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2006|Profusion Vol 1  
Aosoth (FR)  
2007|Antaeus & Aosoth "Wrath Of The Evangelikum" Split  
2007|Temple Of Baal & Aosoth Split 7"
2009|Ashes Of Angels    
Apartment 213 (US-OH)  
2006|Cleveland Power Violence
Aphangak (CO)  
2006|Hidden Echoes
Aphasia (CA)  
1998|Beyond The Infinite Horizon  
2002|Arcane In Thalassa  
Aphoom Zhah (BY)  
2000|Vechnaja Bol
Aphotic (US-WI)  
2000|Aphotic (Demo)  
2001|Under Veil Of Dark (Demo)  
2005|Aphotic & Dusk "To Find New Darkness-The Slumber" Split  
2005|Failure EP
Aphrodisiac (NO)  
1998|Presumed Guilty  
Apocalypse (CH)  
Apocalypse Command (US-FL)  
2011|Damnation Scythes Of Invincible Abomination
Apocalyptic Fear (CA)  
1992|Decayed Existence (Demo Tape)
2011|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest XI (2CD)  
Apocalyptic Fire (DE)  
2008|Abyss (CDR)
Apocalyptica (FI)  
1996|Plays Metallica By Four Cellos      
1997|Live Quart Festival (Bootleg)
1998|Harmageddon (Single)
1998|Inquisition Symphony    
1998|Metal Boogie (Live)
2001|Cult (Special Edition Disc 2)
2001|Live In Munich DVDA
2001|Path Vol. II-Feat Sandra Nasic EP
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2002|The Best Of
2003|Reflections (2005 + Bonus)    
2003|Seemann (Single Featuring Nina Hagen)
2004|Faraway Vol 2 (Single)  
2006|Amplified-A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello (2CD)
2010|7th Symphony +2  
Enter Sandman (Live Highfield) (2004) .SVCD  Video
Little Drummerboy (Bonus) (2001 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Live At Metal Hammer Golden Gods 06/16/08 .AVI  Video
One (Live) .MPG    Video
Seeman Featuring Nina Hagen (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Apocryph (BE)  
2007|Drenched In Grace    
Apocrypha (US-NV)  
1987|The Forgotten Scroll (2009 Remastered)
1988|The Eyes Of Time (2009 Remastered)  
1990|Area 54
Apocryphal (FR)  
1999|Black Dreams Of Silence
1999|Hagridden & Apocryphal "Unholy Night" Split (Demo Tape)
Apocryphal Voice (FI)  
2003|The Sickening mCD
Apogee (DE)  
2003|The Garden Of Delights
Apokalyptic Raids (BR)  
2000|Apokalyptic Raids & Gravewurm Split EP
2000|Only Death Is Real  
2003|The Return Of The Satanic Rites    
2005|The Third Storm-World War III    
Apokalyptic Warlust (US-NJ)  
2003|Black Metal Posers Fuck Off (Demo CDR)
2003|Mephistophelian & Apokalyptic Warlust "Dogs Of War" Split
Apokatastasia (CH)  
2003|Waiting Four (Demo)
Apokefale (RU)  
2005|Interior Chaos
Apokrifos (MX)  
2004|Tribute To Anarchus-Beyond Good And Evil  
Apokrypha (DE)  
2004|To The Seven    
Apollo Ra (US-MD)  
1995|Ra Pariah    
Apollyon (DK)  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
1999|Diaboli Gratia EP  
Apollyon Sun (CH)  
1996|In Memory Of Celtic Frost    
1998|God Leaves (And Dies) EP  
Apophis (DE)  
1996|Down In The Valley
2005|I Am Your Blindness  
Apophys (NL)  
2015|Prime Incursion
Apoplexy (FR)  
2000|Life Thoughts And Destiny
Apoplexy (US-CA)  
2005|Medical Malpractitioners Of Pathological Perversions
Apoptose (IS)  
Apoptosis (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
Apoptygma Berzerk (NO)  
2002|Harmonizer (Limited Edition +1)
2006|Sonic Diary
2009|Rocket Science
Aposepsy (RU)  
Apostasia (FR)  
2002|Martyrs Of God    
Apostasy (AU)  
1995|Warhead Records Metal Vol 1  
Apostasy (CA)  
2002|Dernieres Louanges
Apostasy (NO)  
1998|Mournful Heaven
2002|Autumn Heart (Demo)
Apostasy (SE)  
2004|Cell 666    
Apostate (UA)  
1995|Consign To Oblivion (Demo Tape)
2007|From Consign To Oblivion To A Song Of The Dead Lake
Apostles Of Perversion (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 08 Brutal Death  
2011|Meeting Of Atrocities
Apostolum (IT)  
Apothecree (??)
????|Myth Or Legend EP  
2001|Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms  
Apotheosis (DE)  
1996|A Shroud Of Belief
1997|Black And Blue Reality
Apotheosis (MT)  
2002|Farthest From The Sun  
Apotheosys (US-NC)  
2005|The Fall And The Triumph  
Apotheus (PT)  
2013|The Final Resistance-A Tribute To Dark Tranquillity  
Apparition (KR)  
2010|Oriental Abyss  
Apparition (NL)  
Applaud The Impaler (US-VA)  
2010|Anthropophagi EP
Appomattox (US-CA)  
2003|Metal Gear  
Apraxia (BY)  
1998|Hymns Of Dark Forest (Tape)  
2000|Ideology +1
2003|Apraxia & Molot "Voice Of Blood" Split
April (FI)  
2007|Aeijaet OST  
Aproctous (US-CA)  
1996|Aproctous & Plutocracy Split EP (Vinyl)
Apud Inferos (IT)  
2003|Apud Inferos-The Roman Uprising
Aquaria (BR)  
2005|Luxaeterna (Jap)  
Aquelarre (BR)  
2003|Chamas (Demo)
Aquer (CL)  
2003|Ia (Demo)
2006|Aquer & True Endless "United By Demoniacal Obssession" Split  
Aqueronte (BR)  
2010|Satanic Legions-A Tribute To Vulcano  
Aquilon (FR)  
2005|Adipocere And Oaken Shield Compilation  
Ara (US-WI)  
2012|Blessed Sleep Ep
Arab Kabab (IL)  
2002|Smells Like Arabian Spirit (Demo)
Arabesque (NL)  
2003|Blackmores Castle-Deep Purple & Rainbow Tribute  
2004|Give Us Moore-Gary Moore Tribute  
Arabrot (NO)  
2009|I Rove
2009|The Brother Seed
2011|Solar Anus
Arachnes (IT)  
2000|Metamorphosis EP
2002|Apocalypse (Jap +1)  
2003|Primary Fear    
2006|In Praise Of Science  
Arachnovore (FR)  
2004|Death Or Serious Injury (Demo)
Aracranios (BR)  
2004|Obscure And Blasphemer Feeling Of Soul (Demo)
Aradin Azun (TR)  
2003|Annihilated Silhouettes In Moonshine
Arafel (IL)  
1999|Skazki Starogo Lesa (Demo)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
2006|The Second Strike Through The Flame Of The Ages
Aragorn (UK)  
2003|Noonday The Anthology
Arallu (IL)  
1998|Demons Of Jerusalem  
1999|The War On The Wailing Wall (Demo)
2001|At War Against God mCD
2002|Satanic War In Jerusalem      
2005|The Demon From The Ancient World
Arathorn (DE)  
1997|Unreleased Tracks
2008|Treue Und Verrat  
Arathyr (PL)  
2008|Curse Mans Blame
Arbitrator (CA)  
2015|Indoctrination Of Sacrilege
Arbitrator (RU)  
1998|Kill Their Religion (Tape)
2004|Voice Of The Dead
2007|Children Of Apocalypse
Arbor Ira (DE)  
2003|Ohne Welt Und Aber (Demo)
Arcade (US)  
Arcana (SE)  
1996|Dark Age Of Reason
1997|Cantar De Procella  
1997|Lizabeth EP  
2000|The Last Embrace
2002|Inner Pale Sun  
2004|The Lotus Eaters-A Tribute To Dead Can Dance (2CD)  
Arcana Coelestia (IT)  
2007|Ubi Secreta Colunt    
2009|Le Mirage De Lideal
Arcana Imperia (RU)  
2008|Hymns Of Infinite Decay
Arcana Obscura (DE)  
2000|Samhain-The Mediaeval Gothic Compilation (2CD)  
2000|Themes From Doom
Arcana XXII (ZA)  
2003|This Burning Darkness    
2005|Your Fatal Embrace  
Arcane (AU)  
2009|Chronicles Of The Waking Dream
Arcane (US-TX)  
1990|Destination Unknown  
Arcane Art (NO)  
2000|The Cursed Artist
Arcane Grail (RU)  
2011|Tribute To The Past EP
Arcane Order, The (DK)  
2008|In The Wake Of Collisions  
Arcane Sun (IE)  
1998|Arcane Sun    
2001|In Unison (2CD)  
Arcanum Sanctum (RU)  
2010|Fidus Achates
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2009 DVD #2  Video
Arcanum XIII (BR)  
2001|Evolution Requires Death mCD  
Arcanus Tenebrae (GR)  
2008|Odium In Homines
Arcara (US)  
Arch Enemy (SE)  
1996|Black Earth (2002 Remastered +3)        
1997|Made In Tribute-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1999|Burning Bridges (Jap +2)    
1999|Burning Japan Live 1999  
2001|Wages Of Sin (2CD Brazilian + Movies)              
2002|Burning Angel (Single)  
2002|Rare And Unreleased Songs
2003|Anthems Of Rebellion (2CD Jap)          
2004|Dead Eyes See No Future EP (Euro +1)      
2005|Doomsday Machine            
2007|Revolution Begins mCD
2007|Rise Of The Tyrant (+ Bonus DVDA)          
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2008|Gigantour Vol 2  
2008|Tyrants Of The Rising Sun (Live In Japan) (2CD)
2008|Tyrants Of The Rising Sun (Live In Japan) DVDA
2009|Manifesto Of
2009|The Root Of All Evil      
2011|Khaos Legions (2CD)    
2014|War Eternal  
