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Adam Sandler - 1999|Stan And Judys Kid
Adam Sandler - 1999|They're All Going To Laugh At You
Adam Sandler - What The Hell Happened To Me  
Andrew Dice Clay - 2000|Face Down Ass Up
Andrew Dice Clay - 40 Too Long
Andrew Dice Clay - Dice
Andrew Dice Clay - Dice Rules
Andrew Dice Clay - The Day The Laughter Died Part II
Bill Cosby - 1964|I Started Out As A Child  
Bill Cosby - 1967|Revenge
Bill Cosby - 1971|For Adults Only  
Bill Cosby - 1972|Inside The Mind Of  
Bill Cosby - Bill Cosby Is A Very Funny Fellow  
Bob Rivers - 1997|Best Of Twisted Tunes Vol 1
CB4 - I'm Black (640 480 Stereo 22khz) .FLV  Video
Cheech And Chong - Big Bambu  
Cheech And Chong - Greatest Hits  
Chris Rock - 1999|Bigger And Blacker  
Chris Rock - 2005|Never Scared
Crank Yankers - 2002|The Best Uncensored Crank Calls  
Crank Yankers - 2003|The Best Uncensored Crank Calls Vol 3
Dan And Scott - Best Of (Internet Radio Show)  
Dane Cook - 2007|Rough Around The Edges
Daniel Tosh - 2011|Happy Thoughts
Dave Chapelle 2003|Episode 5
Denis Leary - Lock 'N Load  
Eddie Murphy - Greatest Comedy Hits  
Extreme Pranks Vol 1 (2002)
Firetruck (854 480 Stereo 44khz) .FLV  Video
George Carlin - 1982|Carlin At Carnegie
George Carlin - 2001|Complaints And Grievances
George Carlin - A Place For My Stuff  
Howard Stern - My Niggaz/Backside Boys/Etc  
Jackie The Joke Man Martling - 1999|Come Again
Jackie The Joke Man Martling - Hot Dogs And Donuts  
Jackie The Joke Man Martling - Sgt. Pecker  
Jackie The Joke Man Martling - The Joke Man  
Jerky Boys - 2001|The Jerky Tapes
Jerky Boys - 2002|The Best Of The Jerky Boys
Jerky Boys - Jerky Boys 1  
Jerky Boys - Jerky Boys 2  
Jerky Boys - Jerky Boys 3  
Jerky Boys - Jerky Boys 4  
Jim Breuer - 2002|Smokin N Breu
Jim Florentine - 2001|Terrorizing Telemarketers 2
Jim Florentine - 2002|Terrorizing Telemarketers 3
Jim Gaffigan - 2012|Mr. Universe
Jim Gaffigan - Doing My Time  
Jim Gaffigan - Economics II
Jim Gaffigan - The Last Supper  
Jimmy Fallon - 2002|The Bathroom Wall
Joe Rogan - I'm Gonna Be Dead Someday
Joe Rogan - Talking Monkeys In Space (2010)
Katt Williams - 2007|Its Pimpin Pimpin
Katt Williams - 2009|Pimpadelic DVDA
Larry The Cable Guy - The Right To Bare Arms
Lenny Bruce - 2003|Shut Your Mouth And Open Your Mind
Lewis Black - 2010|Stark Raving Black
Lonely Island, The - 2009|Incredibad (+ Bonus DVDA)  
Lonely Island, The - I'm On A Boat (Explicit) .AVI  Video
Lonely Island, The - I'm On A Boat (Jimmy Fallon 12-05-09) .MKV  Video
Lonely Island, The - Like A Boss (2009) .MKV  Video
Lonely Island, The - Space Olympics .AVI  Video
Louis C.K. - 2007|Shameless DVDA  
MISC: Mad TV-Britney Spears "Lick My Baby Back Behind" .MPG  Video
MISC: Mad TV-Shpooky Potty
MISC: Mens Law Firm Commercial .MPG  Video
MISC: Metallica Vs. Napster Parody (Shockwave)  Video
MISC: Star Trek Sex Parody    
Mitch Hedberg - Mitch All Together  
Mitch Hedberg - Strategic Grill Locations  
Mojo In The Morning - 2002|Phone Scams Vol 3
Monty Python - 1970|Monty Pythons Flying Circus
Monty Python - Contractual Obligation Album (2002 Remastered)
Monty Python - The Holy Grail OST (2002 Remastered)
Nick DiPaolo - Road Rage
Norm Macdonald - 2006|Ridiculous
Pat Cooper - 1967|Spaghetti Sauce And Other Delights LP  
Patrice O'Neal - 2012|Mr. P
Ray Romano - 2001|Live At Carnegie Hall
Richard Jeni - A Big Steaming Pile Of Me
Richard Lewis - 2000|Live From Hell (2CD)
Richard Pryor - 1974|Are You Serious
Richard Pryor - 1975|Is It Something I Said  
Richard Pryor - 1977|Who Me I'm Not Him  
Richard Pryor - 1994|Craps
Rob Schneider - 2010|Registered Offender
Rodney Carrington - 2009|El Nino Loco
Rowan Atkinson - 1992|Not Just A Pretty Face
Rudy Ray Moore - 2001|Raw Rude And Real
Rudy Ray Moore - 2002|21st Century Dolemite
Sam Kinnison - Have You Seen Me Lately  
Samwell - What What In The Butt (640 480 Stereo 22khz) .FLV  Video
Steve Martin - 1977|Lets Get Small  
Steven Wright - 1985|I Have A Pony
The Original Kings Of Comedy (2000)
Touch-Tone Terrorist - 2001|Customer Service Disasters
Touch-Tone Terrorist - 2001|The Missing Calls
Weird Al Yankovic - 2006|Straight Outta Lynwood
Weird Al Yankovic - 2011|Alpocalypse
Weird Al Yankovic - Live (2000) .AVI  Video
Weird Al Yankovic - White And Nerdy (2006) .AVI  Video
William Hung - 2004|Inspiration
Yucko The Clown - 2002|Kiss My Clowny Red Ass