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WANTED (Reward!):
* Information/Video of Sept 12, 2014 performance at YOKO FEST @ CLUB CITTA
* Any information, pictures or video about Skull Smash (Amazing Doom Tribute Band!)
* English translation of the booklet that comes with Doom's special paper box set.
* Quartergate DVD (Bootleg rumored to exist!)
* Miss Cookie DVD (Bootleg rumored to exist!)
* Any original Zadkiel vinyl.
* Any Doom Merch! (2015/2016/2017)
* Any information on a possible self titled Doom two track demo circa 1986?  Track names?
* Any Doom Bootlegs I don't have - the more recent the better... did they not play live for later albums??!
* Rockin'Dex'88 video (same as Rockin' F video (1988)??)
* Reward for copy of King Records (11/21/89) CD titled Oyayubihime by Mami Yamase
Follow Up Volume 140 (December 2014)
We Remember Mr. Koh Morota - KABBALA issue #21 - TRANSLATED!!!
Doom Paper Box Insert Scan
Metal Madness #9 : Go Mad Yourself EP Review
Metal Madness #10: Doom Band Profile
Metal Madness #10: No More Pain Review
Burrn Magazine Sept '86 Go Mad Yourself (79) - TRANSLATED!!!
Burrn Magazine Feb '87 Zadkiel Hell's Bomber Review (82) - TRANSLATED!!!
Burrn Magazine May '87 No More Pain (81)
Burrn Special '88 Morota Vs. Baby - New TRANSLATION !!!
Burrn Magazine Feb '89 Complicated Mind Review (84) - TRANSLATED!!!
Burrn Magazine Oct '89 Incompetent Review (82) - TRANSLATED!!!
Rockin'F Number 125 Mar '86
Rockin'F Number 131 Sept '86
Rockin'F Number 133 Nov '86
Rockin'F Metal Indies Mania Special 12/15/86
Rockin'F Number 136 Feb '87
Rockin'F Number 138 Apr '87
Rockin'F Number 139 May '87
Baki Family Tree (Many Doom References)
Amazing Koh Story
Doom Gig Compilation (Updated for 2014/2015/2016!)
The Onobone
Bio from
Various Merch

I got custom Doom patches made.  Who knew there were people in the world that did this....
IF you are interested in one, let me know... if I get enough of an order I will buy in bulk.

Instruction Manual has been out for a while.  You simply must see the bonus video to see why Doom is the best ever.

Doom opened up their merch store to the world for a brief period of time.  Hopefully you got something!  (They added a bonus gift!)

Ningen Isu bass player wearing a Doom shirt!

Things were easier with there was no internet!  I finally have received the Killing Field Lyric Sheet.
New best of CD coming out.  The video content on this is never before seen priceless.  Can't wait!


DOOM has just finished recording of a new album!
Recording member is FUJITA, PAZZ, KODAIRA.


Info on No More Pain Reissue! December 16, 2015!

09/01/2015:  I'm pissed.  "DOOM" flagged me for a copyright violation on a ***28 second*** clip from the Yoko Fest promo clip.  
If you haven't gone through this before, Youtube makes you go through Copyright School and my account is now in bad
THEM AS I SEE FIT (just not through Youtube).  I will not post any other clips on this site as they will live longer on Youtube (vs. 
having this site be a one stop shop for shutting them down). An appology would be nice.

08/15/2015:  MAJOR UPDATE

New interview with Fujita posted on! (Chile based)

1) How do you feel Fujita san, knowing a country such as Chile is interviewing you?
Fujita : The development of the information society is incredible thanks. From this way, many countries in the world can better understand many things.
2) Please describe yourself and include your musical influences as a youth along with your favorite bands.
Fujita : I have a sister eight years older than me. I have a strong influence from her in my music and different cultures. She bring me to some live
"Grand Funk Railroad" "New York Dolls" "Jeff Beck" many more These things can not be forgotten.
3) How was "Doom" formed and how did the members meet?
Fujita : I received contact from a friend of Morota, who was at Zadkiel, the band dissolved. That said, why not try to play with him? This causes as
Doom was formed.
4)How did you come choose the band name and does it have a special meaning?
Fujita : Because it was simple and easy to remember, Doom was chosen for the significance of the name.
5) Do you have memories with other Explosion Records bands like "Jurassic Jade" or "Shellshock"?
Fujita : At the time the bands were higher in individual sensitivity. JURASSIC JADE, SHELLSHOCK, CASBAH, a lot of bands full of originality 
including existing UNITED.
6) How long were you with and when did you leave Explosion Records?
Fujita : Before Killing field we were working with them then came our contract with the major label.
7) What feelings did experience playing CBGB's in a powerful thrash metal scene?
Fujita : We do not believe that us are a thrash metal band. I will not forget that we played at CBGB and Marquee in London. because those were our goals.
8) Were there other contributing factors other than the death of Koh Morota that brought the end of Doom?
Fujita : DOOM is the construction of 3 members, so that when a person was away, a performance not to anything else. I think this is the fate 
of a band of 3 members. Because it is a small number of people in on guitar, bass and drums band, I think this is particularly funny.
9) What were your thoughts during the time Doom was separated and are you still in contact with the other members?
Fujita : DOOM may not have been active but never separated. We always had contact with each other.
10) What can talk us about Quatergate ? Who's are the members ? Label ? which's were time activities?
Fujita : Members are Baki from Gastunk and Doom. We launched a CD from ?Alzheimer? independent label, we were active for two years.
11 ) What can talk us about Unit 3? Who's are the members? Label? which's were time activities (200x-200x)?
Fujita : This was active around 1980-82 or 83 before Doom initiate efforts. We do not leave the source of our sound. We were like Avant 
garde rock like The Stooges or MC5.
12)What were the years that were working with the band Mad Capsule market?
Fujita : I participated in the recording of the album ?PARK? and guest in ?4 PLUGS? I think the recording period was between 1994 to 1997 or 1998.
13) How did you become a member of the band of J (Luna Sea), you're still working with him?
Fujita : He respects me since he saw me in Mad Capsule Markets activities and SOFT BALLET. I'm playing with him in the
band ?Dessert Flame Frequency?.
14) How did you become a member of Blam Honey? You get to play live with them?
Fujita : I was not a member of Blam Honey, I produced their album and rarely participate with them in their presentations.
15) you have good memories with Blam Honey? You hear about the death of Tatsuya?
Fujita : There are a lot of memories during the production of the album and the time that share us. When Tatsuya died the Manager informed to us.
16) Do you know what Blam Honey is back again? have you contact again with Ryonai?
Fujita : I dont know about it. I haven`t contact with them.
17) Do you think what Doom has done something that no other band has done? What do you think by Skull Smash band?
Fujita : I do not think that I just want to play our favorite songs, leave my work and play gigs. It's great that there is a tribute to Doom.
18) How was born the idea of the return of Doom? This was planned before or after Yoko fest?
Fujita : In these 5 or 6 years I had many opportunities to restart the band of Doom. After we stopped our activities and faced many 
of my friend's band died that made me think slowly I should do what I do in life. And I decided I should do now.
19) Who are the actually members from doom? How do you feel knowing that one of your fan is the bassist from skull smash, do you see 
the spirit of morota inside him?
Fujita : We are FUJITA (Guitar/Vocal) PAZZ (Drums) Kodaira (Bass), we are not looking at Morota, we hope from moraida it spirit as a bassits.
20) What do you know about Chile or South America?, any band you like it?
Fujita : I know Sepultura.
21) About the new band generation? Do you like any new band?
Fujita : Every time I think about terms of musical trends over the 10 years I hear new bands, but I do not feel new creativity from them.
22) Plans for this 2015?
Fujita : For the remainder of this year finished filming in the summer, we plan to release a new album next year. In the autumn we will 
resume live activities.
23) Thanks you very much Fujita, any message to finish our interview?
Fujita : An interview from Chile very far the truth, I am grateful and happy. From now DOOM activities not only in Japan I will hopefully 
think this is the best. One for all, We are a real one.

