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B.E.N.T. (US-WI)  
2003|Nightmare Records Sampler  
1996|Dew Compilation  
Baal (DE)  
2003|The Babel Concept EP
2004|The Lilith Complex  
2008|Confusion Of Tongues
Baal (MX)  
2003|State Of Agression
2006|Passages To Eternity
Baal Gadrial (AU)  
2006|Awakening A New Era Of Darkness
Baal Zebuth (RU)  
2004|Unholy Baal Zebuth (2009)
2006|We Are Sathanas
2009|Baal Zebuth & Frozen Empire "Two Spears Of Hatred..." Split
2011|Necromysticism-Into The Chasm Of Hell
Baalberith (AU)  
1996|Storming Through The Gate Of Knowledge (Demo)
2002|Baalberith & Blodarv Split
Baalphegor (ES)  
2001|The End Of Descent  
2003|Death Tribute-Together As One  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 08 Brutal Death  
Baby Metal (JP)  
2012|Kiba of Akiba
Kami Band Solo Live .MP4  Video
Rondo Of Nightmare .MP4  Video
Babyflesh (NO)  
2005|New Wave Of Cynicism
Babylon A.D. (US-CA)  
1989|Babylon A.D.
1992|Nothing Sacred  
2000|American Blitzkrieg
2006|In The Beginning
Babylon Sad (CH)  
1993|Kyrie (Remastered)  
Babylon Whores (FI)  
1998|Deggael EP  
2000|Necropolis & Pit Sampler 7  
2002|Death Of The West    
200X|The Metal Merchant Cheap Hard And Heavy Vol 7 (2CD)  
Bacchia Neraida (GR)  
1998|To The Twelve Gods Of Olympus (Tape)
Back Door To Asylum (RU)  
2014|Cerberus Millenia
Back To The Bullet (??)
2002|The Neat Singles Collection Vol 3 (3CD)  
2008|In Harms Way
Backslash (DE)  
Backyard Babies (SE)  
1995|Metallic Mayhem-Part One  
1998|Total 13  
2002|From Demos To Demons (2CD)
2005|Tinnitus Live In Paris    
Backyard Burial (NZ)  
2002|Repeat Offender  
Backyard Mortuary (AU)  
2004|Unforgotten Past-In Memory Of Chuck Schuldiner  
2005|Backyard Mortuary mCD  
Backyotomy (US-NJ)  
2013|Gateway To Pestilence
Bacterial Vaginosis
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Bad Acid Trip (US-CA)  
1999|For The Weird By The Weird
2009|Symbiotic Slavery EP
Bad Blood
1999|Ring N Ears The Compilation  
Bad Brains (US)  
1982|Bad Brains
2007|Build A Nation  
Bad Dream Always
2012|Obscene Extreme  
Bad Loser (JP)  
1992|The Gods Truth-Emergency Express III  
Bad Messiah (JP)  
1989|Emergency Express (Metal Warning 2)  
Bad Moon Rising (US)  
1999|Flames On The Moon (Korean)
Bad News (UK)  
1987|Bad News (2004 + Bonus)
Bad Religion (US-CA)  
1998|No Substance  
2002|Close-Up Magazine Soundcheck No 50  
Badly Preserved (NL)  
2003|Decades Of Denial
2004|Excluding Failures mCD
Badoc (DE)  
2007|Of Evil Deeds And Insane Thoughts EP
2007|Tormenting Legends II  
Bael (FR)  
2002|Black Metal Endsieg III EP  
2002|Deathly Pale (Demo Tape)
2003|Bleeding For Him mCD    
2003|Le Regne Du Sang EP
Bahadir Uludaglar
2005|Groza-Life After Life
Bahimiron (US-TX)  
2003|Funeral Black (Demo)
2004|Hunting Down The Weak 7"
2005|As The Sun Burns  
2006|Pure Negativism In Allegiance With Self Wreckage  
2006|Sargeist & Bahimiron Split 7"
2008|Southern Nihilizm    
2009|Bahimiron & Unchrist "Last Of The Confederates" Split
Baht (TR)  
2012|In My Veins
Baixo Calao (BR)  
2012|Obscene Extreme  
Bajo Suenyos
1999|Nada De Amor
Bajo Zero (VE)  
Bak XIII (CH)  
2004|Swiss Carnage  
Baked Bomb (JP)  
2010|Sublime Brutality
Bal-Sagoth (UK)  
1995|A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria    
1996|Starfire Burning...      
1998|Battle Magic      
1999|The Power Cosmic    
2001|Atlantis Ascendant (Jap +2)        
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2006|The Chtonic Chronicles          
Atlantis Ascendant (Live Wacken 2004) .MKV  Video
Empyreal Lexicon, The (Live Wacken 2004) .MKV  Video
Live In Dudinger (1997) (Bootleg) .VCD  Video
Balam Akab (MX)  
Balance (US-CA)  
2000|Crawling From The Wreckage (Howlingbull America)  
Balance Interruption (UA)  
2007|Nuclear War For Rescue
Balance Of Power (UK)  
2001|Perfect Balance      
2003|Heathen Machine
2005|Heathenology (2CD)
Balatonizer (IT)  
2004|Occlused In Ottusity  
Balberith (SG)  
2006|Legion Ov Terror mCD
2007|Balberith & Kratornas "South East Goatworship" Split
Balflare (JP)  
2005|Thousands Winters Of Flames
2008|Sleeping Hollow
Balfor (RU)  
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
Ballgag (US-TX)  
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Ballistic (US)  
Balls Deep
2003|Untitled (Demo)
2005|Full Length CDR
Balmog (ES)  
2006|The Discipline And Poetry Of Pest (Demo)
2007|Pestilent Rats For Your Moribund Children (Demo Tape)
Balmung (DE)  
2000|Auf Der Suche Nach Thule
Balor (US-OH)  
2008|Fraternity Of The Goat  
Balrog (BY)  
2002|Old Forest's Shadows (Demo Tape)
2005|On The Throne Of Demolition
Balrog (FR)  
2001|Kill Yourself
2006|Bestial Satanic Terror
2007|Ars Talionis The Art Of Retaliation  
Balrog (IT)  
2010|A Dark Passage
2012|All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute To Omen  
Baltak (AU)  
1996|Macedonian Darkness And Evil  
1997|Zaginatiot Grad  
1998|SOD Mag #10 (Warhead)    
1999|Under The Southern Cross (2CD)  
2000|King Of Two Worlds  
2003|Macedonian War  
2004|Macedonian Legions Rise 7"
Bandanos (BR)  
2005|Justica Das Ruas (Demo)
2005|The Note
Bane (RS)  
2010|Chaos Darkness And Emptiness  
Bane (US-MA)  
2001|Give Blood
2002|The Cathartic Remnants Of Chaos Virtue And Time    
Give Blood (Live On Hellfest 2002 DVD)  Video
Bane Of Existence (US-MA)  
2003|Humanity's Splintered Salvation
Banewort (RU)  
2004|Dipping In Planes EP CDR  
Bang Tango (US-CA)  
1989|Metal Blade Street Surviors  
2000|Breakin The Law-A Tribute To Judas Priest  
2004|Ready To Go
Banished (US-NY)  
