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My Radio

D (JP)  
2010|7th Rose
D Creation (FI)  
2009|Silent Echoes  
D' Evil Leech Project (PT)  
2004|Bleed Your Mind
D'espairsray (JP)  
2010|Love Is Dead (Single)
D-Compose (NL)  
D-Morpheus (FR)  
2002|Symphony Of Lies (Demo)
1998|Helldorado (Spinefarm)  
1998|Metalliliitto Compilation 2  
D.A.D. (DK)  
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
2006|Scare Yourself (International Version +1)
Good Clean Family Entertainment You Can Trust  
D.A.M. (UK)  
1990|Human Wreckage  
1991|Inside Out
2007|Obscene Extreme  
D.F.C. (BR)  
2003|Dream Of A World Without Vol 2  
D.H.I.B.A.C. (FR)  
2004|Aberrant & D.H.I.B.A.C. Split 7"
2005|Corpse Molesting Pervert & D.H.I.B.A.C. Split
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #2  Video
2001|Be Quick Or Be Dead  
2011|Obscene Extreme  
D.M.C. (CZ)  
2012|Murderous Power
D.O.R. (PT)  
2008|Lyrinx & Elysian Blaze & D.O.R. "Universal Absence" Split  
D.R.I. (US)  
1988|4 Of A Kind (2003 Remastered +1)  
1989|Thrash Zone (2003 Remastered)  
1995|Full Speed Ahead  
D.S.K. (FR)  
2004|From Birth  
D.V.C. (US-FL)  
1989|Descendant Upheaval  
1992|Molecular Shadow
Daath (US-GA)  
2006|The Hinderers      
2009|The Concealers        
Subterfuge (2007) .AVI  Video
The Day Of Endless Light (2009) .MKV  Video
Daedalion (FR)  
2007|Sainte Folie-Erige Un Empire    
2011|Grande Dame Misere
Daedalus (IT)  
2004|Leading Far From A Mistake  
Daedeloth (FR)  
2006|Chroniques Des Terres De L'ombre Part 1  
Daemon (DK)  
1996|Seven Deadly Sins
1998|The Second Coming  
2002|Eye For An Eye    
Daemon's Embrace (DE)  
1999|Nocturnal Overture (Demo)
Daemonarch (PT)  
Daemonbrahms (DE)  
2000|The Dark (Demo Tape)
2001|Morbid Symphonies CDR (Demo)
Daemonheim (DE)  
Daemonic Alchemy (FR)  
2002|Spreading The Black Plague  
Daemonicium (PL)  
2004|Through Time And Death  
Daemonicus (SE)  
2009|Host Of Rotting Flesh  
Daemonium (FR)  
1994|Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit
Daemonlord (ES)  
2000|Unsacred Soul (Demo Tape)
2001|As Bastard As God (Demo Tape)  
2002|Aarstrand EP  
2003|The End Of The Era EP
2004|Key Of Mythras & Daemonlord "Bonded By Hatred" Split 7"  
2004|Of War And Hate
2005|Bloody Compilation 3 (CDR)  
2005|Daemonlord & Lux Ferre & Malleus & Mortinatum Split
2006|Daemonlord & Satanizer "9 Bullets In The Face Of Christ"Splt
2006|Hellfire Centuries
Daemonolatreia (RU)  
2002|Satan Satan Satan
2005|Requiem And Blackmadnessnight (Demo)
Daemonshade (FI)  
2003|Withering Beauty mCD
Daemos (US-CA)  
1999|Megaded-A Tribute To Megadeth  
Daemusinem (IT)  
2002|Daemusinem Domine Empire  
Daeonia (NL)  
1996|Morphic Lands mCD
2001|Candlelight Collection Vol 4  
Dagger (US)  
1994|Fate Of A Violent World
Daggerfalls (CA)  
2004|Six Month Nights
Daggerspawn (RS)  
2009|Suffering Upon The Throne Of Depravity  
Dagoba (FR)  
2008|Face The Colossus  
The Things Within (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Dagon (FR)  
1992|Obscurum Per Obscurius  
Dagon (US-TX)  
2006|They Who Abideth Amidst The Poison  
Dagor (DE)  
2003|Black Clouds
Dagor Dagorath (IL)  
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Dagorlad (BE)  
2002|The End Of The Dark Ages      
2008|Herald Of Doom      
Dagoth (MX)  
2006|New Empire
Dahmer (CA)  
1996|Dahmer & Diarrhee Mentale & Carcass Grinder Split Tape
1996|Demo 1
1997|Suppression & Dahmer Split EP
1998|Agathocles & Jangle & Sound Corrupter & Dahmer Split Tape
1998|Dahmer & Jean Seberg Split EP
199X|Dahmer & Saturation Split 7"
2001|Parade Of The Lifeless & Dahmer Split EP
2003|The Studio Sessions Discography
Dakria (DE)  
1997|Immortal Silent Heaven mCD (Demo)  
Dakrua (IT)  
1999|Inner Wastelands    
Daksha (AR)  
2003|The Book Of Fate EP  
2004|Muerte Al Falso Metal-Tributo Argentino A Manowar  
Dali's Dilemma (US-CA)  
1999|Manifesto For Futurism
Dalmerot's Kingdom (IL)  
1999|Ha'mistorin Ha'nitzchi
Dam (UK)  
2005|Purity The Darwinian Paradox    
2007|The Difference Engine
Damage Inc.