HOLY GRAIL SHOW YOUTUBE POSTINGS!!!  (did Doom play 3 or 4 shows in New York at this time?)
Doom 10/14/1988 Pyramid Club, NY
Doom 10/19/1988 CBGBs, NY
They were taken down from Youtube, but I HAVE THEM!

Hell On Earth Show link:
2015.10.31 Headbang Hell On Earth Vol 1 Shunjuku (ReNY)

Music People of Soul Tour link:
2015.09.20 Sapporo (Susukino810) 2015.09.21 Sapporo (Susukino810) 2015.09.23 Asahikawa (Mosquito)

Setlists, pictures, info related to the NO MORE ATTITUDE TOUR!
0419 Nagoya, 0429 Osaka, 0503 Tokyo

Lots of updated pictures.  Hopefully there is a DVD released of this fest as rumor has it was a multi camera shoot.
Jan 12th 2015 - Violent Attitude, Club Citta, Doom Recharged!

Too much info coming on these new shows.... Started pages for them!

Sept 12th 2014 - Yoko Fest Appearance!
Jan 12th 2015 - Doom Recharged!

Rare Doom stickers:

09/26/2014: Notification Doom is reforming for another show on Jan 12th 2015! (Kodaira is Skull Smash bass player)
Is this permanent?
Who is Guest?
What does recharged mean?

09/09/2014: Notification on Facebook Doom site that Doom is playing a show! 
 I have no information on who, why or what they will play.  PLEASE SEND ME ANY INFO YOU HAVE!  Video?  Somehow I will reward you!

12/28/2013: Discovered from their official web site: SKULL SMASH has stopped their activity indefinitely since April 2013
04/14/2013: Adding various new pics.
02/18/2013: First update in a while! Not a lot has happened in the past couple years.  I got ripped off in a
tape trade (so one bootleg is gone forever from me).  However, on the brighter side of things - my friend
Kenji translated the Koh Morota tribute article in KABBALA issue #21!  Who knows how long I've been trying
to get this translated... a decade??  See all of the new TRANSLATED links above.
05/05/2010: New Rockin'F gallery links/Gig list.
12/22/2009: New Rockin'F gallery links.
06/22/2009: Misc unsorted tidbits of info from visitors. Takashi Fujita wrote music and produced Blam Honey 
industrial/visualkei band) circa 1998-2000 they are also on Explosion. Takashi Fujita is a member of Def.Master,
mostly played live gigs. Takashi Fujita is also a session guitarist for J (Luna Sea), studio + tours.
Koh and Fujita guested on, Naoko Nozawa's 'Fuzakame'. As far as I know she was a comedian / tv personality 
that recorded an album and Doom probably did the tracks for a quick buck, or the fact that they were on the
same label had something to do with it. I believe they only appeared on one track, heisei gannen, or The first 
year of the Heisei. 

03/09/2009: Pics of leather items from Doom official fan club "KGB" (1992-1993?). Pendant & cigarette case.

