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AN (FI)  
2003|Pure Northern Hell 7"
An Autumn For Crippled Children (NL)  
Anaal Nathrakh (UK)  
1999|Anaal Nathrakh (Demo)  
2001|The Codex Necro (2009 Remastered +4)    
2002|Total Fucking Necro    
2003|BBC John Peel Session
2003|When Fire Rains Down From The Sky Mankind Will... mCD    
2004|Domine Non Es Dignus    
2007|Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here    
2009|In The Constellation Of The Black Widow    
Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Destroying Angel, The (Live On Brutal Assault 15 Promo DVD)  Video
Pandemic Hyperblast (Live On Brutal Assault 14 #1 DVD)  Video
Anaalia (CZ)  
2010|Mind Monstrosity
Anachoic Reflection (UK)  
2003|The Unknown (Demo)
Anachronaeon (SE)  
2005|The New Dawn (2007)
2003|Demonstrating Our Dignity (Demo)
Anacrusis (US-MO)  
1988|Suffering Hour    
1991|Manic Impressions    
1993|Screams And Whispers    
Live On Keep It True 13 DVD #1  Video
Anael (DE)  
2002|Deadsun Records-Tank Sampler  
2002|Infernal Devotion 7"
2003|Anael & Buried God Split 7"
2003|Lust & Anael "Your Pain Is My Lust/Hope Is A Bitch"Split
2003|Necromantic Rituals    
2005|On Wings Of Mercury    
2008|From Arcane Fires  
Anaemia (ES)  
2000|Stupidity Of The Lambs  
2008|Spain Kills Vol 07 Grindcore  
Anaemia (SE)  
2000|Black Sun Records Catalog 2000  
2000|In The Shadow Of Death  
2000|The Second Incarnation
2003|Grind De Luxe  
Anakronis (CA)  
2013|Regression EP
Anal Blasphemy (FI)  
2002|Cum And Crucifixion (Demo Tape)
2004|Molesting The Children Of God (Demo)
2005|Ejaculation Of Black Impurity (Demo Tape)
2007|Anal Blasphemy & Bloodhammer Split 7"
2009|Anal Blasphemy & Pure Evil "Pure Blasphemy" Split 7"
2009|Bestial Black Metal Filth  
2010|Profane Fornication Ejaculation
Anal Blast (US-MN)  
1994|Puss Blood Pentagram (Demo)
1994|Vaginal Vempire  
1999|Texas Metalfest Compilation-November To Dismember  
2000|A Tribute To Venom-In The Signs Of The Horns  
2002|Cephalic Carnage & Anal Blast Split
2003|Grind De Luxe  
2003|Milwaukee Metal Fest Compilation  
2004|Battered Bleeding Bitch  
2007|The Worst Of Anal Blast-Assault On The Hot Wet Blood Hole  
Anal Bleeding (CA)  
2001|Guts Out Of Anus  
2003|Two Cocks In The Same Hole  
Anal Cunt (US-MA)  
1991|Anal Cunt & Meat Shits Split EP
1991|Anal Cunt & Psycho Split EP
1991|Live 7"
1991|Unplugged 7"
1993|Everyone Should Be Killed  
1993|Morbid Florist  
1994|Top 40 Hits  
1995|Stayin Alive Oi Version EP
1996|40 More Reasons To Hate Us  
1997|I Like It When You Die
1997|Masters Of Misery-Black Sabbath Tribute    
1998|Picnic Of Love  
1999|It Just Gets Worse
2000|Anal Cunt & The Raunchous Brothers Split EP (Vinyl)
2000|Panther-A Tribute To Pantera  
2001|Anal Cunt & Flachenbrand Split EP
2007|Defenders Of The Hate
2010|Fuckin A
Anal Descrating Penis Mutilation(FI)  
2003|Demo Tape
Anal Grind (BY)  
2004|Cuntriping CDR
2007|Anal Cannibal (2009)
2010|Born To Porn
Crypto-Rotting Cunt-Mutant (2007) .MKV  Video
Live On Coyote Brutal Fest #4 DVD  Video
Anal Hunt
2001|World Under The Crazy Sun
Anal Massaker (DE)  
1995|Maggot Shoes & Anal Massaker Split EP
1997|Nikudorei & Anal Massaker Split EP
2000|55 Sonx Of Psychedelic Grind Noise
2007|2 Minuta Dreka & Anal Massaker Split 7"
Anal Nosorog (RU)  
2005|You Are A Fat Putridity
2006|The Beautiful People mCD
2007|4 Way Split
2007|Condom Of Hate (Digipak)  
Live On Coyote Brutal Fest #3 (02/28/09, Moscow) DVD  Video
Live On Metal Heads' Mission 2009 DVD #1  Video
Live On Petrogrind Fest #1 (19-20.11.04) DVD  Video
Vagina Says .AVI  Video
Anal Penetration (DE)  
2005|Facial Humiliation  
Anal Penetration (NL)  
2003|Anal Penetration & Anal Whore Split
2004|Faeces Eruption & Anal Penetration Split
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
2007|Spray For Jesus
2009|Gronibard & Anal Penetration Split 7"