2003|Anthrax & The History Of Thrash Metal (2CD)  
Damaged (AU)  
1993|Do Not Spit  
1995|Passive Backseat Demon Engines EP  
1997|Token Remedies Research  
1999|Under The Southern Cross (2CD)  
2000|Purified In Pain
Damageplan (US)  
2004|New Found Power (Explicit)          
Damascus (CA)  
2008|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest VIII  
Damian Kross (US-CA)  
1995|Deterioration Of The Senses Compilation    
Damien (BR)  
2001|The First Omen (Demo)
2001|We Are Not Dead (Demo Tape)
2003|Extreme Underground Vol 1  
Damien (US-OH)  
1987|Every Dog Has Its Day  
1995|Milwaukee Metal Music Mania  
Damien Steele (US-PA)  
2005|Damien Steele
Damien Thorne (US-IL)  
1986|The Sign Of The Jackal (2003 +4)  
1998|Former Life EP  
2004|Wrath Of Darkness  
2005|Haunted Mind
Live On Keep It True 14 DVD #1 (2011)  Video
Dammaj (US)  
1986|Mutiny LP
Dammerung (UA)  
2006|Carpathian Might-Ukrainian Black Metal Comp  
2011|Dark Poetry
Damnable (PL)  
2001|Communication Of Sounds (2CD)
2001|Completely Devoted
2001|Mixomatosis & Damnable "Escorxador-Goat Beee" Split
Damnation (CA)  
2004|The Aggressive Repulsive Anthology
Damnation (PL)  
1993|Everlasting Sickness (Demo)
1995|Antichrist Superstar Compilation (Displeased)    
1996|Rebel Souls  
1997|Behemoth & Damnation Forest Dream/Forbidden Spaces Split  
1997|Coronation EP  
2000|King Diamond Tribute  
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2003|Demonstration Of Evil (Demo)
2003|Resurrection Of Azarath
Damnation (SE)  
1994|Divine Darkness Demo (2004 7")  
2004|Destructo Evangelia      
2004|Insulter Of Jesus Christ 7"
Damnation Army (SE)  
2003|Misanthropic Satanarchy
2004|The Art Of The Occult
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
Damnation, The
2005|Rebirth The Metal 2  
Damnatory (CH)  
1991|Hybridized Deformity 7"  
Damnatory (SE)  
2002|The Whispering Forest (Demo)
Damnatur (FI)  
2008|One True Black Religion (2Tape)  
Damned Nation (SE)  
2004|Signs Of Madness    
Damned Spirit Dance (HU)  
2006|The Growing Spirit mCD
Damokis (MY)  
2012|Grinding Mother Whore
Damonacy (US-NJ)  
1992|Demo (Ripped From Tape/1 More Track Than 7")    
1992|Therapeutic Morbidity (Demo)  
1992|Therapeutic Morbidity 7"  
2014|Morbidity Within (Compilation) (FLAC + MP3)  
Live (20 Min) .AVI  Video
Live Michigan Deathfest III Corpulent Carrion 1-8-94 .FLV  Video
Milwaukee Promo With Interview .AVI  Video
Swarming (Live) .AVI  Video
Damonenblut (DE)  
2009|Das Tor Zur Holle (Tape)
2009|Menschenfresser (Tape)
Damzell (JP)  
1989|Emergency Express (Metal Warning 2)  
Dan Reed Network (US-OR)  
1991|The Heat
Dan Swano (SE)  
2000|Curse Of The Demon-A Tribute To Mercyful Fate  
Dan Swano/Peter Tagtgren (SE)  
1999|Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal (2CD)  
Dance Club Massacre (US-IL)  
2006|Feast Of The Blood Monsters    
Dance On Glass (PL)  
Dancer (JP)  
1994|Best Of Taiji Fujimoto
Danforth (FR)  
2008|Paris Rising mCD
Danger (SE)  
2008|First Touch  
Danger Angel
2010|Danger Angel
Danger Danger (US)  
1991|Screw It  
1992|Comin Home (Single)
1992|I Still Think About You (Single)
1994|Metal Mania Compilation    
1998|Four The Hard Way (Jap)
Dangerous Toys (US)  
1989|Dangerous Toys  
1991|Hellacious Acres
2004|The Ultimate Dangerous Toys
2007|Visual Metalogy (Bootleg) DVDA
Danko Jones (CA)  
Baby Hates Me (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #1)  Video
First Date (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Invisible (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Danny Glover (US-TX)  
2004|Lethal Weapon EP
Danse Macabre (BE)  
1998|Totentanz (2004 Reissue)
2002|Matters Of The Heart mCD  
Dance Macabre .MPG  Video
The Making Of .MPG  Video
Dantalion (ES)  
2006|When The Ravens Fly Over Me    
2008|Call Of The Broken Souls    
Dante (JP)  
1992|The Gods Truth-Emergency Express III  
Dantesco (PR)  
Live On Keep It True 6 DVD  Video