03/09/2009: In the booklet in the box set there is a special interview with Takashi Fujita (2006). In the interview he says "Doom hasn't break up still now, and I think the Doom's name will be never vanished although I can't resume as a original band. But the people who have another point of view, as the young generation's kids, are searching for Doom by the internet and in the CD shops still now. This situation makes me keeping an motive I shall play in the name of Doom someday" (ed: I just think Fujita should join forces with Skull Smash and go for it!) 02/09/2009: Just discovered SKULL SMASH. Why didn't anyone tell me?!?! Click Here For Skull Smash Info 08/29/2008: New discovery! No idea how this popped out of the woodwork from one of my searches, but it looks interesting. The CD is "3 [drai]" by Soft Ballet on Alfa Records (ALCA-86) release date November, 28th 1990. Takashi Fujita & Koh Morota are both credited on the 4th track "Much Of Madness, More Of Sin". Both are also credited on another Soft Ballet CD "Document" (1990 ALfa Music ALCA-38 ASIN-B00005GI3Z), but the Much Of Madness track is the only one I see where they are credited together. 3 [drai] was reissued with 3 bonus tracks in 1996 (Alfa Music ALCA-5139 ASIN-B00005GI19). This track also appears on the CD the "Super Best of Soft Ballet" released in 2000... I want to check this out track badly. If you have this CD/wav/mp3 etc please email me for epic trade opportunity! Soft Ballet is some sort of industrial synth-pop band so I'm not sure if we have a undiscovered gem here or not... 08/18/2008: Couple More Pics 08/03/2008: Added a visitor map & Youtube video... If you know of a better free visitor map one let me know.
Locations of visitors to this page 01/25/2008: Not much news. Found this painting of Koh on the web. Artist unknown. 02/21/2007: Exclusive Brief Interview With Yoshitaka Hagiwara (Yoshi) webmaster of 'LIFE & MUSIC OF KOH MOROTA' What is your relationship to Koh & Doom? Do/did you personally know any of the current or past members? Mr. Joichi Hirokawa(Ds) is my friend. I met Hirokawa in 2000. I know he was the member of Doom, but I didn't saw their GIGS. I went to EGAO-DORAMI's GIG, & I met Morota, I talked with Morota only 2 times but I feel he was nice and gentle guy. If he stll alive, we will be friend... How popular was Doom in Japan? I think DOOM is not popular in Japan. Most people do not know DOOM. I am 43 years old, in my age, most of rock mania knows the name and visuals of DOOM. But young people does not know. I think they are unknown legend... But recently young rock mania knows about DOOM. I asked to sales person of CD shop, many young people buys the Doom's reissue albums. I think they want 'REAL HEAVY ROCK SOUND'. The sound of Most Japanese rock band are 'fake'. Do you know if Doom will ever record another album? I'm sorry, no. Did Doom ever play live anywhere besides Japan and a few gigs in the US? Perhaps No Did Doom tour much after 1989 (for the last couple CDs Human Noise & Illegal Soul)? The reason I ask is that I have many bootleg audio recordings from Doom's earlier albums but nothing recent They played gigs, but the members of Doom at that time does not recording the gigs. They didn't feel about importance for recordings of their gig. So the bootleg recordings are not exist. Can you tell me something about Doom that people in the USA may not know? They are one and only 'REAL ROCK BAND' IN JAPAN. Even many Japanese people does not their name, but the time will tell they were the 'ONE'. 01/29/2007: Box set of reissues? Anyone actually know exactly what the bonus material is for this? I have no information on this - except that it appears to be VERY limited. Let me know an English place where I can buy this and it's sold!! Update: It seems like this box set was combined by record retailer chain called Disk Union and their website said it's been already sold out. According to that website, this set is putting all four re-released CD in one box with special booklet. It seems like there's no bonus track for this box set. (That means Disk Union made special box and try to sell four CDs together) 01/29/2007: Small Koh discovery. TAIJI FUJIMOTO & FRIENDS - 'My Quest' - Released September, 1991 (CRCR-6025) Solo outing by DANCER guitarist TAIJI FUJIMOTO. The album 'My Quest' sported an array of guests including ex-DEAD END guitarist Yuji Adachi, DOOM bassist Koh Morota and ex-PRESENCE vocalist Shigeru Nishikawa. The title track boasted the inclusion of a formidable guitar arsenal of Kazuhide Shirota from PRESENCE, Fumihiko Kittaka of AROUGE, Tatsu of JACKS N' JOKER, Raven Otani of MARINO, Masanori Kusakabe of SNIPER, Masahiko Kuroki of WOLF and ex-PRECIOUS man Akira Kajiyama. Supplying bass would be CHESS ROCKS Atsushi Tada with drums courtesy of Masato Yamaguchi. 1.Groove Master 2.Searching For Love 3.Living On A Vain Street 4.Get Me Out 5.Fortune On My Side 6.My Quest 7.Jolly Roger 01/01/2007: Exclusive Brief Interview With Stephen Linsley Can you tell me some of the highlights of your life in the music business? What kinds of things did you accomplish? I was the bass player and a founding member of the Jim Carroll Band. I engineered and played bass on the first Public Enemy album. I 've done lot's of other stuff but those (and Doom) are what I consider to my highlights. Which Doom albums did you work on and what was you role? I was brought in to mix Complicated Mind. There was a mix producer but he really wasn't on the same page as the band. I connected so much with the music that they just let me go nuts. When they asked me to do Incompetent, I asked to produce just so we had no dead weight on the record. Did you suggest any arrangements for Incompetent (or other Doom recordings) or were they pretty much finished when you got involved? Much of the musical arrangement was intact but I had a major influence on capturing the live energy of the band and I came up with most of the layering and crazy sound effects (devilish echos and crazy vocal shit done to extra tapes and played back at weird speeds). The record was all analog. There was no digital reverb or digital fx. I used old school Beatles style tape flanging and tape echos. I really used tape as an extra instrument. It was fun to just react to them and ask them to do crazy mega tracking to fatten up different sounds. How, when, where and how long did you get to work with Doom? This was back starting in '87 and then again when they came back in 89. I have some great studio pictures that I wll dig up and send you. What's this about being a monk? I'm not sure but it sounds good. I was heavily into meditation - maybe that's the origin. How easy was it to communicate with the members of Doom (my assumption is it was difficult as their lyrics were broken English)? Did anyone suggest making the lyrics more intelligible to make them more marketable? (I'm sure glad they didn't as IMO the lyrics take them to another level) We had a full time translator, but amazingly there was a deep sense of communication between us. Music is a univeral language and we were all very heart oriented people. It was really that way with Koh. You could communicate with him non verbally. I made no effort to make the lyrics anymore intelligible aside from what ever it took to help make them powerful and clear (in an unclear Japlish sort of way). Do you know how many live gigs Doom played in the US? Was it just the one at CBGBs? Does video of that performance exist? I saw every gig they did. We all hung out a lot. They were fucking AMAZING live. They could do live what they did on record. That was why I didn't want anyone else mucking up the energy. I knew they could play live and that was the goal above all else in the studio. To capture a live performance. To capture the feel of what they did on stage. What did you consider unique/special about Doom vs. the other artists you worked with? All the things that you probably find special about them. As well as who they were as people and artists. They were immensely talented yet they were imensely human. The only other band that even remotely sounded or felt like them was maybe Voivod - and yet they seem overly polished compared to Doom. Again why I didn't want to try to make them more marketable. You play bass... can you name a couple bass players (living or dead) that you'd consider in Koh's league? Or maybe in your opinion you were not impressed by him? Jaco (ed: Pastorius). There are lot's of amazing rock bassists that I LOVE. Entwhistle, Braham mayby(Joe Jackson band) Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello) but these are just MY faves. Koh was scary to watch play inperson. Did you detect any indications of Koh being depressed? At the time no. But I would say that Koh being such a gentle being probably could have used a couple of mad days. I don't know, having been mildly famous in my early 20s and knowing what a chore it was to crawl out of the bent world view that being talented or famous gives you, I can understand why some people don't make it. It's hard to deal with the drollness of life after rock. I was lucky. It makes me really fucking sad that I never got back in touch with him. Naivly I would hope that friendship might have helped. Isolation and loneliness can kill you. Did you think Doom would be the next big thing? What do you see that prevented that from happening? Where they just too far ahead of their time? I don't think in those terms. Doom was just what they were. Not everything is meant to be commercial. In general commercial is unimaginative for the unimaginative masses. That's why we have Britney. Did you get to do anything social with the members of Doom or was it all business? Did they like or dislike anything in particular about America? We spent alot of time together and really had fun. We had a great BBQ at my house in Brooklyn after the last record was done. I was married during the first album (ed: Complicated Mind) and my wife was mad cuz I wanted to hang with them so much. 12/17/2006: DOOM REISSUES/REMASTERS?? ANNOUNCED FOR 1/24/2007 Killing Field +4 VICL-62213 01. Rocking Russian 02. Killing Field... 03. Ghosts Of Princess 04. Bad-Priest 05. Fence And Barricade + You End.Get Up!You (from: SKULL SLASH ZONE VOL.1) + Dooms Days (from: SKULL SLASH ZONE VOL.1) + Will Never End (from: Dance 2 Noise 003) + Parasite (from: Dance 2 Noise 006) Complicated Mind VICL-62214 Incompetent VICL-62215 Human Noise VICL-62216 12/17/2006: Acquired original Zadkiel CD (2006) 1 new track Y.K.M. & 4 video tracks!!! 09/23/2006: Learned something about the "chicken wire" video from a guy named Yakidango on Youtube who posted it. He says the video is a part of "ROCKIN'DEX 88", not a full concert: Translation says tape is 87 mins long, clips from 78 bands and sold by Victor Music Industry (VTM-145 VHS video 1988) 09/22/2006: Ordered Zadkiel CD from some place in Australia - once I learned from that it contains video clips! 09/18/2006: Acquired mp3s of Yokozeki Atsushi "Sea Of Joy" (1990)and Zadkiel "Highway Z" (One-sided 7" Flexi-Hero 1986) Thanks Rob! "Morota made his own band with female vocalist and played musics influenced from tribal or folk music. But this band couldn't get success. Only did some live shows and nothing released." "I believe this was Miss Cookie" (per Rob) (band leading into Egora Dorami???) Koh Morota has track on a Sumitada Azumano album which was probably cut from his solo Life and Death album. 08/10/2006: Apparently Zadkiel has now been released on CD (2006). For sale on! Get it for me :) 05/18/2006: Aquired the only professionally shot Doom footage that I'm aware of... What I received (thanks Steve!) was the Extreme Hot Candy - News From The Far East Loud Scene video. It was filmed 10/30/94 at Club Citta. Bands included are Doom, Displaced Person, Garlic Boys, Gumboil, Eroded, Grubby, Psychodemenz, Half Life, Savage Greed, Mother Of Soul, Casbah and Shellshock. Doom perform the song AFRAID. Fujita is credited on guitar, Pazz on drums, but mysteriously someone named DIE is playing bass. Maybe it is Masami Chiba from Shellshock?? I theorize this must have been filmed very shortly after Koh left the band. 06/27/2005: 5 new bootlegs aquired. 10. DOOM - Killing Field (2003, Legions Of Japanese Heavy Metal 80's) 2000 July having previously toured with DOOM, Outrage participarates in the recording of cover of DOOM's instrumental "I WILL BE WITH YOU" for the Japanese heavy metal tribute album "SPILIT" the track dedicated DOOM's great bassist Koh Morota JAPANESE HEAVY METAL TRIBUTE LIVE 2000.09.25 ON AIR EAST JAPANESE HEAVY METAL TRIBUTE 1. Impact [MARINO] / JAPAMETAL 2. Rock Shock [LOUDNESS] / JAPAMETAL 3. Metal Saber [SABBRABELLS] / YOUTHQUAKE 4. In Despair [CROWLEY] / YOUTHQUAKE 5. Slaughter House [LOUDNESS] / BEFORE CHRIST 6. [EARTHSHAKER] / THE DEAD P??P STAR 7. Replica [DEAD END] / Gargoyle 8. Satori Part1 [FLOWER TRAVELLING BAND] / Gargoyle 9. I Will Be With You [DOOM] / OUTRAGE 10. VORTEX 11. I'm On Fire [44 MAGNUM] / COCOBAT 12. Geronimo [GASTUNK] / COCOBAT 13. Vision Of The Lake Bottom [TERRA ROSA] / EDGE OF SPIRIT 01/19/2004: 10 new bootlegs aquired. 07/27/2003: Bootleg section added. Lots of misc graphics. 03/27/2003: Found some Zadkiel pics!! (Early band of Koh's) Show me the person to kill for the 7" picture disc! 03/17/2003: Some misc tidbits of info that will later be wrapped into the FAQ: Koh played on Yokozeki Atsushi's instrumental album "Sea of Joy" (1990). Koh played on the first #9 album (1998 cellophan records CLPN-001 / 2001 CD VAP VPCC-84040) 01. Yellow & Sunshine 02. Sing A Simple Song 03. ???? 04. 1999 05. GOLD DUST 06. ???? 07. Chandigarh 08. Alhambra 09. HEY! Mr.FREEMAN 10. ?????? 11. ??????? 12. Elevator 13. Voice from the otherside BAKI(Vocal,Guitar) Koh (#9) also played on the Bauhaus tribute compilation called 'Satori' (song "Who Killed Mr. Midnight") 1998 CD Nippon Crown/PANAM CRCP-20199 2. #9 / Who Killed Mr. Moonlight BAKI(Vocal), Kousaku(Guitar), Koh Morota(Bass), Fujikake(Drums) Quartergate (1992 Alzheimer AHR-1) is a new band discovery that features all of Doom with Baki (of Gastunk) on vocals! 1. A CANNED CONCRETE 2. LOVE HATE 3. YOUNG DRUG KING 4. BRASH LIGHT [on the ashes] 5. ORANGE 6. STRANGE BLUE BAKI, TAKASHI FUJITA, KOH MOROTA, TOHRU “Texas Johnny” SASAKI, PAZZ, etc. The "chicken wire" portion of the Doom promo video was made by Rockin' F in 1988. It is a collection of all important bands from 1988. It is an extremely rare video! 01/05/2003: Fryolani 3 a success! 10/18/2002: More bootlegs discovered: Exprosion, Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan 07/22/1986 45 min Shinjyuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan 02/21/1988 60 min Shinjyuku Loft, Tokyo, Japan 08/11/2000 46 min 10/13/2002: Thank you Mitsuharu Nakamura for selling me the orignal Dance 2 Noise Vol 6 disc! The end of a two year search... 09/12/2002: Discovered three new Doom audio bootlegs (I'm pretty sure I have one of the Exprosion ones, but not sure which since the bootleg I have only says 1986) Exprosion, Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan 05/16/1986 26 min Exprosion, Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan 12/06/1986 45 min Eggplant, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 08/22/1987 42 min 02/26/2002: Acquired Doom track "Afraid" from Koji at Kabbala. I am forever in your debt! Thank you! 01/28/2002: Received issue #21 of KABBALA. Can anyone translate Japanese?? I will mail you a copy of the article! Please help! Thanks John for the zine! 12/29/2001: Koh Morota tribute discovered in issue #21 (Aug '99) of the underground Japanese thrash and heavy metal magazine KABBALA. 11/12/2001: Discovered Extreme Hot Candy - News From The Far East Loud Scene Compilation (which has a video counterpart) The Doom featured track is called "Afraid" 08/24/2001: Attended first annual Fryolanti Doom Festival. Thank you Jyoichi!!! Absolutely amazing! 06/08/2001: Acquired "Will Never End" off the Dance 2 Noise 3 compilation. Thanks to Yoshino for encoding it for me and Ken for the programming to put it all together! 03/02/2001: Discovered Koh Morota solo CD! Thanks Sven! 02/15/2001: Found alternate artwork for No More Pain - I suspect it is the vinyl cover 02/12/2001: Encoded .MPG of official Doom Promo Clip Live At CBGB's "20th Century Proud Man" 11/15/2000: New Doom tracks discovered (Dance 2 Noise Compilations) 08/09/2000: Thanks to Disk Haven & Nobuo Tomoda in Japan for Where Your Life Lies! 08/07/2000: "I was told a buddist monk left the "monkhood" to engineer or produce the "Incompotent" CD" - Devon Morf (President of Howling Bull America) 05/19/1999: Was notified that Koh Morota was found dead 05/07/1999! See below for a full report! Quotes: "Doom is surely art rock of the highest calibre!" - J Of Luna Sea LINKS: Official Doom Site! Life and Music of Koh Morota Takashi Fujita's private website Skull Smash (Doom Tribute) website KABBALA Official Website H.G. Fact Homepage Takashi Fujita plays as a member of J's band Pazz side project called I Love You... OK!? Soft Ballet Info Page With Doom References