1993|Deliver Me Unto Pain  
Banished From Inferno (ES)  
2008|Banished From Inferno    
Banished Reality (DE)  
2002|Realitivitaet (Demo)
Banisher (PL)  
2005|Sorrow Of Death (Demo CDR)
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2008 DVD #1  Video
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2009 DVD #1  Video
Banishment (US-CA)  
2008|Cleansing The Infirm  
Bannerwar (GR)  
2004|To Honour Fatherland
2005|Chronicles Of Pagan Steel 7"
2005|Hellenic Ukrainian Friendship  
2006|Centuries Of Heathen Might
2006|Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood-Tribute To Graveland  
2007|Hellenic Black Metal Inferno Vol II  
Banshee (MY)  
2007|Eastern Beastiality-A Salute To As Sahar  
Banshee (US-KS)  
1988|Metal Massacre Vol 9    
1989|Race Against Time
Banzai (RU)  
Baphomet (DE)  
1991|No Answers  
Mind The Doubt (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
Baphomet (US-NY)  
1992|The Dead Shall Inherit (2006 Remastered)      
Baphomet's Horns (US-CT)  
2006|Amputator & Baphomets Horns "Satanic Forcefucked" Split
Baphomet's Throne (FR)  
2006|Black Metal Apocalypse (Demo CDR)
Baphomet's Throne (PL)  
2003|Spiritual Evil (Tape)
Baphometic (MX)  
2008|Ancient Age Of The Nocturnal Sun (2011)
Baphovomit (FI)  
2009|Defecating Upon The Holy Trinity (Demo Tape)
Baptised In Ice (BR)  
2001|Trail Of Valhalla (Demo Tape)
2003|Extreme Underground Vol 1  
2006|Frozen Heart mCD  
Baptism (FI)  
2002|The Beherial Midnight  
2003|Primitive Finland  
2004|Baptism & Uncreation's Dawn Split 7"
2004|Black Ceremony 7"
2004|Wisdom And Hate mCD  
2005|Morbid Wings Of Sathanas (+ LP Bonus)  
2006|Evil Mysteries 10"  
2008|Grim Arts Of Melancholy
2010|Chalice Of Death 7"  
2012|As The Darkness Enters
Baptized In Blood (CA)  
2006|Baptized In Blood EP
2010|Baptized In Blood
Barad Duer (DE)  
2001|Barad Duer & Graven Split mCD
2004|Gold Oder Blut
Barastir (DE)  
2004|Yersinia & Barastir Split 7"
2006|Barastir & Ugluk "Under The Banner-Hveralundr" Split LP
2006|The Hate Legion Devoured By Chaos In Eternal Torment (CDR)
2007|Battlehymns Of Hate (+ LP Bonus)
2007|Under The Banner Of Hate CDR
Barathrum (FI)  
1995|Eerie (2001 Remastered)  
1995|Hailstorm (2001 Remastered)  
1997|Devilry (Demo)
1997|Jetblack EP (Vinyl)  
1998|Legions Of Perkele (2007)  
1999|Saatana (2007)  
2002|Black Flames And Blood (Single)
2005|Anno Aspera-2003 Years After The Bastard's Birth      
Baratro (IT)  
2003|Blood Beyond The Sand (Digipak)      
Barbara (IL)  
2003|A Blessing From The Angel Of Death (Remastered)
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Barbarian Prophecies (ES)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
2004|War Is Inminent (Demo)
Barbarian Warriors In Search Of (BR)  
Barbarians (IT)  
2009|Dawn Of Brotherhood
Barbarity (RU)  
2003|The Wish To Bleed (+ Cut The Filthy Skin EP) (2009)  
2004|Barbarity & Katalepsy & Smersh & Posthumous Blasphemer Split
2005|Hell Is Here
2006|Enough Graves For Everybody
2008|Grotesque Contradiction  
Live On Coyote Brutal Fest #3 (02/28/09, Moscow) DVD  Video
Barbaros (DZ)  
2006|My Blood For Tamazgha (CDR)  
Barbaryan (DE)  
2006|Des Toten Tatenruhm (Demo Tape)
2008|Gram-Das Lied Von Blut Und Eisen
Barbatos (JP)  
2001|War Speed And Power    
2003|Disturbing Summer 2003 Sampler  
2005|Fury And Fear Flesh And Bone
2006|Abigail & Barbatos & Cutthroat "Satans Revenge Live" Split
2006|Lets Fucking Die    
2008|Abigail&Barbatos&Tribute "Street Metal Alcoholocaust" Split
2008|Barbatos & Drunken Bastards "BarbatosHungarianLegions" Split
2008|Live At Factory
2009|Barbatos & Bastardator "Live In Montreal" Split Tape
2009|Barbatos & Bludwulf Split 7"  
2010|Live In Alcoholic Downtown
Barcode (DK)  
1996|Die Hard Calalogue Up-Date 96    
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Baring Teeth (US-TX)  
Baron Rojo (ES)  
1981|Volumen Brutal (2005 Remastered)  
1984|Baron Al Rojo Vivo
1985|En Un Lugar De La Marcha  
1988|No Va Mas
1995|Larga Vida Al Baron (2CD)
1995|Siempre Estais Alli
1999|Cueste Lo Que Cueste (2CD)
2000|20 Plus
2001|Baron En Aqualung (2CD)
2001|Metal Gods Tributo A Judas Priest  
2010|Desde Baron A Bilbao
Baron En Divino (2001)  
Baroness (US-GA)  
2005|Second mCD  
Barracuda (BY)  
2002|In Carna (Tape)
Barren Cross (US-CA)  
1986|Rock For The King
1989|State Of Control  
1990|Hotter Than Hell! (Live)  
1995|Rattle Your Cage  
Barren Earth (FI)  
2009|Our Twilight EP    
2010|Curse Of The Red River  
Bartholomeus Night (IL)  
2000|The End Of Time EP
2003|Survival EP  
2004|Theosophia Pneumatica
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Basarab (DE)  
2003|Odium Immortalis & Basarab Split CD
2003|Pride Of Older Times (Demo)  
Basilisk (JP)  
1999|Kyouda (Demo)
Basilisk (UK)  
2004|A Joyless March Through The Cold Lands  
Baskiria (HU)  
2000|Az Osok Bosszuja (Demo)
2003|A Megtorlas Kezdete mCD  
Bastard (AT)  
2000|Deified mCD
Bastard Noise (US-CA)  
1996|Merzbow & Bastard Noise Split
2003|Bastard Noise & L'Idiot Du Village Split 7"
2003|Bloodred Bacteria & Bastard Noise Split 3" CD
Bastard Saints (IT)  
2000|Christ Denied & Bastard Saints Split CD
2001|Bastard Saints & Nefas "Ropes Above An Abyss Of Fury" EP
2004|Bastard Saints & Antigama Split 7"
2012|The Shape Of My Will
Bastardator (CA)  
2009|Barbatos & Bastardator "Live In Montreal" Split Tape
2009|Identify The Dead
Baster Pain (BR)  
2002|Troops Of Devastation Vol 1  
Batalion D'Amour (PL)  
2001|Metal Hammer October (Metal Mind Poland)  
Batallion, The (NO)  
2007|The Batallion mCD
Bathomet (??)
