Wanted: Compilations
Last Update: 06/25/2017 [2047]

My Radio

13 Compilation
200 North & Esteem Split (2000)
74 Min Of Brutality
Abhorrence (FI) & Amporphis Split (2000)
Acid Death & Avulsed Split (1995)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed & Cattlepress Split (1998)
Agoraphobic Nosebleed & Converge - The Poached Diaries (1999)
Anal Massaker & Meat Paunch Mafia Split EP
Ancient Ceremony & Blessed By Thy Ancient Flame Split
Ancient Rites (Evil Prevails) & Uncanny Split EP (1992)
Ancient Rites (Longing for The Ancient Kingdom) & Renaisssance Split EP (1992)
And The Ravens Left The Tower Compilation
Angel Of Light & Satanquia Split CD
Another Victim & Shai Hulud Split 7" (2000)
Antichrist & Vassago Split (1995)
Any Best Of Metal Blade Compilations (EXCEPT 2,3)
Any Of The At Death's Door Compilations (Except 1)
Any Of The Beauty In Darkness Compilations (Nuc Blast Except 1,4)
Any Of The Blackened Compilations 5+ (Except 1,2,3,4)
Any Of The Call On The Dark Compilations 1-2?
Any Of The Century Media Identity Compilations 4(98),5(99) (EXCEPT 1,2,3,6)
Any Of The Cry Now Cry Later Compilations
Any Of The Death Is Just The Beginning Compilations (EXCEPT 2,3,4,5)
Any Of The Diabolical Netherworld Compilations (1,2,3) (USA)
Any Of The Doesn't Stand for Anything Compilations (Displeased)
Any Of The Holy Bible Compilations 2-3? (EXCEPT 1)
Any Of The Metal Massacre Compilations (13 Or Greater)
Any Of The Root Of All Evil Comps 3,4,5 (Except 2)
Any Of The Traces Of Death Soundtracks 1-4? (Nuc Blast)
Any Of The With Us Or Against Us Compilations (Napalm) (Except 4)
Armegeddon - A Tribute To Destruction
Armored Saint & Cirith Ungol - Reborn Classics
Arsedestroyer & Confusion Split EP
Avalon & Megahertz Split LP
Belching Beat (DE) & Mindflair Split
Bestialt & Dehydrated Split CD
Black Reign Compilation
Bloodlines (Century Media Compilation)
Book Seven DSFA Label Sampler (1998)
Cabal & Ungod Split 7" (1995)
Cad & Entrails Massacre Split 7"
Cause For Effect & Utter Bastard Split CD (1997)
Church Of Misery & Iron Monkey Split
Coalesce & Napalm Death Split EP (1997)
Crossfire & Killer & Ostrogoth "If It's Loud, We're Proud" Split (1983)
Czarne Zastepy Compilation
Damnable & Incarnated - "Futuristic Trial Of Mankind/Atrocious Vermin" Split
DANCE 2 NOISE VOL 3 Compilation ($$$ REWARD! $$$)
Dead & Regurgitate Split
Deepthroat (Indian Underground Comp)
Defiled & Neuraxix Split
Depression & Haemorrhage Split (2002)
Destroyer: Tribute To Twisted Sister
Diversion & V Split CD (South African)
Drain Of Impurity & Stench Of Necropsy Split CD (2004)
Ekkaia & Unsane Crisis Split (2001) (Tartarean)
El Muermo (EC) & Tu Carne Split (2004)
Extinction Of Mankind/Misery "Apocalyptic Crust"
Extreme Hot Candy Compilation (Toy Factory) REWARD!!
Extreme Rock N Roll Series Volume 1
Feursturm Compilation Vol I (1997) (Century Media)
Freternia & Persuador Split CD (2000)
Frozen Dawn III Compilation
Gluecifer & Hellacopters, The Split CD (Respect The Rock) (1997)
Godstomper & Irritate Split
Hemdale & Disgust Split 7" EP (1997)
Impaler & Ripsnorter - Black Leather Monster
In Decay We Trust Compilation (1997)
Inhuman Deformity Compilation
Insatanity & Immortal Suffering Split CD (1997)
Intrusion Of Dark Journey (Dark Journey Records Compilation)
Israhellar Metal Compilation (Israel)
K-Tel's Goofy Greats
Karmanik Collection (CMI Comp) (1993)
Lacerative Spittings Compilation
Leechmilk & Sofa King Killer Split (2001)
Legions Of Iron & Steel Compilation
Lost Soul/Reinless/Disinter/Night Gallery "Disco's Out Slaughters In" Split (PL)
Maledictive Pigs & Skinless Split EP
Mindflair & Running Guts Split CD (1998)
Morta Skuld & Vital Remains Split (1993)
Napalm Death & S.O.B. Split EP (1989)
Nasum & Skitsystem Split (2002)
Natas Compilation (US)
Nebula & Lowrider Split (1998)
Necromancer Vol 1 Compilation
Neuropathia & Vampiric Motives Split CD (1999)
Never Give In: A Tribute The the Bad Brains (1999)
Orchestrations For The Damned Compilation
Paganus Doctrina / Pseudostratiffied Epithelium Split
Pantalgia (German Comp) (1992)
Pax Mortis (US-CA) & Sea Of Tranquillity (US-IN) "Defiant/Dead Of Winter" Split
Problem Solver Revolver (UA-PA) & Shotpointblank (AU) Split
Purgatory & Sierim Split EP
River's Edge Soundtrack
Scandinavian Metal Attack Vol 1 & 2
Sin Origin & Velonnic Sin (NO) Split (2004)
Smears Of Bloody Entrails Compilation (US)
Smell The Fuzz (Instrumentals-Unheard of) (1996)
Southern Assault Vol 1
Swedish Sins Compilation
The Morbid One Compilation
Thrash Metal Attack (New Renaissance)
TRIBUTE - Judas Priest Tribute US Version (with Strapping Young Lad track) (1997)
Trouble Tribute - Bastards Will Pay
Under The Pagan Moon Comp (1996)
Unholy Blood Compilation
Until Dawn Compilation
Voices Of Death #3 Compilation (2000)
Voyager (Nuclear Blast - 3CDS) (1997)
Welcome To Meteor City (1997)
Where The Wild Things Are (NYHC)
Winds Of A New Millenium (Vol 1 Or 2) Comp
Wine Of Satan Compilation
Zed & 309 Chorus Split