DOOM is one of the most talented and experimental "metal" bands in the world!
They are definately the most incredibly overlooked band of all time!
I could try to describe their sound in detail but it's best left to the listener
to make heads or tails of it. "New Wave Art Metal" is a good translation 
of their unique style. They are based in Japan and sing in (broken) English.

DOOM was formed in 1984 by Fujita (Vocals, Guitar) and Ko Morota. After an invitation from Morota, 
Hirokawa joined the band.

The band quickly released the demo “DOOM”, introducing their signature sound, influenced by genres
like progressive music, hardcore, blues, jazz, and gaining a reputation for extremely unique originality,
bolstered by the strong impact of their striking white face-paint.

In 1986, the band released the 4-song EP “Go Mad Yourself!” and contributed 2 songs for a compilation 
album V.A. ”Skull Thrash Zone” (including artists like DOOM, X (now known as X JAPAN), ROSE ROSE, 
Jurassic Jade, Ground Zero, and SHELLSHOCK). Following these releases, DOOM's first studio album 
“No More Pain…” garnered good sales and a strong reputation both domestically and abroad.

In 1988, the band released its first-ever major debut album “Killing Field…” on Victor Entertainment.
The band went to the U.S. for audio mixing of its next album, and while there played a handful of live
dates at places including the legendary CBGB's in New York.

The album “Complicated Mind” followed shortly after and in 1989, the band went to the U.S. again to
continue recording and launched a US East Coast tour.

The album “Incompetent" followed. In the process of embarking on many tours domestically, 
Hirokawa left the band, and PAZZ of the band GASTUNK replaced him, bringin new blood to the band and 
with them, DOOM's exciting sound became even more accelerated.

In 1991, the band released the album “Human Noise", signaling a change in sound, with the introduction
of an industrial musical approach, and utilization of bold and exciting sound effects.

In 1992, a side-project, “QUARTERGATE”, was formed, as BAKI, a singer of GASTUNK joined the band, 
and released “QUARTERGATE”. The band also released “Illegal Soul” in November of that year.

In 1994, in its continuing development, Morota took a temporary leave from the band due to illness.
Even though the band released EPs and played live with Chiba from SHELLSHOCK filling in, DOOM more or 
less went on hiatus. (Morota released a solo album “Seishi (life and death)” in 1997).

In 1999, Morota died suddenly in an unexpected accident. In November of that year, the band was reformed,
as a collaboration unit by Fujita and yu-mi of Def.Master, and released “Where You Life Lies!?”. 
Following this release, the band went on hiatus again, for once and for all, or so it was thought.

After more than a decade, it seemed that it would never again be possible to experience the band DOOM.
However, in 2014, founding member Fujita recruited PAZZ and Kodaira (who was a member of CASBAH before)
and DOOM - the band responsible for a number of legends - finally resumed.

DOOM is:

Takashi (Taka) Fujita             - Guitar & Vocals.

Koh Morota "Pirarucu" (1963-1999) - Fretless Bass, Chorus.  Apparently left band in late 93/early 94 some time after 
                                    recording Neu Konservatiw/Dance 2 Noise Vol 6/Extreme Hot Candy??? (DIE??) tracks.
                                    (Zadkiel -> Doom -> You [90] -> Quartergate [92] -> Schaft [94] -> Solo [97] -> Egora Dorami [98/99] -> #9 [98])
Jyo-ichi (Joe) Hirokawa           - Drums, Chorus
                                    Replaced after the album "Incompetent".
Pazz (Shigeru Kobayasho)          - Drums on "Human Noise", "Illegal Soul". 
                                    He is formerly of the Japanese band GASTUNK.
Masami Chiba                      - Bass on "Freakout" 7", split 7" "Sure" w/ Hedgehog
                                    He is formerly of the Japanese band SHELLSHOCK.
Takatoshi (Tabo) Kodaira          - (2015-) Bass.  Ex-bass player in Casbah, Terror Squad, Ultimate Loudspeaker

Lineup on Where Your Life Lies!?  - Taka "CBGB" Fujita (Guitar, Bass & Voice)
                                    Tatsuya Yumi (Manipulat And Treatment)
                                      Tatsuya Yumi is a vocalist of Def.Master, and also doing programming.
                                      Def.Master (Definition Master) is a Japanese industrial music band.
                                    Guiwie (Screaming Bass)
      *There is a special thanks to Koh saying "I don't forget your bass sound and soul".