1999|Diable mCD
Bathory (SE)  
1984|Bathory (2003 Remastered)    
1985|The Return (1990 Remastered)    
1986|Under The Sign Of The Black Mark (1990 Remastered)    
1988|Blood Fire Death          
1989|Hammerheart (1993 Remastered +1)    
1991|Twilight Of The Gods      
1993|Jubileum Volume 1 (Compilation)  
1993|Jubileum Volume 2 (Compilation)    
1996|Blood On Ice      
1997|A Black Mark Tribute  
1998|A Black Mark Tribute Vol 2  
1998|Jubileum Volume 3 (Compilation)  
2001|Destroyer Of Worlds      
2002|Nordland I    
2003|A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night (Kiss)  
2003|Nordland II    
2006|In Memory Of Quorthon (3CD)  
Nordland .MPG  Video
Bathtub Shitter (JP)  
1997|Bathtub Shitter (Demo)
1998|Bathtub Shitter & Dudman Split 7"
2000|Musick Terror Vol 2  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2001|Murderous Grind Attack  
2002|97 Plus 3 Shit Points 7"
2002|Fertilizer 7"
2005|Angels Save Us And Mark A Muck
2005|Dance Hall Grind  
2005|Early Yeah(s)
2006|Misery Index & Bathtub Shitter Split 7"
2006|Obscene Extreme 2006  
2006|Shitter At Salzgitter Live
2007|Japanische Kampfhorspiele & Bathtub Shitter Split 7"
2008|Slimewave Goregrind Series  
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #1  Video
Bathym (US-PA)  
2002|Sathanas & Bathym "Jaws Of Satan" Split
Battagia (FI)  
2003|Hell Just Froze Over EP  
Battalion (AU)  
2003|Soldiers Of Evil (Demo Tape)
2004|Into Harms Way  
Battalion (BE)  
2004|Face Your Underground Vol 2-Belgian Deathmetal Sampler  
2008|Welcome To The Warzone
Battalion (CH)  
Battalion Of Saints (US)  
1996|Death R Us
Battle Axe (US)  
1985|We're On The Attack LP
Battle Beast (FI)  
Battle Bratt (US-NY)  
1988|Battle Bratt (2006 +4)  
2006|The Anthology
Battle Dagorath (US-CA)  
2008|Eternal Throne (2009)    
2011|Ancient Wraith
Battle Hymn (AU)  
1999|Southern Thunder  
Battle Ram (IT)  
2006|One Foot In Fire-A Tribute To Cirith Ungol  
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #2  Video
Medieval Steel (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Battleaxe (UK)  
1983|Burn This Town (2005 Remastered)  
1984|Power From The Universe (2005 Remastered)
2005|Nightmare Zone mCD (Remastered)
Battlecraft (GR)  
2000|Crushed By The Hammer (Demo Tape)
Battlecross (US-MI)  
2010|Push Pull Destroy
Battlefield (PL)  
2002|Pole Bitwy  
2003|Zemsta Za Zdrade
Battlehorns (FR)  
2002|Battlehorns (Limited Edition)    
2002|Zorn & Battlehorns Split 7"
Battlelore (FI)  
2002|Where The Shadows Lie (Digipak)      
2004|The Journey-Live In Tavastia Club
2005|Third Age Of The Sun        
2008|The Last Alliance (Digipak)  
2011|Doombound (Digipak)
House Of Heroes (2007) .MKV  Video
Journey To Undying Lands (2002) .MKV  Video
Storm Of The Blades (On Wacken Open Air 2006 DVD #2)  Video
Storm Of The Blades .WMV  Video
The Journey  
Battlelust (SE)  
1997|Of Battle And Ancient Warcraft  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
Battlerage (CL)  
2004|Steel Supremacy  
2011|Devils Grave Compilation I  
Battleroar (GR)  
2005|Age Of Chaos  
2008|To Death And Beyond    
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #1  Video
The Roar (With Mark Shelton) (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Battlesword (DE)  
2003|Failing In Triumph  
Battletorn (US-NY)  
2005|Evil Chains  
2008|Terminal Dawn
Battlewitch (UK)  
2009|Wessex Steel
Battlezone (UK)  
1986|Fighting Back (1997)  
1987|Children Of Madness
1998|Feel My Pain  
Battlorn (TR)  
2001|Long Way From The Dark (Demo)
Bauhaus (UK)  
1995|Songs For A Black Planet  
2000|Samhain-The Mediaeval Gothic Compilation (2CD)  
Baxaxaxa (DE)  
2002|Ungod & Baxaxaxa "Magicus Tallis Damnatio/Hellfire" LP
Bay Laurel (SE)  
1995|Under A Clouded Sky  
1996|Days Of Joy  
1996|Lost In Black Love EP
Bazzah (MY)  
1998|Death Is All I See  
2004|Kingdom Of The Dead  
Live On Fekal Party 9 DVD (2011)  Video
Be At Pains (IT)  
2003|Be At Pains & Seduced By A Kiss Split
Be Persecuted (CN)  
2008|No Colours Records-15 Years Jubileum Metal Attack Vol 1  
Be'lakor (AU)  
2007|The Frail Tide (2009)  
Beanflipper (AU)  
1995|Total Dysfunctional Collapse
1997|Garden Variety Manic Depressant
2009|Destined Solitaire
Beast Of The Apocalypse, The (NL)  
2009|A Voice From The Four Horns Of The Golden Altar  
Beast Petrify (SG)  
1999|Dimensional Deranged Dilema
Beast Unleashed (NL)  
2003|Rise Downfall Void
Beast Within
2013|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XIII (2CD)  
Beast, The (BE)  
2002|Fixed By The Devil mCD  
Beast, The (US-NJ)  
1991|Deeper Into The Vault  
Beastcraft (NO)  
2005|Into The Burning Pit Of Hell  
2007|Baptised In Blood And Goatsemen
2008|Sacrifice At The Altar Of Satanic Blood Angel-Tribute To Von  
Beatallica (US)  
2003|Beatles Tunes Done Metallica Style  
2008|All You Need Is Blood
2009|Masterful Mystery Tour  
Beaten Back To Pure (US)  
2001|Terrorized Vol 15  
2002|Last Refuge Of The Sons Of Bitches  
2004|The Burning South
Beats The Hell Out Of Me (??)