Anal Probe Android (BE)  
2005|Scumfuck & Anal Probe Android Split CDR
Anal Putrefaction (BR)  
2002|Death Is The Faith (Demo)
Anal Stench (PL)  
2003|Metalmania Side Stage  
2003|Stench Like Six Demons      
2004|Red Revolution    
Anal Terror Of The Megacocks (DE)  
2001|Hate Sex And Murderdrugs
Anal Torture (BE)  
2001|Shit Pifter EP
Anal Vomit (PE)  
1999|Anal Vomit & Carnarium & Funeral Split
2004|Anal Vomit & Goat Semen "Devotos Del Diablo" Split
2004|Demoniac Flagellations    
2009|Gathering Of The Putrid Demons
Anal Whore (DE)  
2003|Anal Penetration & Anal Whore Split CD
2006|Anal Whore & Tumour & Urinefestival "Sickness 3" Split
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Analena (HR)  
2004|Carbon Based
Anally Aborted Fetus
2005|Gruuthaagy & Anally Aborted Fetus Split Tape
Analyst, The (US-IN)  
2008|Summoning The Wretched
Anand (NL)  
2003|Joy 4 Ever  
Ananke (IT)  
2009|Diary Of An Illusion
Ananta (FR)  
2008|In Media Res
Anapilis (LT)  
2002|Anapilis & Valefar Split 7"
Anarazel (AU)  
1999|Rise Of The Tempest
2000|Devil Hymns EP  
2004|Pestilentia Australis  
2006|Torrents Of Evil (Demo)
2007|Exhumed Blasphemies
Anarchus (MX)  
2001|C.S.S.O. & Anarchus Split Live CD
2004|Anarchus & Unholy Grave "The Human Spectacle" Split
2004|The Ultimate Mexican Death Compilation  
Still Alive And Still Too Drunk-Live In Tokyo (2008)  
Anarchuz (CZ)  
1996|10 Years After-A Tribute To Cliff Burton  
1996|Creations From A Morbid Society Part I  
Anarkhon (BR)  
2004|Hoctaedron & Anarkhon Split
2006|Obesidade Morbida  
2009|Anarkhon & Vomepotro "Convent Possession" Split
2010|Into The Autopsy
Anartria (BR)  
2002|Dead World (Demo)
Anasarca (DE)  
Anata (SE)  
1998|The Infernal Depths Of Hatred    
1999|Anata Vs. Bethzaida-War Vol II
2001|Dreams Of Death And Dismay      
2003|Collateral Damage (3CD)  
2004|Under A Stone With No Inscription      
2006|The Conductor's Departure        
Entropy Within (2004) .SVCD  Video
Anathema (UK)  
1990|An Iliad Of Woes (Demo)  
1991|All Faith Is Lost (Demo)    
1992|The Crestfallen EP  
1992|They Die EP  
1993|Serenades (2003 Remastered +2)  
1994|In The Name Of Satan-A Tribute To Venom    
1994|We Are The Bible (Limited Edition) 7"  
1995|Pentecost III    
1995|The Silent Enigma (2003 Remastered +2)      
1996|Eternity (2003 Digipak +3)      
1996|Slatanic Slaughter Vol 2  
1998|Alternative 4      
2001|A Fine Day To Exit    
2001|Resonance: Best Of Anathema
2002|Resonance 2    
2003|A Natural Disaster            
2011|Falling Deeper
2012|Weather Systems    
A Dying Wish (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
Closer (Live On Hellfest '08 DVD)  Video
Phantom Of The Opera (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
Release (Live On Metalmania 2003 DVD)  Video
Anatolian Wisdom (CA)  
2006|Northern Black Metal  
Anatomy (AU)  
1992|For Those Whose Eyes Are Black (Demo)
1994|Twisting Depths Of Horror EP
1996|Where Angels Die    
1999|The Witches Of Dathomir
Anatomy (IT)  
Ancalagon (FR)  
2001|First Age Entering Legends
Ancestors Blood (FI)  
2008|Return Of The Ancient Ones
Ancestors Revenge (CA)  
2012|Lys Apocalypse-Compilation Metal Quebecoise (CDR) (2CD)  
Ancestral (ES)  
1999|Although Heaven Dies (Demo)
Ancestral (IT)  
2001|Breed Of Chosens (Demo)
2007|The Ancient Curse  
Ancestral (US-CA)  
2008|Ancestral & Wedard Split  
Ancestral Curse (CA)  
2005|Machine Of Death
Ancestral Fog (FR)  
2004|Rid The Human Plague (Tape)
2006|Ancestral Fog & Temple Of Baal Split 7"
Ancestral Legacy (NO)  
2000|Ancestral Legacy (Demo)
2001|Svartmetall Compilation  
2003|Of Magic Illusions (Demo)  
2010|Nightmare Diaries
Ancestral Majesty (IT)  
2001|Unholy Trinity
Ancestral Malediction (BR)  
2002|Ancestral Malediction & Ophiolatry Split
2002|Troops Of Devastation Vol 1  
Ancestral Myth (FR)  
1999|Fight Until Death