Danzig (US)  
1990|Danzig II-Lucifuge    
1992|Danzig III-How The Gods Kill    
1993|Ashtarot (Bootleg)
1993|Black Aria (2000)  
1994|Mother mCD (Digipak)
1994|The Power Of The Dark Side (Live)  
1996|Danzig 5 Blackacidevil  
1999|6:66 Satan's Child  
2002|777 I Luciferi  
2004|Circle Of Snakes    
2010|Dethred Sabaoth    
Five Finger Crawl (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Daos (RO)  
2005|Screams Of Tortured Angels  
Darc Mutcer (FR)  
2004|The French Underground Series  
Dare (UK)  
1998|Calm Before The Storm  
Dareforce (US)  
Dargaard (AT)  
2000|Napalm Records Promotional Sampler Vol 1  
2000|Samhain-The Mediaeval Gothic Compilation (2CD)  
2001|The Dissolution Of Eternity    
2001|With Us Or Against Us IV  
Dark (DE)  
Dark Age (DE)  
1999|The Fall
2000|Insurrection (Digipak)  
2001|Motormorphosis-A Tribute To Motorhead Part 1  
2002|The Silent Republic (Jap +1)    
2003|Armageddon Over Wacken 2003-Live (2CD)  
2004|Dark Age (2CD Special Edition)    
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
2005|The Revivalry-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
2008|Minus Exitus (Jap +1)  
Suicide Crew (On Armageddon Over Wacken 2003 DVD)  Video
Dark Age (US)  
1984|Dark Age LP  
Dark Ages (UA)  
2006|A Chronicle Of The Plague  
Dark Ambition (KR)  
2003|Crimson Temptation mCD
Dark Amorial
2001|Voices Of Death Vol 4-The Metal Crusade  
Dark Angel (US-CA)  
1984|Hell's On Its Knees (Demo) (2009)  
1985|We Have Arrived (1997)      
1986|Darkness Descends (2010 +8)        
1989|Leave Scars      
1989|Live Scars  
1989|Ultimate Revenge 2 Live  
1991|Time Does Not Heal (2008 +2)    
1992|Decade Of Chaos (1999 Remastered)
Dark Arena (US-OH)  
2006|Alien Factor  
2009|Flowing Black
2013|Ode To The Ancients (Physical CD)
Beachland 2-16-08 (Yebotv) .AVI  Video
Live @ Peabody's In Cleveland Ohio (09/24/09)  
Live In Cleveland 03/24/06 (House Video Soundboard)  
Dark Armageddon (DE)  
2002|Siegel Zum Seelentor
Dark Army (US-MI)  
2003|Covered In Filth-A Tribute To Cradle Of Filth  
Dark Assault (DE)  
2003|Insanity In Sanity (CDR)
Dark At Dawn (DE)  
1995|Oceans Of Time EP
2000|Baneful Skies    
2001|Crimson Frost    
2002|First Beams Of Light
2003|Of Decay And Desire    
2006|Dark At Dawn      
Dark Avenger (BR)  
2001|Tales Of Avalon-The Terror  
2002|Revenge-In The Triumph Of Manowar  
2003|X Dark Years mCD  
Dark Black (US-OR)  
2009|The Sellsword  
Dark Castle (US-FL)  
2007|Flight Of Pegasus  
2011|Surrender To All Life Beyond Form  
Dark Celebration (BR)  
2009|Phlegeton The Transcendence Of Demon Lords
Dark Century (CA)  
2008|Days Of The Mosh
2009|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IX  
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Dark Covenant (CA)  
2011|Eulogies For The Fallen
Dark Cycle
2001|Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms  
Dark Day Dungeon (CH)  
2002|Let The Sin Begin
Dark Days (US-CA)  
Dark Disciple (US-MD)  
2004|Unholy Hate Gore  
2006|Kill Everything Worship Nothing  
Dark Domination (LV)  
2005|Let Satan Speak Through Our Lips
2006|Rebellion 666
2008|Reign Of The Fallen One
Rebellion 666 (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Dark Dominion (AU)  
2001|Dark Dominion/Secratain "Bound In Blasphemy" Split
2001|The Next Thousand Years Are Ours-Tribute To Darkthrone  
Dark Eden (SE)  
2002|Eden Of Darkness (Demo)
Dark Embrace (DE)  
1997|Nagelfar & Dark Embrace Split EP (Limited Edition)
Dark Empire (PL)  
Dark Empire (US-NJ)  
2006|Distant Tides (2007 Remastered)      
2008|Humanity Dethroned      
2013|The Power Of Prog 1  
Dark Faith (ES)  
2000|The Sentence Of Satan
2004|Storm Of Hatred And Anger  
2007|Terrains Vagues
Dark Faith (US-FL)  
2003|Paths Of Possession & Dark Faith "Crypt Of Madness"Split
Dark Field (CA)  
2005|Requiem Aux Anciens (Demo)
Dark Flood (FI)  
2000|The Deep-Sleep-Utopia (Demo)