1994|Beats The Hell Out Of Me
Beau Nasty (US-CA)  
1989|Paradise In The Sand (Single)
Beautician (UK)  
2005|Gorephagia & Beautician Split
Beautiful Sin (NO)  
2006|The Unexpected (Jap +1)    
Beauty Of Desolation (FR)  
2002|Cold Emotions
Becoming (US-CA)  
Becoming The Archetype (US)  
2005|Terminate Damnation  
2007|Live In Utrecht 0120 (Netherlands) (Bootleg)
2007|The Physics Of Fire    
2011|Celestial Completion  
2012|I Am
Becoming The Martyr (CA)  
2007|It Seems More Likely Sickness
Bed Sores
2004|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 9  
Bedemon (US-CA)  
2005|Child Of Darkness  
Beecher (UK)  
2003|Breaking The Fourth Wall (2005 +4)    
2005|This Elegy His Autopsy  
Beef Conspiracy (UK)  
2004|Hung Drawn And Quarter Poundered
Beeline (CN)  
2001|Resurrection Of The Gods  
Beelzeb (ES)  
2004|Misanthrope's Aurora  
2006|An Emotional State In Black
Beelzebul (CO)  
1994|The Black Return Of Leviathan (Demo Tape)
2000|The Powerful Essence Of Lucifthian In Times Of...
Beeroth (MX)  
2009|Total Annihilation Of Leviatan Legions
Beforce (ES)  
Before Christ (JP)  
2000|Japanese Heavy Metal Tribute-Tamashii (Spirit)    
Before Christ (US-WA)  
Before God (US-MN)  
1998|Wolves Amongst The Sheep
2001|Under The Blood Banner  
Before Silence (BE)  
2006|The Ultimate Nothing
Before The Dawn (FI)  
2003|My Darkness      
2006|The Ghost    
2007|Cyclone Empire-Imperial Metal Vol 1  
2008|Soundscape Of Silence  
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
2010|Decade Of Darkness EP  
2011|Deathstar Rising    
Faithless (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Pitch-Black Universe .MP4  Video
The First Chapter (2005)  
Before The Prophecy
2013|Collapse EP
Before The War (SK)  
2003|Flames Of Wrath
2009|Lightnings Over The Burning Church (A Tribute To Moonblood)  
Beggars And Thieves (US-NY)  
1990|Beggars And Thieves
Begging For Incest (DE)  
2012|Orgasmic Selfmutilation  
Begotten (CO)  
2013|Bloodstained Gods
2015|Stone Angels EP
Behatred (PT)  
2006|Comitted To Brutality (Demo)
Beheaded (MT)  
1995|Souldead (Demo)
1998|Perpetual Mockery    
2001|Resurgence Of Oblivion EP  
2002|Recounts Of Disembodiment        
2005|Ominous Bloodline  
2012|Never To Dawn
2017|Beast Incarnate  
Live On Fuck The Commerce 5 DVD #2 (2002)  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2011 DVD  Video
Beheaded Lamb (ES)  
2001|Azaghal & Beheaded Lamb Split
2002|A Grave To This World  
Beheaded Zombie (RU)  
2003|Suicide Sinners Of Hell
2006|Linia Zhizni (Life Line)    
2008|Live In Planetary Club, Ryazan (05-11-2008)
2009|Schastye Dlya Vsekh (Happiness For All)  
Beheading Of A King (CA)  
2009|Beheading Of A King EP
2011|Quasar Preserving Legacy
Behemoth (PL)  
1992|The Return Of The Northern Moon (2011 Remastered)  
1993|And The Forests Dream Eternally (2005 +3)    
1995|From The Pagan Vastlands (2011 Remastered)    
1995|Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (2005 Remastered)    
1996|Grom (Spellcraft & Heathendom)    
1997|Behemoth & Damnation Forest Dream/Forbidden Spaces Split
1997|Bewitching The Pomerania mCD  
1997|Pandemonic Incantations    
1999|Chaotica The Essence Of The Underground (2CD)
1999|Live In Strasbourg '99 (Satanica Bonus)
2000|Antichristian Phenomenon 7"  
2000|Thelema.6 (2007 +4)        
2001|Antichristian Phenomenon (Limited Edition)
2001|Originators Of The Northern Darkness-Tribute To Mayhem  
2002|Live At The Inferno (Bootleg)
2002|Live Eschanton Rare Tracks DVDA
2002|Pure Evil And Hate
2002|Tyrants From The Abyss-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2002|Zos Kia Cultus          
2003|Conjuration EP (US Edition)      
2003|Historica (5CD)
2005|Slaves Shall Serve EP        
2006|Demonica (2CD)  
2007|The Apostasy        
2008|At The Arena Ov Aion Live Apostasy  
2008|Ezkaton EP    
2010|Evangelia Heretika-Live In Warsaw (+ 2 DVDA)
2011|Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (2CD)  
2014|The Satanist (+ Vinyl Bonus)  
Alas Lord Is Upon Me (2010) .MKV  Video
As Above So Below (2002 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
As Above So Below (Rehearsal) .MPG  Video
At The Left Hand Ov God (2008) .MKV  Video
Chant For Eschaton (2000 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Conquer All (2005) .AVI  Video
Conquer All (Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD)  Video
Crush Fukk Create [2 DVD] (2004)    
Decade Of Therion (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Demigod Bonus DVD (Live Leeuwarden Holland 10/12/2007)  
Evangelia Heretika [2 DVD] (2010)  
Evangelion (2009) .AVI  Video
From The Pagan Vastlands (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Hekau 718 (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Live Clip On Thrash'em All Festival 2001 .MPG  Video
Live Eschanton (2002)    
Live Eschaton-The Art Of Rebellion (2009)  
Live On Mystic Festival DVD (2001)  Video
No Sympathy For Fools (Live On Party San 2003 DVD)  Video
Ov Fire And The Void (2009) .MKV  Video
Prometherion (2007) .AVI  Video
Slaves Shall Serve (2005) .AVI  Video
2007|Necroglacial Enema EP (CDR)
Beherit (FI)  
1990|Dawn Of Satan's Millenium Pic 7"  
1990|Morbid Rehearsals 03/28 (Tape)  
1992|The Oath Of Black Blood (2004 Digipak)      
1993|Drawing Down The Moon (2008)        
1995|Impaled Nazarene & Beherit Day Of Darkness Split (Boot)
1996|Electric Doom Synthesis  
1998|Werewolf, Semen And Blood mCD
1999|Beast Of Beherit-The Complete Worxxx  
1999|Beherit "Messe Des Morts" & Archgoat "Angelcunt" Split  
2002|Ghost Of Death
2005|Unholy Blessings
2009|Nordic Demons Live
Behexen (FI)  
1997|Eternal Realm (Demo)  
1998|Blessed Be The Darkness (Demo)  
2000|Rituale Satanum (2004 Remastered)    
2004|By The Blessing Of Satan      
2004|Horna & Behexen Split      
2008|Behexen & Satanic Warmaster Split mCD  
2008|From The Devils Chalise EP (Vinyl Boxset)
2008|My Soul For His Glory      
2009|From The Devils Chalice  
2012|Nightside Emanations  
Behind The Scenery (DE)  
1998|Nocturnal Beauty Of A Dying Land
2000|...Of Honesty Forbidden