Blood On Your Hands (Live) (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Bury Me An Angel (1996) .MKV  Video
Dead Bury Their Dead (Live At 2003 Open Air Festival) .AVI  Video
Dead Eyes See No Future (2004) .SVCD  Video
I Will Live Again (On Manifesto Of Metal For The Masses DVD)  Video
Live Apocalypse [2 DVD] (2006)          
Live In South America 2007 .AVI  Video
Live On Gigantour 2 2008 DVD  Video
Nemesis (2005) .SVCD  Video
Ravenous (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Rise Of The Tyrant (Live) (2007) .AVI  Video
The Immortal (1999 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Tyrants Of The Rising Sun-Live In Japan (2008)  
Under Black Flags We March .MKV  Video
We Will Rise (2003) .SVCD  Video
Arch Nemesis (NO)  
2002|Shadows In The Mirror    
Arch Of Hell (CZ)  
2009|One Day (Digipak)  
Arch Rival (US-OH)  
1986|Arch Rival EP
1993|Wake Up Your Mind
1997|Third Degree Burns  
Arch/Matheos (US)  
2011|Sympathetic Resonance      
Damnation/The Apparition (Live At Kit 2012) .FLV  Video
Epitaph (Live At Kit 2012) .FLV  Video
Exodus (Live At Kit 2012) .FLV  Video
Guardian (Live At Kit 2012) .FLV  Video
Archaean Harmony (MT)  
1998|Resentment Of An Evanesce Aeon (Demo Tape)
2000|Nihility Mundane Soul    
Archaeus (FR)  
2001|Unveiled The Lust For Torments
2002|The Annihil Chapter-A Source Of Fire
Archagathus (CA)  
2006|Mesrine & Archagathus Split 7"
2007|Agathocles & Archagathus "Bastard Breed/Sad Monkey" Split EP
2008|Archagathus & Sakatat Split 7"
2011|Coffee Grinder LP
Archaic (HU)  
2009|Metal Age Productions Vol 1  
Archaic Winter (US-NC)  
2006|The Psychology Of Death  
Archaicus (UK)  
2003|Beneath The Horizon (Demo)    
Archauex (FR)  
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Archenar (BR)  
2004|Valley Of Sorrows (Demo)
Archenemy (US-CA)  
2008|Violent Harm LP
Archeon (PL)  
2005|End Of The Weakness    
Archer (US-CA)  
Mother Mary (Live On Bang Your Head Fest 2007 DVD #2)  Video
Archetype (MX)  
2009|Rise Of The Blood Slaughter
Archetype (US-OH)  
1998|Hands Of Time EP
2002|Dawning (2004 +3)        
Archetype, The (IT)  
2010|The Fallen Grace
Archgoat (FI)  
1993|Angelcunt Tales Of Desecration LP  
1999|Beherit "Messe Des Morts" & Archgoat "Angelcunt" Split
2005|Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal 7"  
2006|Whore Of Bethlehem  
2009|The Light-Devouring Darkness  
2010|The Aeon Of The Angelslaying Darkness (2CD)
2011|Heavenly Vulva (Christs Last Rites) mCD
Archie Bunker & John Perez (US-TX)  
2000|Slave To The Power (Iron Maiden Tribute) (2CD)  
Archie Bunker (US-TX)  
1997|Lucky 13  
Archimage (FI)  
2010|In Majestic Silence
Architects (UK)  
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
Architecture Of Aggression (ZA)  
2006|Democracy Consent To Domination    
Archon Satani (SE)  
1992|Beyond All Thee Sickness 12"
1993|Virgin Birth (Born Again)
1996|The Final Completion 10"
Mind Of Flesh And Bones (2006 Remastered)
Archons (CA)  
2008|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest VIII  
Archontes (RU)  
1997|Saga Of Eternity (2004 +2)  
Archspire (CA)  
2011|All Shall Align  
2014|The Lucid Collective
Lucid Collective Somnambulation (06-04-15 Foundry, Lakewood, OH) .MP4  Video
Lucid Collective Somnambulation (Live In Quebec City) .MP4  Video
Arckanum (SE)  
1993|Demo (Tape)
1995|Fran Marder (2009 Remastered)  
1997|Kostogher (2009 Remastered)  
1998|Kampen (2009 Remastered)  
2001|Boka Vm Kaos 7" (Picture)  
2003|Arckanum & Contamino Split EP  
2004|Arckanum & Svartsyn "Kaos Svarta Mar/Skinning Lambs" Split    
2004|Arckanum (The 11 Year Anniversary Album)  
2006|Trulen +3  
2008|Arckanum & Sataros Grief Split 7"
2008|Grimalkinz Skaldi 7"
2010|Sviga Lae
Arctic Flame (US-NJ)  
2006|Primeval Agressor
2011|Guardian At The Gate
Live On Keep It True 7 DVD  Video
Arctic Frost (BE)  
2008|Exclusion Of Hope
Arctica (??)
1995|As It Should Be
Arcturus (NO)  
1991|My Angel 7"  
1993|Rehearsal 1993
1995|Aspera Hiems Symfonia (2002 Remastered 2CD)      
1996|Nordic Metal-A Tribute To Euronymous    
1997|La Masquerade Infernale        
1999|Disguised Masters      
2000|True Kings Of Norway (Digipak)  
2002|The Sham Mirrors        
2005|Sideshow Symphonies        
Shipwrecked In Oslo (2006)    
Arda (RU)  
2005|Ekzorcist mCD
Arditi (SE)  
2002|Unity Of Blood 7"
2004|Arditi & Toroidh "United In Blood" Split
Ardulph Ardebahr Wald (DE)  
Are You God? (BR)  
2004|Godflesh Tribute (2CD)  
2008|Japanische Kampfhorspiele & Are You God? Split
Area 51 (JP)  
Arena (UK)  
2000|The Visitor
2003|Caught In The Act DVDA (2CD)
2003|Contagious mCD (+ Extras)
2004|Contagium mCD
Ares Kingdom (US-MO)  
2003|Chaosmongers Alive 7"  
2006|Firestorm Redemption 7"
2006|Return To Dust  
2007|Failsafe 12"
2008|Firestorms And Chaos
Live On Nuclear War Now! 2009 DVD  Video
Ares Wrath (BR)  
2004|War Bombastic Black Metal mCD  
Argar (ES)  
1998|The Flame Of Dark Creation  
2001|CWM ANNWN  
2004|Grim March To Black Eternity  
Argath (FI)  
2003|I Invoke (Demo)  
Argentum (MX)  
1996|Ad Interitum Funebrarum  
2001|Stigma Mortuorum
Argharus (LT)  
2007|Luctus & Argharus "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis" Split
Nusiramink Pries Audra (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Arghoslent (US-VA)  
1996|Arsenal Of Glory (2007 + Bonus)  
1998|Galloping Through The Battle Ruins    
2002|Incorrigible Bigotry LP +1  
2003|Arghoslent & Stargazer Split EP
2004|Arghoslent & Morbid Upheaval Split 7"
2005|Tribute To Carnivore  
2008|1990-1994 The First Three Demos
2008|Hornets Of The Pogrom  
2009|Arghoslent & Martial Barrage "Send Forth..." Split LP
Argile (FR)  
1998|As We Die For Paradise Lost (Tribute)  
2002|The Holy Bible Vol 4  
2002|The Monotonus Moment Of A Monologue  
Argir (RU)  
2004|Manowar-Russian Tribute  
Arglgl (DE)  
Argue Damnation (FR)  
2000|Barbaric Thrash Detonation  
Argument Soul (JP)  
2004|Reviving The Truth
Argus Megere (RO)  
2006|Solitar In Straniu
Arhideus (RU)  
2013|Awakening Of Sins  
Aria (RU)  
Aria (US-NC)  
2002|Tribunal Records Sampler V2.0  
Arida Vortex (RU)  
2003|Evil Sorcery      
Arimonium Rex (IT)  
2004|Xanay Maku Orozot (Demo)
Arise (SE)  
2001|The Godly Work Of Art (Digipak +1)  
2003|Kings Of The Cloned Generation      
2005|The Beautiful New World  
2009|The Reckoning  
Arjen Anthony Lucassen (NL)  
2012|Lost In The New Real (2CD)  
Ark (NO)  
2001|Burn The Sun (Jap +1)    
Ark Of Sin (BR)  
2002|Where Evil Lies mCD (Demo)
2004|Fearless (Demo)
Arkadia (CA)  
2002|Arkadia & Nigrescent "Another Dying Slowly" Split Tape
2002|Arkadia (Demo)
Arkangel (VE)  
2000|El Angel De La Muerte
Arkanum (BR)  
2002|Gore Domination Compilation  
Arkayic Revolt (CA)  
2010|Death's River
Arkenstone (GR)  
2008|Dead Human Resource
Arkenstone (PT)  
2002|Arkenstone (2005 Remastered +3)
2004|Noctis Armaggedon 666 (Demo Tape)
2005|Burzum-A Tribute LP  
2006|To The Triumph Of Evil (Judas Iscariot Tribute)  
2009|Lightnings Over The Burning Church (A Tribute To Moonblood)  
Arkha Sva (FR)  
2006|A Sixth Sense Of Darkness-6 Way Split  
Arkha Sva (JP)  
2006|Arkha Sva & Hypothermia Split 7"
2009|Arkha Sva & Woods Of Infinity "Old Ugly Trees" Split 7"
Arkham (FR)  
1996|Obscurs Et Eternels (Demo)
2004|Chapter III The Madness From The Sea EP  
Arkham 13 (US-NY)  
2004|Born To Bring Death
Arkham Witch (UK)  
2011|On Croms Mountain
Arkhan (CH)  
2004|Swiss Carnage  
Arkhanoth (MX)  
2007|Dark Prehispania (Digipak)
Arkheth (AU)  
2003|Hymns Of Howling Wind  
Arkhon Infaustus (FR)  
1998|In Sperma Infernum mCD
2000|Dead Cunt Maniac 7"
2001|Hell Injection    
2003|Arkhon Infaustus & Revenge Split 7"
2003|Filth Catalyst        
2004|Perdition Insanabilis    
2007|Annunciation 7"
Whirlwind Journey (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Arkillery (US-NV)  
2002|Wolf's Feast (Demo CDR)
2003|The Berserker CDR
2004|Uruk-Hai & Arkillery "Of Gleaming Swords..." Split CDR
