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******Sypholux Video Listing*********** LAST UPDATED: 06/18/1997
              -All videos dubbed in SP VHS NTSC format only-

 -Reality Fighting/No Holds Barred Competition-
Ultimate Fighting Championship     1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (2 tapes), 7 (2 tapes),
                                   8 (2 tapes), 9 (2 tapes), 11 (2 tapes),
                                   12 (2 tapes), 12 (2 tapes)
                                   Ultimate Ultimate '95
                                   Ultimate Ultimate '96 (2 tapes)
                                   "all direct from PPV"
Rickson Gracie Tournament - 07/29/94 - Tokyo - 70min
Gracie Jiu-Jitsu In Action 2  (Gracie Info-mercial)
L-1 (Female Ultimate Fighting) - from Japan

 -Shaw Brothers-
Avenging Eagle                        Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, Ku Feng 
                                      (dubbed/no subs) [1978]
Bloody Avengers                       Fu Sheng, Wang Lung-Wei (dubbed/no subs)
Challenge of the Masters              Liu Chia Hui, Chen Kuan Tai [1976]
Challenge of the Ninja                Liu Chia Hui (dubbed/no subs)
  aka Heros of East  
Chinatown Kid                         Fu Sheng, Venom Mob [1977]
Chinese Boxer                         Lo Lieh, (dubbed/no subs)
Crazy Shaolin Disciples               Liu Chia Hui, Yung Wang Yu, & venom
                                      Lo Mang (laser/not dubbed/subs) [1984]
Daredevils of Kung Fu                 Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1978]
  aka Magnificent Acrobats                              
Death Chambers                        Fu Sheng, Ti Lung (dubbed/no subs)
Death Mask of the Ninja               Ti Lung (dubbed/no subs) [1987]
Destroyers                            Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
  aka Magnificent Ruffians       
Dirty Ho                              Liu Chia Hui, Lo Lieh, Wang Yu 
                                      (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
Eight Diagram Pole Fighter            Liu Chia Hui, Fu Sheng 
                                      (uncut/dubbed/Dutch subs) [1983]
Fists of the White Lotus              Liu Chia Hui, Lo Lieh
                                      (uncut/dubbed/Dutch subs) [1980]
Five Deadly Venoms                    Venom Mob [1978]
Five Fingers of Death                 Lo Lieh (dubbed/no subs) 
  aka King Boxer      
Five Masters of Death                 Fu Sheng, Ti Lung, David Chiang 
  aka Five Master of Shaolin          (dubbed/no subs) [1975]                                      
Flying Guillotine                     Ku Feng (dubbed/no subs) 
Four Assassins                        Fu Sheng, Liu Chia Hui (dubbed/no subs)
  aka Marco Polo             
Fury in Shaolin Temple                Liu Chia Hui
Goliathon                             King Kong type movie (dubbed)
  aka Mighty Peking Man           
Heros Two                             Fu Sheng (dubbed/no subs)
  aka Bloody Fists                
Holy Flame of the Martial World       Hard Boiled venom-Kuo Chui 
                                      (not dubbed/subs) Fantasy action!
I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!   Chen Kuan Tai                                      
Infra Man                             Sci-Fi (dubbed/no subs)
Invincible Kung Fu Brothers           Fu Sheng (dubbed/no subs)
  aka Shaolin Avengers  
Invincible One                        Fu Sheng (dubbed/no subs) 
  aka Disciples of Shaolin   
Kid with the Golden Arm               Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
Killer Army                           Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs)
  aka Rebel Intruders           
Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires   Peter Cushing, David Chiang
                                      (dubbed/no subs) [1975] Vampire Kung-Fu
Legendary Weapons of Kung Fu          Fu Sheng, Liu Chia Hui 
                                      (dubbed/no subs) [1982]
Mad Monkey Kung Fu                    Lo Lieh (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
Magnificent Trio                      Lo Lieh (not dubbed/subs)
Martial Club                          Liu Chia Hui, Ku Feng, Wang Lung Wei
  aka Instructors of Death            (dubbed/no subs) [1981]                                      
Masked Avengers                       Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1981]
Master Killer                         Liu Chia Hui, Lo Leih, Yung Wang Yu
  aka 36th Chamber                    [1978]                                      
Master of Disaster                    Liu Chia Hui, Fu Sheng (dubbed/no subs) 
  aka Treasure Hunters                [1982]                                       
Master of the Flying Guillotine       Jimmy Wang Yu [1975/1976]
Mortal Combat                         Venom Mob, Chen Kuan Tai [1978]
  aka Crippled Avengers       
Return of the Master Killer           Liu Chia Hui (dubbed/no subs) [1980]
  aka Return to the 36th Chamber         
Seven Blows of the Dragon             David Chiang (have original)
  aka Water Margin      
Shaolin Executioner                   Liu Chia Hui [1977? 1982?]
Spearman of Death                     Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1980]
  aka Flag of Iron        
Super Ninjas                          Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1982]
  aka 5 Element Ninja          
Ten Tigers of Kwangtung               Venom Mob, Ti Lung, Fu Sheng
                                      (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
Three Evil Masters                    Wang Lung Wei (dubbed/no subs)
  aka The Evil Master    
Two Champions of Shaolin              Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
  aka Two Champions of Death  
Unbeatable Dragon                     Venom Mob (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
  aka Invincible Shaolin  
Vengeance                             Ti Lung, David Chiang (not dubbed/subs)
  aka Deadly Duo                      [1970] 
 -Misc Old School Kung Fu-
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania             Part Bruce Lee documentary + lots of
                                        original Shaw Brothers trailers!
Carry On Wise Guy                       Liu Chia Hui (not dubbed/subs)  
  aka Warrior from Shaolin  
Crippled Masters                        (dubbed) [1982]
Dance of the Drunken Mantis             (dubbed/no subs) [1979]
Dragon and the Cobra                    Fred Williamson, Ron Van Clief
                                        in movie about death of Bruce Lee!
Equals Against Devils                   Champ Wang, Roc Tien (have original)
Fist and Guts                           Liu Chia Hui, Lo Lieh 
                                        (not dubbed/subs) [1980]
Kill the Golden Ninja                   Ed Parker, Bong Soo Han
                                        (dubbed/no subs)
Ninja in the Deadly Trap                Ti Lung, Shoji Karada
                                        (dubbed/no subs) [1977]
The Invincible Kung Fu Leg              Tan Tao-liang (have original)
Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave           (dubbed/no subs)
Out of Danger                           (not dubbed/subs) 
Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu             Liu Chua Hui cameo (have original)
                                        (dubbed/no subs)
Silver Hermit from Shaolin Temple       Roc Tien, Men Fei (have original)
Greatest Fights of Martial Arts         (have original - Saturn video)
Greatest Fights of Martial Arts 2       (have original - Saturn video)

