MP4  Video
Human's Dust (2008)    
Live In Milwaukee, WI 07/26/02 (Bootleg) .VCD  Video
Live On Summer Slaughter Tour 2007 DVD  Video
Names Goody .MPG  Video
Organic Hallucinosis Bonus DVD (2006)  
Pest .MP4  Video
Spheres Of Madness (2002 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Winds Of Creation (Live) (2007) .MKV  Video
Winds Of Creation (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Decapitated Christ (ES)  
2014|Arcane Impurity Ceremonies
Decapitated Midgets, The (FI)  
2009|30 Ways To Die
2010|Shit Ceremony
Decapitation (DE)  
2002|Path Of Death
Decapity (UK)  
2004|Be Pure Be Vigilant Behave
2005|Skin Of Redemption (Single)  
Decay (DE)  
1998|When Heaven Bleeds (Promo Tape)
Decay (FI)  
2002|Abosranie Bogom & Decay "Anal Eruption" Split
2003|Mutilating (+1)
2003|Ultimate Onslaught Part 2  
Decay (US-OH)  
1995|Milwaukee Metal Music Mania  
Decay Of Days (DE)  
2006|End Of Breathing EP
Decay Of Salvation (US-CA)  
1999|Land Of The Wizard-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
1999|World Of Pain-Tribute To Sepultura  
Decay's Delight (FI)  
2001|Treacherous Sanity (Demo)
Decayed (PT)  
1992|Thus Revealed (2008)
1993|Pure Fucking Mayhem (Bootleg)
1993|The Seven Seals 7"
1994|The Conjuration Of The Southern Circle
1995|In Lustful Mayhem
1996|Resurrectionem Mortuorum (2008 + Bonus)    
1998|Decayed & Alastor-A Sacrifice To Darkness Split CD
1998|Sacrifice Of The New Born EP
1999|The Book Of Darkness
2000|Ataque Infernal (Tape)
2000|Decayed & Corpus Christii Split 7"
2001|Abigail & Decayed-The Bulldozer Armageddon Vol II EP
2001|Ten Years Of Steel (Digipak)  
2002|Hymns To Satan
2002|Satanic Blast EP
2003|The Beast Has Risen
2005|Decayed & Xerion "Hymns To Satan..." Split
2007|Decayed & Thugnor "Satanic Blast/At The Gates" Split
2007|Under Hecate's Spell (Best Of)
2008|The Black Metal Flame  
2010|Chaos Underground
Decayed Divinity (AU)  
2000|Decayed Divinity mCD
Decayed Remains (CA)  
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
2000|One Man's Fate
2001|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest  
Decayed Soul (IL)  
2002|Holy Shit  
Decaying Form (AU)  
2006|Chronicles Of Decimation  
Decaying Purity (TR)  
2008|Phases Of Dimensional Torture  
Decayor (IE)  
2009|Re-Occuring Times Of Grief EP  
Deceased (US-VA)  
1991|Luck Of The Corpse  
1992|The 13 Frightened Souls EP  
1995|The Blueprints For Madness  
1997|Fearless Undead Machines      
1997|Mercyful Fate Tribute    
1999|A Call To Irons 2-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1999|Land Of The Wizard-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
2000|Curse Of The Demon-A Tribute To Mercyful Fate  
2000|Supernatural Addiction  
2000|Wizards Of Gore-A Tribute To Impetigo  
2001|Behind The Mourner's Veil  
2001|Tribute To Saxon-A Metal Crusade  
2002|The Radiation Years  
2002|Zombie Hymns
2003|Corpses Souls And Other Strangeness
2004|Return To The Evil Side
2005|As The Weird Travel On      
2008|Deceased & Crucified Mortals "Weird/Figure" Split 10"
2008|Sacrificial Blood & Deceased "UnholyWrath-Unpleasant" Splt7"
2009|Worship The Coffin (2CD)
2011|Surreal Overdose    
Deceit (CH)  
2004|Mass Cultural Obliteration
Deceiver (FI)  
1993|Rules Of Conduct (Demo Tape)
Deceiver (SE)  
2004|Metal Crusade Vol IX  
2005|Riding With The Reaper  
2006|Holov Posen Tro May Trot
2009|Thrashing Heavy Metal    
Decem Maleficium (CL)  
2002|Nox Decima (Demo)
2005|Motivato Intrinseca EP  
December (CN)  
2004|China Runs Blood +2  
December (US-NV)  
1998|Praying, Hoping, Nothing (2003 +4)
2003|Earache Records Sampler  
December Moon (UK)  
1996|Source Of Origin    
December Wolves (US-MA)  
1996|Til Ten Years  
1998|Completely Dehumanized  
2002|Blasterpiece Theatre    
December's Cold Winter (CR)  
2005|Decaying Recollections
December's Fire (PL)  
1996|Vae Victis  
2006|The Imminent Betrayal Of Innocence EP
2005|Constellation Gemini
Deception (PL)  
2003|Permanent Torment  
2004|Nuclear Wind  
2007|Nails Sticking Offensive  
Deception (US-GA)  
2008|Bring Into Being
Deceptionist (IT)  
2016|Initializing Irreversible Process  
Deceptive (RU)  
1997|Face In The Rays (Tape)
Deceptor (GR)  
2002|The Legend (Remastered)  
Decerebration (CA)  
1995|Decerebration (Demo)  
Deche Charge (CA)  
1993|Clitoris Trafficker & Deche Charge Split EP
Dechrist (CA)  
2005|Strong Men On Drugs  
Decieverion (US-PA)  
2002|Decieverion EP  
2004|Despondent 7"  
2005|Decieverion & Everwinter Split Tape
Decimate (UK)  
2001|In The Name Of A God EP
2006|11 Rounds  
1995|Underground Symphony 2 Compilation    
Decimation (TR)  
2004|Helpless Souls (Demo)
2007|Entering The Celestial Ruins
Decimation Protocol, The (AU)  
2009|The Assimilation Directive mCD (CDR)
Decimator (BR)  
2007|Killing Tendency
Decimator (UK)  
1989|Carnage City State Mosh Patrol  
1993|Dirty Hot And Hungry  
Decision D (NL)  
1994|Razon De La Muerte    
Decoded Feedback (CA)  
Decoherence (FR)  
2005|Decoherence & Traitor "You're In Your Sight" Split  
2005|Nerlich & Decoherence & Gorgasm "Embalmed Madness" Split
Decomposed (CZ)  
1997|Decomposed & Psychopathia "Overcome Fear-Meeting Life" Split
Decomposed (ID)  
2008|Putrid Stench Purulency
Decomposed (SE)  
Decomposed (UK)  
1993|Hope Finally Died  
Decomposed (US-CA)  
1993|The Heralds Of Oblivion Volume 1  
Decomposed (US-PA)  
2006|Torn From The Womb  
Decomposed Cranium (AT)  
2003|Diagnosis Sick
Decomposed God (BR)  
2003|Troops Of Devastation Vol 2  
Decomposing Serenity (AU)  
19XX|Australian Grindcore Compilation  
2000|Decomposing Serenity/Vomito "Give The Children Her..."