Ancestral Volkhves (SK)  
2012|A Tribute To Emperor-In Honour Of Icon E  
Ancestrum (AR)  
2011|Spells By The Northern Winds
Ancetres (FR)  
2004|Votre Sang Est Ma Victoire (Demo)
Anchoreth (RU)  
2006|Purification Among The Dusty Stones
Ancient (NO)  
1995|Trolltaar mCD  
1996|Metalmeister (Metal Blade)  
1996|The Cainian Chronicle    
1997|Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends    
1998|Deathmeister-Death Records Compilation    
1999|Det Glemte Riket (2005 Remastered)  
1999|The Halls Of Eternity    
2000|King Diamond Tribute  
2000|True Kings Of Norway (Digipak)  
2001|God Loves The Dead mCD  
2001|Proxima Centauri  
2004|Night Visit      
2005|Eerily Howling Winds-The Antediluvian Tapes
Lilith's Embrace .MPG  Video
Night Visit (2004 DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Ancient Ceremony (DE)  
1994|Cemetary Visions
1997|Under The Moonlight We Kiss  
1999|Fallen Angel's Symphony  
2000|Synagoga Diabolica
2002|Darkness Is Thy Kingdom 4 (2CD)  
2004|Puritan's Blasphemy Call mCD  
Ancient Creation (US-MO)  
2007|Evolution Bound
2011|Moonlight Monument
Ancient Curse (DE)  
1995|Thirsty Fields EP
1997|The Landing
Ancient Curse (HU)  
2002|Under The Red Moon (Demo)
Ancient Dome (IT)  
2010|Perception Of This World
Ancient Drive (FI)  
1998|Romantic Funeral (Demo)  
2001|Black Orgies  
Ancient Existence (DE)  
2002|Ancient Existence  
2003|Night Eternal
2007|Hate Is The Law    
2008|Death Fucking Metal  
Ancient Gods (US-IL)  
2001|Mystic Lands EP
Ancient Necropsy (CO)  
2003|Ancient Necropsy    
2004|Deformed Kings Mummification  
2007|Apocalyptic Empire    
2011|Sanctuary Beyond The Infinite
Ancient Rites (BE)  
1992|Ancient Rites & Thou Art Lord Split 7"  
1992|Evil Prevails EP  
1994|Enthroned & Ancient Rites Split (Vinyl)
1994|The Diabolic Seranades    
1996|Blasfemia Eternal    
1999|The First Decade (1989-1999)
2001|Dim Carcosa (Digipak)        
2003|And The Hordes Stood As One      
And The Hordes Stood As One (2003)    
And The Horns Called For War (2003) (DVD Rip) .SVCD  Video
Ancient Sign Glorify (BR)  
1997|Hail Satan (Demo Tape)
Ancient Skin (IT)  
2008|Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus
Ancient Supremacy (IT)  
2003|A Man A Band A Symbol-Underground Italian Tribute To Burzum  
Ancient War Spirit (BR)  
2002|Voracious Holocaust (Demo)
Ancient Wargod (DE)  
1997|When Darkness Rises
Ancient Wisdom (SE)  
1996|For Snow Covered The Northland  
1997|The Calling  
1998|A Call To Irons-Iron Maiden Tribute    
2000|And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled  
2004|Cometh Doom Cometh Death    
Ancient's Rebirth, The (SE)  
1995|Drain The Portal In Blood
1998|Damnated Hell's Arrival EP (Digipak)  
1999|Thrashing Holocaust  
Ancientblood (BR)  
2004|Split Of Darkness (Tape)  
2007|The Profane Hymns Of The Sovereign Darkness EP
And Hell Followed (US-CO)  
2006|Empire Of Ash  
And Hell Followed With (US-MI)  
And Oceans (FI)  
1997|Mare Liberum (Demo)
1997|The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts (2003 Reissue + Bonus)  
1998|And Oceans Vs. Bloodthorn - War Vol 1  
1999|The Symmetry Of I & The Circle Of O (2003 Reissue +8)  
2000|And Oceans (Boxset 3LP)
2001|Am God      
2002|In The Eyes Of Death 3  
And Summer Dies (FR)  
2008|The Chaotic Chronicle (Demo)
And Then There Were None (US-NH)  
2006|The Hope We Forgot Exists
Andaja (LT)  
Rudens Raudoje Girdziu Tylu Balsa (Live On 8th Kilkim Zaibu Fest DVD)  Video
Andralls (BR)  
2000|Massacre Corruption Destruction
2005|Inner Trauma    
Andrarakh (DE)  
2008|Von Gefrierend Wassern Und Monumentaler Sehnsucht (Demo)
Andras (DE)  
1999|Das Schwert Unserer Ahnen  
1999|Sword Of Revenge
2000|Quest Of Deliverance
2005|Of Old Wisdom  
2008|Pagan Battle Tunes Vol 2  
Andre Andersen (DK)  
1999|Hard Rock Mag 12/Hard Rock-Metal Prog Ltd. Ed.  