2004|Uruk-Hai & Arkillery "Part 2" Split CDR
2011|With Us Or Against Us Vol XIII  
Arkona (PL)  
1995|Imperium (2005 +2)  
1997|An Eternal Curse Of The Pagan Godz
2002|Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes  
2003|Konstelacja Lodu  
2004|Arkona & Szron "Zrodzony Z/Mankinds Funeral" Split
2005|Arkona & Besatt & Thirst Split
2005|Bogowie Zapomnienia
2005|Raw Years 1993-1995
2006|Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood-Tribute To Graveland  
Arkona (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)  
2005|Vo Slavu Velikim (2008)      
2006|Zhizn Vo Slavu-Live    
2007|Ot Serdtsa K Nebu (Digipak)  
2009|Noch Velesova (2CD)
Pokrovy Nebesnogo Startsa (Shrouds Of Celestial Sage) (2008) .MKV  Video
Slavsia Rus (Long Live Rus) (2008) .MKV  Video
Arkona (RU) *  
2003|Arkona & Wewelsburg "Last Bastion Of The North" Split Demo
Armagedda (SE)  
2001|The Final War Approaching (2008 Remastered)      
2002|Armagedda & Woods Of Infinity Split 7"  
2002|Black Metal Endsieg III EP  
2002|Strength Through Torture EP  
2003|Tormenting Legends Part 1 LP  
2004|In Blackest Ruin LP  
2004|Ond Spiritism-Djefvulens Skalder  
2007|Echoes In Eternity (Best Of)
2010|I Am mCD
Armageddon (CY)  
2004|Rev 16:16 mCD
Armageddon (DE)  
1998|Dawn Of The Goat (Demo)
Armageddon (IL)  
1996|Forever Darkened Sky (Demo Tape)
1997|Made In Tribute-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1997|Mercyful Fate Tribute    
Armageddon (RU)  
1999|Be Like The Sun (Tape)
Armageddon (SE)  
1998|Crossing The Rubicon      
2000|Embrace The Mystery (Jap)    
2002|Three (Jap)  
Armageddon (US)  
1989|The Money Mask (2007 + Bonus CD)
Armageddon (YU)  
2002|Heavy Metal Saga
Armageddon Clock (FI)  
2009|Past Present Future LP
Armagedon (PL)  
1991|Dead Condemnation (Demo Tape)
Armaggedon (FR)  
2002|Anti Human Life (Tape)
2002|Glory Of The Ancients Gods  
2003|Anthems Of The Black Order
2003|Armaggedon & Akerbeltz Split EP
2004|Besatt & Armaggedon Misanthropry & Inner Helvete Split LP
2004|Kill Yourself Or Die  
2004|Vargsang & Armaggedon Split 7"
2005|Imperium Wird Durch Das Blut Wieder Aufleben
2005|Possessed By Satan mCD
2006|Ave Satan
2009|I.N.R.I. (I Nazarene Recognize My Impurity) (Digipak +1)
Armanenschaft (FI)  
2008|Psychedelic Winter LP  
Armani Death Machine (US-GA)  
Armany (HU)  
2005|Armany & Blutfahne "Stahlhammer" Split
Armatus (DE)  
1999|Blutvolk (Demo)
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
2002|Panzerfaust & Armatus "Freiheit Fuer Krieg" Split EP
2002|Wehrhammer & Armatus Split LP
2008|Armee Der Schwarzen Stiefel
Armed For Apocalypse (US-CA)  
Armiilus (BR)  
2003|Triunfo (Demo Tape)
Armilos (IL)  
2004|Race Of Lies EP
Arminius (NL)  
2003|Storms Below
2006|Soulless & Pandemic Genocide & Arminius Split
Arminus (DE)  
2003|Germania Incognita-Kulturkampf  
Armistice (DE)  
2005|Roots Of Evil
Armon Kuilu (FI)  
2008|Armon Kuilu mCD
Armored Saint (US)  
1983|5 Song Demo
1984|March Of The Saint (2006 Remastered +3)    
1985|Delirious Nomad    
1987|Raising Fear        
1988|The Decline Of Western Civilization Part 2    
1989|Saints Will Conquer (Live)  
1991|Symbol Of Salvation (2003 Remastered 3CD Edition)      
2001|Nod To The Old School (2CD)  
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2002|Metal Blade 20th Anniversary (9CD Boxset)  
2003|A Trip Thru Red Times (Bonus CD)
2004|Lessons Not Well Learned (Bonus CD)
2010|La Raza    
2015|Win Hands Down  
2016|Carpe Noctum (Live)
A Trip Thru Red Times (2003)    
Last Train Home .MPG  Video
Lessons Not Well Learned 1991-2001  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #2  Video
Reign Of Fire (2003) .AVI  Video
2003|About Darkness And Pain (Demo)
2003|Shadows In My Mind (Demo Single)
Armory (US-MA)  
2004|The Dawn Of Enlightenment (2007 +2)        
Armour (FI)  
2008|Blitzkrieg Warrior 7"
Armoured Angel (AU)  
1985|Baptism In Blood (Demo) (2009)
1990|Communion (Demo Tape)
1991|Wings Of Death 7" (Demo)  
1992|Stigmartyr mCD  
1999|Angel Of The Sixth Order
Seven Angels (1998) .MKV  Video
Arnion (BR)  
2009|Fall Like Rain (Expanded)  
Arnstadt (CA)  
2002|Contemplant Un Monde Obscur
2005|Arnstadt & Sombre Chemin "Parmi Les Ruines" Split 7"  
Arockalypse & The Amazing Trans-Mets
2003|The Ark
Aronora (AU)  
2009|Aronora mCD
1999|One Hell Of A Compilation  
Arpeghy (AR)  
Arrival (FI)  
2002|Son Of Stormbringer EP
Arrival Of Satan, The (FR)  
2003|Darkness Dealer
2009|Vexing Verses
Arrow, The (RU)  
2003|Tales From The Underworld-A Tribute To Blind Guardian  
Ars Amandi (ES)  
2005|Camino Al Destino (Digipak)
Ars Diavoli (PT)  
2006|Black Throne Of Disease  
2006|The Absence Of Light (Demo Tape)    
2008|Pro Nihilo Esse  
Ars Goetia (IT)  
2010|Old Bones & Ars Goetia "Ancient Sorceries&Old Relics" Split
Ars Macabra (IT)  
1999|Iter In Obscuritates Mentis (2003 Demo Rerelease)
2003|Daemonolatria Hypnotica    
Ars Manifestia (IT)  
2007|The Enchanting Darks Arrival
2009|The Red Behind  
Ars Moriendi (AT)  
2006|Journey To Your Agony  
Ars Moriendi (LT)  
1999|Sightlessness (Tape)
Ars Mortis (DE)  
2002|Tempus Mortis
Ars Occulta (IT)  
2000|Melicum II
Ars Tenebrae (BR)  
2010|The Return Of The Sons Of Cain (A Tribute To Amen Corner)  
Arse (FI)  
Arsebreed (NL)  
2005|Munching The Rotten    
Arsedestroyer (SE)  
1997|Arsedestroyer & Abstain-Live At The MS Stubnitz
2001|Teenass Revolt
Arsenic (US-NY)  
2006|Seeds Of Darkness (Best Of)    
Arsis (US-VA)  
2004|A Celebration of Guilt    
2005|A Diamond For Disease mCD      
2006|United In Regret        
2007|As Regret Becomes Guilt
2008|We Are The Nightmare      
2010|Starve For The Devil    
Arsmuriendi (US-CA)  
2005|Benighted Entity-Disciples Of The Unlit Path (2CD)  
Arson (HU)  
2008|Have A Brutal Day  
Arson Project, The (SE)  
2007|Obscene Extreme  
2009|A Tribute To Nasum  
2010|Obscene Extreme  
Arsonist (SE)  
2004|Cock Collector (Demo)  
Arsonist Lodge (FI)  
2003|Lihaa Pedolle EP  
2007|Perkele Antikristus Ja Vaeaerae Profeetta mCD  
Art Inferno (IT)  
1999|Abyssvs Abyssvm Invocat  
Art Like Destruction (SE)  
2008|She's Dead By Dawn EP
Art Of Abyssus (CH)  
2001|Kingdom mCD
Art Of Butchery (ES)  
1996|My Pleasure Is Your Pain
Art Of Darkness (IT)  
2002|Mind Suicide  
Art Of Erebus
2004|Blackchurch Vol 1  
Art Of Falling
2005|Extending Behind This Shape mCD
Art Of Simplicity (GR)  
2006|Caught In This Iless Storm
Artch (NO)  
1988|Another Return To Church Hill (2001 +1)    
1991|For The Sake Of Mankind    
1993|"Metal Life" Audio (From Video)
Live And Beyond [1/2] (2004)  
Arte Oculta (BR)  
2003|Arte Oculta (Demo)
Artefact (FR)  
2004|Son Of Solstice (Demo)  
2006|Magic Spellcraft
2001|Hellfire Black Metal Compilation Vol 4 (Tape)  
Artension (US)  
1997|Phoenix Rising
1999|Forces Of Nature
2002|Sacred Pathways (Jap +1)  
2003|New Discovery
Artery Eruption (US-CA)  
2003|Reduced To A Limbless Sex Slave  
2004|Artery Eruption & Mangled Atrocity Split
2005|Gouging Out Eyes Of Mutilated Infants    
2008|Artery Eruption & Inhuman Dissiliency "Festering Fuck" Split  
2009|Driving My Fist Through Her Chest
Arthemesia (FI)  
2000|Devs-Iratvs (Demo)    
Arthemis (IT)  
1999|Church Of The Holy Ghost
2001|The Damned Ship (Jap +1)  
2005|Back From The Heat (Jap +1)
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
Artificial Brain (US-NY)  
2014|Labyrinth Constellation
Artificium Sanguis (US-CA)  
2003|Ye Olde (Demo Tape)  
Artillery (DK)  
1985|Fear Of Tomorrow (2008 Remastered +7)        
1987|Terror Squad (2008 Remastered +8)      
1990|By Inheritance (2008 +6)      
1998|Deadly Relics (Demos)  
2000|Jester Fly 7"    
2007|Through The Years (4CD)
2008|One Foot In The Grave The Other One In The Trash DVDA
2009|When Death Comes    
2011|My Blood  
2013|Legions (Jap)  
2016|Penalty By Perception  
Khomaniac (Live On Rock Hard Fest 2010 #1 DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 11 DVD  Video