2000|Rectify The Anal Bombshell 7"
2001|Decomposing Serenity & Microphallus Split
2002|Atlast The Dolls Are Broken All Incisions Welcome 7"
2002|Black Hole Compilation Vol 2  
2002|Decomposing Serenity & Mortuary Hacking Session Split
2002|Let Us Show You How To Draw Blood    
2002|Please Don't Die Yet I'm Not Done  
2004|Decomposing Serenity & Sugar Plum Fairy Split
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Decomposition (SK)  
1999|Bizzare Vinyls 6 Way Split  
Deconformity (US-MA)  
2007|From The End To Inseminate
Deconversion (MX)  
2014|Incertitude Of Existence
Decoryah (FI)  
1993|Wisdom Floats
1996|Metalmeister (Metal Blade)  
Decreation (US-CA)  
2005|Darkened By Fate EP
Decrepidemic (PT)  
2009|The Void Of Un-Existence  
Decrepit (US-IL)  
1992|Cannibalistic Feast (Demo Tape)
Decrepit (US-OH)  
1993|Hymns Of Grief And Pain (Demo)
1995|Creation Of Sin
Decrepit (US-WA)  
2000|Tired Of Licking Blood From A Spoon
Decrepit Artery (ES)  
2011|Atavism & Decrepit Artery Split
Decrepit Birth (US-CA)  
2003|And Time Begins      
2006|Live In Montreal 07/29/06 (Bootleg)
2008|Diminishing Between Worlds    
2009|Live In Montreal QC 0716 (Bootleg)
2010|Polarity +1  
Live In Cleveland @ Peabody's (2010) (Bootleg)  
Resonance, The (2010) .MKV  Video
Decrepit Cadaver (CL)  
2006|The Concept Of Murder mCD
2009|Putrid Stench Of Psychotic Acts  
2011|The Beginning Of Depravity
Decrepit Spectre (UK)  
2008|Coal Black Hearses  
Decrepit Womb (UK)  
2009|Fermenting In Five-Way Filth Split  
Decrepitaph (US-TX)  
2008|Condemned Cathedral  
2009|Resurrected And Rotting 7"  
2010|Beyond The Cursed Tombs    
2010|Conjuring Chaos mCD  
2010|Mutant Terrors (Best Of)
2011|Profane Doctrines Unburied  
2012|Forgotten Scriptures-The Collection
Decrepity (CA)  
2008|The Decaying Of Evolution  
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
Decreto K (IT)  
2006|Che Il Viale Sia Nero (Demo CDR)
Decrypt (US-IN)  
2003|Holy Erotic Rapture  
2004|Stump & Decrypt "A Mean Case Of The Splits"
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Ded Chaplin (JP)  
1991|Rock The Nation
1992|Final Revolution
1996|The Best Works Of
Dedicted (BE)  
Dedringer (UK)  
1981|Direct Line LP
1982|Hot Lady 7"
1983|Second Arising LP
Dee Snider (US)  
2000|Never Let The Bastards Wear You Down      
Deeds (UK)  
2002|Blown (Jap)
Deeds Of Flesh (US-CA)  
1995|Gradually Melted EP (2013)  
1996|Trading Pieces      
1998|Inbreeding The Anthropophagi      
1998|Live In Montreal, Canada 0802 (Bootleg)
1999|Path Of The Weakening      
2001|Mark Of The Legion      
2003|Reduced To Ashes          
2004|Live In Barcelona 0130 (Bootleg)
2004|Live In Montreal DVDA
2004|Live In Montreal, Canada 0801 (Bootleg)
2005|Crown Of Souls    
2008|Of Whats To Come    
2013|Portals To Canaan    
An Eternity Of Feasting & Brawling (Live/Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip).SVCD  Video
Banished (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Banished (Live) .FLV  Video
Breeding The Anthropophagi (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Carnivorous Ways (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Cleansed By Fire (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Deeds Of Flesh (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Deeds Of Flesh (Live) .FLV  Video
Human Sandbags (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Human Trophies (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
I Die On My Own Terms (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Infested Beneath The Earth (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Live In Barcelona Spain 04/12/06 .SVCD  Video
Live In Montreal (2004)    
Live In Montreal Canada 08/02/98 .MPG  Video
Mark Of The Legion (Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #2) (2002)  Video
Reduced To Ashes (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Trading Pieces (Live In Montreal) (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Deep (US-TX)  
1997|The Reach Of Envy
2000|Pieces Of Nothing  
Deep Metal Mechanic
2005|Urban Guerilla
Deep Purple (UK)  
1968|The Book Of Taliesyn (2000 Remastered)  
1969|Concerto For Group And Orchestra (2002 Remastered) (2CD)
1969|Deep Purple (2000 Remastered +5)  
1972|Machine Head (2010 Remastered)      
1972|Made In Japan (1998 2CD Remastered)  
1973|Who Do We Think We Are (2002 Remastered)  
1974|Stormbringer (2007 Remastered)  
1987|The House Of Blue Light (2007 Remastered)  
1988|Nobody's Perfect (Live) (2007 Remastered)
2001|Shades 1968-1998 (4CD)
2001|The Very Best Album Ever
2003|The Essential
From The Setting Sun In Wacken 2015 3D 1080p .MKV  Video
Heavy Metal Pioneers (2003)  
Live In Concert 72-73 (2005)  
Made In Sofia (1998 TV Show)  
Deep Vein (FR)  
2004|The French Underground Series  
2008|Have A Brutal Day  
Deeply Confused (CA)  
2008|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest VIII  
Deepred (FI)  
1999|Yours In Murder (Demo)
2000|All Will See Rebirth (Demo)  
2000|Prophetic Luster  
2000|Wizards Of Gore-A Tribute To Impetigo  
2001|Deepred & Slugathor Split EP
2002|Dying Fetus & Deepred Split EP
2003|Loathing & Deepred "This Is A Face Of Humanity" Split
Deer Creek (US)  
2006|Church Of Misery & Deer Creek Split LP
Def Leppard (UK)  
1980|On Through The Night  
1981|High 'N' Dry      
1983|Pyromania (2009 Remastered 2CD)  
1987|Hysteria (2006 2CD Deluxe)    
2002|X (+1 UK Bonus)  
2004|Best Of (2CD)  
2005|Rock Of Ages The Definitive Collection (2CD)
2006|Yeah (+2 Target Bonus Tracks)  
2008|Songs From The Sparkle Lounge    
Live On Rock Pop In Dortmund 1983 DVD #1  Video
Def.Master (JP)  
1993|Dance 2 Noise Vol 6  
1993|Heavy Hydrogen  
1994|Def.Master & Discordance Axis Split 7"
1994|The Fear Of God EP (320)
1995|Def.Master & Spine Wrench Split 7"
1996|Thoughts Distorted
1998|Satori (Tribute To Bauhaus)  
Destroyer Has Godmind
Defaced Creation (SE)  
1999|Serenity In Chaos  
Defaced, The (SE)  
2001|Domination Commence  
2003|Karma In Black          
Defacer (BR)  
1998|Nocturnal Mysteries (Demo)
Defacing (CL)  
2003|The Beginning Of Human Cruelty (Demo)      
2005|Spitting Savagery        
2010|Homicidal Satisfaction
Defamer (AU)  
Defeated (CZ)  
2010|V Bahnech
Defeated Sanity (DE)  
2002|Poppy Seed Grinder & Defeated Sanity Split CD
2003|Defeated Sanity & Imperious Malevolence Split 7"
2004|Prelude To The Tragedy  
2007|Psalms Of The Moribund    
2010|Chapters Of Repugnance      
2013|Passages Into Deformity  
2016|Disposal Of The Dead-Dharma
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #1  Video
Defecacao Oral (BR)  
2002|Putridphilia 5 Way Split  
Defecal Of Gerbe (FR)  
2009|Obscene Extreme  
Defecation (UK)  
1989|Purity Dilution  
2003|Intention Surpassed      
Defect Designer (RU)  
Defender (NL)  
1987|City Ad Mortis EP (2006 +6)  
2001|Remaining Tales
Live On Keep It True 8 DVD  Video