2004|Still Liberty
Dark Forest (CA)  
2006|Aurora Borealis    
Dark Fortress (DE)  
1998|Barad Duer-Towards Immortality
2001|Tales From Eternal Dusk    
2003|Profane Genocidal Creations    
2004|Stab Wounds    
2006|Seance (Promo)    
Crimson Tears (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Dark Funeral (SE)  
1994|Dark Funeral EP    
1996|The Secrets Of The Black Arts (2007 Digipak Remastered 2CD)    
1998|In Conspiracy With Satan-A Tribute To Bathory    
1998|Vobiscum Satanas (2007 Remastered Digipak +4)    
1999|Gateway To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer  
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
2000|In The Sign EP  
2000|King Diamond Tribute  
2000|Teach Children To Worship Satan EP      
2001|Dark Funeral & Infernal "Under Wings Of Hell"
2001|Diabolis Interium (2007 2CD Remastered Digipak)        
2001|Originators Of The Northern Darkness-Tribute To Mayhem  
2004|Agios O Baphomet (Live In Cali Colombia)
2004|De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine        
2005|Attera Totus Sanctus (Jap +2)      
2007|Attera Orbis Terrarum Part I (2 DVDA)
2009|Angelos Exuro Pro Eternus (+ DVDA)    
An Apprentice Of Satan (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #2)  Video
An Apprentice Of Satan .MPG  Video
Atrum Regina (2006) .MKV  Video
Attera Orbis Terrarum Part II (2008) .AVI  Video
Goddess Of Sodomy .MPG  Video
My Funeral (2009) .MKV  Video
Secrets Of The Black Arts .MPG  Video
Vobiscum Satanas (Live On Party San Open Air 2004 DVD #2)  Video
Dark Fury (PL)  
2004|Vae Victis  
2006|Dark Fury & White Devils & War "Alliance In Hate" Split
2006|Slavonic Thunder
2007|Final Solution
2007|The Night And The Fog III  
2008|Fortress Of Eagles
2009|The Price Of Treason
Dark Gamballe (CZ)  
1996|Under The Bottom
1999|A Tribute To Masters Hammer  
2003|Proti Proudu 2  
Dark Half (MX)  
1993|Brutal Agression-JL America Comp    
Dark Hall (US)  
Dark Heart (UK)  
1984|Shadows Of The Night LP  
Dark Heresy (UK)  
1992|Speared And Twisted (Demo Tape)
1995|Unisound Records-Into The Catachthonium Vol 2  
Dark Horizon (IT)  
2001|Son Of Gods    
2002|Revenge-In The Triumph Of Manowar  
2004|Dark Light Shades (2CD 2012 Remastered Deluxe)
2004|Dark Light's Shades  
Dark Hound
2011|All For None None For All (A Tribute To Peter Steele)  
Dark Illusion (SE)  
2005|Beyond The Shadows  
Dark Intentions (NL)  
2005|Remorse Will Die Today mCD
2008|Destined To Burn  
Dark Inversion (BG)  
1999|Into The Pagan Depths (Demo)
2001|The Land Of The Dead Warriors
Dark Land (DE)  
1997|Rise And Fall
Dark Legion (PL)  
Dark Legions (SE)  
2005|Awakening Of The Legions (Demo Tape)  
2006|Sataenic Destroeyer  
Dark Lord (IT)  
2005|The Metal Years 1982-1985 (Remastered)
2008|The Night Time Years 1986-1988
Dark Lunacy (IT)  
2003|Forget Me Not (Jap +1)    
2003|Infernal Poetry & Dark Lunacy "Twice"
2006|The Diarist  
2010|Weaver Of Forgotten  
Dark Messiah (GR)  
2003|Immortal Battlefield (Demo)
2007|Rise Of Black Dawn mCD  
Dark Millennium (DE)  
1992|Ashore The Celestial Burden    
1993|Diana Read Peace
Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy (KR)  
2005|Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy (Digipak)
Dark Monarchy (US-OH)  
2005|Poisoned Thorns Of Human Sorrow (Demo)
Dark Moor (ES)  
1999|Shadowland (2005 Remastered 2CD)  
2000|The Hall Of The Olden Dreams (2004 +1)    
2000|The Keepers Of Jericho-A Tribute To Helloween    
2001|The Fall Of Melnibone mCD  
2002|The Gates Of Oblivion (+1)        
2003|Arise Records Spring Sampler  
2003|Dark Moor        
2003|From Hell mCD  
2004|Ozzy Osbourne-Tribute To A Madman  
2005|Beyond The Sea      
2007|Tarot (Korean +1)    
2010|Ancestral Romance  
Dark Morbid Death (US-CT)  
2009|Satanic Kills
Dark Nova (GR)  
1997|Hellas Salutes The Vikings-Bathory Tribute  
2003|Metal Gear  
Dark Opus (FR)  
2001|Thoughts (Demo Tape)
Dark Orange (??)