Behind The Scenes
1998|Twilight Of The Gods (2CD)  
Behind The Throne (CO)  
2006|Holy Book Of Madness
Behold The Arctopus (US-NY)  
2005|Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning (2006 Remastered +6)      
2006|Orthrelm & Behold The Arctopus Split mCD  
Beholder (ES)  
2000|Beholder (2003 + Bonus)
Beholder (IT)  
2001|The Legend Begins    
2002|Wish For Destruction    
2004|Lethal Injection
Beholder, The
2006|Conform Consume Collapse
Beijing Tank (AU)  
2005|No Bodies Knows EP
Being Killed (US-CA)  
2008|Massacre Of The Living
Bejelit (IT)  
2004|Tribute To Running Wild-Rough Diamonds  
Bekhira (FR)  
1999|The Night And The Fog  
2004|Bekhira & Desolation Triumphalis Split 7"
2005|L'Elu Du Mal (+ Bonus LP Track)  
Bela Fleck (US)  
1994|Tales From The Acoustic Planet
Bela Fleck And The Flecktones (US)  
1990|Bela Fleck And The Flecktones
1991|Live Art (2CD)
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Belching Beet (DE)  
2009|A Tribute To Repulsion  
2009|Obscene Extreme  
Belef (FR)  
2000|Deathwind Legion mCD (Demo)
2005|Infection Purification    
Belenos (FR)  
1998|Allegorie D'une Souffrance (Demo Tape)  
1998|Notre Amour Eternal  
1999|Triste Pensee (Demo)
2001|Errances Oniriques  
2004|L'Ancien Temps (2CD)
2006|Chants De Bataille      
Beleth (PL)  
2003|Warful Existence Of Night (Demo)
2006|Beleth & Wings Of War "The Flames Of Evil" Split
2007|Nieuchronne Widmo Smierci
2009|Beleth & Moontower & Wings Of War "Bestial Holocaust" Split
Belfegor (PL)  
2001|The Kingdom Of Glacial Palaces  
2001|The Work Of Destruction
Live Clip On Thrash'em All Festival 2001 .MPG  Video
Loneliness Amidst My Wrath (On Ultimate Revenge DVD)  Video
Belial (CL)  
Belial (FI)  
1992|Wisdom Of Darkness    
1993|Never Again  
1993|The Gods Of The Pit Part 2 (Paragon So Below) EP  
Believer (US-PA)  
1989|Extraction From Mortality (2001 +2)  
1990|Sanity Obscure (2008 Remastered)  
1993|Dimensions (2008 Remastered)  
Belinus (IE)  
2002|Battlechants (Demo)      
Belketre (FR)  
1994|Twilight Of The Black Holocaust (Demo Tape)  
1996|Ambre Zuetki Vuordrevartre (Demo) (2005)  
Belladonna (US)  
1999|Spells Of Fear  
Bellicist (US-MO)  
2011|The Eternal Recurrence  
Bells Of Acheron
2005|Animal Hate
Bellum (CL)  
2006|Voluntad De Poder mCD
Bellum (US-CO)  
2002|Triumf Of Complete And Utter Darkness  
2005|Bellum & Rhune "Vinland Rising" Split
Bellzlleb (JP)  
1989|Emergency Express (Metal Warning 2)  
1990|Section II
1991|Emergency Express III-Declare A State Of Emergency  
Belmez (DE)  
Belonging, The (UK)  
2001|The Belonging (Demo)
2005|Setting The Scene    
2003|Metal Hammer Presents Sound Of The Underground  
Belphegor (AT)  
1992|Bloodbath In Paradise (Demo)  
1997|Blutsabbath (2004 +2)  
1999|The Last Supper (2004 +2)  
2000|Necrodaemon Terrorsathan      
2002|Ablaze Magazine Compilation #40  
2002|Infernal Live Orgasm    
2003|Lucifer Incestus          
2005|The Goatreich-Fleshcult        
2006|Pestapokalypse VI          
2008|Bondage Goat Zombie        
2009|Walpurgis Rites Hexenwahn      
2011|Blood Magick Necromance  
2014|Conjuring The Dead  
Bluhtsturm Erotika (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Bondage Goat Zombie Bonus DVD (2008)  
Der Geistertreiber (2009) .MKV  Video
Diaboli Virtus In Lumbar Est (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Hell's Ambassador (2006) .AVI  Video
Lucifer Incestus (2003) .SVCD  Video
Stigma Diabolicum (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Belsebub (SE)  
1992|Elohim (Demo Tape)  
Belsemar (SE)  
1993|De Svarta Gudarnas Somn (Demo Tape)
Beltaine (CZ)  
2004|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 9  
Beltane (AU)  
1999|A Tribute To Absurd  
2000|The Fire Of Becoming
Beltane (RU)  
2008|Maledictum EP CDR
2008|Mirror Of Rotten God CDR
Beltez, The True (DE)  
2002|Beltane (Demo)
2002|Fliehende Stuerme (Demo)
Beltfed Weapon (US-WA)  
2004|Northwest Death Fest  
2005|Northwest Death Fest Vol 2 (2CD)  
Belzec (PE)  
2001|Holocaust (Demo)
Bemdesar (BO)  
2004|En El Nombre De Satanas (Demo)  
Ben Jackson (US)  
2002|Here I Come
2005|All Over You        
Benatnash (MX)  
2008|War Prophecies
Benea Reach (NO)  
2006|Monument Bineothan  
Beneath (IS)  
2012|Enslaved By Fear
Beneath (SE)  
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
Beneath A Blackened Sky (US-NY)  
2008|The Art Of Suffering
Beneath A Bleeding Sky (US-CA)  
2002|Blood Red Sky EP
Beneath The Frozen Soil (SE)  
2005|The First Wreath mCD
Beneath The Massacre (CA)  
2005|Evidence Of Inequity EP  
2007|Mechanics Of Dysfunction        
Live On Brutal Assault 14 #1 DVD  Video
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Live On Summer Slaughter Tour 2007 DVD  Video
Beneath The Silence
2008|When Words Dont Suffice EP
Benediction (UK)  
1990|Benediction & Pungent Stench "Blood Pus" Split 7"
1990|Subconscious Terror (2008 +5)  
1991|The Grand Leveller (2008 +2)  
1992|Dark Is The Season EP
1993|Transcend The Rubicon  
1994|The Grotesque/Ashen Epitaph EP    
1995|The Dreams You Dread  
1996|Death Is Just The Beginning 4    
1996|Slatanic Slaughter Vol 2  
1998|Grind Bastard (2008 +3)  
2001|Organized Chaos (2008 +1)      
2001|Pungent Stench & Benediction 5" Split EP  
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2008|Killing Music +2  
Asphen Epitaph .MPG  Video
Dark Is The Season (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Down On Whores .MPG  Video
I (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
Suffering Feeds Me (Live On Party San Open Air 2001 DVD)  Video
The Grotesque (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Benedictum (US-CA)  
2008|Seasons Of Tragedy    
2014|The Covenant
Benevolent (SE)  
2013|The Wave
Bengal Tigers (AU)  
1984|Metal Fetish (Vinyl)
Benighted (FR)  
2003|Grind De Luxe  
2004|Insane Cephalic Production        
2006|Identisick (2008) (+ Bonus DVDA)      
2006|Live In Millery 04/29 (Bootleg)
2011|Asylum Cave    
2014|Carnivore Sublime (2CD)
2015|Brutalive The Sick (Live)
Brutalive The Sick (2015) (Sylak Open Air 2014)  