Defender (SE)  
1999|They Came Over The High Pass  
Defender KFS (AT)  
2000|The Command
Defenestration (UK)  
2003|Ray Zero
2008|For Us It Ends When We Drown
2001|Kerrang The Devil's Music Volume 3  
2001|Terrorized Vol 11  
Defiance (US-CA)  
1989|Product Of Society (2007 3CD)  
1990|Void Terra Firma    
1992|Beyond Recognition (2008 Remastered +7)  
2009|The Prophecy      
Defiled (JP)  
1997|Erupted Wrath  
2001|Ugliness Revealed
2003|Divination (Russian +1)  
2004|Live In Gothenburg (04/09) (Bootleg)
2011|In Crisis
Defiled, The (UK)  
2011|Grave Times (Mag)
2005|Frail And Decomposing (Demo)
Define Divine
2005|Suffer The Pain
1999|The Eastern Tribute To Helloween  
Definition Sane (UA)  
Defire (US-NJ)  
2003|Shape Of Reality (Promo)
Deflected Sense (UA)  
1999|Commentaries At The Edge Of Abyss
Defleshed (SE)  
1994|Ma Belle Scalpelle EP  
1997|Under The Blade (2000 Remastered +9)  
1998|Sepultural Feast-A Tribute To Sepultura    
1999|Death The High Cost Of Living-Live EP  
1999|Fast Forward-The Special Edition (2002 +4)  
2000|Abrah Kadavrah & Ma Belle Scalpelle (Digipak)  
2002|Royal Straight Flesh (Jap +2)      
2005|Reclaim The Beat          
Defleshuary (US-PA)  
2006|Mutilated And Skinned Alive EP  
2009|Fermenting In Five-Way Filth Split  
Deflorace (CZ)  
1996|Ingrowing & Deflorace Split CD
1998|11 Murders
Defloration (DE)  
2004|Misanthropic Instinct mCD (Demo)
2005|Defloration & Strangled Split
2006|Dripping With Blood  
2007|The Bone Collection    
2008|Necrotic Nightmares
2010|Abused With Gods Blessing
2015|Created To Kill
Deformed (PL)  
2002|Everything Is A Fun Torture mCD  
2003|Parricide/Patologicum/Deformed "Cut Your Head..." Split
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2005|Project Torture 005
2006|A Tribute To Boneyard (Impetigo Cover)  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Deformed Slut (BR)  
2011|Stench Of Carnage
Deformity (BE)  
1997|Congress & Deformity Split 7"
1997|Misanthrope EP
2000|Murder Within Sin  
Deformity (RU)  
2012|When Tomorrow Comes
Deformity (SE)  
1992|Sickly Obsessed (Demo)
Deformity BR (BR)  
2001|Fleshless Remains (Demo Tape)
Deftones (US-CA)  
1998|Live At Dynamo Open Air (Bootleg)
2000|White Pony  
2006|Saturday Night Wrist (Explicit)  
Defunctis (IT)  
Defuntos (PT)  
2007|Sangue Morto
2008|A Negra Vastido Das Nossas Almas
Defyance (US-IA)  
1999|Time Lost  
2002|Transitional Forms  
2014|Nexus Artificial
Deggial (TR)  
2007|Godslaying Hellblast & Deggial & Malefic Order "TKM" Split
Degradation (US-FL)  
1994|Revelation In Blood
Degrade (SE)  
2005|Hanged And Disemboweled  
2006|Lost Torso Found  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Degradead (SE)  
2009|Out Of Body Experience  
2011|A World Destroyer  
Degradeath (CO)  
1992|Oscuridad Oculta (2008 +8)
Dehumanize (IT)  
2001|Animi Motus mCD
Dehumanized (US-NY)  
1998|Prophecies Foretold  
2012|Controlled Elite
Demon Of Fear .MP4  Video
Dehydrated (SK)  
1994|Bestialit & Dehydrated Split
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
Dehydrated Goat (LV)  
2010|Genocide Against The Brain Cells
Deicide (US-FL)  
1989|Sacrificial (Demo As Amon)    
1990|Deicide (Remastered)      
1993|Amon: Feasting The Beast (Early Demos)  
1995|Once Upon The Cross      
1997|Serpents Of The Light    
1998|When Satan Lives (Live)    
2001|In Torment In Hell      
2003|Best Of  
2004|Scars Of The Crucifix          
2006|The Stench Of Redemption      
2007|Doomsday L.A. DVDA
2008|Till Death Do Us Part      
2011|To Hell With God      
2013|In The Minds Of Evil    
Behind The Scars-Under The Skin Of Deicide (2004)  
Day Of Darkness .ASF  Video
Desecration (2007) .AVI  Video
Doomsday L.A. (2007)      
Homage For Satan (2006) .AVI  Video
Once Upon The Cross (1995) .MKV  Video
Scars Of The Crucifix (2004) .SVCD  Video
When Heaven Burns (the Mean Fiddler London 11-29-04) .MKV  Video
When London Burns    
Deifecation (NL)  
2001|Dystopian Anthropotagonism (Demo)
Deimos (RO)  
2001|Death Squad
Deinonychus (NL)  
1995|The Silence Of December  
1996|After The Rain Falls... An Empty Sky Remains (Demo)  
1996|The Weeping Of A Thousand Years  
1997|Ark Of Thought  
2007|Warfare Machines    
Deiphago (PH)  
2008|Necroholocaust & Deiphago "Gods Of Holocaust" Split
2009|Filipino Antichrist    
Deiseal (FR)  
1998|Abbyssus Abbyssum Invocat mCD
2000|Relationship Of Hate  
Deity Of Carnification (PT)  
2001|Most Impious Summoning Of Chaos (Demo CDR)
2003|Triumph Of The Baroque mCD  
Deivos (PL)  
2003|Hostile Blood (Remastered Demo +2)  
2006|Emanation From Below
2010|Gospel Of Maggots  
2017|Endemic Divine
Deja Vu (DE)  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #2  Video
Dekadent Aesthetix
2009|Joyless & Dekadent Aesthetix Split 7"
Dekapitator (US-CA)  
1999|We Will Destroy You Will Obey    
2007|The Storm Before The Calm    
Delayed Action Bomb (FR)  
1998|Best Of The Blood Angels 92-97
Deletion (SE)  
Delictum Initiale (PL)  
2005|The Curse Of This World (Demo)
Delight (PL)  
2000|Last Temptation  
2001|The Fading Tale      
2002|Blood Sweat And Tears (Type O Negative Tribute)  
2004|Od Nowa
2007|Breaking Ground  
Carving The Way .AVI  Video
Stained Glass (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
The Fading Tale (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
The Last Tale Of Eternity  
Delirious (DE)  
2001|Designed By Violence  
2003|Tales From The Underworld-A Tribute To Blind Guardian  
2006|Made For The Violent Age  
I Am The Enemy (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Delirium (MX)  
Delirium (NL)  
Delirium Tremens (DE)  
1999|Violent Mosh Ground
2004|Thrashing Warthogs      
2006|Drink Kill Fuck Die
Delirium X Tremens (IT)  
2008|A Tribute To Slayer 25 Years  
Deliverance (IT)  
2005|The Executioner
Deliverance (US-CA)  
1990|Weapons Of Our Warfare (2008 Remastered +1)  
1991|Ultimate Metal 2  
1991|What A Joke    
1992|Stay Of Execution
1995|A Decade Of
1995|Camelot In Smithereens
2001|Assimilation (2007 2CD)
2007|As Above So Below
Dellamorte (SE)  
1998|The World Domination Live  
1999|Home Sweet Hell
2000|World Domination 3 (Osmose)  
Deluge (AU)  
1999|Under The Southern Cross (2CD)  
2000|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 5 (2CD)  
2004|Diluvial Sorcery  
Delusion (US-MD)  
1999|A Tribute To Iron Maiden-Children Of The Damned (2CD)  
2000|Jump In The Pit-A Tribute To Testament  
Delusive Dream (US-OH)  
1999|Lethargy mCD
Deluzion (NL)  
2004|Fractured Dimension mCD
Delve (SE)  
2002|The Dead Amongst mCD
1997|Awakening-Females In Extreme Music Compilation  
Demantor (DE)  
1997|Your Only Satisfaction
Demavend (TR)  
2002|Back To The Emptiness
Demence (CA)  
1996|Total Demembrement
2001|Goutte A Goutte  
Demencia Mortalis (CZ)  
2008|No God Is Here CDR
Demental (SE)  
2001|Mental Ed  
Demented (ES)  
2006|How Much For My Death?