Dark Order (AU)  
1997|5000 Years Of Violence
2003|The Violence Continuum (2006 Remastered)  
Dark Paramount (BR)  
Dark Phoenix (JP)  
2008|Arrow Rain
Dark Poetry (FR)  
2002|An Ugly Little Freak
Dark Prophecy (MX)  
2010|Darkness Empire Prophecies
Dark Psychosis (US-MI)  
2005|Obsessed By Shadows  
Dark Quarterer (IT)  
1987|Dark Quarterer (2003)  
1988|The Etruscan Prophecy (2009 +1)  
1994|War Tears (2007)    
2009|Under The Spell (2012 2CD)
2012|XXV Anniversary
Black Hole (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Last Breath (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Dark Ravage (LT)  
2007|Dawn Of A New World
Dark Reality (DE)  
1993|Umbra Cineris
1995|Blossom Of Mourning
Dark Religion (PL)  
2003|Eternity Of Nothing
Dark Remains (NL)  
2006|Planet Earth Scourged
2009|A Construct To Obliterate
Dark Rise (CH)  
2000|Slaves Of Death (Demo)
2003|Massive Retaliation
Dark Ritual (JP)  
1994|Far East Gate In Inferno  
Dark Ritual (US-IL)  
Dark Sanctuary (FR)  
2002|Vie Ephemere (Single)  
2004|Metal Female Voices  
2005|Thoughts-9 Years In The Sanctuary
2010|Dark Sanctuary
Dark Season
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Dark Shades (DE)  
1999|Hymnen An Die Dunkelheit
Dark Sky (DE)  
2008|Empty Faces
Dark Star (UK)  
1981|Dark Star (2007 +6)  
Dark Storm (CZ)  
1994|In Nomine Dark Storm (Demo)
1996|Four Lucan Emperors mCD
2002|Black Metal Endsieg III EP  
2002|The Best Of-Tribute To Maniac Butcher (2004 2CD Remastered)
2002|The Early Years
2005|Infernal Tyrant
2006|Hell Satan Blasphemy
2007|The Golden Tribute To Masters Hammer  
Dark Suns (DE)  
2008|Grave Human Genuine (Digipak)    
Dark Tales (CA)  
2002|Nord & Dark Tales Split CD
Dark Tranquillity (SE)  
1991|Trail Of Life Decayed (Demo)    
1992|A Moonclad Reflexion 7"  
1992|Tranquillity (Demo)  
1993|Skydancer (2014 Remastered)      
1994|Metal Militia-A Tribute To Metallica      
1995|The Gallery (Deluxe Edition +5)        
1996|Enter Suicidal Angels      
1996|Of Chaos And Eternal Night EP (2014 Remastered)      
1997|Made In Tribute-Iron Maiden Tribute      
1997|Mercyful Fate Tribute      
1997|The Mind's I (+3)        
1998|The World Domination Live  
1999|Live In Gothenburg '99
1999|Projector (2009 Remastered +4)        
2000|Haven (2009 Remastered +4)  
2000|Haven (Prerelease)        
2000|In The Eyes Of Death 2    
2000|Live In Paris La Loco (Bootleg)
2001|Live At Karen 02/08 (Bootleg)
2001|Live-Popstad Gothenburg Radio
2001|Punish My Wacken (Bootleg)
2002|A Tribute To The Beast (Iron Maiden)  
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)    
2002|Damage Done (2009 Remastered +4)          
2002|Live In Paris La Loco 11-19-02 (Bootleg)
2003|Live Damage (+ Bonus Material) DVDA
2004|Exposures-In Retrospect And Denial        
2004|Lost To Apathy EP      
2005|Character (Jap +2)                
2005|Live Gates Of Metal 08/06 (Radio Bootleg)
2005|Live In Montreal 05-04 (Bootleg)
2007|Fiction (Expanded Edition + DVDA)        
2007|Live At Svenska Grammofonstudion Goeteborg (Radio)
2008|A Closer End (Bootleg)
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2009|Manifesto Of
2009|Where Death Is Most Alive (2CD)
2009|Yesterworlds (Early Demos Digitally Remastered)
2010|Inside The Void DVDA
2010|We Are The Void (2011 Tour Edition) + DVDA    
2013|Construct (2CD)
2014|A Memory Construct 7"
2016|Atoma (Jap) (2CD)  
Bang Your Head 2008 (Live) .MKV  Video
Dream Oblivion (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #1)  Video
Fiction Expanded Live (2008)  
Focus Shift (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Hedon (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
In My Absence .MP4  Video
Inside The Void Bonus DVD (2010)  
Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France (Bootleg)  
Live At Summer Breeze 2007 .AVI  Video
Live Damage (2002)      
Live On Bang Your Head Fest 2007 DVD #1  Video
Lost To Apathy (2004) .SVCD  Video
Monochromatic Stains (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Terminus (Live) (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
The New Build (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
The Science Of Noise (Official Video) .MP4  Video
The Wonders At Your Feet (Live) .MPG  Video
Therein (2000) .SVCD  Video
Where Death Is Most Alive [2 DVD] (2009)    
World Domination Live Part 1 .MPG    Video
Zodijackyl Light (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Dark Tribe (DE)  
2002|Geboren An Den Ufern Des Wahnsinns  