1999|Metal Hammer Israel Compilation Vol 9  
2002|Black On Black    
Andre Matos (BR)  
2013|Heavy Japan Vol.2  
Andrew W.K. (US)  
2003|The Wolf (Jap)
1969|Andromeda (1997 Remastered)
Andromeda (SE)  
2001|Extension Of The Wish      
2002|2 Equals 1 (Jap)    
2004|Extension Of The Wish-Final Extension  
2006|Chimera (Jap +1)    
Androphagous (DE)  
1999|Blood Soaked Freaks
2001|Androphagous & Tremendous Terror Live Split Tape
Andy Timmons (US)  
1994|Ear X-Tacy
1997|Ear X-Tacy 2
2001|And-Thology 1 And 2 (2CD)
Anekdoten (SE)  
1999|From Within
2004|New Souvenir
2005|Til Death Do Us Part
Anemosity (US-CA)  
2005|Benighted Entity-Disciples Of The Unlit Path (2CD)  
Anencephalus (DE)  
2000|S.I.K.C. EP
2002|Anencephalus & Necromorph "Mykosis Fungoides" Split EP
Anesthesia (DE)  
1997|The State Unable To Feel Pain
Anesthesy (BE)  
1994|SOD Mag #5 (Black Mark)    
1998|The Fifth Season
2003|Aneurisma EP
Angantyr (DK)  
2000|Kampen Fortsaetter (2007 +1)    
Live On Might Is Right-Nordic Warchants II (Ragnarok Fest 2007) DVD  Video
Angel Blake (SE)  
2006|Angel Blake      
2008|The Descended
Angel Death (IT)  
1992|Exorcisin The Pain 7"
Angel Divine (ES)  
2002|Leave The Storm Behind (Demo)
Angel Dust (DE)  
1986|Into The Dark Past (2016 + Demo)    
1988|To Dust You Will Decay (2016 + Rehearsal)      
1998|Border Of Reality      
1999|Holy Dio-A Tribute To The Voice Of Metal (2CD)  
2000|Englighten The Darkness    
2002|Of Human Bondage      
2003|A Return To Fantasy-Tribute To Uriah Heep  
Angel Eyes (US-IL)  
2005|Something To Do With Death  
Angel Fallen (US-MD)  
Angel Grinder (CA)  
2004|I'll Wait Till You Bleed (Demo)  
Angel Of Damnation (DE)  
2004|Angel Of Damnation 7"
Angel Rot (US-NY)  
1999|Unlistenable Hymns Of Indulgent Damage
Angel Witch (UK)  
1980|Angel Witch (1998 Reissue +6)    
1981|Loser 7"  
1982|Sinister History
1987|Frontal Assault
1998|Screamin' Assault
Angel's Decay (SK)  
1999|Victims Of Belief (Demo Tape)
Angelcorpse (US)  
1996|Goats To Azazael (Demo Tape)
1996|Hammer Of Gods (Rerelease +2)  
1997|March Rehearsal (Tape)
1997|Wolflust 7"
1998|A Call To Irons-Iron Maiden Tribute    
1999|Hell Bent For Metal-Judas Priest Tribute  
1999|The Inexorable (Digipak +2)      
2000|Scream Forth Blasphemy-A Tribute To Morbid Angel  
2000|Tribute To Kreator (2005 +1)  
2001|Gateway To Hell 2-A Tribute To Slayer  
2001|Iron Blood And Blasphemy  
2001|Tribute To Sarcofago  
2002|Death Dragons Of The Apocalypse (Live)
2004|Seven Gates Of Horror-A Tribute To Possessed  
2007|Of Lucifer And Lightning  
Live In Providence RI 08/03/98 (VHS Rip) .VCD  Video
Angelcrypt (MT)  
2005|Eagleution A Tribute To Saxon (2CD)  
2005|For All Hate In Man 8  
Angeldust (US-FL)  
1998|World Of Illusions
Angeles Del Infierno (ES)  
1984|Pacto Con El Diablo  
2003|Todos Somos Angeles
Angelkill (US-IA)  
1996|Artist Of The Flesh
1996|Orchestrated Chaos Compilation    
1997|Casket Lullabies
Angelrape (SE)  
2005|Unholy Proclamation (Demo)
Angelreich (PL)  
2003|When The Lights Fade Away Fears Crawl Out (Demo)
2005|Angelreich & Torment Of Prometheus Split
Angelrust (US-OH)  
Angels Grace (IT)  
2003|New Era Rising
Angels Of Armageddon (PL)  
Angels Of Death (AT)  
2001|Angels Of Death
Angels Of Venice (US-CA)  
2002|Awake Inside A Dream
Angeltread (US-IL)  
Angelus Apatrida (ES)  
2005|Evil Unleashed (Red Dragon Records Version)
2006|Evil Unleashed  
2007|Give Em War
2012|3 Inches Of Blood & Angelus Apatrida Split 7"
Angelus Mortis (DE)  
2006|Venerable Grey Epitaph
Anger Within (DE)  
2005|Fight Live Act Give
2007|Lost Path
Angis (LT)  
1998|Pries Ausra (Demo Tape)
Angizia (AT)  
1996|Amestigon & Angizia Split
1997|Das Tagebuch Der Hanna Anikin
1999|Das Schachbrett Des Trommelbuben Zacharias    
2001|39 Jahre Fuer Den Leierkastenmann (Digipak)
2005|Ein Toter Fahrt Gern Ringelspiel
Angkor Vat (US-CA)  
2005|A Pulse Beyond Noting
Angkor Wat (US-TX)  
1988|When Obscenity Becomes The Norm-Awake
1990|Corpus Christi  
Anglagard (SE)  
1992|Hybris (2000 +1)
Angmar (FI)  
2002|Planet Satan (Demo)  
2003|The Razorblade Redemption
2006|Angmar & The True Endless "Unholy Virtues-Dirty Raw" Split
Angmar (FR)  
Angor Wat (NO)  
1985|General Strike LP
Angra (BR)  