2008|Psychoanalysis Of Eternal Pain
Demented Retarded (CZ)  
2003|Irony Of Violent Death
2006|Secretion Phase
2009|Sisters Menstruation
Demented Ted (US-IL)  
1993|Promises Impure    
Dementi (DE)  
Dementia (JP)  
1984|Brain Breaker-Executioner 8"
Dementor (SK)  
1996|Kill The Thought On Christ (Unmastered Tape)
1997|Kill The Thought On Christ  
1999|The Art Of Blasphemy
2001|Enslave The Weak
2004|God Defamer  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #2  Video
Demetori (JP)  
2006|Shout At The Devil
2009|Manenjushaka-Nada Upasana Pundarika  
Demgoroth (DE)  
Demia (NL)  
Demigod (FI)  
1991|Unholy Domain (Demo Tape)  
1992|Demigod & Necropsy Split LP
1992|Slumber Of Sullen Eyes (2005 +4)    
2002|Shadow Mechanics  
Demilich (FI)  
1991|Four Instructive Tales Of Decomposition (Demo)  
1991|Live In Joensuu Finland
1992|The Echo (Demo Tape #2)  
1993|Nespithe (2009 Remastered)          
2014|20th Adversary Of Emptiness  
Demiricous (US-IN)  
Live On Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary DVD  Video
1991|Funance Of Tension (Vinyl)
Demise (PH)  
2009|Mortal Torment & Sufferatory & Demise & Unburied Split
Demise (PL)  
1996|Outcome Of (Demo)
1997|Like A Thorn  
1999|God Insect  
2005|Torture Garden (2008 Remastered)    
Blood Breeds Blood (Live @ Phantasy 2002) .VCD  Video
Called Them Gods (Live @ Phantasy 2002) .VCD  Video
Deadly Embrace (Live @ Phantasy 2002) .VCD  Video
Demise (US-CA)  
1991|Live 8"
1992|Cruel Reality LP
Demise (US-OR)  
1991|Devious Deception 7"
Demise (VE)  
Hezbola (On Chainsaw E-Zine Comp #1 DVD)  Video
Demise Empire (DE)  
2007|Unholy Grail
Demisery (US-OR)  
2011|Hive Of Mutation
Demisor (SG)  
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
2000|Wizards Of Gore-A Tribute To Impetigo  
2002|The Bloodbath Is Coming (Double EP)  
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
2004|Night Of The Living Grinders  
Demiurg (PL)  
2005|From The Throne Of Darkness  
2007|Krolestwo Mrocznego Lasu
2008|Unholy War-Sword Of Rebellion
Demiurg (SE)  
2007|Breath Of The Demiurg      
2008|The Hate Chamber  
2010|Slakthus Gamleby    
Demiurge (FR)  
2005|Call Of The Undead
Demiurgon (IT)  
2015|Above The Unworthy
Demogordon (DE)  
2004|Nekrokaustie (Demo)
Demogorgon (BR)  
2002|Anthropologic Relationships Of Evil (Demo Tape)
Demogorgon (DE)  
2004|Fear The Arrival CDR
Demogorgon (GR)  
1996|The Horned Moon 7"  
Demogorgon (PL)  
2008|Christ Is A Lie  
Demogorgon (RU)  
2008|Za Granyu Somneniy
Demolish (MX)  
2005|Remembering The Cabalisticae Laments  
Demolition (AT)  
Demolition (US)  
1993|The Heralds Of Oblivion Volume 1  
Demolition Hammer (US-NY)  
1988|Skull Fracturing Nightmare (Demo)  
1989|Necrology (Demo Tape)
1990|Tortured Existence (2008 Remastered +5)    
1992|Epidemic Of Violence (2008 Remastered +4)    
1994|Time Bomb  
2008|Necrology A Complete Anthology (2CD)    
Demon (UK)  
1981|Night Of The Demon (2001 +4)  
1982|The Unexpected Guest (2001 +5)  
1983|The Plague (2001 Reissue) (2CD)  
1985|British Standard Approved (2002 Remastered)
1991|Hold On To The Dream (2002 Remastered)  
1992|Blow-Out (2002 Remastered)
2001|Spaced Out Monkey (2002 Remastered)  
2005|Better The Devil You Know
Don't Break The Circle (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Into The Nightmare (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #2  Video
Night Of The Demon (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Night Of The Demon (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Plague, The (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Standing On The Edge (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Demon Child (FI)  
2001|Sorrow Cast Upon The Angels (Demo)
2002|Shadow Cult    
Demon Dagger (PT)  
Demon Dog Sperm (US-PA)  
Demon Drive (DE)  
1995|Burn Rubber (Jap)
2003|Four Play  
Demon Eyes (FR)  
1984|Rites Of Chaos  
1987|Garde A Vue (2005 Remastered +3)
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #2  Video
Demon Flight (US)  
1982|Metal Massacre Vol 1    
2002|Metal Blade 20th Anniversary (9CD Boxset)  
Demon Hunter (US-WA)  
2004|Summer Of Darkness  
2007|Storm The Gates Of Hell +2  
2010|The World Is A Thorn +2  
Carry Me Down (2008) .MKV  Video
Infected (2003 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Demon Project (RU)  
2009|Kara Ora  
Demon Realm (DK)  
1999|Of Chaos Damnation And War (Demo Tape)
2000|Awaiting The Glorious Damnation Of Mankind-4 Way Split  
2000|The Return Of Darkness And Hate  
2001|The Next Thousand Years Are Ours-Tribute To Darkthrone  
2004|A Legend Of Power  
Demon Sword (US-CA)  
2001|Demon Sword (Demo)
2002|Eternal Darkness (Demo)  
2003|Christ Blood  
Demonar (US)  
2002|Demonar & Abathur "Philosophic Nothingness" Split  
Demonaz (NO)  
2011|March Of The Norse  
Demonbreed (UK)  
2005|Closer To God  
Demoncy (US-GA)  
1995|Faustian Dawn  
1999|Joined In Darkness (2007 +1)    
1999|Within The Sylvan Realms Of Frost  
2001|Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms  
2003|Empire Of The Fallen Angel  
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
Night Song (Apocalyptic Dawn)-Live (On Death To Mental Slaves DVD)  Video
Demonfrost (RU)  
2002|Lunar Frost (Demo)
2004|The Coldest Winter Night (Demo)
Demoniac (NZ)  
1994|Prepare For War  
1998|The World Domination Live  
1999|The Fire And The Wind  
Demoniac Lord (BR)  
2001|Lord Of All Desires In Life And After Death (Demo Tape)
2001|Southern Warriors Cult Vol 2  
Demonibus (RU)  
2007|Never Stop The Black Metal CDR
Demonic (NO)  
1995|Lead Us Into Darkness mCD
1997|The Empire Of Agony  
Demonic Chorals (SK)  
2005|Power Of Immortal Hatred  
Demonic Christ (US-NC)  
1995|Punishment For Ignorance (2005 +4)  
1999|Demonic Battle Metal (2005 Remastered)  
Demonic Cremator (SF)  
2009|Perverted Goatsucker (Demo CDR)  
Demonic Forest (MX)  
2008|Lugubre (Demo CDR)
Demonic Laughter (IT)  
2006|Demonic Laughter
Demonic Mortuary (US-NJ)  
2005|Thirst For Fucking Carnage (Demo CDR)
Demonic Orgy (US-FL)  
1999|4-Way Regurgitation Split  
Demonic Rage (CL)  
2010|Evoking The Pestilence
2011|Father Befouled & Demonic Rage Split 7"
Demonic Resurrection (IN)  
2005|A Darkness Descends      
2006|Beyond The Darkness EP
2006|Rise Of The Eastern Blood  
2008|A Tribute To Slayer 25 Years  
2010|The Return To Darkness      
The Unrelenting Surge Of Vengeance (2010) .MP4  Video
Demonic Rising (SF)  
2000|Demonic Rising (Demo)
Demonic Slaughter (PL)  
2007|Dignity Of Terror CDR
2009|Cold Disease Of Reality
2010|Soulless Gods Creation
Demonic Symphony (DE)  
2003|Introducing Demonic Symphony
2006|Frozen Tears  
Demonica (DK)  
Demonical (SE)  
2007|Servants Of The Unlight    
2011|Death Infernal (Digipack)    
2012|A Tribute To Emperor-In Honour Of Icon E  
Infernal Void (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Demonical Crisis Assembly (MY)  
2006|Blood War Death mCD