Identisick Bonus DVD (2008)  
Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth .MP4  Video
Saw It All (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Benighted (US-NC)  
2000|Harbingers Of The Victorium Aeturnus
Benighted In Sodom (US-FL)  
2007|Plague Overlord  
2008|In Hora Maledictus Part I  
2009|Chaos Moon & Frostmoon Eclipse & Benighted In Sodom Split
2010|Hybrid Parasite Evangelistica
2010|Plateau S: The Harrowing
2011|Reverse Baptism  
Benighted Leams (UK)  
1996|Caliginous Romantic Myth
1998|Astral Tenebrion  
2004|Ferly Centesms      
2006|Obombrid Welkins  
Benumb (US-CA)  
1998|Soul Of The Martyr
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
2000|Withering Strands Of Hope
2001|Agoraphobic Nosebleed & Benumb Split EP
2002|Benumb & Pig Destroyer Split CD
2003|By Means Of Upheaval
2005|Premonitions Of War & Benumb Split
Benzoleene (US)  
2003|Samurai Flu
Beowulf (CZ)  
Berdysz (PL)  
2003|Acherontis & Berdysz "Twarde Prawo" Split CDR
Bereaved (DE)  
2007|Demonstration 1.0 mCD
Bereaved (JP)  
2007|The Spirit Driven By Hate  
Bereaved, The (SE)  
2004|Darkened Silhouette  
Bergraven (SE)  
2009|Till Makabert Vasen
Bergthron (DE)  
1995|Durch Den Nebel Der Finsternis (Ltd. Ed. Demo)
1997|Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Waelder  
1999|Uralte Gedanken  
2002|Wotanskult (Vinyl)
2004|Faust Fuer Faust (Digipak) (+Vinyl Bonus)  
2006|Auszuege Aus Leben Und Lebenswille mCD
2010|Expedition Autarktis
Berkaial (BR)  
2001|Last Contemplation Of A Dying World (Demo Tape)
Berri Txarrak (ES)  
2001|Metal Gods Tributo A Judas Priest  
2005|Jaio Musika Hil
Bersatott (DE)  
2007|Prepare For War (Tape)
Berserk (ES)  
1999|Return Of The Ancient Laws (Demo) (2004 +4)    
2001|From The Celtiberian Woods
2004|Live From The Woods
2006|Cries Of Blood And Hate  
Berserk Inc.
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Berserk Revolt (UA)  
2011|Perception Kills
Berserker (IT)  
2007|Blood Of The Warriors  
Berserkr (US-OK)  
1997|Crush The Weak
Bertha (RU)  
2003|Light And Shadows
Berzabum (BR)  
2003|Legemeton (Demo)
Berzano (DE)  
1999|Hell On Earth
Berzeker (CO)  
Berzerker, The (AU)  
2000|The Berzerker    
2005|World Of Lies      
2007|Animosity (2CD)      
2008|The Reawakening (Digipak)
No One Wins (2002) .MKV  Video
Besatt (PL)  
1996|Czarei Majestat (2006 Remastered +1)
2000|Besatt & Unhallowed & Tragedy Begins "Satanic Split" Tape
2000|Hail Lucifer
2003|Roots Of Evil
2003|Scream Of The Eastern Lands  
2004|Besatt & Armaggedon Misanthropry & Inner Helvete Split LP
2004|Unholy Black Metal CDR  
2005|Arkona & Besatt & Thirst Split
2006|Black Mass  
2007|Triumph Of Antichrist
Beseech (SE)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
1998|From A Bleeding Heart (Promo)  
2000|Black Emotions
2002|Soul's Highway (Digipak)      
2005|Sunless Days +2        
2006|The First War EP
Besieged (US-MI)  
2005|The Curse Of Two Dragons EP
Besieged (US-TN)  
Bestemmia Aeternalis (US-TX)  
2003|Veil Of Sins mCD
Bestia (EE)  
2002|Demo (Single)
2006|Oiglaste Tulek (Demo)
2007|Urt & Bestia "Tagasi Tumedaima Saarele" Split CDR
2009|Ronkade Parved CDR  
Bestia Centauri
Bestial (BR)  
2004|Final Presage
Bestial (RU)  
2004|Satanic Metal (CDR)
Bestial 666 (BR)  
2003|Meugninuosan (Demo Tape)
Bestial Christ (PL)  
1992|The Darkness (Demo Tape)
Bestial Deform (RU)  
1996|Bellum Contra Omnes (Demo Tape)
2005|Stop The Christianity
Live On Coyote Brutal Fest #3 (02/28/09, Moscow) DVD  Video
Bestial Desecration (DE)  
1998|Death And Destruction (Demo Tape)
Bestial Devastation (IT)  
2005|Bestial Devastation & Obscene Split
2005|Splatter Mania  
2007|Your Vagina Is Sick  
Bestial Holocaust (BO)  
2003|Odio Y Muerte (Demo)
2005|Pacto Con Satan EP
2006|Final Extermination  
2007|Final Exterminacion  
Bestial Incarnation (US-CA)  
2007|Spiculum Iratus & Bestial Incarnation "Monuments Of" Split  
Bestial Lust (IT)  
2005|Slaughtering Christ (CDR) (2007)
Bestial Mockery (SE)  
2000|Bestial Mockery & Suicidal Winds Split 7"
2002|A Sign Of Satanic Victory
2002|Christcrushing Hammerchainsaw      
2003|Evoke The Desecrator      
2004|Bestial Mockery & Axis Powers Split EP
2006|Bestial Mockery & Unholy Massacre "Bestial Massacre" Split
2006|Gospel Of The Insane    
2006|Sepulchral Wrath (Demo) (2009)
2007|Chainsaw Destruction (Best Of)
2007|Slaying The Life  
2008|Bestial Mockery & Karnarium "Hail Occult Masters" Split 7"
Bestial Possession (PE)  
2010|Duros Ebrios And Lujuriosos
Bestial Raids (PL)  
2003|Necrowar Holocaust (Demo)
2004|Order Of Doom (Demo)
2005|Bestial Raids & Blasphemophagher Split
2008|Bestial Raids & Hellish "Heretical Rites" Split 7"  
2011|Prime Evil Damnation
Bestial Reviler (RU)  
2009|BestialTorture&Terrorist&BestialReviler "Hellthrash" Split  
2010|Bestial Reviler & Abigail "Russo-Japanese Metal War" Split
Bestial Summoning (NL)  
1992|Sodomistic Rituals (Demo Tape) (2008)
2002|The Dark War Continues
2008|Heretic & Bestial Summoning "SplittingSkullsForSatan" Split
Bestial Torment (CH)  
2011|Revelations Of Morbid Warfare
Bestial Torture (FI)  
2009|BestialTorture&Terrorist&BestialReviler "Hellthrash" Split
Bestial Warlust (AU)  
1994|Vengeance War Till Death    
1995|Blood And Valour  
1997|Headbangers Against Disco Vol 1 EP    
Bestial Wrath (GR)  
1993|LOD & Bestial Wrath "Passage Through The Circle" Split 7"
Bestialit (SK)  
1994|Bestialit & Dehydrated Split
Bestialized (CO)  
2010|Bestial Flags Of Evilution
Bestiar (PL)  
2005|Lethal Venom
2008|Insane In Madness EP CDR
Bethlehem (DE)  
1993|Deathophobia Compilation  
1994|Dark Metal    
1996|Dictius Te Necare (2004 2CD)      
1997|Reflektionen Auf's Sterben EP (2006)  
1998|Gummo Movie Soundtrack  
1998|Metal Explosion-6 Years Of Adipocere  
1999|To Live Is Ever To Be In Danger (Red Stream)  
2000|Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank (Single)  
2001|Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt (2CD)    
2004|Alles Tot 7"  
2004|Mein Weg    
2009|A Sacrificial Offering To The Kingdom Of Heaven In A...  