1993|Angels Cry (1997 +3)  
1994|Evil Warning EP      
1995|Eyes Of Christ (Demo)
1996|Freedom Call EP    
1996|Holy Land (2CD)      
1996|Judas Priest Tribute Volume 2    
1997|Holy Live EP    
1997|Unplugged In Buenos Aires '97  
1998|Angels Live
1998|Angra & Time Machine "Heavy Metal Rendez Vous Promo"
1998|Lisbon (Single) (Jap)  
1998|Reaching Horizons  
2001|The Holy Box (3CD)
2002|Hunters And Prey mCD (Jap)    
2004|Temple Of Shadows      
2006|Aurora Consurgens      
2010|Aqua (Jap +1)
2012|Best Reached Horizons (Jap)
2013|The Power Of Prog 4  
Interview, Back & On Stage (On Metal Warriors Wacken 1999 DVD)  Video
Rebirth World Tour-Live In Sao Paulo    
Temple Of Shadows Bonus DVD (2004)  
Angra Mainyu (DE)  
2004|Xasthur & Angra Mainyu Split  
Angrenost (PT)  
1998|Evil mCD (Demo)
Angrist (ES)  
2005|Hard Way EP
Angry Angels (AT)  
2001|Motormorphosis-A Tribute To Motorhead Part 1  
Angry Aryans
1998|Racially Motivated Violence
Angry Hate Infestation (US-IL)  
2005|Conqueror Of The Ibex Moon Vol 1  
Angry Minded (NL)  
2001|Bobs Bizarre Bazar & Blood Suckers & Angry Minded Split
Angst Skvadron (NO)  
2010|Sweet Poison    
Angstkrieg (NO)  
2010|Angstkrieg mCD
Angtoria (UK)  
2006|God Has A Plan For Us All (Bonus Track Only)    
Anguish (FI)  
1992|Appointment With Fear Vol 1  
Anguish (FI) ??  
1998|Sometimes Death Is Better Vol 5-9 (5CD)  
Anguish Force (IT)  
2008|Invincibile Imperium Italicum  
Anguish In Exile (US-TX)  
2001|Welcome To Brutal, TX (Skin Puppet Recs Comp 1)  
Angus (NL)  
1986|Track Of Doom    
1987|Warrior Of The World    
Anhedonia (SE)  
2008|Der Schrei Der Natur
Anhkrehg (CA)  
1995|Underground Symphony 2 Compilation    
1997|Le Mensonge De Massada
2000|Lands Of War
2004|Against You All  
Anihilated (UK)  
1986|Path To Destruction mCD (2006 + Bonus)  
Anima Damnata (PL)  
2001|Suicidal Allegiance...
2002|Anima Damnata & Throneum "Gods Of Abhorrence" Split
2003|Agonizing Journey Trough The Burning Universe...  
2004|Tormenting Pale Flesh Of The Syphilic Holy Whore mCD
2007|Devil Metal-A Tribute To Nunslaughter  
Anima In Fiamme (IT)  
2001|Sub Occasum Solis
Anima Inmortalis (CL)  
Anima Poetae (IT)  
1998|Anima Poetae (Demo Tape)
Animal (AR)  
1996|El Nuevo Camino Del Hombre    
1999|Usa Toda Tu Fuerza  
Animal (US-OH)  
2002|900 Lb. Steam  
2006|Violent New Breed  
Animal Hate (CZ)  
2005|Bestial Hate
2007|A Witch Shall Be Born
Animals As Leaders (US)  
2009|Animals As Leaders
2010|Wave Of Babies (Single)
2014|The Joy Of Motion  
Animals Killing People (US-NY)  
2004|Human Hunting Season (2006)  
Animetal (JP)  
1997|This Is Animetal (Single)  
Animetal USA (US)  
2011|Animetal USA (Jap)
2012|Animetal USA W (Jap)
Animo Aeger (DE)  
Animus (DE)  
2004|Homo Homini Deus EP
Animus Herilis (FR)  
2002|Mater Tenebrarum (Demo)
2005|Recipere Ferum    
Animus Mortis (CL)  
2005|Thresholds Of Insanity    
2008|Atrabilis (Residues From Verb And Flesh)    
Ankhara (ES)  
1999|Tributo A Iron Maiden-Transilvania 666 (2CD)  
Ankrismah (FR)  
2004|Split Of Darkness (Tape)  
Anmod (BR)  
2008|Monstrosity Per Defectum      
Ann Boleyn (US)  
2000|Hellion-Queen Of Hell
Anneke Van Giersbergen (NL)  
2009|In Parallel
2010|Live In Europe
2012|Everything Is Changing
Live in Chicago 03-23-2013 .FLV  Video
Live in Chicago 03-24-2013 .FLV  Video
Strange Machines With Orchestra (640 480 Stereo 22khz) .FLV  Video
Thousand Miles Away From You .FLV  Video
Annihilation (SE)  
2002|Urge For The Macabre (Demo)
Annihilation 666 (DE)  
2009|Dawn Of The Antichrist  
2009|Permafrost & Menneskerhat & Annihilation 666 Split
Annihilator (CA)  
1989|Alice In Hell          
1990|Never Neverland      
1990|Stonewall (Single)
1993|Phoenix Rising (Single)
1993|Set The World On Fire (2009 Remastered +2)      
1993|Set The World On Fire (Single)  
1994|Bag Of Tricks (Compilation)    
1994|King Of The Kill (2002 +3)      
1996|In Command (Live 1989-1990)
1996|Refresh The Demon (2010 +3)    
1997|Remains (2010 +3)    
1999|Criteria For A Black Widow (2010)    
2000|Carnival Diablos (2010)        
2002|A Tribute To The Priest  
2002|Waking The Fury (2010 +1)        
2003|Double Live Annihilation (2CD)    
2004|All For You (Digipak + CD Extras)          