Demonicon (US-MN)  
2000|Condemned Creation  
Demonished (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
Demonism (BG)  
2001|Like Tides Into Black (Demo Tape)
Demonist (CZ)  
Demonium (UA)  
2009|Nothing Is Truth Everything Is Allowed
Demonized (IT)  
2000|De Ombrarum Regni (Demo)
Demonized (MX)  
2001|Domain & Demonized "Hellbirth" Split
Demonizer (BE)  
2003|Face Your Underground Vol 1  
Demonlord (HU)  
1997|Valley Of Life (Demo)
2001|Overture EP
2002|Helltrust (2005)  
Demonoid (SE)  
2004|Riders Of The Apocalypse        
Demonology (US-TX)  
2002|Demonology (Demo)
Demonomancy (IT)  
2011|Rites Of Barbaric Demons LP
Demonother (AU)  
Demons & Wizards (US/DE)  
2000|Demons And Wizards (+ Bonus)        
2000|Heaven Denies-The Whistler (Single)
2005|Touched By The Crimson King + Bonus Disc              
Terror Train (2005) .MKV  Video
Demons (JP)  
2008|Tokyo Yankees 20 And Alive DVDA  
Demons Gate (AU)  
2006|Demons Gate (Demo Tape)
Demons Of Dirt (SE)  
2002|Killer Engine      
Demons Of Guillotine (RU)  
2011|Vremya Serpa
Demonseed (US-TX)  
2002|Sick As Fuck Texas Death EP
Demonthor (BR)  
1999|A Night For The Demon
Demontool (FR)  
2008|Soleil Rouge
2004|Rotting Genitals Of Pazuzu CDR  
2012|A Living Nightmare
Demoriel (SE)  
2002|Lifehatred (Tape)
2003|Assault Webzine 1  
Den Of Winter (UA)  
2006|Carpathian Might-Ukrainian Black Metal Comp  
Den Saakaldte (NO)  
2008|Shining & Den Saakaldte Split 7"
Denak (ES)  
1998|Abstain & Denak Split EP
1999|Carcass Grinder & Denak Split EP
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
1999|Grindcore (Vinyl)
2000|Denak EP
2003|Denak & Hypoptalasias Split 7"
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003  
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
2004|Haemorrhage & Denak Split
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Deneb (PL)  
2001|Diasparagmos (Demo)
2005|Flagellation & Faeces & Deneb "Killing Is An Art Form" Split
Denial (ES)  
Denial (MX)  
2007|Immense Carnage Vortex 7"
2009|Catacombs Of The Grotesque  
Denial Fiend (US-FL)  
2007|Dead Awakening 7"
2007|They Rise      
2011|Horror Holocaust
They Rise Bonus DVD (2007)  
Denial Of God (DK)  
1996|The Ghouls Of DOG mCD
1999|Klabautermanden EP    
1999|The Crypt Has Eyes 7"
1999|The Curse Of The Witch 7"
2001|Robbing The Grave Of The Priest 7"
2006|Shock Rock Hellions-A Tribute To Wasp  
2006|The Horrors Of Satan  
2009|Denial Of God & Abysmal Grief Split 7"
2009|Incubus 7"
2011|The Red Terror EP
Denigh (UK)  
1981|Fire From The Sky (2002)
Denim And Leather (BR)  
2008|Watch Out
Denis Shvarts (RU)  
2014|Through The Universe
Denner Shermann (DK)  
2015|Satan's Tomb EP    
2016|Masters Of Evil  
Denouncement Pyre (AU)  
2004|The Storm To End All Wars (Demo)
2006|Hell's Infantry mCD
2008|Denouncement Pyre & Diocletian "Chaos Rising" Split 12"
2010|World Cremation
Deny Life (FR)  
2004|Deny Life & M.D.K. & Noizenoiz & Postmortal Massturbacy Splt
2004|Soundtrack To A Mass Riot (Demo)
Deny The Urge (DE)  
2003|In Consequence (Demo)
2004|Subsequent Confrontation      
2008|Blackbox Of Human Sorrow
Denying Nazarene (CL)  
Departed (ID)  
2012|Oblation Of Heaven Suffering
Depict Pathos (SE)  
1991|Elude The Decree Of Destiny (Demo Tape)
Depraved (DE)  
2000|Distorted Theories
Depraved (FR)  
1999|Sexual Depravity
2001|Decadence And Lust
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Depravity (FI)  
1993|Phantasmagoria (Demo Tape)
Deprecated (US-CA)  
1998|Deriding His Creation EP
Depredation (DE)  
2003|Megaton Scythe (Demo)
Depredation (NL)  
2004|Slaughtered Innocence EP
Depressed Mode (FI)  
2007|Ghosts Of Devotion    
2009|For Death
Depression (AU)  
1995|Fuckin' Insane (Demo Tape)
Depression (DE)  
1996|Dew Compilation  
1996|Ein Hauch Von Moder EP (Vinyl)
1997|Agathocles & Depression "Robotized-Boeses Blut" Split  
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
1999|Depression & Rot Split 10" (Und Keiner Weint Uns Nach)
2000|Chronische Depression
2002|Gonorrhoeaction & Depression "Putrefactory-Schatten" Split7"
2003|Death Tribute-Together As One  
2003|Depression & Intestinal Infection Split EP (Vinyl)
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2004|Depression & Mesrine Split  
2005|Das Relikt-Erinnerungen (2CD)  
2007|Ein Kakophonischer Lebenshauch    
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Depression (GR)  
2004|Legions Of The Sick
Depressive Age (DE)  
1993|Lying In Wait    
1994|Symbols For The Blue Times
Depressive Reality (CZ)  
2001|Absurd Conflict & Depressive Reality Split
2007|Las Sombras
Depressive Silence (DE)  
1995|Mightiest & Depressive Silence Split (Demo Tape)
Depressive Winter (FR)  
2006|Llac Edicius
Depressor (US-CA)  
Depresy (SK)  
1998|A Grand Magnificence
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
2004|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 9  
Depresy Mouse (CZ)  
2006|Depresy Mouse & Konfident Split 7"
2010|Paskuda & Depresy Mouse Split 7"
Depswa (US-CA)  
2003|Two Angels And A Dream
Depths Of Depravity (HU)  
2002|Into The Decay
2006|Insensible Extinct Mechanical World
Der Feuerkreiner (IT)  
2004|Der Feuerkreiner (Digipak)
Der Gerwelt (RU)  
2000|Revelation 666
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
Der Sturmer (GR)  
2002|Capricornus & Der Sturmer Split  
2003|The Night And The Fog Part 2  
2004|Der Sturmer & War 88 Split 7"
2004|Iron Will And Discipline EP (Vinyl)
2005|The Blood Calls For W.A.R. LP  
2006|A Banner Greater Than Death  
2006|Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood-Tribute To Graveland  
2007|Der Sturmer & Totenburg "Si Is Pacem Para Bellum" Split
2008|Bloodsworn (The First Decade)
Der W
2009|Von A Nach W Live In Berlin DVDA
Deranged (SE)  
1992|The Confessions Of A Necrophile (Demo)
1993|Architects Of Perversions mCD  
1993|The Confessions Continues EP
1995|Rated-X (2002 Reissue +9)  
1995|Sculptures Of The Dead EP    
1997|High On Blood (2003 Reissue +2)  
1999|III (Jap +4)  
2002|Plainfield Cemetary      
2006|Obscenities In B-Flat    
2008|The Redlight Murder Case    
Killing Spree .AVI  Video
Deranged Shit
2007|Kill It By The Brick
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Deranger (BY)  
2009|Black Hammer/Zombie (Live) (CDR)
Derdian (IT)  
2005|New Era Part I    
2007|New Era Part II War Of The Gods  
Derek Sherinian (US)  
2003|Black Utopia (Jap + Bonus)    
2006|Blood Of The Snake      
2009|Molecular Heinosity  
Derelict (CA)  
Derelict Sermon (UK)  
2006|Derelict Sermon
Derived From Agony (US-FL)  
2005|Don't Cry Just Die (Single)
Derketa (US)  
1999|Nunslaughter & Derketa Split 7"
2004|Goddess Of Death  
Dern Rutlidge (AU)  
Derogatory (US-CA)  
2013|Above All Else
Derringer (US-PA)  
2004|A Rock And Roll Tragedy
Desaster (DE)  
1994|Lost In Ages (Demo)
1995|Desaster & Ungod Split 7"
1996|A Touch Of Medieval Darkness    
1997|Stormbringer mCD