 -Contemporary Hong Kong Cinema-
Burning Paradise                    Tsui Hark, dir: Ringo Lam [1994]
Chinese Ghost Story 1               Joey Wong, Leslie Cheung, Wu Ma
                                    (not dubbed/subs) LBX [1987]
Chinese Ghost Story 3               Joey Wong, Tony Leung [1991]
Drunken Master 3                    Liu Chia Hui (LBX/not dubbed/subs) [1994]
The Final Option                    HK Swat action (subs)
God of Gamblers 2                   (have original)
Green Snake                         Joey Wong, Maggie Chueng
Hero Among Heroes                   Donnie Yen [1994]
  aka Iron Beggar       
Heroic Trio                         (have original)  
Iron Monkey '93                     Donnie Yen [1993]
Killer Angels                       Liu Chia Hui (not dubbed/subs) [1989]
  aka Ultra Force 1         
Legend of the Liquid Sword          (not dubbed/subs) (poor video) [1993]
Once Upon a Time in China 5         (laser/subs/LBX) [1994]
Operation Pink Squad 2              (not dubbed/subs)
Pedicab Driver                      Sammo Hung, Liu Chua Liang [1990]
Pom Pom and Hot Hot
Rock and Roll Cop                   LBX [1994]
  aka Crime Story 3     
Zu: Warriors of the Magic Mountain  Tsui Hark's breakthrough movie!
                                    Adam Cheng, Sammo Hung, LBX [1983]

 -Jackie Chan-
Drunken Master 2                    Ti Lung (LBX/subs/laser dub) [1994]
Snake & Crane Arts of Shaolin       (dubbed/no subs)
Wheels on Meals                     Samo Hung, Yuen Biao (poor video) [1984]