2009|Bethlehem & Joyless "Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute" Split 7"
Bethor (RS)  
Bethzaida (NO)  
1996|Nine Worlds    
1999|Anata Vs. Bethzaida-War Vol II
Beto Vazquez Infinity (AR)  
2002|The Keepers Of Jericho-Tribute To Helloween Part 2  
2006|Flying Towards The New Horizon (Argentina)  
2008|Darkmind (Jap)
2010|Existence (2CD)
Betray My Secrets (DE)  
1999|Betray My Secrets    
1990|Metal Massacre Vol 10    
Betrayal (US-CA)  
1991|Renaissance By Death  
1993|The Passing  
Betrayed (DE)  
2002|Trash Till Death Volume 1  
2007|Apocalyptic Salvation
Betrayed With A Kiss (US-GA)  
2004|The Last Shall Be First Promo
Betrayer (BR)  
2003|Battles For The Unknown
Betrayer (CA)  
2001|Rusted Icons  
2005|Shadowed Force (Single)
Betrayer (IL)  
1996|The Truth Is Out There (Demo)
1998|My Twisted Symphony EP
Betrayer (PL)  
1992|Necronomical Exmortis (Demo Tape)  
Between Hope And Tragedy
2005|Kiss The Blessings Goodbye
Between The Buried And Me (US-NC)  
2003|The Silent Circus    
2011|Best Of (2CD)
2011|Parallax Hypersleep Dialogues
2012|The Parallax II Future Sequence
Between The Frost (ES)  
1998|Instinct Of Surliness
2006|Realms Of Desolation
Betzefer (IL)  
2002|Holy Shit  
2005|Down Low  
Early Grave (2007) .AVI  Video
Bewitched (CL)  
1996|Hibernum In Perpetuum
2000|Somewhere Beyond The Mist        
2005|Unveiling Zion  
Bewitched (SE)  
1996|Blackened Compilation Vol 2    
1996|Diabolical Desecration LP  
1996|Encyclopedia Of Evil    
1997|Pentagram Prayer    
1998|The World Domination Live  
1999|At The Gates Of Hell  
2002|Rise Of The Antichrist  
2003|Celtic Frost Tribute-Order Of The Tyrants  
2004|Atrocities In A Minor  
2006|Spiritual Warfare    
Black Burning Hatred (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #1)  Video
Beyon-D-Lusion (FR)  
2005|Adipocere And Oaken Shield Compilation  
Beyond Agony (US-IN)  
2009|Embrace The Inferno
Beyond Atrocity (CA)  
2010|Mental Illness EP (CDR)
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Beyond Belief (NL)  
2003|Dawn LP
Beyond Black Void (BE)  
2003|Desolate (2006 Remastered)  
Beyond Creation (CA)  
2011|The Aura (2014 Remastered 2LP)  
2011|The Aura    
2014|Earthborn Evolution  
Beyond Darkness (JP)  
2001|Kabbala Sampler 5  
Beyond Dawn (NO)  
1991|Heaven's Dark Reflection (Demo Tape)
1995|Pity Love  
1998|Presumed Guilty  
1999|Electric Sulking Machine  
2003|Far From Showbiz mCD  
Beyond Description (JP)  
2003|Dream Of A World Without Vol 2  
2004|A Road To A Brilliant Future
Beyond Fallen (US-PA)  
Beyond Fatal (US-PA)  
2002|Sanctuary In Misery  
2006|The Demon Eulogy
2007|Universal Diabolical
Beyond Fear (US-OH)  
2006|Beyond Fear        
And You Will Die (2006) .MKV  Video
Beyond Hell (US)  
2010|The Sleeper Awakens  
Beyond Helvete (DE)  
2009|The Path Of Lonely Suicide mCD
Beyond Mortal Dreams (AU)  
2008|From Hell
Beyond North (DE)  
1995|The Dark Is My Father mCD
Beyond Perception (GR)  
2008|The Final Descend  
Beyond Reality (DK)  
2003|First Blood Vol I  
Beyond Reality (US-CT)  
1996|Crom Resurrection Of True Metal  
1999|Sacred Ground
Beyond Redemption (UK)  
2001|Terrorized Vol 10  
Beyond Serenity (DE)  
2000|Product Of Civilisation mCD
2002|Total Control
Beyond Surface (DE)  
2004|Destination's End    
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace (AU)  
2005|Still Human Still Humane mCD
2007|Extinction Salvation  
2010|Our Ashes Built Mountains  
Beyond The Bridge (DE)  
2012|The Old Man And The Spirit
Beyond The Desert (PL)  
2007|Prometheus (Demo CDR)    
Beyond The Dream (FI)  
2010|While The World Sleeps
Beyond The Embrace (US-MA)  
2002|Against The Elements      
2002|Death Campaign Vol 2  
2004|Insect Song        
Live On Metal Blade Records 25th Anniversary DVD  Video
Beyond The Flesh (US-NJ)  
2005|What The Mind Perceives              
Beyond The Gate Of Nanna
2002|Beyond The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Tribute)  
Beyond The Ninth Wave (CA)  
2006|Profusion Vol 2  
Beyond The Rage (IT)  
2006|Have A Brutal Night  
Beyond The Sanity (BR)  
200X|In The Romantic Fields (Demo Tape)
Beyond The Sixth Seal (US-MA)  
2000|Revelation For The Forsaken mCD
2002|Earth And Sphere    
2007|The Resurrection Of Everything Tough    
Beyond The Structure (EE)  
2014|Nauseating Truth
Beyond Twilight (DK)  
2001|The Devil's Hall Of Fame        
2005|Section X  
Beyond Within (CA)  
2005|Endless Torture (Demo)
2005|Evil Minds
2006|Eternal Pestilence  
Beyond Ye Grave (RU)  
2004|Rotting Genitals Of Pazuzu CDR  
2009|Black Mass Ritual & Beyond Ye Grave "Grave Ritual" Split
Beyond, The (UK)  
Bialy Vitez (PL)  
2012|Dziady 2012  
Bibilic Blood (US-OH)  
2010|Pale Face Destroyer
Bible Of The Devil (US-IL)  
2006|The Diabolic Procession        
2008|Freedom Metal      
Bibleblack (SE)  
2009|The Black Swan Epilogue    
Bifrost (NL)  
1994|Pagan Reality  
1996|The Wildest Fire
Big Boss (CZ)  