1998|Hellfire's Dominion  
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
1999|Ten Years Of Total Desaster (2LP)
1999|Thrashing Holocaust  
2000|Desaster & Pentacle "In League With" Split 10"
2000|Tyrants Of The Netherworld    
2001|Souls Of Infernity EP (Vinyl)
2003|Lucifer Rising Magazine Vol 1  
2004|Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemie (Live)
2005|Sabbat & Desaster "Sabbatical Desasterminator" Split
2006|Infernal Voices 12" Single
2007|666 Satans Soldiers Syndicate      
In A Winter Battle (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Metalized Blood (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Teutonic Steel (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Desastrious (US-TX)  
1998|Loekr Inn Niflheim
Descend (HU)  
1999|Decadance (Demo)
Descend (US-OH)  
1998|Beyond Thy Realm Of Throes
2000|All That Is Evil & Descend Split CD
2002|Requiem Of Flame    
Descend Into Nothingness (CA)  
2003|Darkened Reality    
Descendent (US)  
1995|Degeneration (Demo)  
Descending Chaos (SE)  
2014|Haunted Souls
Descending Darkness (AT)  
2002|Gevatter Hein (Demo) (2008)
2009|Blutrausch mCD  
Descension (NO)  
2002|Serpent Soul mCD
Descent (UK)  
2001|Focus Purity Darkness (Demo)
2001|Terrorized Vol 13  
Descent, The (ES)  
2013|The Final Resistance-A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity  
Descerebration (BR)  
1999|Funeratus & Descerebration Split
2001|Tribute To Sarcofago  
2002|Underground Victory  
Desdemona (IT)  
2001|Lady Of The Lore    
Desdemona (PL)  
Desdemonia (LU)  
Desdominus (BR)  
1997|Autopsy Of The Mind (Demo Tape)
Desecrate (CO)  
2008|10th Years Of Crusher
Desecrated Dreams (SK)  
2001|Feelings Of Guilt
Desecration (CH)  
1996|Time Of Death
Desecration (SE)  
1997|Satanas Occultas (Demo)
Desecration (UK)  
1995|Gore And Perversion
1998|Kill Your Idols-A Tribute To Agathocles    
1998|Murder In Mind
2002|Pathway To Deviance      
2003|Gore And Perversion 2    
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2005|Process Of Decay      
2009|Metal Age Productions Vol 1  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
2000|Cocks And Cunts-The Underground Extreme Metal Comp  
Desecrator (FR)  
2005|Da Grind    
Desecrator (SE)  
1990|Black Sermons (Demo Tape)
Desecravity (JP)  
2014|Orphic Signs  
Desekrator (NO)  
1998|Metal For Demons
Desensitised (NL)  
2002|Thriving On Carnage
2004|Desensitised & Peach-Her Split
2006|Virus Of Violence  
Desiderata (LU)  
2000|Everyone Could
Desiderii Marginis (SE)  
1995|And Even The Wolves Hid Their Teeth    
Desilence (DE)  
2008|Wreck The Silence
Desire (PT)  
1996|Infinity-A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream  
2002|Locus Horrendus        
Desiree Jackson
2006|WWE-Wreckless Intent  
Desmodus (ES)  
1998|In Deathlike Dreaming mCD
Desolate (BG)  
2000|Eventide Of The Orb And Heavens  
Desolate (IE)  
2001|In Unison (2CD)  
Desolate Ways (BR)  
2003|Eternal Dreams
Desolation (DE)  
2000|Call The Storm (Demo)
Desolation (GR)  
2006|Eternity Of Hell
Desolation (UK)  
1997|The Vision (Demo)
2001|The Witching Moon (Demo)
2002|Nemesis (Demo)
Desolation (US-OR)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
Desolation Hymn (DE)  
2003|Purgatory Despairing (Promo)
Desolation Triumphalis (FR)  
2006|Forever Bound To Nothingness  
Desolator (AU)  
2004|Return Fire (Demo)
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Despair (DE)  
1988|History Of Hate    
Despair (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
Despairation (DE)  
2000|Scenes From A Poetical Playground
2004|Music For The Night
Desperado (US)  
1999|Bloodied, But Unbowed    
Desperados (DE)  
2000|The Dawn Of Dying    
Deadman Walking & OK Corral (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Desperate Corruption (JP)  
1996|Enemy Soil & Desperate Corruption Split 7"  
Despirited (CA)  
2002|3 Song Demo
Despise (CH)  
2007|Some Noise In Your Silence
Despise (CZ)  
2001|Confinement In Decrepitude (CDR)  
2003|Despise & Imperial Foeticide "Inhuman Synthesis" Split
2004|Obscene Extreme  
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2007|Fragments Of Reprisal  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Despise (GR)  
1995|Underground Symphony 2 Compilation    
Despise You (US-CA)  
1995|PCP Scapegoat EP
Despised Icon (CA)  
2002|Consumed By Your Poison (2006 +2)      
2004|Live In Montreal Canada 05/18 (Bootleg)
2004|Live In Trois Rivieres QC 11/06 (Bootleg)
2004|Syndicated Murderers EP
2005|Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus & Despised Icon Split    
2005|Live In Montreal 04/01 (Bootleg)
2005|Live In Montreal 06/03 (Bootleg)
2005|The Healing Process            
2007|The Ills Of Modern Man      
2009|Day Of Mourning        
2009|Montreal Assault DVDA
Furtive Monologue (2008) .MKV  Video
In The Arms Of Perdition (2007) .MKV  Video
Live (Bootleg) 12/01/2008 .AVI  Video
Live In Montreal Canada 0518 (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Live In Montreal Canada 11/04/05 (Bootleg) .VCD  Video
Montreal Assault [2 DVD] (2009)    
The Ills Of Modern Man Bonus DVD  
The Sunset Will Never Charm Us .AVI (2006)  Video
Despite (SE)  
2009|In Your Despite
Despoilment (US-MA)  
2003|Despoilment (Demo)
Despond (FR)  
1996|As My Soul Reaches Infinity (2002 Remastered Demo)
2003|Supreme Funeral Oration  
Despondency (DE)  
2002|Womb Of Shit (CDR)
2003|God On Acid    
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2007|Supreme Misanthropic Brutality EP  
2009|Revelation IV (Rise Of The Nemesis)  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Desspo Halleluja
2002|Oskorei Magazine Compilation Vol 6  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Destillery (DE)  
1997|Interior Fire EP
1999|Immortal Sun
2000|Behind The Mask    
Destinations Calling (DE)  
2004|Metal Crusade Vol IX  
Destinity (FR)  
2001|Supreme Dominations Art
2003|Under The Smell Of Chaos      
2004|In Excelsis Dementia    
2006|666% Thrashened Extreme Music (1996-2006) DVDA
Destiny (DE)  
2002|Untitled (Promo)
Passing Moments (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Destiny (SE)  
1999|A Guitar Odyssey-A Tribute To Yngwie Malmsteen  
2000|Black Sun Records Catalog 2000  
2004|Future Of The Past  
Sabotage (On Keep It True 3 2005 DVD)  Video
Destiny Dreaming (DE)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 2  
Destiny Program, The (DE)  
Project Hoax (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
With A Modern Punk Flavour (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Destiny's End (US-CA)  
1998|Breathe Deep The Dark  
1999|Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal (2CD)  
2000|King Diamond Tribute  
Destrage (IT)  
2007|Urban Being (Jap)  
2010|The King Is Fat'n'old
Destrier (AU)  
1993|Resistance Is Useless
Destrom (MX)  
2004|The Ultimate Mexican Death Compilation  