 -Chow Yun Fat-
A Better Tomorrow                   Ti Lung (not dubbed/subs) [1986]
A Better Tomorrow 2                 Ti Lung (laser dub) [1987]
The Killer
Hard Boiled                         (uncut/not dubbed/subs) [1992]
Peace Hotel                         (not dubbed/subs/laser dub) [1995]
Tiger on Beat                       Chow Yun Fat, Liu Chia Hui, Conan Lee
                                    (have original)
Treasure Hunt                       Liu Chia Hui (LBX/not dubbed/subs) [1994]
  aka American Shaolin      

 -Jet Li-
Bodyguard From Beijing                   [1994]
Fist of Legend                           (laser/subs/LBX) [1995]
Fong Sai Yuk                             (not dubbed/subs) [1993]
Fong Sai Yuk 2                           (laser/subs/LBX) [1993]
High Risk                                (not dubbed/subs)
Last Hero In China                       Liu Chia Hui (not dubbed/subs) [1993]
My Father is a Hero                      (laser/subs/LBX) [1995]
New Legend of Shaolin                    [1994]
Once Upon A Time in China 2              (not dubbed/subs/LBX) [1992]
Shaolin Temple                           (not dubbed/no subs) [1981]
Martial Arts of Shaolin                  (not dubbed/no subs/Jap subs)
  aka Shaolin Temple 3 
Tai Chi Master                           [1993]  

 -Sonny Chiba (Japan Action Club)-
The Assassin                      (dubbed/no subs) Outrageous! I was shocked!
Bushido Blade                     US-Japan film about Commodore Perry
                                  (Richard Boone) and the first treaty between
                                  the 2 nations.  Plenty of action as the
                                  Tenchu assassins step in.
Golgo 13: The Kowloon Assignment  (dubbed/no subs)
                                  Sonny stars as Duke Togo! [1977]
Immortal Combat                   co-stars Rowdy Roddy Piper! [1994]
Samurai Reincarnation             This is the story of JUBEI from SAMURAI
                                  SHODOWN II! Satanic! (dubbed/no subs)
Shogun's Ninja                    (dubbed/no subs) Henry Sanada [1981]
Streetfighter                     (dubbed/no subs/uncut/LBX) [1974]
Streetfighter 2                   (dubbed/no subs/uncut/LBX) [1975]

 -Jim Kelly-
Black Samurai                 
The Tattoo Connection             (dubbed/no subs) [1978]                                        

 -Anime/Animated Movies-
Akira                               (dubbed)
Fist of the North Star              (dubbed)
Nausicaa and the Valley of Winds    (not dubbed/no subs)
Samurai Shodown: The Movie          (dubbed/no subs)

 -Misc. Japanese-
Daibosatsu Toge           "Sword of Doom"  (Japanese Language only)
                          Kohgen Itta-Ryu
Dreams                    Akira Kurosawa (subs)
Goyokin "Official Gold"   Nakadai Tatsuya (dir: Hideo Gosha) (LBX/subs)
Kekko Kamen               Live-action version of everyone's favourite nude
                          ninja girl anime series. Breast, nunchakus,
                          oil wrestling, large number of villains from
                          Go Nagai. (Japanese language only/no subs)
Sword of Doom             b/w (Japanese Samurai drama)
Heaven & Earth            Big budget Samurai movie!
Mystery of Rampo          (subs)
Shinobi Ninja             Tadashi Yamashita (dubbed/no subs)
Ultraman                  Episodes 1-4 (English)
Zatoichi                  The Blind Swordsman's Vengeance (subs) [color/1966]
Zatoichi                  The Blind Swordsman & the Chess Expert (subs)