2004|In Jeraspunta-Die Rueckkehr Der Tollwuetigen Bestie  
Dark Wizard (NL)  
1984|Devil's Victim LP  
1985|Reign Of Evil  
Darkane (SE)  
1999|Rusted Angel    
2001|A Tribute To Accept Vol 2  
2001|Terrorized Vol 12  
2002|A Tribute To The Beast (Iron Maiden)  
2002|Death Is Just The Beginning 7 (2CD)  
2002|Expanding Senses        
2005|Layers Of Lies        
2008|Demonic Art        
2010|Layers Of Live (+ DVDA)
Chaos Vs. Order (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
Innocence Gone (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Violence From Within (Death Angel Tour 2003) (Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Violence From Within (Live At 2003 Open Air Festival) .AVI  Video
Darkcreed (MX)  
2008|Dark Regions mCD
Darkemist (CL)  
Darkempire (FI)  
1999|Darkempire & Dimentum "Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi" Split
2003|Satan Cometh CDR
Darken (US-WY)  
Darken My Grief (RO)  
2005|Innerfall (Demo)
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (DE)  
1999|The Pest Called Humanity mCD
2001|Christhunt Production Compilation  
2001|Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult & Pyre Split LP
2001|Follow The Calls For Battle (+ Vinyl Bonus)  
2003|Darkenend Nocturn Slaughtercult & Donkelheet Split 7"
2004|Nocturnal March  
2006|Hora Nocturna
2008|Evoking A Decade (2CD)
2009|Saldorian Spell  
Dead Hate The Living, The (Live On Party San Open Air 2005 DVD #1)  Video
Live On Under The Black Sun Open Air XII 2009 (36:00 Part 2) .AVI  Video
Slaughtercult (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #1)  Video
Darkened Skies (PE)  
2003|Dawn Of Dreams (Demo CDR)
Darkening, The (BE)  
Darkest Hate (BR)  
2002|Darkest Hate & Black Winter Night Split Demo Tape
Darkest Hate Warfront (BR)  
2005|Satanik Annihilation Kommando    
2007|The Aftermath
Darkest Hour (US-VA)  
1996|The Misanthrope  
2000|The Mark Of The Judas  
2001|So Sedated So Secure (2006)  
2002|Dawncore & Darkest Hour "Where Heroes Go To Die"  
2005|Undoing Ruin    
2009|The Eternal Return    
Darkest Oath (GR)  
1994|Paradise Of The Infernal Torment 7"  
Darkest Red, The (NL)  
2009|Destroy And Rebuild
Darkestrah (DE)  
2004|Sary Oy  
2005|Embrace Of Memory  
2005|The Way To Paganism mLP  
2008|The Great Silk Road    
Darkfall (AT)  
1998|Winter Leafes (Demo)
Darkfire (IT)  
Darkflight (BG)  
2003|Rage Of Achilles-An Introduction To The Empire  
2004|We Worship Vol 1 (2CD)  
2007|Entering The Levitation-A Tribute To Skepticism (2CD)  
2008|Perfectly Calm  
Darkified (SE)  
1995|A Dance On The Grave mCD
Darking (IT)  
2012|All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute To Omen  
Darklord (AU)  
1993|By The Force Of Sacred Magic Rites EP    
2001|Symphony Satanikka  
2004|Carmina & Amethyste & Atrophy & Darklord Split CDR
Darkmoon (CH)  
2003|Black Domain mCD
2005|Of Bitterness And Hate
2007|Apocalyptic Syndrome
Darkmoon (US-NC)  
1998|Vengeance For Withered Hearts    
1999|Seas Of Unrest  
2000|Visionaries Of The Macabre Vol 2  
2001|.308 Antichrist EP
Darkmoon Rising (BG)  
2002|Darkmoon Rising & Primitive Angel Gospoden Split
Darkmoon Warrior (DE)  
2003|We Walk The Infernal Path  
2006|In Fundis Inferiorum mCD
2008|Finnish German Alliance LP  
Live On Under The Black Sun Open Air XII 2009 (27:46 Part 2) .AVI  Video
Darkness (DE)  
1987|Death Squad (2005 Remastered +7)    
1988|Defenders Of Justice  
1989|Conclusion And Revival (2005 Remastered +6)  
Critical Threshold (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Death Squad (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
They Need A War (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Darkness (IT)  
2002|Necroplasma & Darkness "Pure Necrodarkness" Split Tape
Darkness (UK)  
2001|Beast Of Misanthropy
2001|Eternal Darkness (Demo)
2002|Darkness (Limited Edition)
Darkness Ablaze (DE)  
2008|Darkness Ablaze
Darkness By Oath (ES)  
2004|Slaughterous Souls-A Tribute To At The Gates  
2006|Confidential World Of Lies
2009|Fear Yourself
2013|The Final Resistance-A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity  
Darkness Eternal (CA)  
2000|Dawn Of The Suffering
2005|Misanthropic Annihilation    
Darkness Of Blood (MX)  
2004|A Dream Of Vampire In Astral Dementia
Darkness Of Hell (CZ)  
2012|Under The Flag Of Hate
Darkness Over Depth (CN)  
2003|Darkness Over Depth
Darkness Remains (US-WV)  
2002|To Touch The Depths Of Sorrow
Darkness Shall Rise (CL)  
2007|Rigormortis EP
Darkness, The (UK)  
2003|Permission To Land  
Darkregime (MY)  