Destroy (US-MN)  
Destroy Destroy Destroy (US-TN)  
2006|Devour The Power          
2009|Battle Sluts    
Destroy Humanity Now (US-IA)  
2004|Death To Mental Slaves  
Destroyer 666 (AU)  
1994|Six Songs With The Devil LP  
1995|Violence Is The Prince Of This World (2001)  
1997|Unchain The Wolves  
2000|King Of Kings-Lord Of The Wild 7"  
2000|Phoenix Rising    
2002|Cold Steel For An Iron Age      
2002|Of Wolves Women And War EP  
2003|Terror Abraxas mCD    
2004|Apocalypse Livre 66 Chapitre Premier (2CD)  
2010|To The Devil His Due LP
Live In Brooklyn New York 02/24/02 (VHS Rip) .VCD  Video
Lone Wolf Winter (Live On Party San Open Air 2006 DVD #1)  Video
Destroyer Destroyer (US-OK)  
2006|The Dead Sleep Like Us For A Reason
Destroyer Of Cunts (JP)  
2003|Destroyer Of Cunts & Congenitalized & Nikudorei "NoiseGrind"
Destroying Divinity (CZ)  
2003|Created (Demo)
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2004|Hell Unleashed  
2010|Dark Future
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Destruction (DE)  
1984|Bestial Invasion Of Hell (Demo)    
1984|Sentence Of Death EP        
1985|Infernal Overkill            
1986|Eternal Devastation          
1987|Mad Butcher EP        
1988|Release From Agony      
1989|Live Without Sense .APE    
1990|Cracked Brain    
1992|Best Of Destruction  
1994|Destruction EP  
1995|Them Not Me EP  
1998|The Least Successful Human Cannonball
2000|All Hell Breaks Loose (2010 Remastered +6)      
2001|The Antichrist +1      
2001|Whiplash 7"
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2003|A Tribute To The Beast Vol 2 (Iron Maiden)  
2003|Alive Devastation  
2003|Metal Discharge (2010 Remastered)    
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|Live Discharge DVD Bonus CD
2005|Inventor Of Evil        
2007|Thrash Anthems          
2009|The Curse Of The Antichrist-Live In Agony (2CD)    
2010|A Savage Symphony-The History Of Annihilation DVDA
2011|Day Of Reckoning  
2012|Spiritual Genocide
2012|The Big Teutonic 4  
2016|Under Attack (Jap +3)  
A Savage Symphony-The History Of Annihilation (2010)  
Anti-Christ (Live Milwaukee Metalfest 2000) .MPG    Video
Bestial Invasion .MPG    Video
Desecrators (Of The New Age) (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Eternal Ban (Live Milwaukee Metalfest 2000) .MPG    Video
Hate Is My Fuel (2011) .MKV  Video
Life Without Sense (Live Milwaukee Metalfest 2000) .MPG    Video
Live At Escape Club 5/12/05 (Bootleg)  
Live At Z7 Prattein Switzerland (2003) .MKV  Video
Live Discharge (2004)    
Live On Metalmania 2007 DVD  Video
Mad Butcher (Live Milwaukee Metalfest 2000) .MPG    Video
Mad Butcher (Live Wacken 2007) .MKV  Video
On Stage, Interview (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Ravenous Beast (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Soulcollector (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #1)  Video
The Alliance Of Hellhoundz (2005) .AVI  Video
The Butcher Strikes Back (Live Wacken 2004) .MKV  Video
The Butcher Strikes Back (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Total Desaster (Live Wacken 2004) .MKV  Video
Total Desaster (With Full Force 2003) .MKV  Video
Destruction Of A Rose (US-NV)  
2009|Suspended In Time mCD
Destructive ExplosionAnalGarland(CZ)  
2006|Sealing Off The Vagina By Sewer Lid
Live On Fekal Party 9 DVD (2011)  Video
Destructor (US-OH)  
1985|Maximum Destruction  
2003|BWBK Fest 2003 (Bootleg)
2003|Sonic Bullet    
2007|Forever In Leather    
2007|Storm Of Steel EP  
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Destructor (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 8 DVD  Video
Destruktor (AU)  
1997|The Holy Trinity Denied (Demo Tape)
2003|Barbaric Onslaught-Australian Metal Attack LP  
2004|Nuclear Storm mCD  
Destynation (SE)  
2006|Rising Up
Desultor (SE)  
2012|Masters Of Hate  
Desultory (SE)  
1990|From Beyond (Demo)
1991|Forever Gone (Vinyl)
1993|Against All Gods Compilation (Displeased)    
1993|Into Eternity (2011 Remastered +4)  
1996|Swallow The Snake  
2006|From Beyond The Visions Of Death
2010|Counting Our Scars  
Desvirginizagore (PE)  
2011|Gurglectomy & Desvirginizagore & Inhumation "Grinding" Splt
Det Hedenske Folk (NO)  
1997|Det Hedenske Folk/Abyssic Hate-United By Heathen Blood
Detachment (US-IA)  
2000|Suspended In Stone
Detente (US-CA)  
1986|Recognize No Authority        
Deteriorate (US-PA)  
1993|Rotting In Hell    
1995|The Senectuous Entrance
Deterioration (US-MN)  
2007|Vultures Of Mortal Agony (2008 Remastered)
Deteriorot (US-NY)  
2001|In Ancient Beliefs  
2003|Hell At Last-A Tribute To Slayer  
2010|The Faithless  
Detest (DK)  
1992|Deathbreed (Demo Tape)
1996|Wild Rag Rock N Roll Myths  
Detestor (IT)  
1994|Dark Reality (Demo Tape)
1995|In The Circle Of Time  
1997|Red Sand
1998|Ego mCD
Dethera (FI)  
2008|Arts Of The Insane EP
Dethklok (US)  
2007|The Dethalbum (+ Bonus CD)  
2009|Dethalbum II  
2012|Dethalbum III    
Dethalbum II Bonus DVD  
2004|With Breeze Of Death (Promo Single)
Dethroned (US-CO)  
2006|Dethroned & Excommunion Split
Dethroned Christ (BR)  
2010|Roots Of Ancient Evil
Dethronement (SE)  
1999|Survival Of The Sickest  
Dethroner (CL)  
2007|Bringer Of Desolation
Dethronizer (SE)  
1999|Total Fiction
Detonation (NL)  
1999|Crushed Skull Volume I  
2000|Lost Euphoria EP
2003|An Epic Defiance          
2004|Slaughterous Souls-A Tribute To At The Gates  
2005|Portals To Uphobia    
2007|Emission Phase    
Detonator 666 (CZ)  
2004|At The Dawn Of Sadistic Infernal Holocaust
2004|Cultus & Detonator 666 Split (Live Tape)
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Detriment (IL)  
1999|Self Titled Demo
Detriment (US-NY)  
Detrimental (US-TX)  
2002|Fetal Decay & Detrimental Split CD
Detrimentum (UK)  
2003|A Moment To The Suffering mCD
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2008|Embracing This Deformity    
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Detritus (UK)  
1990|Perpetual Defiance  
1993|If But For One    
Deus Ex Machina (SG)  
2009|I Human  
Deus Inversus (DE)  
2008|Legion Is Our Name
Deus Inversus (FR)  
2004|Oath Of Desanctification
Deus Otiosus (DK)  
2007|Death Lives Again CDR
2009|Deus Otiosus & Hideous Invasion "Death Lives..." Split CDR
Deuteronomium (FI)  
1998|Finnish Metal Compilation-From Kaamos To Midnight Sun  
1999|Here To Stay
1999|Street Corner Queen (Digipak)
Deutsch Nepal (SE)  
1995|And Even The Wolves Hid Their Teeth    
Devangelic (IT)  
2014|Resurrection Denied
Devastacion (AR)  
1999|Que Lo Pario
Devastate (CO)  
2006|Armies Of Hate
Devastathor (CZ)  
2005|Feast Has Begun (Demo)
Devastation (US-TX)  
1987|Violent Termination (1996 +4)  
1989|Signs Of Life    
1991|Idolatry (1999 +4)    
Devastation Inside (IT)  
1998|Simply Nothing (Demo Tape)
Devastation Now (DE)  
2009|Chaos Conflict
Devastator (CA)  
1995|Metalmania X Promo Disc 1    