-British Comedy-
Bottom: "Digger" (3 episodes - Adrian Edmonson and Rik Mayall of Young Ones)
Goodies Episodes (NTSC!!):
  8.  Loch Ness Monster
  14. Kitten Kong
  23. Winter Olympics
  24. That Old Black Magic
  25. For Those at Peril/Lost Island of Munga
  29. Big Bunny/Rabbits on Moon
  31. Goodies & the Beanstalk (45min)
  36. Clown Virus/Tomato Soup
  39. Frankenfido
  41. Kung Fu Kapers/Ecky Thump
  58. Scoutrageous
  63. Saturday Night Grease
Young Ones Episodes (12 Episodes):
  Summer Holiday   The boys are so bored they decide to rob a bank
  Demolition       The boys' house is in danger of being razed
  Bomb             The boys discover a bomb in the house
  Nasty            Mike and Vyv rent a VCR and nasty videos
  Time             The boys have a suprise guest--a convicted murderess
  Sick             The boys are sick with colds
  Boring           Oblivious to the extraordinary events, the boys are bored
  Interesting      The boys decide to throw a wild party
  Bambi            Rick tutors the boys for a quiz show.  Music by Motorhead
  Cash             The boys find themselves in a financial bind
  Oil              The boys think they've discovered oil in the basement
  Flood            The boys may have to resort to cannabilism trapped in flood
                        ORIGINAL STAR TREK TV SERIES (75 IN ALL!)
The Wild World of LSD
Boy God                              Erastheo Navoa's fantasy film.
Japanese TV Super Hero clips tape
Beer Commercials of the 50's & 60's
Horror/Gore/Trash of the 60's & 70's trailer tape
Horror/Sci Fi of the 50's, 60's & 70's trailer tape
The Burning Moon
Traces of Death I   - no audio
Traces of Death II  - Music by Unleashed, Grave, Morgoth, Asphyx etc...
Traces of Death III - Music by Relapse Artists
"April Chest" Video #2 (Miss T-Shirt USA 65-21-34 HH 40min - Original)
Pamela Anderson Playmate Video Centerfold (laser)
COPS "Too Hot for TV" Vol. 1 (delux edition with 15 extra minutes)
  Uncensored footage from the COPS TV series.
Get A Life Episodes (35): (OF VARIOUS DUB QUALITY, *=I need an upgrade)
* 1.   Terror on the Hell Loop 2000  (Chris & Larry ride roller coaster)
  2.   The Prettiest Week Of My Life (Chris becomes a male model)
  3.   Dadicus                       (Chris & Dad compete)
* 4.   A Family Affair               (Chris has affair with Sharon's sister)
  5.   Pile Of Death                 (Chris raises cash by piling stuff on him)
  6.   Paperboy 2000                 (Chris is fired and replaced by robot)
  7.   Drivers License               (Chris needs to get a license for date)
  8.   The Sitting                   (Chris is a housesitter in haunted house)
  9.   Bored Straight                (Chris tries to rehabilitate punks)
  10.  Zoo Animals On Wheels         (Chris gets lead in local play)
  11.  Roots                         (Chris seeks Amish parents)
  12.  The Counterfeit Watch Story   (Chris get involved in a sting operation)
  13.  Chris vs. Donald              (Peterson family reunion)
  14.  Chris Wins a Celebrity        (Chris wins weekend with talk show host)
  15.  Houseboy 2000                 (Chris becomes Sharon's willing slave)
  16.  Married                       (Chris marries supermodel)
  17.  Camping 2000                  (Chris & Larry are trapped in woods)
  18.  The Construction Worker Show  (Toolbelt fight!) 
  19.  The Big City                  (Chris loses wallet)
  20.  Neptune 2000                  (Chris builds sub in shower)
  21.  Chris and Larry Switch Lives  (Indian curse)
  22.  Psychic 2000                  (Chris can see the future)
  23.  Chris Moves Out               (Chris moves out of parent's house)
  24.  Larry on the Loose            (After talk with Chris, Larry runs away)
  25.  Meat Locker 2000              (Chris & Sharon trapped in Meat Locker)
  26.  Heath Inspector 2000          (Chris becomes a heath inspector)
  27.  Chris Gets His Tonsils Out    (Chris dies from Tonsilectomy)
  28.  Prisoner of Love              (Chris meets prison pen-pal)
  29.  Chris The Escort              (Chris becomes a male escort) 
  30.  Girlfriend 2000               (Chris stalks woman)
  31.  Chris' Brain                  (Chris/Toxic Waste/Spelling Bee)
  32.  Bad Fish                      (Chris throws party with bad fish)
  33.  Spewey And Me                 (Chris finds Alien)
  34.  1977 2000                     (Time travel/Gus leaks on Captain)
  35.  Clip Show                     (Looks back at moments of old shows)
  Additionally, I have Chris Elliott's Action Family/FDR Cinemax Special