2004|The Best Of  
2004|The One mCD    
2005|Schizo Deluxe (Jap + Bonus)      
2007|Metal + Bonus CD (Best Of)                
2009|Live At Masters Of Rock
2009|Thrash Til Death (2CD)  
Alison Hell (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Imperaled Eyes (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Live At Masters Of Rock (2009)  
Never Neverland (Live On Earthshaker Fest 2003 DVD)  Video
Ten Years In Hell [1/2] (2006)    
Annihilatus (FI)  
2001|Annihilation (Vinyl)
2002|Blood And War
2003|Primitive Finland  
Anno Daemonicus (US-ME)  
1999|Land Of The Wizard-A Tribute To Ozzy Osbourne  
Annon Vin (DE)  
1996|A New Gate
Annotations Of An Autopsy (UK)  
2008|Before The Throne Of Infection    
2010|II: The Reign Of Darkness      
Annthennath (FR)  
2004|Subhuman Terrorism (Demo Tape)  
2008|Paeans Of Apostasy LP  
Annulation (CH)  
2004|Human Creatures  
Annunaki (US-NJ)  
2007|Throne Of The Annunaki      
2006|Profusion Vol 1  
Anomally (PT)  
2008|Once In Hell  
Anomaly (LT)  
1997|Disforic Agony (Tape)
Anonima Sequestri (IT)  
2007|Unsafe Insane And Forced
Anonymus (CA)  
1994|Ni Vu Ni Connu
2003|Trois-Rivieres Metalfest III  
2006|Chapter Chaos Begins    
Anopsy (BR)  
2005|Anguish Of Torture (Demo)
2008|Unusual Sexual Methods Using The Deformed Corpses mCD
Anorexia (FR)  
2004|Into A Death Circle  
2004|The French Underground Series  
Anorexia Nervosa (FR)  
1999|Sodomizing The Archedangel mCD  
2001|New Obscurantis Order    
2002|World Domination 4 (Osmose) (2CD)  
2004|Redemption Process (Digipak) (Jap +2)    
2004|Suicide Is Sexy (Best Of) (+ Live Video)
2005|The September mCD
Live In Zaandam Holland 02/09/02 (Bootleg) (VHS Rip) .VCD  Video
Anorma (FR)  
2004|In Destruction
Another Destiny Project (IT)  
2013|The Power Of Prog 2  
Another Kind Of Death (ES)  
2002|Unfinished EP (Vinyl)
Another Messiah (NL)  
2005|Dark Dreams My Child  
Anoxia (US-MA)  
1998|Anoxia EP
2003|Intense Killings  
Anphisbenah (BR)  
1998|Initiates The Horrendous (Demo)  
Ansia De Vomito (BR)  
2001|It's Time For Them To Remember
Ansur (NO)  
2005|Axiom Promo CDR  
2005|Carved In Flesh (Demo)
Ansuz (MX)  
2002|Ansuz & Infernal Malice "Visiones Epicas-Enthroned" Split
Answer, The
1995|Underground Symphony 2 Compilation    
Antacid (MY)  
2005|Raped God & Incinerator & Antacid "Demon Seed Of Trash" Splt
Antaeus (FR)  
1999|Rekordin 2000-1 EP
2000|Cut Your Flesh And Worship Satan  
2001|Necrophagia & Antaeus Split
2002|Antaeus & Aosoth Split LP  
2002|De Principii Evangelikum      
2006|Blood Libels      
2007|Antaeus & Aosoth "Wrath Of The Evangelikum" Split
Blood War III (On Osmose Noisymotions DVD)  Video
Antagonism (IT)  
2007|Extreme Metal Inside  
Antagonist (DE)  
2002|New Zombie Dead
2002|Trash Till Death Volume 1  
Antagonist (US-CA)  
2005|The Architecture Of Discord
2006|An Envy Of Innocence  
Antagony (US-CA)  
2001|See Through These Eyes
2009|Days Of Night  
Antagrel (TR)  
199X|Disasterous Darkness (Demo Tape)
Antaios (NO)  
2000|Antaios & Stigmatic Chorus Split
2000|God The Fake Artist  
Antarctica (NO)  
2001|Erasing Mankind (Demo)
Antares (SK)  
2001|Sad Hope
2003|Made In Fear  
Antares Predator (NO)  
2010|Twilight Of The Apocalypse  
Antarktis Utopia (FI)  
Anteis Symphonia (FR)  
2005|Evil Reigns Supreme Vol 1 (CDR)  
Anterior (UK)  
2007|This Age Of Silence    
Antestor (NO)  
1994|Martyrium (2001)  
1998|The Return Of The Black Death  
2005|The Forsaken  
Antharos (DE)  
2005|Nocturnal Empire  
Anthelion (TW)  
2007|Bloodshed Rebefallen  
Anthem (JP)  
1987|Bound To Break (1999 Remastered)  
1987|The Show Carries On-Live (2001 Remastered + Bonus)  
1988|Gypsy Ways  
1989|Hunting Time    
1990|No Smoke Without Fire (2005 Remastered +1)  
1992|Special (Single)
1999|Domestic Booty (2010 Remastered)
2000|Heavy Metal Anthem
2000|The Very Best Of Anthem
2001|Seven Hills  
2002|The Voices (Single)
2003|Live Melt Down-The Show Still Carries On DVDA  
2004|Eternal Warrior  
2004|Onslaught mCD
2005|Official Bootleg (2CD)
2006|Immortal Bind mCD
2007|Core-Best Of (+ DVDA)
2008|Black Empire  
2008|Heat Of The Night (Single)
2009|Live Immortal (DVDA)
2010|Prologue Live Boxx 2 (2CD)
2012|Burning Oath
2012|Evil One (Single)