Devastator (IT)  
2003|Live To Make War (Demo)
2007|Alcoholic Invasion  
Devastator (US-FL)  
2004|Infernal Devastation (Demo)
2005|Devastator & Blasphemer "Nuclear War-Cursed Seeds" Split  
2006|Nuclear Proliferation  
2007|Morbid Force
2008|Conjuring Evil  
2010|Nocturnal Slut 12"
Devaster (IT)  
2005|Infernal March mCD
Devian (SE)  
2007|Ninewinged Serpent      
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2009|God To The Illfated +2  
Scarred (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Deviant (SE)  
2007|Apathyphus mCD  
Deviant Messiah (FR)  
2008|Demo CDR
2011|Defiling Massacre EP (CDR)
Deviant, The (NO)  
2005|Ravenous Deathworship      
Deviate (BE)  
1998|Kill Your Idols-A Tribute To Agathocles    
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
2002|Red Asunder
Deviate Damaen (IT)  
2000|Propedeutika Ad Contritionem Vestram
Deviate Ladies (IT)  
1997|Religious As Our Methods
Deviated Instinct (UK)  
1986|Welcome To The Orgy (2006 Remastered + Bonus CDs)    
1991|Grave & Deviated Instinct & Devolution Split
Deviated Presence (DE)  
2004|Fall's Passage  
2005|Eerie Sphere  
Deviator (UA)  
2009|Mighty Black Inner Flame  
Devil (NO)  
2010|Magister Mundi Xum (Demo) (2012)
2011|Time To Repent
Devil Came On Horseback, The
2008|Respect And Honor EP
Devil Doll (YU)  
1988|The Girl Who Was Death    
1993|The Sacrilege Of Fatal Arms      
1996|Dies Irae (1999 Reissue)    
Devil Drowned
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Devil Eyes
2009|Devil Eyes
Devil Lee Rot (SE)  
2004|Devil Lee Rot & Forever Winter "Scandinavian Metal" Split
2004|Devil Lee Rot & Northern Darkness Split (Vinyl)
2004|Gravewurm & Devil Lee Rot "Infernal Gates" Split EP
2005|At Hells Deep    
2005|The Devil Has Landed
Devil May Care (RU)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
2007|Wrong Life Philosophy
Devil Sold His Soul (UK)  
2012|Metal Hammer-A Storm Of Metal-Issue 235  
Devil You Know (US)  
2014|The Beauty Of Destruction
2015|They Bleed Red
Seven Years Alone (Official Video) .MP4  Video
Devil's Blood, The
House Of Ten Thousand Voices (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Devil's Brigade
2010|Devil's Brigade
Devil's Crown
Devil's Tower (CA)  
2001|Rhythm Brutality
Devil's Whorehouse (SE)  
2000|The Howling    
2004|Revelation Unorthodox        
2008|Werewolf mCD
2009|Blood And Ashes    
Devildriver (US)  
2005|The Fury Of Our Makers Hand (2006 Special Edition)        
2007|The Last Kind Words      
2009|Pray For Villains    
Clouds Over California (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Hold Back The Day (2005) .SVCD  Video
I Could Care Less (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Devileech (PT)  
Devilesh (DE)  
2003|Germania Incognita-Kulturkampf  
Devilinside (US-MN)  
2004|Prelude EP
2004|Volume One  
Devilish (BR)  
2002|Satan's Cult (Demo CDR)
2003|Promo Tape
Devilish (DE)  
Devilish Decibels (FI)  
2001|Modern Industrialized Enigma (Demo)
Devilish Distance (RU)  
2005|The Black Mountain Call
Devilish Era (FR)  
2002|Devilish Era & Zaghurim "Prolegomena..." Split CDR
2005|Devilish Era & Ond Aand "Gathering Infernal Onslaught" Split
2005|The Deiphobic Syndrome  
Devilish Impressions (PL)  
2006|Plurima Mortis Imago  
2008|Diabolicanos-Act III Armageddon
Devilium (FR)  
2001|Pagan At War
Devilmakesthree (UK)  
2002|Caution Will Cause Neck Injury    
Devilment (UK)  
2014|The Great And Secret Show  
2016|II-The Mephisto Waltzes
Devilry (FI)  
2000|Satanasphere EP
2001|Devilry & Flauros Split Tape
2002|Inhumane Regiment EP
2003|Black Arts Comp 2 (Tape)  
2004|Devilry & Ravening Split 7"
2005|Muslim Genocide (Promo CDR)  
2006|Stormbolt mCD  
2008|Rites For The Spring Of Supremacy
Devilyn (PL)  
1998|Reborn In Pain
2003|The Past Against The Future (Best Of)    
2005|Gods Of Guts-A Tribute To Carcass  
Live On Mystic Festival DVD (2001)  Video
Reborn In Pain .MPG  Video
The List .AVI  Video
Devin Townsend (CA)  
1996|Ass-Sordid Demos (1990-1996)
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 1    
1998|Infinity (Jap Only EP-Christeen Plus 4 Demos)
2003|Accelerated Evolution (+ Bonus Disc)        
2007|Ziltoid The Omniscient (+ Bonus CD)      
2011|Deconstruction-Ghost (2CD Special)  
2012|By A Thread Live In London 2011 (5CD)
2012|Epicloud (+ Bonus CD)
Grace w/ Anneke Van Giersbergen .MP4  Video
The Retinal Circus 2012 1080p .MKV  Video
Devious (NL)  
2003|Acts Of Rage    
Deviser (GR)  
1994|The Revelation Of Higher Mysteries 7"
1996|Unspeakable Cults  
1997|Hellas Salutes The Vikings-Bathory Tribute  
1998|Transmission To Chaos
2002|Running Sore      
2003|Thy Blackest Love-The Early Years
2011|Seasons Of Darkness
Devlin (SE)  
2002|Grand Death Opening    
Devo (US)  
1979|Duty Now For The Future
1980|Freedom Of Choice  
1981|New Traditionalists
Hardcore Devo Live! (2015) .MKV  Video
The Complete Truth About De-Evolution  
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Devoid (UK)  
1991|Blackened Empire LP
Devoid Of Faith (US-NY)  
1998|9 Shocks Terror & Devoid Of Faith-Fight On The Street EP
Devoid Of Grace (RU)  
2010|Psychotic Journey  
Devolution (UK)  
1991|Grave & Deviated Instinct & Devolution Split
Devolved (AU)  
2001|Copout Magazine December 2001 Sampler  
2002|Automation EP
2004|Calculated (2010)  
Distorted (2001) .MKV  Video
Devotee (US-NJ)  
2002|Dead And Gone (Demo)
Devotus Regnum (EE)  
2004|The Four Fists Of Armageddon  
Devour (US-MA)  
2000|The Great Hunger
Devour (US-OR)  
Devour The Martyr (AU)  
2011|Wasted On The Living EP
Devour The Unborn (US-TX)  
2012|Consuming The Morgue Remains
Devour Thy Sins (UK)  
2007|Andy Stuarts Corpses Are Pretty Fuckin Rotten (Single)
Devoured By Pestilence
2008|The Fate Of A Traitor EP
Devoured Decapitation (CO)  
2005|Ammunition For The Land Battle
2011|My Realm Darkness
Devoured Flesh Regurgitation (NL)  
2007|Bones Flesh N Partysnacks  
Devourment (US-TX)  
1999|Molesting The Decapitated  
2005|Butcher The Weak (2006 Reissue)  
2006|Limb Splitter  
2009|Unleash The Carnivore      
2013|Conceived In Sewage
Fed To The Pigs (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Live At Ohio Deathfest 1999 (Bootleg) .MPG  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Official DVD  
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Dew Of Nothing (MX)  
2001|The Hatehunger 7"
Dew-Scented (DE)  
1994|Symbolization (Demo Tape)
1998|Innoscent (2004 Remastered)
1999|Ill-Natured (2004 Remastered)    
2003|Armageddon Over Wacken 2003-Live (2CD)  
2003|Impact (US +2)        
2005|Issue VI        
2007|Incinerate (2CD)      
2010|Invocation (Jap +4)  
Soul Poison (Live Strasbourg 2003) (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
That's Why I Despise You (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Dewarsteiner (IT)  
2008|Ethylic Lovestories (Tape)
Dezperadoz (DE)  
2008|An Eye For An Eye