Episodes of The Amazing Spiderman (1966) 
Vol 1:
  1.  The Power of Dr. Octopus             Dr. Octopus
  2.  Sub-zero for Spidey
  3.  To Catch a Spider                    Electro/Goblin/Vulture/Noah Boddy
  4.  Double Identity
  5.  Where Crawls the Lizard              Lizardman
  6.  Electro the Human Lightning Bolt     Electro
  7.  The Menace of Mysterio               Mysterio
  8.  The Sky is Falling                   Vulture
  9.  The Spider and the Fly               Human Fly
  10. The Slippery Doctor Von Schlick
  11. The Vulture's Prey                   Vulture
Vol 2:
  1.  Captured by Jonah Jameson 
  2.  Never Step on a Scorpion             Scorpion
  3.  Sands of Crime                       Sandman
  4.  Diet of Destruction
  5.  The Witching Hour                    Goblin
  6.  Kilowatt Kaper                       Electro 
  7.  The Peril of Parafino                Parafino 
  8.  Horn of the Rhino                    Rhino  
  9.  The Dark Terrors                     Phantom  
  10. The Terrible Triumph of Dr. Octopus  Dr. Octopus
  11. Magic Malice                         Goblin 
Vol 3:  
  1.  The One-eyed Idol 
  2.  Fifth Avenue Phantom                 Phantom 
  3.  The Revenge of Dr. Magneto 
  4.  The Sinister Prime Minister 
  5.  The Night of the Villains            Parafino 
  6.  Here Comes Trubble  
  7.  Spiderman Meets Doctor Noah Boddy    Noah Boddy
  8.  The Fantastic Fakir 
  9.  Return of the Flying Dutchman        Mysterio 
  10. Farewell Performance                 Blackwell
  11. The Golden Rhino                     Rhino 
  12. Blueprint for Crime 

Thundarr the Barbarian Episodes:
  1. Harvest of Doom

4 volumes of THE TICK (20 episodes in all)
Soundtrack for Once Upon a Time in China
       -Others that I have access to but *may* lengthen trade time-

 -Old School Kung-Fu- 
  Bruce Lee the Invincible                Bruce Li (english)
  Chinese Connection                      Bruce Lee (english)
  Iron Monkey
  Kids from Shaolin (Shaolin Temple II)   Jet Li
  Shaolin vs. Wutang                      Liu Chia Hui [1981]
  Twelve Deadly Coins                     Lo Lieh (SB) (not dubbed/subs)
  Way of the Black Dragon                 Ron Van Clief
 -Contemporary Hong Kong Action-  
  Avenging Trio                 Liu Chia Hui
  Bullet in the Head            Tony Leung, Jacky Cheung
  City On Fire                  Chow Yun Fat, Danny Lee
  Full Contact                  Chow Yun Fat [1992]
  Naked Killer                  Chingmy Yau, Carrie Ng
  Righting Wrongs               Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock (no subs) [1986]
    aka Above the Law 
  She Shoots Straight           Joyce Godenzi, Samo Hung (no subs)
  Story of Ricky                Devi Sabah (not dubbed/no subs)
  Tiger on Beat II              Conan Lee, Liu Chia Hui
  To Be Number One
  What Price Survival           David Chiang

 -Contemporary Hong Kong Kung Fu-    
  All Men are Brothers
    aka Blood of the Leopard
  Barefoot Kid                              Ti Lung (no subs)
  Bride with the White Hair                 Bridgette Lin, Leslie Cheung
  Butterfly & Sword                         Tony Leung, Joey Wang, Donnie Yen
  Dragon Fight                              Jet Li [1989]
  Jet Li's Shaolin Kung Fu                  Documentary of Jet Li and the
                                            Shaolin Temple
  The Master                                Jet Li (no subs)
  Little Drunken Masters                    Drunk kids fighting
  Moon Warriors                             Anita Mui, Maggie Chueng [1992]
  Once Upon A Time in China I               Jet Li (no subs) [1991]
  Once Upon A Time in China III             Jet Li [1992]
  One Armed Hero                
  Project S                                 Michelle Khan, (Jackie Chan cameo)
  Shaolin Popeye
  Swordsman I                               Sam Hui
  Swordsman II                              Jet Li
  Wonder Seven                              Michelle Khan
  Zen of Sword                              Kuo Chui, Cynthia Khan 

 -Supernatural/Ghost Stories- 
  Chinese Ghost Story II        Joey Wong, Leslie Cheung [1990]
  Evil Cat  
  Haunted Cop Shop
  Haunted Cop Shop II
  Painted Skin                  Joey Wong
  Wicked City                   (Live Action)