1998|Belial's Wind
2009|Doomy Ballads  
Big Iron (US-TX)  
1997|Tierra Del Diablo
Bile (DE)  
Bile (NL)  
2000|The Shed EP  
2003|Obscene Extreme 2003 DVDA  
2005|Camp Blood    
Live On Obscene Extreme 2003 DVD  Video
Bile (US)  
1994|Suck Pump
1998|Biledegradable mCD
2001|Demonic Electronic
2002|Mutations-A Tribute To Alice Cooper  
2003|Frankenhole-The Reanimation Of Dead Tissue (2CD)
Bile Nephrosis (US-NC)  
2008|Groove Of Death  
Bill Pulmonary Embolism (US-MN)  
Billy Cobham
Billy Sheehan (US)  
1996|Guitars That Rule The World - Volume 2    
Bilocate (JO)  
2008|Sudden Death Syndrome      
Bilox (NL)  
2004|World War III
Bilskirnir (DE)  
1999|A Tribute To Absurd  
1999|Bis Germanien Erwacht (Demo)
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
2001|Bilskirnir EP
2001|Feuerzauber Demo III (Demo)
2002|Bilskirnir & Nordreich Split 7"
2002|In Flames Of Putrification  
2003|Avatismus Des Glaubens LP  
2003|Bilskirnir & Finsterwald Split
2003|The Night And The Fog Part 2  
2003|Vorvaeter (Demo)
2004|Ahnenerbe mCD  
2004|Embers Of Faith-The Coming Fire  
2004|Furor Teutonics
2005|For All Hate In Man 8  
2006|Wolfswut 7"  
2007|Bilskirnir & Hunok "Allied By Heathen Blood" Split 7"
2009|Bilskirnir & Evil & Pantheon "Under The Sign..." Split 7"
2011|Dem Feind Entgegen EP
Binary Code (US-NY)  
Bioconflict (FR)  
2004|Infighting mCD
Biogenesis (US-OH)  
2001|The Mark Bleeds Through
Biohazard (US-NY)  
1992|Urban Discipline  
1994|How It Is (US Editon) EP
1994|Nativity In Black-A Tribute To Black Sabbath    
1994|State Of The World Address  
1996|Mata Leao  
1997|No Holds Barred (Live In Europe)  
1999|New World Disorder
1999|Switchback (US Edition) EP
2001|Uncivilization (Digipak +3)
2003|Kill Or Be Killed
2005|Means To An End        
2012|Reborn In Defiance
Five Blocks To The Subway (Live On Brutal Assault 14 #1 DVD)  Video
Punishment (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Sellout (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
Shades Of Grey (2008 @ With Full Force XV) .MKV  Video
Biolation (??)
2000|Dragonclaws Vol 1  
Biolich (US-NY)  
2005|The Space Between Home And Today        
Biological Monstrosity (CA)  
2007|Biological Monstrosity & Necro Tampon & Feaces Eruption Splt
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Biomechanical (UK)  
2002|Eight Moons  
2005|The Empires Of The Worlds    
Biopsy (BR)  
1999|Third Stroke
Bioterror (ES)  
2005|Drowned In Surface
Birdflesh (SE)  
1995|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 2-4 (3CD)  
1998|Trip To The Grave EP
1999|Falafel Grind-32 Bands Proving Cripple Bastards Suck  
1999|Squash Bowels & Birdflesh Split EP (Vinyl)
2001|Alive Autopsy
2001|The Dead & Birdflesh Split
2002|Carnage On The Fields Of Rice 1998-2002 LP
2002|Night Of The Ultimate Mosh    
2002|Swedish Assault  
2003|Birdflesh & The Kill Split EP (Vinyl)
2004|Birdflesh & Catheter "Time To Face Extinction" Split
2004|Obscene Extreme  
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2005|Live At Giants Of Grind
2006|Mongo Musicale (+ LP Bonus Track)    
2007|Birdflesh & Hatebeak Split 7"
2007|Happy Fun Sumo Sandwich (Tape)
2007|Obscene Extreme  
2008|The Farmers Wrath
2009|A Tribute To Repulsion  
2009|Obscene Extreme  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2010 DVD  Video
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Birkenau (US-IL)  
1999|The Night And The Fog  
2006|To The Triumph Of Evil (Judas Iscariot Tribute)  
2008|From Gates Of Jerusalem Through Gates Of Hell (2CD)  
Birth Asphyxia (JP)  
2012|Human Obelisk
Birth Of Depravity (GR)  
2012|The Coming Of The Ineffable
Birth Through Gore (GR)  
2012|Reign Of Depravity  
199X|Birthright & Unconquered Split 7"
199X|Purge 7"
Birushanah (JP)  
2007|Akai Yami  
Bishop Of Hexen (IL)  
1997|Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy    
2006|The Nightmarish Compositions  
2012|A Ceremony At The Edge Of A Burning Page  
Bispora (US-CA)  
2013|The Pineal Chronicles Phase I Furtherance
Bitch (US-CA)  
1982|Damnation Alley EP  
1983|Be My Slave  
1988|Best Of Metal Blade Vol 3    
2002|Metal Blade 20th Anniversary (9CD Boxset)  
Live On Keep It True 14 DVD #1 (2011)  Video
Bitch In The Van, The (NL)  
2009|Splatter Fetish 2  
Bitch Infection
2000|The Gory Side Of Life
Bitchery (DE)  
2004|Nemesis Krachsammlung Vol 5  
Bitches Sin (UK)  
1981|Always Ready For Love EP
1982|Predator LP
1986|Invaders (2006 Remastered)
2004|The First Temptation  
Bitchslicer (US-PA)  
2008|Sex With Sharks
Bitterdusk (CL)  
Bitterness (DE)  
2005|Rebirth The Metal 2  
Bitterness Exhumed
Bizarre Embalming (CZ)  
2001|Obscene Extreme  
2002|Necrosadistic Surgery    
Bizarre X (DE)  
2001|Godstomper & Bizarre X Split LP
2003|Bizarre X & Ulcerrhoea Split EP (Vinyl)
2004|An Old Fashioned Grindcore Assault  
Bizzarra (BR)  
2000|Beyond The Faith (Demo)
Bizzarre Kings (BR)  
2003|Metalvox Vol 1  
BK 49 (DE)  
2003|Join The Dead