2012|Ultimate Best Of Nexus Years (2CD)
2014|Absolute World
Back Then (2001)  
Bound To Break (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Headstrong (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Hunting Time (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Live Immortal (2009)  
Live Melt Down-The Show Still Carries On (2003)  
Onslaught (Live On Loud Out Fest 2016 DVD)  Video
Shinyuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan 1989.03.25 (Bootleg)  
Anthem (PL)  
Anthem For A Massacre (US-IN)  
2008|Pull The Trigger
Anthemon (FR)  
2001|Metallian Sampler Vol 20  
Anthenora (IT)  
2003|The International Heavy Metal Box Set (6CD)  
Anthrax (US-NY)  
1982|The Neil Turbin Demos
1983|Demo (Tape)
1983|Fistful Of Metal      
1984|Armed And Dangerous    
1985|Spreading The Disease        
1986|Among The Living (2009 Remastered +6)    
1987|I'm The Man EP    
1988|Make Me Laugh EP
1988|State Of Euphoria    
1989|Penikufesin EP (Jap)  
1990|Got The Time (Single)  
1990|Persistence Of Time      
1991|Attack Of The Killer B'S    
1993|Black Lodge (Single)
1993|Hy Pro Glo (Single)  
1993|Sound Of White Noise        
1994|Live: The Island Years    
1995|Stomp 442        
1996|Fueled (Single)
1998|Moshers 1986-1991  
1998|Volume 8-The Threat Is Real!        
1999|Return Of The Killer A's    
2001|Madhouse-The Very Best Of Anthrax
2001|Twisted Forever-A Tribute To Twisted Sister  
2002|A Tribute To The Four Horsemen (Metallica) (+US +Euro)  
2003|A Tribute To The Beast Vol 2 (Iron Maiden)  
2003|A Tribute To The Creatures Of The Night (Kiss)  
2003|Emerald A Tribute To The Wild One (Thin Lizzy)  
2003|We've Come For You All (+2)    
2004|Armageddon Over Wacken Live (3CD)  
2004|The Greater Of Two Evils (Digipak +3)  
2005|Alive 2  
2005|Anthrology-No Hit Wonders (1985-1991) 2CD  
2011|Worship Music      
Armed And Dangerous (Live 1988) .AVI  Video
Deathrider (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #2)  Video
Live On Metal Hammer Road Show 1986 DVD  Video
Live On Sonisphere "Big 4" Festival (2010) DVD  Video
Madhouse (1986) .AVI  Video
Metal Thrashing Mad (Live 1985) .AVI  Video
Safe Home (On Twenty Years Of Nuclear Blast DVD #1)  Video
Taking The Music Back (On Monsters Of Metal 2 DVD)  Video
What Doesn't Die (On Monsters Of Metal 3 DVD)  Video
Anthropia (FR)  
2006|Ereyn Chronicles-The Journey Of Beginnings    
Anthropolatri (UA)  
1998|Vozradujsja Zemlya (Tape)
1999|In The Light Of Flames
2000|Volya Svyatoslava
Anthropophagic Gastralgia (UK)  
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Anthropophagical Warfare (BR)  
2003|Troops Of Devastation Vol 2  
2003|Warriors Of The Morbid Moon Vol 2  
Anthropy (FR)  
Anti (DE)  
2005|Longing For The End (Demo)  
2006|The Insignificance Of Life  
2007|Gott In Uns Split LP  
Anti-Christian Assault (SE)  
2006|Anti-Christian Assault mCD
Anti-Depressive Delivery (NO)  
2004|Feel Melt Release Escape  
Anti-Nowhere League (UK)  
1993|The Best Of
Antichrisis (AT)  
1997|Cantara Anachoreta (2010 Remastered 2CD)
2000|Samhain-The Mediaeval Gothic Compilation (2CD)  
Antichrist (AU)  
1996|Antichrist & Random Violence Split Demo Tape
Antichrist (HU)  
1989|Dark Age In The Very Beginning (Demo) (2003 Remixed +1)
2004|Thou Shalt Not Kill EP
Antidote (FI)  
1996|Mind Alive
Antigama (PL)  
2002|Intellect Made Us Blind
2004|Antigama & Third Degree & Herman Rarebell Split  
2004|Bastard Saints & Antigama Split 7"  
2004|Godflesh Tribute (2CD)  
2004|Obscene Extreme 2004 DVDA  
2008|Slimewave Goregrind Series  
2012|Antigama & Psychofagist "9 Psalms Of An Antimusic..." Split
Live On Obscene Extreme 2004 DVD  Video
Antihuman (DE)  
1997|Antihuman mCD
Antimatter (UK)  
2003|Lights Out  
Antiparasitar (DE)  
2004|Embers Of Faith-The Coming Fire  
Antiphrasis (DE)  
2000|Unbekanntes Nichts (2008) (Demo Tape)
2003|Germania Incognita-Kulturkampf  
2003|Wiedergeburt (Demo)
2005|Burzum-A Tribute LP  
2009|Dawn Of The Antichrist  
2009|Terror Management
Antiqua (MX)  
1999|In Red Nights
2009|Antiseen & Brodys Militia Split 7"
Antisemit (DE)  
2003|Germania Incognita-Kulturkampf  
Antisemitex (PL)  
2002|Antisemitex & Ohtar Split
2004|Laser Holocaust (Demo Tape)  
2005|No Hope No Future Just W.A.R.  