One Foot In The Grave The Other In The Trash (2008)    
Terror Squad (1986) 640 480 Stereo 22khz .FLV  Video
Artisian (UK)  
2007|Na Beiste Bho'n Talamh
Artrosis (PL)  
1998|Hidden Dimension  
1999|Posrod Kwiatow I Cieni  
2000|In The Flower's Shade  
Artsonic (FR)  
Arum (BR)  
2000|Fierce Everlasting Tempest
2004|Inhuman Echoes From The Shadow  
2006|Prelude To The Cataclysm  
Arv (NO)  
Arvet (FI)  
Arvind (IT)  
2003|Infernal Moonlight (Demo)  
Arvinger (NO)  
2003|Helgards Fall    
Arwen (ES)  
2002|Metal Earth  
2002|The Keepers Of Jericho-Tribute To Helloween Part 2  
2003|Arise Records Spring Sampler  
Aryan Art (BG)  
2004|We Worship Vol 1 (2CD)  
2006|Amalek & Aryan Art Split 7"  
2006|And Despite All Bulgaria Will Survive  
2006|View In The Past To The Glory Of Ancient Bulgaria (CDR)
2008|Aryan Art & Furor Split
2009|Evola Tribute-The Spirit Of Europe  
Aryan Blood (DE)  
1999|A Tribute To Absurd  
2000|Capricornus & Aryan Blood Split mCD  
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
2001|Aryan Blood & Eisenwinter Split  
2003|Aryan Blood/Flammentod/The True Frost/Nordreich Split  
2005|Aryan Blood & Evil Split 7"  
2007|Satanic Warmaster & Aryan Blood Split 7"
Aryan Brotherhood
2008|Die Schatten Einer Kranken Welt
Aryan Terrorism (UA)  
Aryan Wind (US)  
2003|Aryan Wind/Brumalis/Valhalla Saints Split
As A River (CA)  
2004|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest IV  
As All Die (US-RI)  
2002|The Cold The Silent  
As Ashes Fall (US-WA)  
2003|Album One The Implement
As Autumn Calls (CA)  
2009|Emotionless mCD
As Blood Runs Black (US-CA)  
Live On Summer Slaughter Tour 2007 DVD  Video
As Death Lingers (RU)  
2011|The Hell Beyond EP
The Hell Beyond .MP4  Video
As Divine Grace (FI)  
1994|Romantic Beautitude Of Faded Dawn  
As Enemies Arise (NL)  
As Falling Leaves (IT)  
As Hell Retreats (US-TN)  
2008|Catharsis EP
As Hope Dies (US-CA)  
2003|Legions Bow To A Faceless God  
As Humanity Devastates
2011|Depict The Signs EP
As I Lay Dying (US-CA)  
2001|Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes
2002|As I Lay Dying & American Tragedy Split  
2003|Frail Words Collapse      
2006|Metal Blade Dead Of Winter Sampler  
2007|An Ocean Between Us      
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Confined (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
Distance To Darkness (On Hellfest Summer Open Air '06 DVD)  Video
Forever (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Through Struggle (On Monsters Of Metal 5 DVD)  Video
Within Destruction (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Within Destruction (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #2)  Video
As It Burns (NL)  
1999|Obsolete Prophecies  
As Light Dies (ES)  
2010|Ars Subtilior From Within The Cage
As Sahar (SG)  
1998|Storm Of Nebula II  
2007|Eastern Beastiality-A Salute To As Sahar  
As Sanity Fades (CH)  
2004|As Sanity Fades (Demo)
As Serenity Fades (FI)  
1993|Earthborn EP  
As Stormclouds Gather (DE)  
2001|Christhunt Production Compilation  
2004|Darkest Temptations
As The Monster Becomes (IT)  
2013|Renascentia EP
As The Shadows Fall (BR)  
1998|For The Rising Of A Pagan Age (Demo Tape)
As The Sun Sets (US-RI)  
1999|Each Individual Voice Is Dead
As Vampiric Shades & BelialWinds(BR)  
1998|Faustian Sons Of Hate (Demo)
As We Die (IT)  
2010|The Right Choices
As We Fight (DK)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
2006|Midnight Tornado  
2009|Meet Your Maker
As You Drown (SE)  
As You In Agony Cry (IT)  
1998|Lavdator Temporis Act I 7"
199X|Christian Blood Stains The Battlefield (Tape)
Asafated (TR)  
1996|Kaybolmus Masumiyet  
Asag (CH)  
Asakku (DE)  
1998|Asakku & Moonblood Split 7"
Asaradel (BR)  
2011|Of Satanas-Avernus-Perpetuating The Law
Asaru (DE)  
2005|The Revivalry-A Tribute To Running Wild (2CD)  
Asatru (DE)  
2002|Langbart (Demo Tape)
2005|Asatru & Amalek & Wolfstyrann Split (Demo Tape)
Asbestosdeath (US-CA)  
2007|Dejection Unclean EP
Ascend (US-CA)  
2008|Ample Fire Within (Jap)    
Ascend The Fallen (US-PA)  
Ascendancy (US-MA)  
2002|Storms Of Decimation EP (Demo)
2003|Punish The Blind (Demo)  
2004|Rise Of A Dead Empire  
Ascended (FI)  
2009|Temple Of Dark Offerings mCD
Ascension (DE)  
Ascension Indiscretion
1998|Roots 2 (The Return) Compilation  
Ascent (DE)  
2002|Through Bleeding Storms
Ascent From Ghoulgotha (JP)  
2007|Sigh Of Black Goat CDR
2003|Night Of Sin  
Aschefall (DE)  
2006|Faeden Gen Unendlichkeit
Aschmicrosa (SI)  
2006|Incubus Black Metal
Ascraeus (TR)  
Ases (FR)  
2003|Nigra Mors Compilation 2 (Tape)  
2004|Of Moonlords And Sunwheelwarriors
Asesino (US-CA)  
2006|Cristo Satanico  
Regresando Odio .AVI  Video
Asgaard (PL)  
1997|When The Twilight Set In Again
1999|Ad Sidera Ad Infinitum
1999|Ad Sidera Ad Infinitum (2003 Remastered/Rearranged)
2001|Ex Oriente Lux    
2002|XIII Voltum Lunae  
Asgaia (DE)  
1997|Pleurisy & Asgaia "Unholy Spheres/Waves" Split
2006|In Carni Veritas  
Asgard (CA)  
1998|Asgard (Demo)
2001|Cold Season
2002|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 2  
Asgard (CZ)  
1997|Asgard (Demo)
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
2010|Zlovestne Casy
Asgard (DE)  
1989|Dark Horizons (2008 Remastered + Bonus)  
Asgard (FR)  
1996|To A Golden Age
Asgard (IT)  
2012|All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute To Omen  
Asgaroth (ES)  
1996|The Quest For Eldenhor EP
1998|Trapped In The Depths Of Eve    
1999|Absence Spells Beyond  
2002|Black Light Magazine Vol 4  
2002|Red Shift        
Naked Eye .MPG    Video
Asgarth (ES)  
Asgaut (IL)  
Asgeirr (FR)  
2005|Diktat Allianz
Asguard (BY)  
2001|Summis Desiderantes Effectibus (Demo Tape)
2003|Black Fireland  
Ash (IE)  
1998|Satanic Rites-A Tribute To Hell (2CD)  
2001|Kerrang The Devil's Music Volume 3  
2002|Kerrang 4 The Album (2CD)  
Ash Pool (US-NY)  
2006|Genital Tomb (Demo Tape)
2009|Saturns Slave 7"
Ashaena (RO)  
2009|Cei Nascuti Din Pamant
Ashdautas (US-CA)  
2005|Shadow Plays Of Grief And Pain  
Ashen Dawns (CH)  
2006|Bleed For Me mCD
Ashen Light (RU)  
1999|Live In St. Petersburg (Bootleg)
2000|Hellfire Black Metal Compilation Vol 2 (Tape)  
2000|Moskwallica-A Russian Tribute To Metallica  
2001|Pesn Velesa (2005 +4)    
2002|Pesni Mertvyh-Zov Tmy (2007 +3)
2003|V Sostradanii K Otverzhennym Osuzhdennym-Ad
2005|Prichaschenie Ognem  
2006|God Is Dead Death Is God
2008|Realnaya Zhizn-Zhizn Zdes I Seychas
2008|The New Era Of Black Metal Live In Moscow-Live In Minsk DVDA
2009|Krov Apokalipsisa  
2009|Tribute To Satyricon-Dominions Of Satyricon  
Ashent (IT)  
Asherah (US)  
2003|Boutros Makes The Bed  
Ashes (SE)  
1997|Death Has Made Its Call
1999|Blackened Compilation Vol 4  
1999|Thrashing Holocaust  
Ashes (UK)  
2004|Forest Funeral
2005|Hymn To A Grey Sky
Ashes Of Destiny (DE)  
2007|Desolate Figures
Ashes Of Eden (CA)  
2003|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest III  
Ashes To Ashes (NO)  
2002|Cardinal VII        
Ashes To Ember (DE)  
2008|Introducing The End EP
Ashes You Leave (HR)  
1998|The Passage Back To Life  
2000|The Inheritance Of Sin And Shame  
2009|Songs Of The Lost    
Ashmolean (BE)  
2002|Belgian Metal Revolution 1  
Ashram (IT)  
Ashura (FR)  
2007|Legacy Of Hatred
Asia (UK)  
2005|Long Way From Home (Single)  
Aska (SE)  
2004|Blodulv & Aska "The Purest Cold Precision" Split CD  
2004|Forintelsehymner mCD
2006|Aska & Hypothermia Split 7"  
Aska (US)  
1999|A Tribute To Iron Maiden-Children Of The Damned (2CD)  
Aska (US-TX)  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #1  Video
Askalon (PL)  
Aske (DE)  
1999|Krigere (Demo Tape)  
2004|R.I.P. LP (Best Of)
Askedal (DE)  
2006|The Dark Chapter
Askelon (US)  
2008|Sacrifice At The Altar Of Satanic Blood Angel-Tribute To Von  
Askival (SF)  
Askuror (DE)  
2003|Battle Hymns (Demo)
2005|Askuror & Todesrune Split