  Baby Cart                     #1-4 (W/ Subs) 
  Violent Cop                   "Beat" Takeshi Kitano
  Yojimbo                       Toshiro Mifune (Kurosawa dir.)
 -Japanese Sci-Fi-
  Johnny Sokko                  episodes 1-4  
  Kamen Rider                   episodes 1-5, Movies 1 & 2 (Japanese)
  Kamen Rider V3                episodes 1-4, movie (Japanese) 
  Kamen Rider X                 movie with 5 Kamen Riders (Japanese)
  8 Kamen Riders vs Gingao      movie (Japanese)
  Kamen Rider Black/RX          4 episodes (japanese)
  Sci-fi Trailer Tape           trailers for 50's thru 80's movies
  Spectreman                    12+ misc episodes (English) LOTS OF EPISODES
                                episodes 1 & 2 (on one 2hr volume)
                                episodes 7 & 12 (on one 2hr volume)                                    
  Ultraseven                    episodes 1-8 (Japanese)
  JAKQ                          episode #1 (Japanese)
  Goggle Five                   episode #1&2    
  Gundam: Char's Counterattack  Japanese (no subs)
  My Youth in Arcadia           Japanese (no subs)
  Riding Bean            
  Riki-Oh                       #1&2 
  School Yard Sketches          X Rated
  Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4

 -Jet Li-
  Black Mask                    New movie.  (so-so dub)
 -Jackie Chan- 
  Armor of God                  (subs) (so-so dub)
  City Hunter                   (so-so dub)
  Crime Story                   (subs) 
  Drunken Master I              (subs) 
  Island of Fire                (subs)
  Police Force                  English
    aka Police Story I   
  Police Story III-Supercop     (no subs)
  Project A                     English
  Project A II                  English
  Twin Dragons                  (no subs)

 -70's Blaxsploitation-
  Afros, Macks & Zodiacs Vol. #1         The best Black action films of
                                         the 70's hosted by Rudy Ray Moore
  Dolemite                               Rudy Ray Moore
  Dolemite II - Human Tornado            Rudy Ray Moore
  Monkey Hustle                          Rudy Ray Moore
  Petey Wheatstraw - Devil's Son-In-Law  Rudy Ray Moore
  Three the Hard Way                     Jim Kelly, Jim Brown, Fred Williamson
  Blackbelt Jones                        Jim Kelly [1974]
  The Mack                               Richard Pryor
  Hit!                                   Billy Dee Williams, Richard Pryor
  Superfly                               Ron O'Neil
  Superfly TNT                           Ron O'Neil
  The Black Six

  Survival Research Labs: Virtues of Negative Fascination
  UFC 10
  Secrets of the Octagon 1-5 (UFC instructional videos)
  The "Arthur C. Clark" GOODIES episode.
  Visual Basic 4.0 Training Course Video
  "Showdown in New York" MtG Pro Tour Video
  perfect GET A LIFE episode dubs (you dubbed them yourself off TV!!)
  Legend of the Fox
  Killer Constable
    aka Karate Exterminater
    aka Lightning Kung Fu
  Shaolin Rescuers
    aka Avenging Warriors of Shaolin (venoms)
  5 Shaolin Masters
  Boxer From Shantung
    aka Killer From Shantung  
  New one-armed Swordsman
    aka Triple Irons
  Cinema of Vengeance (Documentary on the history of Kung-Fu movies)
  Bruce Vs. Bill (Bruce Le, Bill Louie)
  Crystal Hunt (Donnie Yen)
  Eastern Condors (Samo Hung)
  Angel Terminator 2 
  Fatal Termination [1989]
  13 Cold Blooded Eagles [1993]
  Cyber Ninja (Japanese)
  Blade of Fury [1993] (Ti Lung)
  Dragon Inn [1992] (Donnie Yen, Tony Leung)
  White Lotus Cult [1994]
  Hong Kong Playboys
  One Armed Boxer [1971]
  Roar of the Lion (venoms)
  Eagle's Claw (Eagle's Fist) [1978]
  Send me your listing!
Helpful Info (New feature - Under construction!)
* The 5 Venoms are: Kou Chui, Lo Mang, Lu Feng, Sun Chien and Chiang Sheng.
* Liu Chia Hui AKA Lau Kar Fei AKA The Master Killer AKA Gordon Lui
* The Zatoichi movies all star Katsu Shintaro