2008|Antisemitex & Selbstmord "We Bring Desolation" Split
Antisilence (TR)  
1995|New World Order Sucks (Tape)
2004|Metal Crusade Vol IX  
Antithesis (FR)  
2004|Antithesis 7"
Antithesis (PL)  
2003|Turning Point (Demo)
Antithesis (US-OH)  
2001|Dying For Life (Euro +1) (US +1)  
1996|Dew Compilation  
2004|Comedy Of Terrors
Anton Lavey (US)  
1968|The Satanic Mass  
1995|Satan Takes A Holiday  
2002|Lords Of Chaos-Die Geschichte Der Okkulten Musik (2CD)  
Antonio Zepeda (MX)  
1994|Espejo De La Noche
Antraks (ID)  
2008|Septicemia & Antraks Split
Antropofagus (IT)  
2000|No Waste Of Flesh
2001|Alive Is Good Dead Is Better mCD
2012|Architecture Of Lust    
Antropomorfia (ES)  
Anu (US-WI)  
1998|Anu (2005 CDR)
Anubi (LT)  
1993|God's Pantheon (Digipak)
1995|Mirties Metafora (Demo Tape)
1996|Sutemus Skambes 7"
1997|Kai Pilnaties Akis Uzmerks Mirtis    
2003|The Last Again
2004|Anubis & Szargyerek & Critical Mass & Malignant Tumour Split
Anubis (BR)  
2010|Legacy Of Humanity
Anubis (DE)  
Anubis Gate (DK)  
2005|A Perfect Forever    
2007|Andromeda Unchained  
2009|The Detached    
2011|Anubis Gate  
2013|Sheep EP  
Anubis Rising (US-CA)  
2005|Funerary Preamble
Anus Tumor (DE)  
2004|Beauty Surgeon Accidents CDR
2005|Anus Tumor & Scumfuck & Diaphragma & 50 Ways To Kill Me Splt
2007|Splatter Fetish-100 Way Cumpilation  
Anvil (CA)  
1981|Hard And Heavy    
1982|Anvil EP  
1982|Metal On Metal      
1983|Forged In Fire    
1985|Backwaxed (2004 Remastered)  
1987|Strength Of Steel  
1988|Pound For Pound  
1989|Past And Present Live In Concert (2009 Remastered Digipak)
1991|Worth The Weight  
1996|Plugged In Permanent  
1997|Absolutely No Alternative  
1999|Anthology Of Anvil
2001|Plenty Of Power    
2002|Still Going Strong      
2004|Back To Basics    
2004|Live In Wacken 98 DVDA
2007|This Is Thirteen (2009 +1)
2011|Juggernaut Of Justice  
2011|Monument Of Metal-The Very Best Of Anvil
Doctor Kevorkian (On Metal On Metal Launch 1 DVD)  Video
Metal On Metal (1982) .SVCD  Video
Metal On Metal (2009 Metal Hammer Golden Gods) .MKV  Video
Metal On Metal (The Tonight Show 06-10-09) .MKV  Video
Old School (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Smoking Green (Live On Wacken 1998 DVD)  Video
Story Of Anvil, The .AVI    Video
Anvil Bitch (US-PA)  
1986|Rise To Offend (1991)    
Anvil Of Doom (ES)  
2003|Died Before Dawn (Demo)    
Anwech (IT)  
2002|As The Wood Spirits Are Part
2005|Through The Fog Behind The Trees (Tape)  
2007|My Frozen Dream Slept Too Eternally  
Anwyl (US-KS)  
1999|Bloody Mary mCD
2001|Totalitarian Perversity 7"
Anxiety (FI)  
2004|Obscurity (Demo)
Anxiety Whispers (AU)  
2002|Astigmatism EP