-Essential Pazz Info-
PAZZ (Shigeru Kobayasho): Drums
Height: 169 cm
Eyes: Brown
Town Of Origin: Saga
Likes: Tofu
Dislikes: Green Pepper
Favorite Gastunk Track: Husk, Baruth
Has retaurant in the Tokyo Shinjuku area
His ramen noodle shop in Tokyo Sendagaya is called GOTEN.
He always hold the both drum sticks and chop sticks. 


Pazz has preformed in several Gastunk reunions, and played in the band "I Love You...OK!?".
This unit is consists of Pazz, Wildbear Ohmura and an 8-string bassist.
Their sound is somewhat improvisational, loud and progressive.
  Album Name                 CD Year  Label                Catalog Number 
  -----------------------    -------  -------------------- -------------- 
  Go Mad Yourself! 7"        1986.05  Rock House/Explosion EXP-HM-101017
  No More Pain...            1987.11  Explosion Works      EXP-HMD251050/EXP-HM283024 (Vinyl?)
  Skull Thrash Zone Vol I    1987.12  Invitation           VICL-2078 
    *2 Songs Appear on this Compilation "You End. Get Up! You" & "Dooms Days"
  Killing Field                 1988  Invitation           VDR-9059
  Complicated Mind              1988  Invitation           VDR-1577
  Incompetent...                1989  Invitation           VDR-1635
  Human Noise                   1991  Invitation           VICL-116
  Illegal Soul                  1992  Alzheimer            AHR-2
  Dance 2 Noise #3 Compilation  1992  Victor/Invitation    VICL-319 (08/26/1992)
   (^Will Never End - Track 11 - features Takashi Fujita, Koh Morota, Shigeru "Pazz" Kobayasho, Takeshi Yoshida)   
  Dance 2 Noise #6 Compilation  1993  Victor/Invitation    VICL-23081 (10/21/1993)
   (^Parasite - KISS cover - Track 6 - features Takashi Fujita, Koh Morota & Pazz) 
        PARASITE (Ace Frehley)
        She'll always be there trying to grab a hold 
        She thought she knew me, but she didn't know 
        That I was sad and wanted her to go 
        Parasite lady 
        Parasite eyes 
        Parasite lady 
        No need to cry 

        I didn't wanna have to get away 
        I told her things I didn't want to say 
        I need her and I hope she'll understand 

        Parasite lady 
        Parasite eyes 
        Parasite lady 
        No need to cry 

  * Note that KISS's lyrics are not much more sophisticated than Doom's!
  RAD Compilation               1993  BMG Victor           BVCR-1403
   (^1st Wild Thrush Of Fear) *This is actually a less produced version of The Scraps Screamed
  Neu Konservatiw Compilation   1993  God Mountain         GMCD 009
   (^The Scraps Screamed) 
   The Scraps Screamed (6:36)
   Takashi Fujita: guitar, vocal
   Koh Morota: bass
   Pazz: drums
   Hoppy Kamiyama: keyboards
   Genya Kuwajima: keyboards, samples
   Words by Takashi Fujita and music by Doom
   Arranged by Doom and Hoppy Kamiyama
   Recorded and mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound, Tokyo in October 1993
  Extreme Hot Candy Compilation 1994  
  Extreme Hot Candy - VIDEO Extreme Hot Candy Extreme Hot Candy
  Taste Compilation             1995  Bacteria Sour        4-D
   (^The Nightmare Runs)
  Where Your Life Lies!?        1999  Ape Bros Records     APBR0001 

  7" Why?/Last Stand to Hell (Explosion/Live Flexi/1986??)
  H.G. Fact 004 (HG-004) (Released 02/26/1993) - Split 7" w/ Cocobat (1 track entitled: "The Nightmare Runs")
  Variant Cover 1 Variant Cover 2 Variant Cover 3  
  H.G. Fact 019 (HG-019) (Released 07/17/1995) - 7" "Freakout" (2 tracks entitled: "Cruel World" & "Broken Walls" - Jacket artwork by Pushead)
  H.G. Fact 021 (HG-021) (Released 09/08/1994) - Split 7" w/ Hedgehog (1 track entitled: "Sure" (H.G. Fact/Pushead Fanclub))

Go Mad Yourself! 7" (1986)

-This Side-

1. Fire On The OIL

2. Last Stand To Hell

-Other Side-

1. Why!?

2. Go Mad Yourself!

NO MORE PAIN... (1987)

8. WHY!?







BOOTLEGS/CONCERTS (All Performed in Japan):

   Date            Location/Venue           Time   Source  Comments
----------  -----------------------------  ------- ------  --------------------------------------------
  ~1986           Tokyo (Explosion)                 ***    6 Tracks: Fire On The OIL, Go Mad Yourself!,
                                                           Last Stand to Hell, You Don't Cry... No Long Life, 
                                                           Why!?, & 'Til Death.
05/16/1986  Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo      26:00   *** 
07/22/1986  Explosion Kagurazaka Tokyo      45:00   ***
08/17/1986  Osaka Egg Plant                         ***                                                                                                                
09/20/1986  Shinjyuku Loft                          ***
12/06/1986  Exprosion Kagurazaka Tokyo      45:00   ***
01/11/1987  Nagoya Imaike-Geion-Gekijyou            ***
02/14/1987  Kagurazaka Explosion                    ***
04/14/1987  Toshima Koukaido                        ***
04/29/1987  Live @ Rock-May-Kan Tokyo               *** 
05/11/1987  Blowdown, Hirakata, Osaka       57:00   ***
05/14/1987  Kyoto Vivre-Hall                        ***
07/12/1987  Sendai Forum-Morningmoon                ***
07/25/1987  Saitama-Kaikan                          ***
08/22/1987  Eggplant Shibuya Tokyo          42:00   *** 
08/29/1987  Rockin' Okazaki, Aichi          52:56   ***
09/26/1987  Osaka Candy-Hall                        ***
01/??/1988  Live @ The Loft Tokyo                   ***    Killing Field, Fence and Barricade, etc! 
01/24/1988  Toyoshima Koukaido                      *** 
04/11/1988  Burbonhouse, Osaka             ~78:00   MAT
02/21/1988  Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo            60:00   ***
07/21/1988  Electlic Lady Land, Nagoya              ***
04/03/1989  Electlic Lady Land, Nagoya      71:51   ***   
08/11/2000  Shinjyuku Loft Tokyo            46:00   ***    Killing Field, Complicated Mind material!

 ~1988      Doom performed 3 concerts in New York (one was at CBGB's)
08/30/1991  Doom played with Outrage, United & Shellshock (according to Burrn! #8 Aug 1991)
09/05/1991  Shinjuku Loft (according to Fool's Mate (Issue #122 Dec 1991) (Performed songs from Human Noise)


Some comments Nobuo Tomoda ("Kill Yourself", "Crossover" and the "Early Thrash 
Metal Restoration Campaign") e-mailed me about Doom.  I think Doom is (was)
the best band in Japan. My most favorite album is Human Noise.  I saw their live
show only 1 time in '86.  The live was with Jurassic Jade, Sabbat and a fun band
of a member of Outrage.  I found Morota at Primus live some years ago. I 
only know some "not-in-your-faq-page" things about them.  Morota (and 
Fujita, maybe) had played under the name of "Zadkiel" before they started
Doom. And Zadkiel made 1 LP (or EP?) After the release of Illigal Mind, Morota had
lelt the band, and the band was split out. Morota made his own band with female 
vocalist and played musics influenced from tribal or folk music. But this band 
couldn't get success. Only did some live shows and nothing released.  After the 
end of his new band, he made a solo album.  Doom was reunioned without Morota
and made split 7".