2005|Askuror & Vargshelske "Kirchenbrand" Split
2005|BWBK Knuckle Tracks 86  
Aslut (US-OK)  
2008|From Birth To Beast
Asmegin (NO)  
2003|With Us Or Against Us Vol V  
Asmodee (FR)  
1997|Aequilanx (Demo 2002 Reissue Vinyl)
Asmodeus (AT)  
2003|Phalanx Inferna  
2006|Imperium Damnatum    
Aspected (SE)  
1999|Aspected & Liquid Phase Split 7"
Asperity (SE)  
2004|The Final Demand      
Asphixation (DE)  
Live On Mountains Of Death 2009 DVD  Video
Asphodel (GR)  
2001|Doom Or Be Doomed  
Asphyx (NL)  
1989|Mutilating Process 7"  
1991|Embrace The Death (2009 2CD Remastered)  
1991|The Rack (2006 Remastered +11 Live)    
1992|Crush The Cenotaph EP  
1992|Last One On Earth    
1996|God Cries    
2000|On The Wings Of Inferno  
2008|Covering 20 Years Of Extremes (2CD)  
2009|Death... The Brutal Way      
2009|Death... The Brutal Way DVDA
2012|Deathhammer (2CD)      
Death The Brutal Way (Live On Hellfest 2010 DVD)  Video
Death The Brutal Way (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
M.S. Bismarck (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
The Rack (Live On Party San Open Air 2007 DVD #2)  Video
Asphyxiate (ID)  
2004|The Process Of Mutilation
2009|Anatomy Of Perfect Bestiality
Aspid (RU)  
1992|Extravasation (2007 Remastered)  
Aspiration (NO)  
2003|Incendiarism EP
Asrai (NL)  
2004|Touch In The Dark      
2007|Pearls In Dirt  
Ass Puppets
2003|Your Ass Belongs To Me
Ass To Mouth (PL)  
2006|Asses For The Masses  
2008|Kiss Ass  
Assailant (SE)  
2006|Nemesis Within  
Assamalla (EE)  
1999|Taamalt Tustet Toonetarmu (Demo)
Assassin (CA)  
1985|Metal Madness (Vinyl)  
Assassin (DE)  
1986|The Upcoming Terror  
1987|The Assassin-Live Forever (Bootleg)
1988|Interstellar Experience  
2005|The Club
2011|Breaking The Silence  
2011|Chronicles Of Resistance (2CD)
2016|Combat Cathedral  
Assassin (Live On Keep It True 6 DVD)  Video
Assassin (US-PA)  
1985|License To Kill LP
Assault (CA)  
1987|Survival In The Street LP  
Assault (CL)  
2004|Assault & Troops Of Death "Rehearsing Into The Trench" Split
2008|Nuclear Deaththrash
Assaulter (AU)  
2005|Proselytiser (Demo CDR)  
2008|Salvation Like Destruction    
2009|Trench Hell & Assaulter Split 7"
Asschapel (US-TN)  
2001|Total Worship
2003|Fire And Destruction  
Assedium (IT)  
2006|One Foot In Fire-A Tribute To Cirith Ungol  
Assel (SE)  
2001|Be Quick Or Be Dead  
2002|Swedish Assault  
2002|The Bloodbath Is Coming (Double EP)  
Assemblent (PT)  
Assessor (CZ)  
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Assfort (JP)  
1990|Bark Up The Wrong Tree 7"  
????|P.K.O. 7"  
Assisting Sorrow (US-KY)  
2000|Church Of The Devil (A Tribute To King Diamond)  
Assorted Heap (DE)  
Assplosion (FR)  
2000|An Anal Feast (Demo Tape)
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
Assuck (US-FL)  
1989|Necro Salvation 7"
1990|Assuck & Old Lady Drivers Split 7"    
1993|Anticapital/Blindspot +3    
1994|State To State (Single Vinyl)
1997|Misery Index    
Astaarth (FR)  
2007|Gloria Burgundia    
Astarium (RU)  
2009|On The Edge Of Chasm
2010|From Russia With Hate (CDR)  
Astaroth (AT)  
1999|Violent Soundtrack Martyrium
2001|Annus Suprimus
2005|Organic Perpetual Hatework
Astaroth (CO)  
1987|Astaroth 7"
Astaroth (FI)  
1995|Operation Warlord (Single)
Astaroth (US-FL)  
1993|Lost State Of Dreams (Demo) (2001)
1995|Songs Of Sorrow (2001)
Astarte (GR)  
1998|Doomed Dark Years    
2000|Rise From Within    
2002|Quod Superius Sicut Inferius (Brazil +2)      
2003|Celtic Frost Tribute-Order Of The Tyrants  
2004|Metal Female Voices  
Black Mighty Gods .AVI  Video
Asterisk (SE)  
2000|Nasum & Asterisk Split EP
Asterius (DE)  
1999|As Descendants Of Stars (Demo)  
2002|Blood Sweat And Tears (Type O Negative Tribute)  
2003|A Moment Of Singularity      
Astral (CZ)  
2000|Filicetum Lunare
Astral Carneval (SE)  
2003|Astral Carneval    
Astral Division (TR)  
Astral Doors (SE)  
2002|Early Studios
2003|Of The Son And The Father      
2005|Evil Is Forever (Jap +1)        
2005|Raiders Of The Ark mCD  
2006|Astralism (Jap +2)        
2007|New Revelation (Jap +2)  
2010|Requiem Of Time (Digipak)  
2014|Notes From The Shadows  
2017|Black Eyed Children    
Astral Gates (CA)  
2002|World's Covenant  
Astral Kingdom (SE)  
2006|Power Metal Through The Universe (Demo)    
2007|Into The Fire (Demo)  
Astral Rising (FR)  
1995|In Quest
Astral Sleep (FI)  
Astral Space (US-IA)  
2015|The Omega Epiphany
Astral Winter (AU)  
2009|Illustrations Of Death (Demo)
Astray (FI)  
1999|Until I'm Cold Enough mCD
2000|Alone EP  
Astriaal (AU)  
2000|Summoning The Essence Of Ancient Wisdom EP
2001|Somnium Infinitus EP
2003|Renascent Misanthropy    
2003|The Throne To Perish 7"
2010|Anatomy Of The Infinite
Astrofaes (UA)  
1996|Ad Infinitum (Demo Tape)  
1998|Dying Emotions Domain LP (2008 Remastered)  
1999|The Eyes Of The Beast    
2002|Ancestor's Shadows  
2003|The Attraction Heaven And Earth (Demo Tape)  
2004|The Attraction Heaven And Earth
2005|Those Whose Past Is Immortal  
2007|Idea Form Essence  
Live Hate (2009)  
Asunder (US-CA)  
1999|Asunder & Like Flies On Flesh Split  
2005|Graves At Sea & Asunder Split  
2006|Works Will Come Undone      
2004|Cuando Las Sutilezas Mueren
1991|Suckling The Mutant Mother
1992|Into The Web
Asylum (PL)  
2008|Beyond Beliefs mCD
Asyndess (FR)  
At Domine (PL)  
2010|Time For The Music
At The Gates (SE)  
1991|Gardens Of Grief EP    
1992|The Red In The Sky Is Ours (2003 +3)    
1993|With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness (Remastered +3)    
1994|Terminal Spirit Disease (Digipak +3)        
1995|Slatanic Slaughter Vol 1  
1996|Live (2-5-96) (Bootleg)
1996|Live (6-21-96) (Bootleg)
1996|Napalm Death & At The Gates Split-Cursed To Tour
1996|Slaughter Of The Soul (2008 2CD)        
2001|Suicidal Final Art  
2008|Live In Krakow Bonus DVDA
2008|Live In Montreal QC-0712 (Bootleg)
2010|Purgatory Unleashed-Live At Wacken
2010|The Flames Of The End (3DVDA)
2014|At War With Reality (Deluxe)  
2015|At The Gates & Voivod Split 7"  
????|Demo & Unreleased Tracks
Blinded By Fear (1995) .AVI  Video
Factory, Eskilstuna, Sweden 4/20/91 (Bootleg)  
Kingdom Gone (1991) .SVCD  Video
Live At Hellfest 2015 .MP4    Video
Purgatory Unleashed-Live At Wacken 2008  
Slaughter Of The Soul (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Terminal Spirit Disease (1994 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
The Book Of Sand (The Abomination) (2015) .MP4  Video
The Flames Of The End [3 DVD] (2010)    
At The Mercy Of Inspiration (CA)  
2002|A Perfect Way To Kill An Evening EP
At The Throne Of Judgment (US-OH)  
2007|The Arcanum Order  
At Vance (DE)  
1998|Heart Of Steel  
2000|Centers Early Works
2001|A Tribute To ABBA  
2001|Dragonchaser (Jap +1)      
2002|Only Human (Jap +1)    
2003|The Evil In You (2CD)      
2005|Chained (Jap +1)    
2007|VII (Jap +2)  
2009|Ride The Sky (Jap +1)      
At War (US-VA)  
1986|Ordered To Kill    
1988|Retalitory Strike
Atakhama (FI)  
2005|Existence Indifferent  
Atanatos (DE)  
1996|Impending Doom & Atanatos Split EP (Vinyl)
1997|Assault Of Heathen Forces
1998|Castle In The Dark EP (Limited Edition Vinyl)
1998|The Oath Of Revenge
1999|Devastation-The Third Attack    
1999|Homage To The Gods-A Tribute To Sodom  
Ataraxia (IT)  
1996|Il Fantasma Dele Opera
1999|Lost Atlantis
2002|A Calliope Collection
2002|Mera Luna 2002 (2CD)  
2004|The Lotus Eaters-A Tribute To Dead Can Dance (2CD)  
Ataraxie (FR)  
2002|The Other Path (2003 +1)
2005|Slow Transcending Agony  
Atavica (AR)  
2004|Muerte Al Falso Metal-Tributo Argentino A Manowar  
Atavism (GR)  
1999|Craving For Flesh (Demo)
2002|Brutalmageddon-3 Way Split    
2005|Atavism & Putrefied Genitalia "Self-Castration" Split
2011|Atavism & Decrepit Artery Split
Atavist (UK)  
2008|Nadja & Atavist & Satori "Infernal Procession..." Split  
Ataxia.F (ES)  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 02 Death Metal  