2007|Eastern Beastiality-A Salute To As Sahar  
Darkseed (DE)  
1994|Romantic Tales And Other Dreams
1996|Midnight Solemnly Dance
1999|Give Me Light (2008 Remastered)  
2000|Diving Into Darkness (2008 Remastered)    
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Darksend, The (SE)  
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Darkshine (FR)  
2006|Ten Years
Darkside (AT)  
1995|Melancholia Of A Dying World
1999|Megaded-A Tribute To Megadeth  
2000|Rebellion-A Tribute To Queensryche  
2001|Cognitive Dissonance    
Darksoul (DE)  
2009|Dethroned Mankind
Darkspace (CH)  
2005|Dark Space II  
Darkstar (US/DE)  
1997|Marching Into Oblivion  
Darkstone (SE)  
2003|Blood Vengeance (Demo)  
Darkstorm (PL)  
1996|The Black Stone (Tape)
Darkstyle (FI)  
1997|Black Crystals mCD
2003|Whisperin Wnoices mCD
Darksun (ES)  
2006|El Lado Oscuro
2007|The Dark Side
Darkthrone (NO)  
1989|Cromlech (Demo)  
1989|Thulcandra (Demo)  
1991|Soulside Journey (2003 Remastered + Video Interview)      
1992|A Blaze In The Northern Sky (2012 2CD)        
1992|Crossing The Triangle Of Flames 7"
1993|Under A Funeral Moon (2003 Remastered)        
1994|Transilvanian Hunger (2003 Remast Digi+Video Interview)          
1995|Panzerfaust (2010 2CD)        
1996|Total Death        
1997|A Night Of Unholy Black Metal (Bootleg)
1999|Ravishing Grimness          
199X|Hail The Goat Of Mendez (Bootleg)
2000|Moonfog 2000 (CD #1)  
2000|Preparing For War (2005 2CD Boxset)    
2001|Return To Ultima Thule LP (Limited Edition)
2003|Hate Them (2012 2CD)        
2004|Sardonic Wrath        
2005|In The Shadows Of The Horns 7" (Bootleg)
2005|Under Beskyttelse Av Morke (Boxset)
2006|Forebyggende Krig 7"  
2006|The Cult Is Alive            
2006|Too Old Too Cold EP    
2007|NWOBHM-New Wave Of Black Heavy Metal mCD  
2008|Dark Thrones And Black Flags    
2008|Frostland Tapes (3CD)    
2010|Circle The Wagons (CD + LP)    
2012|Sempiternal Past The Darkthrone Demos  
2013|The Underground Resistance
Too Old Too Cold (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Darkthule (GR)  
2002|Awakening Of The Ancient Past (Demo)
2004|Beyond The Endless Horizons (2007 + Bonus)  
2005|Revolution Of Souls 7"
Darktrance (UA)  
2008|Ghosts In The Shells  
2009|Beyond The Gates Of Insanity  
Darktribe (FR)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 2  
Darkwater (US-PA)  
Darkwell (AT)  
2004|Strange (Tour Single)
2004|The Lotus Eaters-A Tribute To Dead Can Dance (2CD)  
Darkwind (PL)  
2001|Promo (Demo)
Darkwood (DE)  
1999|In The Fields
2000|Heimat And Jugend
Darkwoods Legion (FR)  
2003|La Ou Les Ames Pourrissent (Demo)
Darkwoods My Betrothed (FI)  
1995|Heirs Of The Northstar    
1996|Autumn Roars Thunder    
2000|Dark Aureoles Gathering (Limited Ed) (1993-94 Demos)
Darth (DE)  
2002|Amokkoma (Demo)
2003|Buttfucked By Destiny  
Darvulia (FR)  
2006|L'alliance Des Venins  
2010|Mysticisme Macabre
Darzamat (PL)  
1996|In The Flames Of Black Art      
1998|In The Opium Of Black Veil mCD (2002 Remastered +1)    
2009|Solfernus Path
Live On Metalmania 2007 DVD  Video
Das Ich (DE)  
1991|Satanische Verse  
2002|Mera Luna 2002 (2CD)  
Dash The Brain Out (TH)  
2008|Groove Of Death  
Dataclast (US-NJ)  
1999|Demo 9.99 (Demo)
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
Datura (UA)  
2001|Fucking State (Demo Tape)
2006|Fucking Kaput (Best Of) (Remastered)
2008|Have A Brutal Day  
Live In Moscow (On Official Disgorge DVD) 11-23-08  
Live On Metal Heads' Mission DVD #2 (2010)  Video
Dauntless (FI)  
2007|Execute The Fact  
2009|Death Row Poet  
Dave Brockie Experience (US)  
2001|Diarrhea Of A Madman
2003|Songs For The Wrong  
Dave Slaves' Doomed & Disgusting(AU)  
2005|Satan's Nightmare
David Shankle Group (US-IL)  
Ashes To Ashes (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Live On Manowar Magic Circle Festival Vol 1 Disc 1 DVD  Video
David T. Chastain (US)  
1987|Instrumental Variations (2003 Remastered)  
1989|Within The Heat  
1994|Next Planet Please
2001|Rock Solid Guitar    
Davidian (DE)  
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Dawn (DE)  
1994|The Darkness Within (Demo Tape)
1996|Trespass Infinity 7"
1998|Entrance To Malevolence (+1)
Dawn (SE)  
1994|Dawn & Pyphomgertum Split CD
1994|Naer Solen Gar Niber For Evogher    
1996|Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh EP      
1997|Slaughtersun (Crown Of The Triarchy) (2004 2CD Reissue)    
Dawn And Dusk Entwined (FR)  
2000|Forever War
2009|Cathedrales De Brume
Dawn Fades (??)