(About Psychical Island of You):  YOU is Yuji Adachi, a guitarist of ex-Dead End, 
                                  ex-Terra Rosa.  Psychical Island was his solo
(About Oyayubihime)            :  This album was of Mami Yamase. Oyayubihime was
                                  the title of this album.  Mami Yamase is a 
                                  funny TV talent, a girl of the pic on CD jacket.

Forwarded email to me regarding Koh's death: Last week was bit downer
for me as I got the news from one of my knowings who used to be a drummer of DOOM.
(Do you remeber them?  That Japanese Heavy Rock trio?) He called me after long 
blank,and the news he told me was worst one. That he said, ex-bass player of 
DOOM was found dead after missing for while. I went his awake and it was really
weird feeling. I met many people who used to be/is in the HM bands when Japanese
thrash metal scene was really "IN" and most of them are looked different,
getting older,and some of them became parents... I just thought if it wasn't this
kinda occasion, it would have been a great reunion, but unfortunately reality is
really harsh...I still don't know how he died, but I kinda know why he died.
I heard he's been suffering manic depression for long time and had had terrible
time because of it. He might be tired of being feel that way... All I can say now
is I just hope he's now rest in peace he needed long time.  It was really sad to
see his parents and brother...

Another Koh's death related e-mail from: Gaku Arden Suzuki
I recieved your email about die of Koh Morota.  I'm sorry to tell, it is true.
He died at May 7th, cause of drown in the river.  No one knows why he drown.
He found on the dead. Thank you. (

Commentary from Sven - former bassist of German metal band the Aardvarks
There were also other cool bands and musicians at this time who have influenced me (Les "Playcool"
Claypool from Primus, Doug Keyser from Watchtower, Steve Di Giorgio from Sadus),
but no one could ever beat KOH MOROTA. He is still the king.

DOOM Review from Metal Madness #10 - Written by the Hellion
DOOM were formed a couple of years ago by Takashi Fujita (Guitar and vocals) and
Koh Morota (Bass).  Koh came from the band Zadkiel.  They went through various
drummers before lining up with Joe Hirokawa.  In May 1986, the band released the
excellent "Go Mad Yourself" Ep.  This contained some very heavy material, based
upon very off beat rhythms, heavy drums and wild vocals.  The bass playing of 
Koh is quite incredible.  Doom is just plain outrageous, and a hell of an
adventure.  Just a week or two ago the outrageous "No More Pain" (ed: was 
released).  This Lp just plain kicks ass!!  Read the review in this issue for
more.  The band will be playing some live gigs to support the Lp, but there are
no plans for anything in the USA.  I highly recommend DOOM, if you are looking 
for something complex and very heavy!!

Review:  DOOM - NO MORE PAIN (Explosion)
The dirty sound that DOOM achieve on this LP is extremely powerful and super
heavy!!  The opening power chords of Death to Wimp are heavy as hell, and the 
muddy production helps the overall power, rather than take away.  The guitar 
solo on Body No Body has a synth sound to it, but gives a very different 
sound to the song.  No More Pain is an excellent composition.  The drums and 
bass work so well together in this band.  The mucianship is excellent for 
this powerful thrash act.  Check out this powerful Japanese thrash act, their

Some of Koh Morota's side projects/new bands have been discovered:

Koh Morota is listed as playing bass on Snakeman's Rock Show! 3: Kurayami de Dokkiri 
(MMG, AMCW-4153)

Koh Morota is listed as playing bass on the 1994 Victor Entertainment (VICL-567) album by 
Schaft named "Switchblade".  Koh plays bass on track #9 called "Information".
Schaft is a Buck Tick side project.

The Koh Morota solo CD (05/20/1997 BDR-0349 10 songs) is called "Life & Death".  Most of the music is only played with 
fretless bass & piano, and it's absolutely beautiful.  Four of the songs have English song titles.  
They are: Dancing Frog, Dreaming Sky, I remember Mr. Yashiaki Kakuta & Japanese Cat Fish. (Again thanks Sven!)

Koh's last band before he died was "Egora Dorami".
There is a 4 song demo by Egora Dorami from 1998 and a 4 song demo from 1999 (Thanks Sven!).

YOU - Psychical Island 
BMG Victor BVCR-14 (09/21/90) Koh plays bass on entire CD.

1. Psychical Island (Instrumental)
2. I am Boogie Man
3. I Only Believe In Demons (ed: my personal pick!!)
4. Dance Of Death
5. Pigs Of Pink (ed: not sure if this is really a track-it is not on my tape)
6. High Command
7. Monday (Instrumental)
8. Black Money
9. Far Beyond The Dunwich City
10. Necrotomy (Instrumental)

King Records (11/21/89)  CD titled Oyayubihime by Mami Yamase. Koh plays on tracks 6 & 8.

MISC TRANSLATIONS: (Kept in DOOM-like lyrical form!) 

Translation of text on "Killing Field":

     The Slash Metal Movement caught attention in Japan, about the end of
1986, Japanese bands began to acquire popularity as well as foreign bands
such as Metallica and Anthrax.  In 1987, tickets for many of these Slash
Metals' gigs were frequently sold out, and the record sales in the market
showed a great increase.  In the summer, Japan's Slash Metal Movement
reached its own peak, with the influence from, somehow oddly, Skate Rock
which shares common characteristics in some dimensions of scoring.  However,
the trend began to move downward, partly because of the new trend of Rock'n
Roll.  Eventually, the number of audience at their gigs decreased
drastically, and the situation became very tough for bands to survive unless
a band shows a considerable talent.
     This DOOM went through such a situation and survived.  I suppose that
they were promised since its beginning.  {I believe that they had such a
considerable talent.}  Even though they are categorized as a Slash Metal
band, their sound style is much more extensive and profound.  They were able
to attract non-slash favored audience.  Certainly, their lyrics and make-up
{appearance} appeal as a Slash Metal, and the outline of their sound is VERY
Slash Metal.  However, their sound contains the same elements of Freakout
Jazz, Fusion, Progressive Rock, and 60's and 70's Hard Rock, and thus it is
very uniquely created.
     I first met these guys in the summer of 1985.  At that time, they had
not had a drummer yet, so T. Fujita (Vocal, Guitar) and K. Morota (Bass)
were composing songs using a rhythm box.  Yet they had already founded {the
basis of} some sort of their mysterious Rock.
     After that, they spent months on rehearsals and auditions for selecting
a drummer, and finally started DOOM with J. Hirokawa (Drums) in January
1986.  DOOM's debut was at the Kagurazaka Explosion in March performing
"Skull Smash Gig", and they released {their first} single "Go Mad Yourself!"
which contained four songs in May.  One of these four songs, "Why!?" caught
attentions by its fast playing bass-guitar, and the name, DOOM became known
to the Japanese audience.  Consequently, people from all over Japan
requested to see their live concerts and, although the size was small, a
tour across the country was conducted in the summer.  The band soon became
quite well-known, also due to their violent stage performances which
employed fire and destruction.
     In October they started to record their first album.  In February of
1986 {1987?}, the following year, despite some trouble of recording devices,
"No More Pain..." was released by the Explosion label.  The band also
contributed "You End, Get Up You" and "Dooms Days" to an omnibus album
"Skull Thrash Zone Vol. I" released by Victor at the same time period, and
became quite active.
     During this period of time, I believe, we - editorial office - received
a letter from Motoki Hitomi of the VOW WOW {a popular Japanese rock band}
which had already moved all their activities to England; saying "send me a
music tape, cuz I wanna listen to the sound of DOOM."  I copied their
singles and album to a cassette tape and sent it to him immediately.  We
later received a letter back from Motoki saying "Doom is amazing."  When
they {the VOW WOW?} came back for the live performances{s} in October,
Motoki, Kyoji Yamamoto, and Reii Atsumi visited DOOM's gig at the
Meguro-Rokumeikan on September 28th.  They said, "DOOM is really terrific. 
It's a real Rock band.  I believe they can be accepted in Europe."  DOOM got
an applause even from the VOW WOW which competes with the world {for the
world's audience}.
     Back to the original topic.  The DOOM after releasing their album was
truly terrific, as was stated by Motoki.  Tickets for their frequent gigs,
including solo-gigs and planned {joined} gigs, were completely or almost
sold out.  They even had a gig with a new-wave band, although the response
from the audience was not bad.  Their profound talent of music attracted a
wide range of audience, from teenage junior-high students to
businessman-like in their 30's {The author seemed to have seen a man who
looks like a businessman in his 30's at their concert or somewhere}.  Their
sale of albums went very well, and they even hit No. 1 on the Indy's Chart
in the summer.
     Around that time, they had offers from some major record companies. 
Among these, they chose Victor Records who had made strong approaches to
them.  They started recording their new album on Dec. 17th of 1987, and THIS
{album} is the result of their work.
     {In this new album,} their overwhelming originality remains the same. 
Their novel thythm section, expressive vocal, .... words are not enough to
describe {their talent in their music}.  By employing various methods used
in their previous recording (this time, K. Morota even plays a woodbase),
they achieved high quality in their music, in spite of their short term
recording of 10 days.  This album might well be even better than their
previous, in terms of the sound quality, melody, and the mix-down which
emphasizes the mood {rather than details} of music.
     Some will appreciate their music in the technical aspect, such as
bass-guitar lines and guitar-riffs.  However, we can fully appreciate DOOM's
"passion of Rock" as well.  In other words, grief and anger reside in their
sound, and they are appealing to listeners' hearts.  At the same time, we
are led to the peculiar world that they render.... They have the soul that
is the essence of Rock, that is now being lost {in our society}.
     Although little promotional effort has been made {they caught so much
attention}, their "No More Pain..." as put on the air by a FM station in
Chicago.  Also, record shops in New York and distributors in Europe
requested to deal in their album.  Magazines in other countries introduced
them... {etc.}  They have had those good opportunities {so far}.  Now that
their new piece came out, which is even better than their previous one, it
might be possible for them to move on to the world{'s music scene}. 
Considering what they have achieved so far, MAYBE SO....!!
                                        (Yukinobu Hasegawa, 12/26/87)