2014|Horns Of Evil
Atenoux (AT)  
2001|Demoniac Feats (Demo)
Ater (FI)  
1993|Ors (Demo)
Ater Tenebrae (HU)  
2005|Ater Tenebrae & Ravenshades Split
Athanator (CO)  
2004|Earth Of Blood  
Atheist (US-FL)  
1988|Beyond (Demo #3)  
1989|Piece Of Time (2000 +6)        
1989|Piece Of Time (2016 + Bonus)  
1991|Unquestionable Presence (2005 Remastered +9)      
1993|Elements (2005 Remastered +6)      
2009|Unquestionable Presence Live At Wacken (2CD)    
Air (Bootleg) .MPG    Video
Air (Live On Brutal Assault 14 #1 DVD)  Video
Live In Studio Martin (6/21/07)  
Unholy War (Live Wacken 06) .MKV  Video
Athela (SE)  
2002|Spectral (Demo)
Athem (US-NJ)  
2011|The Extended Mind
Athena (IT)  
1995|Inside The Moon  
2001|Twilight Of Days      
Atheretic (CA)  
2001|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest  
2003|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest III  
2006|Apocalyptic Nature Fury  
Athor (TR)  
2003|Turkish Underground Rock & Metal Comp Vol 3  
Athrenody (US-CA)  
2007|Crazed Development
Athys (PL)  
1998|Reqviem (Demo)
Atisha (DE)  
2003|Nightmare Records Sampler  
Atlain (DE)  
1984|Living In The Dark (1994)  
1985|Guardians Of Eternity (2006 Remastered +4)    
Atlantean Kodex (DE)  
Live On Keep It True 12 DVD #1  Video
Atlanthea (PT)  
2004|Deliverance To Earth
Atlantis (DE)  
1999|Atlantis & Rebellion Split (Demo Tape)
2005|Rebirth The Metal 2  
Walk To Cannabia (Live On Underground Metal Messe Part 2 DVD (2008))  Video
Atlantis (US-CA)  
2003|Pray For Rain
Atlas Entity (US-FL)  
Atman (ES)  
1996|Like Pure Unawaited Magic
2004|Djirli Ika
Atmosfear (DE)  
Atoll Nerat (RU)  
2001|Art Of Ancient Seers  
Atom And His Package (US)  
1998|A Society Of People Named Elihu
2001|Redefining Music
Atom God (UK)  
1991|History Re-Written (+ Bonus)
2011|Obscene Extreme  
Atomic Aggressor (CL)  
1991|Resurrection (Demo)
2008|Rise Of The Old Ones
Atomic Roar (BR)  
2009|Warfare Merchants
Atomica (BR)  
2004|Back And Alive (Live)  
Atomik Cocktail (US-FL)  
1991|Metal Rages On (2005)
Atomine Elektrine (SE)  
1995|Elemental Severance
Atomizer (AU)  
2000|The End Of Forever  
2002|Death Mutation Disease Annihilation  
2002|Gimme Natural Selection EP  
2003|The Only Weapon Of Choice    
2003|Tyrus The Doom War Of The Armoured Angel EP
2004|Songs Of Slaughter-Songs Of Sacrifice (2006 +1)  
2004|The Death Of Forever
2008|Atomic Bloodlust Live 10"
2008|Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt    
2008|The War That Never Ended (Tape)
Atomkraft (UK)  
1985|Future Warriors LP  
2004|Total Metal-The Neat Anthology (2CD)  
Atopie (DE)  
2007|Des Herbstes Pesthauch
Atra (AU)  
2010|Death Coven  
Atras Cineris (DE)  
2005|Blut (Demo)
Atratus (NL)  
1997|Coldness (Demo Tape)
Atrax Morgue (IT)  
2002|Death-Orgasm Connector
Atreyu (US-CA)  
2002|Tribunal Records Sampler V2.0  
A Song For The Optimists & Interview (On New England 2003 DVD)  Video
Becoming The Bull (2007) .AVI  Video
Lipgloss And Black (On New England 2003 DVD)  Video
Atria (SK)  
2000|D L Style
Atriarch (US-OR)  
2012|Ritual Of Passing  
Atritas (CH)  
2004|Where Witches Burnt  
2007|Medium Antigod
Atrium Carceri (SE)  
Atrocious Abnormality (US-NC)  
2007|Echoes Of The Rotting  
Atrocious Devoured (FR)  
2001|Golden Jail (Demo)
2004|Live Murders
Atrocity (DE)  
1989|Blue Blood EP  
1990|Hallucinations (2008 Remastered 2CD)    
1992|Longing For Death/Todessehnsucht (+1)    
1994|Blut (2008 Remastered)  
1995|Calling The Rain  
1995|Die Liebe (2008 Remastered)
1996|The Definition Of Kraft & Wille EP  
1996|The Hunt EP  
1997|Shout (Single)
1997|Werk 80  
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
1999|Non Plus Ultra (1989-1999)
2000|Taste Of Sin (Single)
2004|Cold Black Days (Single)
2008|Werk 80 II (Promo)    
2010|After The Storm (2CD)
2012|Die Gottlosen Jahre-Live In Wacken (+ DVDA)
Cold Black Days (2004) .AVI  Video
Der Mussolini (Live) (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
On Stage, Interview (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Shout (Live On Eindhoven 1998 DVD)  Video
Taste Of Sin (2000) (On Monsters Of Metal 1 DVD)  Video
The Great Commandment (Live On Eindhoven 1998 DVD)  Video
Atrocity (US-CT)  
2001|Infected & The Art Of Death (2001 Remastered)
2009|Let War Rage  
Atrophia Red Sun (PL)  
2005|Metalmania 2004 (Bonus CD)  
Atrophy (FR)  
2004|Carmina & Amethyste & Atrophy & Darklord Split CDR
Atrophy (US-AZ)  
1988|Socialized Hate (2006)      
1990|Violent By Nature (2006 Remastered +3)  
Atropina (BR)  
2003|Metalvox Vol 1  
Atropos (FR)  
2001|Creature Chthonienne EP
Atrox (NO)  
Trasportal (Live On Brutal Assault 14 #1 DVD)  Video
Atroxaeon (US-MI)  
2001|The Next Thousand Years Are Ours-Tribute To Darkthrone  
Atsphear (ES)  
2005|New Line System
Atsushi Yokozeki (JP)  
1990|Sea Of Joy
2004|Legends Of Japanase Heavy Metal 80s Vol 2  
Attack (DE)  
1989|Destinies Of War  
1992|Seven Years In The Past  
1995|The Secret Place
Attack Of Rage (SK)  
2011|Svate Zlo
Live On Obscene Extreme 2006 DVD #2  Video
Attack Of The Mad Axeman (DE)  
2009|Scumdogs Of The Forest
Attacker (US-NJ)  
1985|Battle At Helms Deep (1999 +4)  
1988|The Second Coming (1999 +3)    
2004|Soul Taker    
2006|The Unknown      
2007|Standing The Test Of Time
2008|Condemned (Single)
2013|Giants Of Canaan
2016|Sins Of The World  
Disciple (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Live On Keep It True 10 DVD #1  Video
Revelations Of Evil (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
The Attacker (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
The End (Video Clip) (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
The Hermit (On Keep It True 2 2004 DVD)  Video
Attaxe (US-OH)  
Pedal To The Medal (Youtube) .AVI  Video
Attica (US-UT)  
Attick Demons (PT)  
2000|Attick Demons
Attila (US-NY)  
1985|Speed Metal Hell (Vinyl)  
1986|Rolling Thunder (2007)  
Attomica (BR)  
1987|Attomica (2006 Remastered +4)  
Atvena's Wake (AU)  
2009|Hermetica mCD
Auberon (SE)  
1998|The Tale Of Black  
2003|Scum Of The Earth mCD
Audio Kollaps (DE)  
2005|Music From An Extreme Sick World  
Audiopain (NO)  
1999|Contagious (2005 Remastered)  
2000|1986 (Demo)
2003|Infernal Gathering-The First Chapter  
2004|Ueberthrash (Vinyl)  
2005|Ueberthrash II (Vinyl)  
2006|Dead To This World & Audiopain Split 7"
2007|The Switch To Turn Off Mankind      
Audra (US-AZ)  
2002|Going To The Theatre
2002|Tribute To Rozz Williams-The Tongue Achieves The Dialect  
Audrey Horne (NO)  
2007|Le Fol  
2010|Audrey Horne (2CD)
Augrimmer (DE)  
2009|Autumnal Heavens  
Augur (AU)  
2007|Origins (Demo)
Augury (CA)  
2005|Augury & Natan Split
2009|Fragmentary Evidence    
August Burns Red (US-PA)  
2004|Looks Fragile After All EP
August Redmoon (US-CA)  
1982|Fools Are Never Alone (2003 +7)  
Auktzion (RU)  
1999|Legendi Russkovo Roka
Suda Dziesma (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Aura (NL)  
1996|Shattered Dawnbreak mCD
2006|Scenario II
Aura Noir (NO)  
1995|Dreams Like Deserts mCD  
1996|Black Thrash Attack    
1998|Deep Tracts Of Hell (2012 Remastered +2)  
2004|Ueberthrash (Vinyl)  
2005|Deep Dreams Of Hell  
2005|Ueberthrash II (Vinyl)  
2008|Celebrating 21 Years Of Peaceville Records  
2008|Hades Rise    
Sons Of Hades (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Aural Blasphemy (US-NY)  
Auriga (DE)  
2007|Chains Of Despair mCD
Aurora (DK)  
1997|I'll Cry Alone 7"
1997|Illegalis Bal  
1999|Metal From Denmark  
2000|King Diamond Tribute  
2002|Dead Electric Nightmares  
Aurora Black (US-CA)  
2005|Burial In The Sea (2008)  
Aurora Borealis (US-MD)  
1996|Mansions Of Eternity
1998|Praise The Archaic Light's Embrace
1999|Gateway To Hell-A Tribute To Slayer  
1999|Hell Bent For Metal-Judas Priest Tribute  
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2001|Show No Mercy (A Tribute To W.A.S.P.)  
