You can virtually watch every old Star Trek (TOS) episode in 
under 2 hrs!  It's a wonder that this revolutionary Star Trek concept
has not attempted to my knowledge.
  Has anyone ever thought of putting all the ORIGINAL series PREVIEWS onto
1 video tape?  The episode previews that they put at the end of the 
black boxed VHS tapes are OUTRAGEOUSLY HALARIOUS!!!  Imagine *all* 
the highlights of the most psychedelic, action packed sci-fi series of 
all time on *1* 2 hour tape.
  It has been done.
  I have all the original previews on one tape (minus 4 episodes whose
previews were not released).  Sure you could do this yourself if you had
all 79 episodes and have the patience to dub all day long.  Why bother?
  I will *trade* it for movies I'm interested in (Martial Arts, Cult movies)
I will also trade it for MAGIC cards (yes, I said CARDS!).
  Many kinds of deals can be negotiated.  E-mail me if interested in the
*ultimate* Star Trek party tape!  BARTER WITH ME! 
  Please don't try this with any of the spin-off trek series.  After
watching this tape you will see where the real sci-fi fantasy action is!