* Lyrics will be distributed at the live concerts

     I attempted not to change sentances and kept in this transcript the
stylish differences as always found in Japanese writings.  I also avoided
making personal interpretations when the exact meaning was not clearly
mentioned by the author.  To help readers in English, some personal
interpretations were added in {  }.  Each paragraph in this transcript
corresponds with paragraphs in the original article in Japanese.
Translation of text on "Complicated Mind":

     Doom had the track-down for their new album in New York City.
Their mixing producer was Chris Butler, who stated, "Doom is a great
band.  They have the complicated rhythm and the mysterious melody.  I enjoy
them more than the typical hard-rock band in the United States.  The music
of Doom can be called 'New-Wave-Art metal'". 
     The mixing was conducted at Quantum recording studio in New Jersy with
Steve Linsley.  He mentioned that he was often unable to do what he wanted
to do with other bands due to their limited styles.  However, he expressed
his satisfaction with working on Doom's new album because he could "explore
many things without being limited to one genre."  Therefore, they were as if
conducting experiments in the studio, and their concern grasped every little
     Their last album, "Killing Field", was criticized of excessive
complication and progression.  But this new album is more straightforward.
In the United States, music bands such as Jane's Addiction, Living Color,
and Guns 'N Roses, have been very successful, due to their creative and
original style of the sound which is added to the root of hard rocks.
Doom has the same sort of component, as in "Slave of Heaven" and "Can't
Break My...", and thus they might be accepted by American audiences.
     While Doom was in New York, they performed three live concerts
including one at CBGB's.  The audience first looked at the band with a kind
of cold stare, but started to dance as soon as the band got going.  In the 
end, people were coming up for handshakes and autographs, and asking if they
have their records for sale.  This proved Doom's potential of gaining a
large popularity in the the world.
                                       Yuki(-nobu) Hasegawa  10/25/88

Translation from "Burrn! Japan" (Issue #2 1988)
     First Talk by Super-Characteristic Guys