2002|Time Unveiled            
2003|From Hell (4CD)  
Aurum (RU)  
2002|Recombination (Demo Tape)
2000|Sacricola Ordonis Priski Sampler (Tape)  
Austere (AU)  
2007|Withering Illusions And Desolation  
2008|Austere & Isolation "Bleak" Split  
2009|To Lay Like Old Ashes  
Australis (US-MN)  
2016|Spaces Of Hope
Austrasian Goat, The (FR)  
2009|Witch 7"
Austrian Death Machine (US-CA)  
2008|A Very Brutal Christmas EP    
2008|Total Brutal      
2009|Double Brutal (2CD)  
Get To The Choppa (2008) .MKV  Video
Author Of Pain (SE)  
Auticed (ID)  
2011|Cemetery Of Necronymph
Autograph (US-CA)  
1984|Sign In Please (2009 Remastered & Reloaded)
1987|Loud And Clear (2006 Remastered)
Automation (AU)  
1999|My Gutter Child  
Autophagia (GR)  
1999|Bizzare Vinyls 6 Way Split  
2001|Comeback Of Goregods-A Tribute To Regurgitate  
2002|4 Way Split  
2003|Postmortem Human Offal  
2003|Tribute To Gut  
2004|Oxidised Razor & Autophagia Split CD
Autopsia (IT)  
Autopsy (US-CA)  
1988|Critical Madness (Demo)  
1989|Severed Survival (2009 2CD)      
1991|Fiend For Blood  
1991|Mental Funeral (2003 Remastered +3)  
1991|Retribution For The Dead EP  
1992|Acts Of The Unspeakable (2003 Remastered)  
1995|Shitfun (2003 +10)  
1998|Tortured Moans Of Agony (2EP)
2000|Ridden With Disease
2001|Torn From The Grave  
2004|Dead As Fuck
2009|Horrific Obsession 7"  
2010|Dark Crusades
2010|The Tomb Within EP
2011|Macabre Eternal    
2012|All Tomorrows Funerals  
Charred Remains (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Dark Crusade (Live On Party San Open Air 2010 DVD)  Video
Autopsy Torment (SE)  
1989|Jason Lives (Demo Tape)
2002|Darkest Rituals EP
Autoritaer (DE)  
1996|Agathocles & Autoritaer Split EP
2001|Abuso Sonoro & Autoritaer Split EP
Autumn (??)
2001|Fragments From Utopia
Autumn (NL)  
2005|Gallery Of Reality (Single)
2007|My New Time  
2008|Altitude +2 (Bonus Tracks Only)  
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Closest Friends Conspire (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Autumn Black (US-CA)  
2008|The Unborn Tragedy
Autumn Clan (AT)  
2002|Requiem To The Sun    
Autumn Dawn (US)  
1996|Emptiness mCD
Autumn Leaves (DK)  
1997|Embraced By The Absolute    
1999|As Night Conquers Day    
Autumn Nostrum (DE)  
1996|Autumn Nostrum  
Autumn Rain Melancholy (RU)  
2004|Seven Steps To Infinity  
Autumn Tears (US-MA)  
1996|Love Poems For Dying Children Act 1    
1997|Love Poems For Dying Children Act 2  
1999|Absolution mCD
2000|Love Poems For Dying Children Act 3
2001|Promotional Sampler Compilation  
Autumn Twilight (HU)  
2001|Oromtuz (Demo)
2004|As Light Suffers Colors
Autumn Verses (FI)  
1997|Tunes Of Disconsolation  
Autumnal (ES)  
2007|Grey Universe    
Autumnal Reaper (NL)  
2009|Rise Of The Raging Death
Autumnblaze (DE)  
1999|Dammer Elben Tragodie
2001|Adipocere Distribution Sampler Vol 1  
2001|Mute Boy Sad Girl      
2002|Lighthouses mCD
2004|Words Are Not What They Seem  
2009|Perdition Diaries
Autumnex (CA)  
Autumnia (UA)  
2006|By The Candles Obsequial
Autumns Eyes (US-CT)  
2011|All For None None For All (A Tribute To Peter Steele)  
Auvernia (AR)  
2011|All For None None For All (A Tribute To Peter Steele)  
Ava Inferi (PT)  
2009|Blood Of Bacchus
Viola (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Avalanch (ES)  
1998|Eternal Flame  
1999|Llanto De Un Heroe    
1999|Tributo A Iron Maiden-Transilvania 666 (2CD)  
2001|Metal Gods Tributo A Judas Priest  
2003|Los Poetas Han Muerto  
2005|El Hijo Prodigo
2005|Mother Earth
1999|A Few Seconds mCD
Avalon (DE)  
1995|Why Now
1998|Vision Eden
Avangh Dhur (ES)  
2007|Akerbeltz & Avangh Dhuer & Morbid Yell & Hellthrone Split LP
Avantasia (DE)  
2001|The Metal Opera Part I (Jap)      
2002|The Metal Opera Part II (+2)      
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Twisted Mind (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
Avariral Anal
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Avatar (BE)  
1995|Emperors Of The Night (Demo Tape)
1996|Memoriam Draconis
Avatar (RO)  
1997|Holy Infection (Demo)
2000|The Alchemist
Avatar (SE)  
2004|Personal Observations (Demo)
2006|Thoughts Of No Tomorrow    
Avatar (US-CA)  
1982|Metal Massacre Vol 1    
Avatar (US-FL)  
1982|City Beneath The Surface (Vinyl)    
Avathar (FI)  
Ave Sathanas (NO)  
2003|Religion Of Pity
Avec Tristesse (BR)  
2002|Ravishing Beauty
2004|How Innocence Dies  
Avelord (ES)  
2003|Slumberland EP
Avenged Sevenfold (US-CA)  
2003|Keeper Magazines Metal Comp 2  
2005|City Of Evil  
2006|Beast And The Harlot (Single)
2007|Avenged Sevenfold  
Afterlife (2008) .MKV  Video
Unholy Confessions (On Metal=Life DVD)  Video
Avenger (CZ)  
1998|Shadows Of The Damned (2001 Rerelease +2)    
2000|Fall Of Devotion Wrath And Blasphemy  
2002|The Best Of-Tribute To Maniac Butcher (2004 2CD Remastered)
2003|Brutal Assault Fest Vol 8  
2003|Live At Open Hell Fest 2003
2007|The Golden Tribute To Masters Hammer  
2010|Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms Vol 6  
2012|Destruction Of The Heavenly Realms Vol 8  
Avenger (DE)  
1984|Depraved To Black EP  
1984|Prayers Of Steel  
Avenger (UK)  
1984|Blood Sports (2002 Remastered +1)  
1985|Killer Elite (2002 Remastered)  
2002|Too Wild To Tame The Anthology (2CD)  
Avenger Of Blood (US-NV)  
2003|Avenger Of Blood (Demo)
2005|Complete Annihilation
2008|Death Brigade      
Avenging Angels (AT)  
2006|Fragmentary Reality  
Avernal (AR)  
Averno (CO)  
1994|Agathocles & Averno Split LP
Avernus (US-IL)  
1994|Sadness Demo 1994    
1995|Godlessness Demo 1995  
1997|Of The Fallen  
2000|Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie  
Averse (FR)  
2007|Scolopendrian Perception Haze mCD
Averse Sefira (US-TX)  
1997|Blasphomet Sin Abset (2004 Remastered Demo)
1999|Homecoming's March (2003 Remastered)  
2001|Battle's Clarion      
2001|Battle's Clarion (2005 Tape +1)  
2003|Averse Sefira & Secrets Of The Moon Split 7"
2005|Tetragrammatical Astygmata  
2008|Advent Parallax        
Aversion (NL)  
2001|A Strong Dislike
Aversion (US-CA)  
1990|The Ugly Truth
1995|Fall From Grace
Aversion To Life (US-TX)  
2006|Ritualized Murder  
Avian (US-GA)  
2005|From The Depths Of Time    
Avichi (US)  
2007|The Divine Tragedy    
Avrigus (AU)  
1997|The Final Wish EP    
Avsked (DE)  
2006|Med Roek Och Kallt Jaern (Demo CDR)
2008|Avsked & Schlaflos Split  
Avsky (SE)  
Avsolutized (JP)  
2008|Den Svarta Vendans Genealogi  
Avulsed (ES)  
1993|Carnivoracity (Single) (2004 Remastered)
1993|Deformed Beyond Belief (Demo Tape)
1995|Demo Tape
1996|Eminence In Putrescence (2004 Remastered)  
1999|Seven Years Of Decay (Digipak)
1999|Stabwound Orgasm (Russian +2)  
2001|A Tribute To Carcass-Requiems Of Revulsion  
2003|Yearning For The Grotesque    
2004|Gorespattered Suicide  
2004|Live In Tarragona 03/27 (Bootleg)
2005|Seven Years Of Decay-Bloodcovered (2CD)
2009|Nullo (The Pleasure Of Self-Mutilation)    
2015|Altar Of Disembowelment EP
Live In Tarragona, Spain 03/28/2004 (3CD Bootleg) .SVCD  Video
Reanimating Russia 2007  
Avulsion (US-GA)  
1997|Dimensions Of Darkness
2004|Indoctrination Into The Cult Of Death
Avulsion (US-NY)  
1994|The Crimson Foliage Hit
1995|The Green Scare (Vinyl)
2003|Crimes Against Reality
2004|A Viscious Circle Of Agony
2008|Agathocles & Avulsion Split 7"
Avzhia (MX)  
1995|Immense Dark Sky (2008 +2)
2004|The Key Of Throne  
Awaiting The Apocalypse (US-CA)  
2011|At War With The Dead