1994|Dawn Fades mCD
Dawn Of Ashes (US-CA)  
2008|The Crypt Injection (Euro)
Dawn Of Azazel (NZ)  
2003|The Law Of The Strong  
Immortal Dominance (2003) .MKV  Video
The Road To Babalon (2006) .MKV  Video
Dawn Of Decay (SE)  
1998|New Hell
Dawn Of Defiance (UY)  
2004|Summoning Death (Promo)  
Dawn Of Demise (DK)  
2006|And Blood Will Follow (Demo)
2007|Hate Takes Its Form    
2008|Lacerated mCD  
2010|A Force Unstoppable  
2012|Rejoice In Vengeance
Rejoice In Vengeance .MP4  Video
Dawn Of Destiny (DE)  
2008|Rebellion In Heaven
Dawn Of Destruction (DE)  
2007|Brighter Than A Thousand Suns  
Dawn Of Disease (DE)  
2004|Through Bloodstained Eyes mCD  
2005|Gentle Carnage  
2011|Legends Of Brutality
2012|Crypts Of The Unrotten (Digipak)
Dawn Of Division (GR)  
2003|Outrage Of Desolation (Demo)  
2005|Awaiting The Dawn (Demo)    
Dawn Of Dreams (AT)  
Dawn Of Dreams (DE)  
1997|Silent Endless Nothing
2000|Darklight Awakening  
2000|Garage Days In Hell mCD
Dawn Of Oblivion (SE)  
2009|The Final Chapter
Dawn Of Orion (US-GA)  
1999|For The Lust Of Prophecies Undone
Dawn Of Relic (FI)  
1999|One Night In Carcosa    
2002|Lovecraftian Dark    
2005|Night On Earth
Dawn Of Retribution (AU)  
2010|The Plan To End Humanity
Dawn Of Sorrow (US-VA)  
2008|Sacrifice At The Altar Of Satanic Blood Angel-Tribute To Von  
Dawn of Tears (ES)  
2013|The Final Resistance-A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity  
Dawn Of The Obscene (SE)  
Dawn Of Winter (DE)  
1993|Celebrate The Agony EP
1998|In The Valley Of Tears
2001|Slow Is The Suffering EP
2003|Doomcult Performance LP
2006|One Foot In Fire-A Tribute To Cirith Ungol  
2008|The Peaceful Dead    
Dawn, The
Dawnbringer (US-PA)  
1996|Sacrament EP  
2000|Catharsis Instinct  
2006|In Sickness And In Dreams    
2012|Into The Lair Of The Sun God
Dawncore (HU)  
2002|Dawncore & Darkest Hour "Where Heroes Go To Die"
Dawnrider (DE)  
2005|Fate Is Calling Part I
Day Of Mourning (CA)  
2000|Day Of Mourning & Clenched Fist Split
Day Of The Beast, The (US-VA)  
2008|The Day Of The Beast    
Daylight Dies (US-NC)  
2000|Idle mCD  
2003|Contaminated Vol 5 (2CD)  
2004|Contaminated Vol 6 (2CD)  
2006|Dismantling Devotion        
Daylight Misery (GR)  
2010|Depressive Icons
Daylight Torn (AT)  
1999|Death Alone From Life Can Save
2001|New Skin
Days Of Betrayal (BE)  
2006|Autumns Coldest Embrace mCD
2008|Decapitated For Research  
Days Of Yore (CA)  
1997|The Mad Gods Wage
2009|Panceg Dina Galur Compilation (2CD)  
Dazzling Killmen (US)  
1992|Dig Out The Switch  
1994|Face Of Collapse  
DBC (CA)  
1988|Dead Brain Cells    
1990|Unreleased (2002)  
The Genesis Explosion (198X) .SVCD  Video
DC4 (US)  
2002|Volume One