The word "individualistic (a person of strong individuality)" becomes
less persuasive if overused.  No other suitable adjective can be
found for K. Morota of Doom and Baby of Gastunk.  Never being an "hard
worker in the background," they are the bassists who can make all-around
play.  Their talk began with the unexpected greeting by Baby.  This was
the first time they have met.
BABY:  How do you do?  Nice to meet you.
MOROTA:  Nice to meet you, too.
--(Interviewer): Ha!  Is this the first time?
BABY:  (He nodded without saying)
--:  But, did you guys know of each other?
MOROTA:  Yes.  I saw the live concert of Gastunk at Shinjuku Loft before
I started Doom.  I often listened to their first single and "Dead Song."
I admired their stong impact.
BABY:  I am only recently familiar with Doom.  Although I had heard of the
name Doom, I had not listened to their music.
--:  What do you think of him?
BABY:  How amazing he is!  He is frightening.  Even now I am scared.
--:  How old are you?
MOROTA:  I am 25 years old.
BABY:  26 years old.
--:  When did you first indulge yourself in music?
MOROTA:  I began listening to music when I was a middle school student.
At first I listened to the Rolling Stones, and next Kiss and Aerosmith
when they played in Japan.  Later on, the fusion boom occurred, didn't it?
I headed in another direction to something like jazz, and then returned
to where I am today.
BABY:  I did many things such as folk music, punk rock and hard rock.
My preference has always been changing. (laughing)
--:  Where you both bassists from the beginning?
BABY:  No, I used to play guitar.
MOROTA:  I played folk guitar.
--:  Why did you start playing bass guitar?
MOROTA:  Because there were not many guys around me who played bass.  I was
somehow forced to do so.
--:  When the Doom was formed, there was no bassist, right?
MOROTA:  Yeah, that is true. (laughing)
--:  How about Baby?
BABY:  I was influenced by Jean Simmons.  I was simply impressed with
the impact.
--:  I think the common feature of your play is that you are not trying
to become friendly with the style of the band, right?
BABY:  Absolutely (nodded).
--:  Do you have something that you are always keeping in mind?  Like
BABY:  Well, I do as I like, just expressing myself.
MOROTA:  Basically, so do I.  I do as I want, not trying to be like others.
BABY:  I absolutely do not want to be like anybody else.
MOROTA:  Yeah, I don't think I want to stand out. (laughing)  But I want
to show off my existence.  I'm not saying this for my sake.  Looking
around carefully, I also want to show my personality.
--:  Bassists are apt to be a hard worker in the background (ed: importance
potentially under estimated)  I think, for both groups, bass becomes more
important than guitar for particular songs.
BABY:  Yes.. I agree.
--:  For instance, there might be songs that are created from the bass line.
Don't you think so?
MOROTA:  Well, when I compose music that is always true.  That's the only
way I can do it. (laughing)  Because the bass line wants to make an
impressive sound, the way of composing naturally follows the intention.
--:  For Gastunk, how do you make sounds? (ed: write songs)
BABY:  In general, we compose cooperatively.  But we also put alot of
importance on the personality of the composer, trying to respect each
other.  If I compose music, it is likely to be something in which the
bass stands out.
--:  In the base of the song that is composed by another member, you
play following the style of its composer, don't you?  I don't think
you are satisfied with the regular way to play it.
BABY:  In my case, I feel something strange follows me.  I can change
myself when I play bass.  I am just meaninglessly out of mind. (laughing)
--:  When you are on stage, you look quite different from what you are.
If we talked maked-up today, this talk would be different (laughing)
(ed:  They would be different with make-up on!)
BABY:  Likewise, I can change on stage.
MOROTA:  I will be completely different from myself in a normal state.
So many people are surprised with the difference when they see me in
a normal state.
--:  Do you think you scare you fans?
MOROTA:  Many people say so.
BABY:  Me, too.
--:  When you are recording, do you try to imagine that you are on stage?
MOROTA:  That's difficult.  When recording, I try not to worry about small
things.  I make much of the whole feeling.  (ed: concentrates on the whole
BABY:  I basically don't consider anything. (laughing)
MOROTA:  (chuckling)
BABY:  Basically, I make my mind empty.. making fingers move naturally..
Acting on instinct, I try to utilize something that floats from the
unconscious movement of my fingers.  That's important.
--:  If you want to play like that, does somebody in the band act as a
BABY:  Nobody does.
MOROTA:  (laughing)
BABY:  While we are discussing each other, everything gets along somehow.
Pretty difficult, though.  How about Doom?
MOROTA:  Well, we don't have an idea to manage.  Three members play
arbitrarily as we like.  As a result, if we can get along, that's OK.
If the song itself it apart from us, we should be cautious.  If not,
we don't mind.  Each of us knows the atmosphere of the band.  If it does
not fit the atmosphere, we may play as we please (ed: ???)
--:  How about Gastunk?
BABY:  Yes, we should be free to do so.
--:  You are saying that it is alright to play however you want if you are
able to make something better?
MOROTA:  That's what everybody wants to do.  We may say what we should be.
We do things because we like them.
--:  You mean that you are not forced to play a certain way?
BABY:  I do.
--: Please give me an example.
BABY:  For example, I consider "what is the best bass line to make this
this song work?"  I cannot make it possible by playing naturally as
finger works.
MORTOTA:  That could be but I don't think about it so deeply. (laughing)
I take account of the portion to suppress myself in a song.  That's
something like pace making.  But basically free.
BABY:  He plays a fretless bass.  It is really free.
MOROTA:  Well, this is a tough instrument.
BABY:  To tell you the truth, I want to use a fretless.
MOROTA:  I prefer the sound of a fretless bass.  The attack is no produced
so loudly.  The way sound emitted is not straight.  The beginning seens to
be unstable.  I like that.
BABY:  It is really interesting.  While I am playing, I can express
myself much better.  Imagination grows.
--:  Like you are copied?
BABY:  Well, I feel imagination grows more than I think.
MOROTA:  It is an instrument that we can express subtle nuances even of
my violent aspect.  The feeling of the player is apt to be sensed
straightly.  Essentially, bass is not an easy instrument to express
feelings with.  However, a fretless bass can make it easier.
--:  If you were able to make your own music, what do you think it would be?
MOROTA:  It would be nonsense. (laughing)
BABY:  Me too.  It would be music which could only be understood by me.
--:  For example, are you able to play the bass for an hour just as
you like?
MOROTA:  Well... I can.
BABY:  No I can't.  I would smoke.
MOROTA:  (chuckling)
BABY:  I don't like practicing. (laughing)  I am random about that.
MOROTA:  (chuckling)
BABY:  I want to put more importance on the swift feeling at the moment.
--:  Do you think Doom practices hard?
MOROTA:  Yes, we do moderately.  Sometimes we are random, though.  Recently
we have been doing well.
--:  Because your record is on sale now, you have to accurately play
it live.  Has your responsibility increased?
BABY:  Yeah.. I don't care. (laughing)  I want to take care of myself.  I
want to foster what comes out from my inside.  I'm glad to play bass.
MOROTA:  We can improve our bass rather than guitar.  Nothing has been
done for bass.  If there were many musicians (bass) who would play strange
things, that would be interesting.
BABY:  I want to do something new.  I don't want to imitate what others
have done.  However, in terms of album promotion, I should do the same
as others. (laughing)
MOROTA:  I agree.  Besides bass, I don't want to be the same as others.
I have been thinking that for a long time.  That might be my personality.
--:  You mean a perverse person?
MOROTA:  ...Yes, certainly. (laughing)  (ed: I'm not sure what they are
getting at!)
--:  Is there something you guys would like to say to each other?
BABY:  I would like Doom to do their best.  They could be accepted by
the entire world.
MOROTA:  Well...
BABY:  Be self-confident, work harder.  I think Morota is the key person.
I think his playing is amazing.  I can't imitate it.  His playing
style is definately abnormal.  I've never heard anything like it.  I heard
his rumor.  When I was in Los Angeles, there was a special program about
Japanese Rock music on the air.  Among them, Doom and Gastunk were
outstanding.  It was unusual!  Americans must have noticed their
--:  Finally, could you please give some advice for those who wish to
become a bassist?
MOROTA:  Try as you like.  You will be able to play differently from others.
You may do as others do.  But even if you want to imitate others, do as
you want without thinking anything.  Don't overthink.
--:  Any other comments?
BABY:  That is our conclusion. (laughing)

Translation from "Fool's Mate" (Issue #122 Dec 1991)

     September 5, 1991 
     At Shinjuku Loft (The name of the place where the live concert was performed)
     Ultimately Extravagant Noise
I think it is thoughtless (imprudent) to express music by means of words.
Although I definitely know this is an easy and ambiguous word for Doom's
music, an expression by the word "amazing (great + weird, frightful)" is
the most appropriate.  Their live concert today was nothing but an absolutely
"amazing" performance.  In Doom's live concert, there are strains as if we
are walking on the verge of a cliff.  I really felt I was almost sick.
"Uncomfortable pleasure," ... This expression sounds strange.  Nevertheless,
it is just like Doom for such opposing words to coexist, I think.  This is
a feeling to be soaked and drunk with a kind of atmosphere.  Having high
technique, their proficiency as musicians is highly rated.  However, the
reason why Doom's music is perceived as "amazing" is not only their high
technique but also their mental and sensuous representation.  Naruyoshi
Kikuchi, who is a saxophonist that took part in the album "Human
Noise," joined as a special guest.  They played numbers such as "Naked
A Lunatic", "The Stupid Man", "Lyrics", "Human Noise" and "To Gray People."
They made their sound more avant-garde and more distructive than on their
album.  Such sound gave a stimulus to my thoughts.  As their artistic sense
pleases, Doom plays in its unique world of music.  Am I the only person
who thinks their music is, in a sense, maniac and very radical but
retrospective?  Hard Rock, Slash metal, Punk rock, New Wave,... Various
elements are enclosed in these.  I think, however, these are essentially
primitive "Rock" itself.  There is still room to expand their world, for
example the role of the vocalist.  Nevertheless, there is no band in the
world that can create the sound full of originality other than Doom.  Do
you take this story as a matter of course? (ed: matter of fact?)  This fact
is indeed very meaningful.

Misc Lyrics:


You can own everything you see. sell your soul
for complete control is that really
What you need
You will take it back
You want afraid mind
Dying to believe in what you heard
I'm holding out You can take it back
You think you should speak now
You can't seem to speak now
I'm holding out!!
I can't seem to speak now
I can't seem to think straight
Over... over
You know you just can't win
Why won't you? Talk to me now!
What do you want to call
Why do you...
What do you want to say
What do you...

Guest Die (B) & Aki Kubota (Strings & Vo)

Misc Notes:

**  "Killing Field" is from the SOS SERIES (VOL 1).
**  "Skull Thrash Zone" is from the JAPANESE HARD ROCK COLLECTION. 
**  I need lyrics to both songs on "Skull Thrash Zone", "Killing Field", and
    "No More Pain".
**  This band is frequently confused with the UK band DOOM.
**  "Human Noise" was the album where their make-up came off - most likely
    because of the line-up change.
**  DOOM was reviewed in at least the first six issues of BURRN JAPAN. 
    Send me copies of these articles to be translated!
**  I have a small amount of extremely rare DOOM video footage (Rockin'F) (NTSC or MPG!) 
    They are playing behind chicken wire to an insane crowd!
**  I own and have a scanned version of DOOM's official Invitation press kit picture.
**  E-mail me if you are interested in or can help me with any of the above items.

Doom at CBGB's in New York, NY USA