Awaiting The Autopsy (DE)  
2009|Couldn't Tell The Bodies Apart
Awake The Mighty Dragon (BR)  
2001|Southern Warriors Cult Vol 2  
Awakened (US-GA)  
1995|Underground Symphony 2 Compilation    
Awakening (HU)  
2003|Worldcurse CDR
Awakening, The (DE)  
2000|The Age Of Storm
2005|Countdown To Misanthropy
Away From Fate
2012|Lys Apocalypse-Compilation Metal Quebecoise (CDR) (2CD)  
2004|Dream Of An Omen mCD
Awful Noise (DE)  
Awful Truth, The (US)  
1990|The Awful Truth
Axamenta (BE)  
2000|Nox Draconis Argenti mCD
2002|Belgian Metal Revolution 1  
2004|Incognation mCD
2001|Live In America-1981 Tour mCD
Axe Of Vengeance (US-TX)  
2002|Angels Blood
2002|Souls Of The Executed (Demo)
Axe Victims (DE)  
1984|Another Victim (1994)
Axed Up Conformist
1997|Agathocles & Axed Up Conformist Split
Axegressor (FI)  
2007|Axecution mCD
Axegrinder (UK)  
1989|The Rise Of The Serpent Men      
1990|Prophecy Of Doom & Axegrinder Split
Axehammer (US-CA)  
1998|Lord Of The Realm (Remastered)
2012|Marching On
Live On Keep It True 6 DVD  Video
Axel Rudi Pell (DE)  
1989|Wild Obsession  
1991|Nasty Reputation    
1992|Eternal Prisoner    
1994|Ich Zahl Nicht Mehr Vol 3  
1995|Live In Germany
1996|Black Moon Pyramid    
1998|Oceans Of Time      
1999|Best Of Wacken Open Air (2CD)  
1999|Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal (2CD)  
1999|The Ballads 2
2000|The Masquerade Ball    
2000|The Wizards Chosen Few (2CD)
2002|Knights Live (2CD)  
2002|Shadow Zone        
2004|Kings And Queens    
2004|The Ballads 3    
2007|Diamonds Unlocked        
2008|Tales Of The Crown      
2009|Best Of (Anniversary Edition)  
2010|The Crest (2CD)
Call Her Princess (Live On Bang Your Head Festival 2005 DVD #2)  Video
Masquerade Ball Live WOA '05 .AVI  Video
Axemaster (US-OH)  
1987|Blessing In The Skies (2006 +3)
1995|The Awakening (1985-1995)
Axenstar (SE)  
2002|Perpetual Twilight        
2002|The Keepers Of Jericho-Tribute To Helloween Part 2  
2003|Far From Heaven        
2005|The Inquisition      
2006|The Final Requiem  
Axevyper (IT)  
2012|All Fear The Axeman-An Italian Tribute To Omen  
Axewielder (DE)  
2009|The Nightcrew LP
Axewitch (SE)  
1983|Pray For Metal EP (2005 Remastered +12)  
1983|The Lord Of Flies (2005 Remastered +9)
1984|Visions Of The Past (2005 Remastered +9)
1985|Hooked On High Heels (2005 Remastered +8)
Axiom (IT)  
2004|A Moment Of Insanity
Axiom (UK)  
2005|Defiant Heathen Spirit (Demo)
Axis (UK)  
2002|The Flame Burns On-The Best Of Neat Records (2CD)  
Axis Of Advance (CA)  
1999|Landline EP
2000|Awaiting The Glorious Damnation Of Mankind-4 Way Split  
2002|The List        
Axis Of Perdition, The (UK)  
2003|Rage Of Achilles-An Introduction To The Empire  
2004|Physical Illucinations In The Sewer Of Xuchilbara EP  
2005|Deleted Scenes From The Transition Hospital    
2011|Tenements (Of The Anointed Flesh)  
Axis Powers (SE)  
2004|Bestial Mockery & Axis Powers Split EP
2005|Pure Slaughter    
2009|Born For War
2009|Marching Towards Destruction  
Axt (DE)  
2003|Axt & Crudus & Kettenhund & Odium Immortalis Split  
2003|F.U.B.A.R. & Axt Split 7"
Axxis (DE)  
1989|Kingdom Of The Night
1991|Access All Areas Live
1994|Profile (The Best Of)
1997|Sarajevo EP
1999|A Tribute To Accept  
2000|Back To The Kingdom (Digipak +1)  
2001|Collection Of Power-Best Of (Digipak)  
2004|Time Machine    
2006|Paradise In Flames +2      
2007|Doom Of Destiny +1    
2008|Wacken 2008 Live At Wacken Open Air (2DVDA)  
Blood Angel (Live On Wacken 2008 DVD)  Video
On Stage (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Twenty Years Of Axxis The Legendary Anniversary Live Show 2011 .AVI  Video
Aydra (IT)  
1999|Icon Of Sin  
2004|Hyperlogical Non-Sense    
Ayera (AU)  
2009|The Chaos Rebellion EP
Ayin Aleph (RU)  
2007|Ayin Aleph I      
Ayreon (NL)  
1995|The Final Experiment (2005 2CD)    
1996|Actual Fantasy  
1996|The Stranger From Within (Single)
1998|Into The Electric Castle (2CD)    
2000|Ayreonauts Only
2000|Universal Migrator Part I-The Dream Sequencer    
2000|Universal Migrator Part II-Flight Of The Migrator    
2004|Actual Fantasy Revisited
2004|Day Eleven-Love (Single)
2004|Loser (Single)
2004|The Human Equation (2CD)      
2005|Come Back To Me (Single)
2008|Elected EP (Single)  
2008|Timeline (3CD)  
2013|The Theory Of Everything (2CD)
2017|The Source (2CD)    
Actual Fantasy Revisited Bonus (2004)  
Day Eleven Love (2004) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Eternal Sleep (Live On With Full Force 17 DVD #2)  Video
Azag-Thotch (BY)  
2002|Ritual (Demo Tape)
Azag-Thoth (CH)  
1996|Reign Supreme
Azagatel (PT)  
2000|The Middle Earth (Demo)
2005|The Horned God EP
Azaghal (FI)  
1998|Kristinusko Liekeissa (Demo) (2004 +2)
1999|The Nine Circles Of Hell  
2000|Deathkult MMDCLXVI (2004 +7)  
2000|Mustan Kuun Lapset & Azaghal "Uusi Suomalainen" Split
2001|Azaghal & Beheaded Lamb Split
2001|Harmagedon EP
2002|Azaghal & Misanthropy & Vultyr-Black Metal War Split
2002|Helwetiilainen EP
2002|Of Beasts And Vultures  
2003|Azaghal & Gosforth "Unholy Terror Union" Split 7"  
2003|Kyy mCD
2004|Azaghal & Black Death Ritual Split LP
2004|Azaghal & Sael "None Shall Escape" Split 7"
2004|Homage To Ildjarn  
2004|Krieg & Azaghal Split mLP
2004|Stallhammar Rehearsal Tape +1
2005|Codex Antitheus    
Azahel's Fortress (AT)  
2005|Secrets Of The Forest
Azarath (PL)  
2001|Demon Seed  
2003|Infernal Blasting (Digipak)  
2006|Diabolic Impious Evil    
2009|Praise The Beast  
Azathon (DE)  
Azathoth (IT)  
2006|Empty Corpse Requiem EP
Azatoth (SE)  
1995|Through The Halls Of Hatred (Demo)
Azaxul (DE)  
1997|The Arrival Of The Demonlord (Demo)  
2002|Azaxul & Svest Split EP
Azazel (FI)  
1996|The Night Of Satanachia EP  
Azazel (IL)  
2000|Ride Through The Horizon
Azazel (US-NC)  
2000|Music For The Ritual Chamber
Azazello & Divo (RU)  
2002|Coronach Compilation 2: Tunes Of Dusk  
Azerlath (FR)  
1998|Medieval Art  
Azeroth (AR)  
Azeroth (RU)  
1997|Chasma Pelorion (Tape)
1998|Doctrine Of Dark Forest (Remastered +6)
2000|Live In Polygon
2000|Moskwallica-A Russian Tribute To Metallica  
Azhubham Haani (SE)  
1992|Azhubham Haani & De Vermis Mysteriis Split Demo  
1992|On A Snowy Winter Night (Demo)  
Azkeborg (??)
1999|Tales Spun Upon The Sins Of Man  
Azoikum (DE)  
2002|Menschenhass II-Retroactive Birth Control
Azotic Reign (SE)  
2000|Abstract Maledictions    
Azrael (CH)  
1995|There Shall Be No Answer
Azrael (ES)  
1999|Tributo A Iron Maiden-Transilvania 666 (2CD)  
2002|Triumf Of Complete And Utter Darkness  
Azrael (JP)  
2006|My Blackest Heart EP
Azrael (US-MN)  
2001|Obdurate mCD
2003|Into Shadows Act I-Denial    
2004|Into Shadows Act II-Through Horned Shadows Glimpse    
2005|Destroyers From The Western Skies  
2007|Act III-Self + Act IV-Goat      
Azrael Rising (FI)  
2005|The Void (Between Birth And Death) (Demo CDR)
2008|Azrael Rising mCD
Azrael's Bane (US-TX)  
2004|Wings Of Innocence  
Azriel (SF)  
2005|Burn Illusionary Night EP
Aztec (IL)  
1999|Loss Of Our Final Pride  
Aztec Jade (US-NY)  
1995|Modern Prophet mCD
1997|Frame Of Mind
2000|A Tribute To Dream Theater (2CD)  
2000|Paradise Lost  
2002|Concrete Eden  
Azuma (JP)  
1988|The Wanderer
Azure (SE)  
1997|A Vicious Age Lasting mCD
1998|Moonlight Legend
1998|Under The Banner Of Darkness  
1998|Voices Of Death Vol 2  
2005|King Of Stars-Bearer Of Dark        
Azzkaya Sotona (RU)  
2004|Hellfire 666 The True Face Of Russian Black Metal (2CD)